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/*! This is the Scribus Short Words plugin interface specification.

This code is based on the Scribus-Vlna plug in rewritten for
international use.

\author Petr Vanek <>

This program is free software - see LICENSE file in the distribution
or documentation


#include "scconfig.h"
#include "pluginapi.h"
#include "configuration.h"
#include "parse.h"
#include "vlnadialog.h"
#include "pluginmanager.h"
#include "scribus.h"

/** Calls the Plugin with the main Application window as parent
and the main Application Class as parameter. Loads translator too.

extern "C" PLUGIN_API void run(QWidget *d, ScribusApp *plug);

/** Returns the Name of the Plugin.
 This name appears in the relevant Menue-Entrys

extern "C" PLUGIN_API QString name();

/** Returns the Type of the Plugin.
  \retval 1 = the Plugin is a normal Plugin, which appears in the Extras Menue

extern "C" PLUGIN_API PluginManager::PluginType type();

/** Returns the Id of the Plugin.
  \retval 11 = id from the plugin registry

extern "C" PLUGIN_API int ID();

extern "C" PLUGIN_API QString actionName();
extern "C" PLUGIN_API QString actionKeySequence();
extern "C" PLUGIN_API QString actionMenu();
extern "C" PLUGIN_API QString actionMenuAfterName();
extern "C" PLUGIN_API bool actionEnabledOnStartup();

class Parse;

/** \brief This is Short Words plugin main class.
It contains main logic. */

class ShortWords : public QObject

        /** inicialization - Raise dialog, handles parsing etc. */
        /** clear memaory, write cfg. */

        /** actual page when user calls this plug */
        uint originalPage;
        /** All available configuration object */
        Config *cfg;
        /** all available "engine" */
        Parse *parse;