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        <title>Python: class PDFfile</title>
<h2>Python: class PDFfile</h2>
<p><a name="PDFfile">class <strong>PDFfile</strong></a>(<a href="__builtin__.html#object">object</a>)
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<p>Methods defined here:</p>
        <dt><a name="PDFfile-Save"><strong>Save</strong></a>(...)</dt>
        <dd><code>This method is deprecated - use <a href="#PDFfile-save">save</a>() instead.</code></dd>

        <dt><a name="PDFfile-__init__"><strong>__init__</strong></a>(...)</dt><dd><code>x.<a href="#PDFfile-__init__">__init__</a>(...) initializes x; see x.__class__.__doc__ for signature</code></dd>

        <dt><a name="PDFfile-save"><strong>save</strong></a>(...)</dt><dd><code>Save selected pages to pdf file</code></dd>

<p>Data and other attributes defined here:</p>
        <dt><strong>__new__</strong> = &lt;built-in method __new__ of type object&gt;</dt>
        <dd><code>T.<a href="#PDFfile-__new__">__new__</a>(S, ...) -&gt; a new object with type S, a subtype of T</code></dd>

        <dt><strong>aanot</strong> = &lt;member 'aanot' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><code>Allow Adding Annotations and Fields. Bool value</code></dd>

        <dt><strong>achange</strong> = &lt;member 'achange' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><code>Allow Changing the Document. Bool value</code></dd>

        <dt><strong>acopy</strong> = &lt;member 'acopy' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><code>Allow Copying Text and Graphics. Bool value</code></dd>

        <dt><strong>aprint</strong> = &lt;member 'aprint' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><code>Allow Printing the Document. Bool value</code></dd>

        <dt><strong>article</strong> = &lt;member 'article' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><code>Save Linked Text Frames as PDF Articles<br> Bool value</code></dd>

        <dt><strong>binding</strong> = &lt;member 'binding' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><code>Choose binding.<br>
        0 - Left binding<br>
        1 - Right binding</code></dd>

        <dt><strong>bleedb</strong> = &lt;member 'bleedb' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><code>Bleed Bottom<br>Distance for bleed from the bottom of the physical page</code></dd>

        <dt><strong>bleedl</strong> = &lt;member 'bleedl' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><code>Bleed Left<br>Distance for bleed from the left of the physical page</code></dd>

        <dt><strong>bleedr</strong> = &lt;member 'bleedr' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><code>Bleed Right<br>Distance for bleed from the right of the physical page</code></dd>

        <dt><strong>bleedt</strong> = &lt;member 'bleedt' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><code>Bleed Top<br>Distance for bleed from the top of the physical page</code></dl>

        <dt><strong>bookmarks</strong> = &lt;member 'bookmarks' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><code>Embed the bookmarks you created in your document.<br>These are useful for navigating long PDF documents.<br>Bool value</code></dd>

        <dt><strong>compress</strong> = &lt;member 'compress' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><code>Compression switch. Bool value.</code></dd>

        <dt><strong>compressmtd</strong> = &lt;member 'compressmtd' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><code>Compression method.<br>
        0 - Automatic<br>
        1 - JPEG<br>
        2 - zip<br>
        3 - None.</code></dd>

        <dt><strong>downsample</strong> = &lt;attribute 'downsample' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><code>Downsample image resolusion to this value. Values from 35 to 4000<br>Set 0 for not to downsample</code></dd>

        <dt><strong>effval</strong> = &lt;attribute 'effval' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><code>List of effection values for each saved page.<br>
It is list of list of six integers. Those int have the following meaning:
        - Length of time the page is shown before the presentation
        starts on the selected page. (1-3600)
        - Length of time the effect runs. (1 - 3600)
                A shorter time will speed up the effect, a longer one will slow it down
        - Type of the display effect
                0 - No Effect
                1 - Blinds
                2 - Box
                3 - Dissolve
                4 - Glitter
                5 - Split
                6 - Wipe
        - Direction of the effect of moving lines for the split and blind effects.
                0 - Horizontal
                1 - Vertical
        - Starting position for the box and split effects.
                0 - Inside
                1 - Outside
        - Direction of the glitter or wipe effects.
                0 - Left to Right
                1 - Top to Bottom
                2 - Bottom to Top
                3 - Right to Left
                4 - Top-left to Bottom-Right

