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For general Scribus (>=1.3.2) copyright and licensing information please refer
to the COPYING file provided with the program. Following this notice may exist
a copyright and/or license notice that predates the release of Scribus 1.3.2
for which a new license (GPL+exception) is in place.

#include "hunspellplugin.h"
#include "hunspellpluginimpl.h"
#include "scribuscore.h"
#include "storyeditor.h"

// See scplugin.h and pluginmanager.{cpp,h} for detail on what these methods
// do. That documentatation is not duplicated here.
// Please don't implement the functionality of your plugin here; do that
// in mypluginimpl.h and mypluginimpl.cpp .

HunspellPlugin::HunspellPlugin() : ScActionPlugin()
        // Set action info in languageChange, so we only have to do
        // it in one place.

HunspellPlugin::~HunspellPlugin() {};

void HunspellPlugin::languageChange()
        // Note that we leave the unused members unset. They'll be initialised
        // with their default ctors during construction.
        // Action name = "HunspellPlugin";
        // Action text for menu, including &accel
        m_actionInfo.text = tr("Check Spelling...");
        // Menu = "Item";
        // Story Editor Menu
        m_actionInfo.seMenu = "Edit";
        // If needed, what item to add the menu item after
        //m_actionInfo.menuAfterName = "ColorWheel"
        // If needed, the keyboard shortcut for the plugin
        m_actionInfo.keySequence = "SHIFT+F7";
        // Should the menu item be enabled when the app starts
        // (even without a document open) ?
        m_actionInfo.enabledOnStartup = false;
        m_actionInfo.enabledForStoryEditor = true;
        m_actionInfo.needsNumObjects = 1;

const QString HunspellPlugin::fullTrName() const
        return QObject::tr("Hunspell Plugin");

const ScActionPlugin::AboutData* HunspellPlugin::getAboutData() const
        AboutData* about = new AboutData;
        about->authors = QString::fromUtf8("Craig Bradney <>, The Scribus Team");
        about->shortDescription = tr("Hunspell-based spell checker");
        about->description = tr("Spell Checker based on the Hunspell libraries");
        // about->version
        // about->releaseDate
        about->copyright = "The Scribus Team";
        about->license = "GPL";
        return about;


void HunspellPlugin::deleteAboutData(const AboutData* about) const
        delete about;

bool HunspellPlugin::run(ScribusDoc* doc, QString target)
        HunspellPluginImpl *hunspellPluginImpl = new HunspellPluginImpl();
        bool result = hunspellPluginImpl->run(target, doc);
        delete hunspellPluginImpl;
        return result;

bool HunspellPlugin::run(QWidget *parent, ScribusDoc *doc, QString target)
        HunspellPluginImpl *hunspellPluginImpl = new HunspellPluginImpl();
        if (parent)
                hunspellPluginImpl->setRunningForSE(true, dynamic_cast<StoryEditor*>(parent));
        bool result = hunspellPluginImpl->run(target, doc);
        delete hunspellPluginImpl;
        return result;

// Low level plugin API
int hunspellplugin_getPluginAPIVersion()
        return PLUGIN_API_VERSION;

ScPlugin* hunspellplugin_getPlugin()
        HunspellPlugin* plug = new HunspellPlugin();
        return plug;

void hunspellplugin_freePlugin(ScPlugin* plugin)
        HunspellPlugin* plug = dynamic_cast<HunspellPlugin*>(plugin);
        delete plug;