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Changes since Version 1.1.7

        * bug     #963: Scribus crashes after launching font substitution dialog with document templates

        * feature #828: Group members should be hidden for aligning and other operations

        * bug     #263: distribute items shuffles the order of the items
        * feature #966: Scribus 1.2 Slovene translation file

        * bug     #957: Scribus crashes when adding new paragraph style while text is selected
        * bug     #962: Scribus crashes when opening a document not in .sla format
        * feature #965: Welsh translation of 1.2rc1

        * bug     #955: When switching between multiple windows size and X,Y origin location are not updated for the selected object

        * bug     #160: zoom tool should recenter
        * bug     #616: Properties/Language: Wrong language descriptions
        * bug     #784: changing zoom level jumps to various pages
        * bug     #947: Ukrainian Translation Update
        * bug     #949: Saving
        * feature #946: Danish translation for 1.2
        * feature #951: Finnish translation update

        * bug     #724: No left aligned page numbers
        * bug     #925: clicking on bookmarks in bookmark window should activate the corresponding text frame
        * bug     #936: shortcuts for palettes activates only hides them again when then main window has the focus
        * bug     #940: "general" is not highlighted when calling settings > preferences
        * bug     #942: change icon style for warning icon in replace font dialog
        * bug     #943: Deleting selected text in SE makes Scribus crash
        * feature # 28: Prepare shortcut keys for menus and dialogs, and more hotkeys for actions for 1.2 release
        * feature # 77: Prepare tooltips for 1.2 release
        * feature #190: left, right, centered, ... styles
        * feature #938: German Translation Update for 1.2
        * feature #939: British English Translation Update for 1.2
        * feature #941: German ts-file for 1.2
        * feature #944: Polish translation for 1.2

        * bug     #167: spacing across columns/frames
        * bug     #312: Newlines not handled properly when c/p'ing
        * bug     #602: shift+scroll doesn't work in the text size box...
        * bug     #724: No left aligned page numbers
        * feature #650: cleaning-up main.cpp
        * feature #933: Scripter crash on running sample script when no previous documents open
        * feature #934: Search/Replace enabled when multiple items are selected and they arent all text frames
        * feature #935: add option to apply a template page to all odd/even pages

        * bug     #790: Update Picture From Right-Click Menu Does Not Work
        * bug     #927: layer chooser on the bottom of scribus isnt updated after adding a new layer immediately
        * bug     #930: different width of opacity and shade text fields on the property palette, colors
        * feature #767: enter shouldnt close guideline dialog
        * feature #890: changing the level of of objects with pageup / pagedown keys

        * bug     #926: with disabled guidelines the guide line cursor is shown when clicking onto a ruler
        * bug     #929: alignment in story editor does not work with empty text frame for the first paragraph

        * bug     #467: The *Cancel* button does not work after using the *Apply* button in Distribute/Align feature
        * bug     #658: Templates: issues with text editing in story editor
        * bug     #659: Templates > Story Editor & Properties: Confusion about styles
        * bug     #707: Endian issues with images on fink?
        * bug     #921: importing SVG does not set save flag
        * bug     #928: Ukrainian Translation Update
        * feature # 25: Add Find & Replace option to Story Editor / Text Frames
        * feature # 25: Add Find & Replace option to Story Editor / Text Frames
        * feature #138: Add Clear Contents right click option for linked text frames
        * feature #883: Way of Switching between edit and select mode
        * feature #904: integrate font preview plugin to the story editor

        * bug     #450: Dialog Tools>Layers needs <ESC> binding and loose the "X" button
        * bug     #768: insert sample text
        * bug     #794: Style>Colors: Color list doesn't disappear when cursor moves away
        * bug     #858: Palettes do not hide with F10 when one is selected
        * feature #902: hyphenate in linked text frames

        * bug     #527: Wrong page shown in Properties Palette when reopened
        * bug     #528: Wrong page shown in Properties Palette - COLORS - when reopened
        * bug     #919: Text from story editor duplicates when two text frames are linked...
        * feature #909: add access possibility to text styles to the story editor
        * feature #920: Updated French Translation

        * bug     #905: first line typed in the story editor is invisible
        * bug     #910: text alignment does not work after the first line
        * bug     #911: selected text gets unselected after changing the alignment setting of the selected text
        * bug     #912: improve stroke/fill color style
        * bug     #913: pressing shift after changing values for kerning, size & widht reset that values
        * feature #906: french translation updated
        * feature #907: improve "update textframe"