<dt><strong>encrypt</strong> = &lt;member 'encrypt' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
<dd><code>Use Encription. Bool value</code></dd>

<dt><strong>file</strong> = &lt;attribute 'file' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
<dd><code>Name of file to save into</code></dd>

<dt><strong>fonts</strong> = &lt;attribute 'fonts' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
<dd><code>List of fonts to embed.</code></dd>

<dt><strong>imagepr</strong> = &lt;attribute 'imagepr' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
<dd><code>Color profile for images</code></dd>

<dt><strong>info</strong> = &lt;attribute 'info' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
<dd><code>Mandatory string for PDF/X-3 or the PDF will fail PDF/X-3 conformance. We recommend you use the title of the document.</code></dd>

<dt><strong>intenti</strong> = &lt;member 'intenti' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
<dd><code>Rendering intent for images<br>
0 - Perceptual<br>
1 - Relative Colorimetric<br>
2 - Saturation<br>
3 - Absolute Colorimetric</code></dd>

<dt><strong>intents</strong> = &lt;member 'intents' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
<dd><code>Rendering intent for solid colors<br>
0 - Perceptual<br>
1 - Relative Colorimetric<br>
2 - Saturation<br>
3 - Absolute Colorimetric</code></dd>

<dt><strong>lpival</strong> = &lt;attribute 'lpival' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
<dd><code>Rendering Settings for individual colors.<br>
This is list of values for each color.
Color values have structure [siii] which stand for:
        s - Color name ('Black', 'Cyan', 'Magenta', 'Yellow')
        i - Frequency (10 to 1000)
        i - Angle (-180 to 180)
        i - Spot Function
                0 - Simple Dot
                1 - Line
                2 - Round
                3 - Ellipse
Be careful when supplying these values as they are not checked for validity.</code></dd>

<dt><strong>noembicc</strong> = &lt;member 'noembicc' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
<dd><code>Don't use embedded ICC profiles. Bool value</code></dd>

<dt><strong>outdst</strong> = &lt;member 'outdst' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
<dd><code>Output destination.<br>
0 - screen<br>
1 - printer</code></dd>

<dt><strong>owner</strong> = &lt;attribute 'owner' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
<dd><code>Owner's password</code></dd>

<dt><strong>pages</strong> = &lt;attribute 'pages' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
<dd><code>List of pages to print</code></dd>

<dt><strong>presentation</strong> = &lt;member 'presentation' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
<dd><code>Enable Presentation Effects.Bool value</code></dd>

<dt><strong>printprofc</strong> = &lt;attribute 'printprofc' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
<dd><code>Output profile for printing. If possible, get some guidance from your printer on profile selection.</code></dd>

<dt><strong>profilei</strong> = &lt;member 'profilei' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
<dd><code>Embed a color profile for images. Bool value.</code></dd>

<dt><strong>profiles</strong> = &lt;member 'profiles' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
<dd><code>Embed a color profile for solid colors. Bool value.</code></dd>

<dt><strong>quality</strong> = &lt;member 'quality' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
<dd><code>Image quality<br>
0 - Maximum<br>
1 - High<br>
2 - Medium<br>
3 - Low<br>
4 - Minimum</code></dd>

<dt><strong>resolution</strong> = &lt;attribute 'resolution' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
<dd><code>Resolution of output file. Values from 35 to 4000.</code></dd>

<dt><strong>solidpr</strong> = &lt;attribute 'solidpr' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
<dd><code>Color profile for solid colors</code></dd>

<dt><strong>thumbnails</strong> = &lt;member 'thumbnails' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;<dd><code>Generate thumbnails. Bool value.</code></dl>

<dt><strong>uselpi</strong> = &lt;member 'uselpi' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
<dd><code>Use Custom Rendering Settings. Bool value</code></dd>

<dt><strong>user</strong> = &lt;attribute 'user' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
<dd><code>User's password</code></dd>

<dt><strong>version</strong> = &lt;member 'version' of 'PDFfile' objects&gt;</dt>
<dd><code>Choose PDF version to use:<br>
12 = PDF/X-3<br>
13 = PDF 1.3 (Acrobat 4)<br>
14 = PDF 1.4 (Acrobat 5)</code></dd>