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#include "shortwords.h"

#include "scribus.h"
#include <qobject.h>

/*! \brief This is the Scribus Short Words plugin main mechanism.

It walks trough the user specified objects and apply the spaces.
This code is based on the Scribus-Vlna plug in rewritten for
international use.

\author Petr Vanek <>
with contributions by good people listed in AUTHORS file

This program is free software - see LICENSE file in the distribution
or documentation

class Parse : public QObject

        /** lightwiight constructor */
        /** nothing here to do */

        /** count of the changes (one frame = one change) */
        uint modify;

        /** process one frame - base method! */
        void parseItem(PageItem *aFrame);
        /** selcted frames on the page */
        void parseSelection();
        /** one page - using actual page */
        void parsePage();
        /** one page */
        void parsePage(int page);
        /** all pages in the document */
        void parseAll();