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For general Scribus (>=1.3.2) copyright and licensing information please refer
to the COPYING file provided with the program. Following this notice may exist
a copyright and/or license notice that predates the release of Scribus 1.3.2
for which a new license (GPL+exception) is in place.

#ifndef PREFS_H
#define PREFS_H

#include <qdialog.h>
#include <qbuttongroup.h>
#include <qcombobox.h>
#include <qgroupbox.h>
#include <qlabel.h>
#include <qpushbutton.h>
#include <qradiobutton.h>
#include <qspinbox.h>
#include <qwidget.h>
#include <qlayout.h>
#include <qtoolbutton.h>
#include <qframe.h>
#include <qcheckbox.h>
#include <qwidgetstack.h>
#include <qpixmap.h>
#include <qslider.h>
#include <qlineedit.h>
#include <qfiledialog.h>

class QListView;

#include "scribusapi.h"
#include "scribusstructs.h"

#include "mspinbox.h"
#include "scribus.h"
#include "prefsdialogbase.h"
class TabTypograpy;
class HySettings;
class CMSPrefs;
//class KeyManager;
class TabGuides;
class TabTools;
class TabCheckDoc;
class TabPDFOptions;
class FontPrefs;
class DocumentItemAttributes;
class TOCIndexPrefs;
class MarginWidget;
class PrefsManager;
class PageLayouts;
class TabExternalToolsWidget;
class TabKeyboardShortcutsWidget;
class PluginManagerPrefsGui;

#include "langmgr.h"

class SCRIBUS_API Preferences : public PrefsDialogBase

        \author Franz Schmid
        \brief Constructor for Preferences dialog box
        \param parent QWidget pointer to parent window

        Preferences( QWidget* parent);
        \author Franz Schmid
        \brief Preferences (Display, Display Size). Draws ruler depending on scaling factor

        void drawRuler();
        void updatePreferences();

        QString prefsPageSizeName;
        //const QString getSelectedGUILang( void );
        QString selectedGUILang;

        QWidget* tabGeneral;
        QLabel* TextLabel1_2;
        QSpinBox* wheelJumpSpin;
        QSpinBox* Recen;
        QButtonGroup* ButtonGroup1;
        QLabel* guiLangLabel;
        QLabel* TextGstil;
        QLabel* TextGstil2;
        QLabel* TextGstil3;
        QSpinBox* GFsize;
        QSpinBox* GTFsize;
        QComboBox* guiLangCombo;
        QComboBox* GUICombo;
        QComboBox* unitCombo;
        QCheckBox* showSplashCheckBox;
        QLabel* showSplashLabel;
        QLabel* unitComboText;
        QGroupBox* GroupBox200;
        QLabel* PfadText;
        QLineEdit* Docs;
        QToolButton* FileC;
        QLabel* PfadText2;
        QLineEdit* ProPfad;
        QToolButton* FileC2;
        QLabel* PfadText3;
        QLineEdit* ScriptPfad;
        QToolButton* FileC3;
        QLabel* PfadText4;
        QLineEdit* DocumentTemplateDir;
        QToolButton* FileC4;

        TabGuides* tabGuides;

        QLabel* TextLabel4c;

        TabTypograpy* tabTypo;

        QWidget* tabView;
        QButtonGroup* pageBackground;
        QLabel* textLabel9;
        QCheckBox* checkLink;
        QCheckBox* checkFrame;
        QCheckBox* checkPictures;
        QCheckBox* checkControl;
        QCheckBox* checkRuler;
        QPushButton* backColor;
        QCheckBox* checkUnprintable;
        QGroupBox* groupScratch;
        MSpinBox* topScratch;
        MSpinBox* bottomScratch;
        MSpinBox* leftScratch;
        MSpinBox* rightScratch;
        QLabel* TextLabel7s;
        QLabel* TextLabel5s;
        QLabel* Linkss;
        QLabel* Rechtss;
        QGroupBox* groupGap;
        MSpinBox* gapVertical;
        MSpinBox* gapHorizontal;
        QLabel* TextLabel5sg;
        QLabel* TextLabel7sg;

        TabTools* tabTools;

        HySettings* tabHyphenator;
        FontPrefs* tabFonts;
        TabCheckDoc* tabDocChecker;
        CMSPrefs* tabColorManagement;
        TabPDFOptions* tabPDF;
        DocumentItemAttributes* tabDefaultItemAttributes;
        TOCIndexPrefs* tabDefaultTOCIndexPrefs;
        TabExternalToolsWidget* tabExtTools;
        TabKeyboardShortcutsWidget* tabKeyboardShortcuts;
//      KeyManager* tabKeys;

/*      QLabel* textLabelP;
        QWidget* tab_5;
        QGroupBox* preview;
        QComboBox* PreviewSize;

        QWidget* tabDocument;
        QButtonGroup* GroupSize;
        QLabel* GZText2;
        QComboBox* pageSizeComboBox;
        QComboBox* pageOrientationComboBox;
        QLabel* GZText1;
        QLabel* GZText3;
        QLabel* GZText4;
        MSpinBox* pageWidth;
        MSpinBox* pageHeight;
        PageLayouts* docLayout;
        MarginWidget* marginGroup;
        QGroupBox* GroupAS;
        QLabel* ASText;
        QSpinBox* ASTime;
        QGroupBox* urGroup;
        QLabel* urLabel;
        QSpinBox* urSpinBox;
        QGroupBox* CaliGroup;
        QLabel* CaliText;
        QLabel* CaliRuler;
        QSlider* CaliSlider;
        QLabel* CaliAnz;
        /*QWidget* ExtTool;
        QGroupBox* ghostscriptGroup;
        QLabel* ghostscriptLabel;
        QLineEdit* ghostscriptLineEdit;
        QToolButton* ghostscriptChangeButton;
        QCheckBox* GSantiText;
        QCheckBox* GSantiGraph;
        QSpinBox* GSResolution;
        QLabel* GSResText;
        QGroupBox* groupImageEditor;
        QLabel* imageEditorLabel;
        QLineEdit* imageEditorLineEdit;
        QToolButton* imageEditorChangeButton;*/

