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#include "cmdvar.h"

#include "qmap.h"
#include "qguardedptr.h"

class ScrAction;
class MenuManager;
class PythonConsole;

class ScripterCore : public QObject

        ScripterCore(QWidget* parent);

public slots:
        void runScriptDialog();
        void StdScript(QString filebasename);
        void RecentScript(QString fn);
        void slotRunScriptFile(QString fileName, bool inMainInterpreter = false);
        QString slotRunScript(QString Script);
        void slotInteractiveScript(bool);
        void slotExecute();
        void aboutScript();
        /** Does setup for the main interpreter, particularly the interactive console. True for success. */
        bool setupMainInterpreter();
        /** Sets up the plugin for extension scripts, if enabled */
        void initExtensionScripts();
        /** Runs the startup script, if enabled */
        void runStartupScript();
        void languageChange();

        const QString & startupScript() const;
        bool extensionsEnabled() const;
        void setStartupScript(const QString& newScript);
        void setExtensionsEnabled(bool enable);

        // Private helper functions
        void FinishScriptRun();
        void ReadPlugPrefs();
        void SavePlugPrefs();
        void rebuildRecentScriptsMenu();
        void buildScribusScriptsMenu();
        void buildRecentScriptsMenu();
        void rebuildScribusScriptsMenu();

        //Internal members
        //! Reference to the "IDE" widget
        PythonConsole *pcon;
        int cons;
        int about;
        QStringList SavedRecentScripts;
        QStringList RecentScripts;
        MenuManager *menuMgr;
        QMap<QString, QGuardedPtr<ScrAction> > scrScripterActions;
        QMap<QString, QGuardedPtr<ScrAction> > scrRecentScriptActions;

        // Preferences
        /** pref: Enable access to main interpreter and 'extension scripts' */
        bool m_enableExtPython;
        /** pref: Run 'from scribus import *' at scripter startup */
        bool m_importAllNames;
        /** pref: Load this script on startup */
        QString m_startupScript;