        QWidget* tabMiscellaneous;
//      QGroupBox* groupPrint;
//      QCheckBox* ClipMarg;
//      QCheckBox* DoGCR;
        QCheckBox* AskForSubs;
        QCheckBox* stylePreview;
        QCheckBox* startUpDialog;
        //! \brief lorem ipsum
        QGroupBox* groupLI;
        QCheckBox* useStandardLI;
        QSpinBox* paragraphsLI;
        QLabel* paraLabelLI;

        double unitRatio;
        double PFactor;
        double Pagebr;
        double Pageho;
        int choosenLayout;
        int docUnitIndex;
        double DisScale;
        ScribusMainWindow *ap;
        QColor colorPaper;

        /// \brief Panels listen to this and save their changes when they get it.
        void accepted();

public slots:
        /// \brief Overridden to emit accepted(), which plugin panels use
        void accept();

        \author Franz Schmid
        \brief Runs QFileDialog to get Preferences (General) Path to Documents directory

        void changeDocs();
        \author Franz Schmid
        \brief Runs QFileDialog to get Preferences (General) Path to Colour Profiles directory

        void changeProfs();
        \author Franz Schmid
        \brief Runs QFileDialog to get Preferences (General) Path to Scripts directory

        void changeScripts();
        \author Riku Leino
        \brief Runs QFileDialog to get Preferences (General) Path to Document Templates directory

        void changeDocumentTemplates();
        \author Craig Bradney
        \brief Runs QFileDialog to get Preferences Path to Ghostscript
        void changeGhostscript();
        \author Craig Bradney
        \brief Runs QFileDialog to get Preferences Path to Image Editor
        void changeImageEditor();

        \author Franz Schmid
        \brief Preferences ([dox?], [dox?]), Sets Paper color [dox?]

        virtual void changePaperColor();

        \author Franz Schmid
        \brief Preferences (Document / Page Size), switches default between Facing Pages and swaps text labels for margin guides

        void setDS(int layout);
        \author Franz Schmid
        \brief Preferences (Document / Page Size), sets Page width values
        \param v Width value

        void setPageWidth(int v);
        \author Franz Schmid
        \brief Preferences (Document / Page Size), sets Page height values
        \param v Height value

        void setPageHeight(int v);
        void setPageSize();
        \author Franz Schmid
        \brief Preferences (Document / Page Size), sets Page size values. Connects signals for setting page dimensions.
        \param gr Standard page size value (eg A4)

        void setSize(const QString &gr);
        \author Franz Schmid
        \brief Preferences (Document / Page Size), sets Page orientation value and page dimensions
        \param ori Orientation value

        void setOrien(int ori);
        \author Franz Schmid
        \brief Preferences (General, Units). Sets scaling factors and units descriptions when default units are changed. Updates preference values

        void unitChange();
        \author Franz Schmid
        \brief Preferences (Display, Display Size). Sets Scale for ruler scale

        void setDisScale();
        void switchCMS(bool enable);


        // Scans plugins for those that want to add a prefs widget and
        // hooks them up to the dialog.
        void addPlugins();
        QHBoxLayout* groupImageEditorLayout;
        QVBoxLayout* groupGhostScriptLayout;
        QHBoxLayout* ghostscriptLayout;
        QGridLayout* tabLayout;
        QGridLayout* ButtonGroup1Layout;
        QGridLayout* GroupBox200Layout;
//      QGridLayout* tabLayout_5;
//      QHBoxLayout* previewLayout;
        QHBoxLayout* Layout3;
        QHBoxLayout* tabLayout_7;
        QVBoxLayout* Layout21;
        QVBoxLayout* GroupSizeLayout;
        QGridLayout* Layout6;
        QHBoxLayout* Layout5_2;
        QHBoxLayout* GroupASLayout;
        QVBoxLayout* CaliGroupLayout;
        QHBoxLayout* layout15ca;
        QVBoxLayout* ExtToolLayout;
        QHBoxLayout* GSlayout2;
        QVBoxLayout* MiscLayout;
//      QVBoxLayout* groupPrintLayout;
        //! layout of the lorem ipsum group
        QVBoxLayout* groupLILayout;
        QVBoxLayout* tabViewLayout;
        QGridLayout* pageBackgroundLayout;
        QHBoxLayout* layout10;
        QHBoxLayout* groupScratchLayout;
        QGridLayout* Layout4s;
        QHBoxLayout* groupGapLayout;
        QGridLayout* layout4sg;
        QHBoxLayout* dsLayout4p;
        QVBoxLayout* dsLayout4pv;

        QStringList defaultAttributesList;

        LanguageManager langMgr;
        PrefsManager* prefsManager;
        //Replace with commonstrings when translators have that one done.
        QString customText, customTextTR;
        PluginManagerPrefsGui* pluginManagerPrefsGui;

        //! \brief Setup the GUI widgets by values taken from PrefsManager.
        void restoreDefaults();

protected slots:
        virtual void setTOCIndexData(QWidget *widgetToShow);
        void setSelectedGUILang( const QString &newLang );
        void setActionHistoryLength();
        virtual void applyChangesButton_clicked();
        virtual void backToDefaults_clicked();

#endif // PREFS_H