        * bug     #135: Text properties disappears when using story editor and not set by styles
        * bug     #899: ctrl+a doesnt select the whole text
        * bug     #900: selecting text alignment without any text in the editor crashes scribus
        * bug     #905: first line typed in the story editor is invisible
        * bug     #908: toolbar for stroke color not movable if stroke is disabled
        * feature #901: Polish Translation Update
        * feature #903: British English Translation Update

        * bug     #135: Text properties disappears when using story editor and not set by styles
        * feature #746: Story Editor rewrite
        * feature #896: German translation update
        * feature #897: Finnish translation update

        * bug     #892: resizing imported svg with rotated elements  hurts gradients
        * feature #893: Polish Translation Update
        * feature #894: Crash when hypenating Swedish Texts

        * bug     #891: gradients position does not change when objects are re-sized

        * feature #884: German language update
        * feature #888: Updated Danish Translation

        * bug     #878: Scribus crashes repeatedly while editing frame shapes
        * bug     #879: problem with registration color
        * feature # 58: Add registration colour for colour crop, fold and registration marks
        * feature #880: Updated British English translation
        * feature #881: Polish Translation Update

        * bug     #874: Tab order in Multiple Duplicate
        * bug     #875: Preset values for linescreen angles, per color
        * feature # 98: Ability to have distance of text from outside edge of text or image frame
        * feature # 98: Ability to have distance of text from outside edge of text or image frame
        * feature #871: Corrupted PDF export issue

        * bug     #860: Lots of crash saying that is due to signal 11

        * bug     #860: Lots of crash saying that is due to signal 11
        * bug     #868: Editing shapes of frames needs lock/unlock actions
        * feature #848: Baseline Grid Behaviour
        * feature #855: Setting Linescreen in PDF export
        * feature #864: Ukrainian Translation Update

        * bug     #863: Issue with background gradients overwriting images

        * bug     #399: unable to copy from Properties/Geometry if object is locked
        * bug     #861: Cut / Copy / Paste broken on Paste

        * bug     #756: Scribus does not honor settings for custom page sizes
        * bug     #850: moving grouped vector elements imported from large-scale eps
        * bug     #859: New File with Custom Page Size and mm, page size gets smaller when switching portrait and landscape
        * feature #848: Baseline Grid Behaviour
        * feature #856: Translation update for German
        * feature #857: Polish Translation Update

        * bug     #852: import SVG, export PDF, import SVG again => crash
        * feature #844: selecting importet eps text very slow and not nice

        * bug     #849: Scribus mailing list seems seems to be down
        * bug     #851: SVG import does not support paths properly

        * bug     #844: selecting importet eps text very slow and not nice
        * feature #578: one-click/keyboard for toggling off and on all dialogboxes+guides etc
        * feature #845: Export Selection only to EPS

        * feature #789: Calculating error
        * feature #841: Implement the primary Dublin Core Metadata Element Set for RDF Implementation

        * feature #678: check buttons instead of lock/unlock and hide/show
        * feature #785: Add option to export PDFs with custom page numbers
        * feature #838: german update
        * feature #839: Updated Czech Translation

        * feature #678: check buttons instead of lock/unlock and hide/show
        * feature #744: importing a range of pages into another
        * feature #834: slovenian update

        * feature #  3: Ability to create pages when importing pages from other documents

        * bug     #832: Scribus RC1cvs crashes (SIG #11) while opening a document

        * bug     #829: when emergency save it called - font tags are stripped from the top of file
        * feature #831: Updated Brazilian Translation

        * bug     #823: When dragging to and from the Scrapbook, unneeded styles are copied
        * bug     #824: Modifying a paragraph style does not affect all text previously formatted with that style.

        * bug     #568: Copying items creates copies of paragraph styles
        * bug     #821: Detaching a text from a path doesn't keep the rotation for the path.
        * bug     #822: Gradients in PDF rendered in the wrong direction

        * bug     #817: Ukrainian Translation Update
        * bug     #818: Attaching text from a path resets the rotation (if any) of a rotated path
        * bug     #820: Don't display the & Characters for Shortcuts in the Splash Screen

        * bug     #343: Ctrl+H shouldn't delete characters
        * bug     #812: drop caps error with linked text frames on pdf export
        * feature #355: Allow of automatic page margin creation / snappy page margins.
        * feature #787: Complete the ps-importer for reading OpenOffice generated files
        * feature #814: Updated Danish Translation
        * feature #815: Updated Norwegian Translation

        * bug     #813: Snap to Guides for moving and resizing of Groups
        * feature #799: Feature Request: Select All

        * bug     #765: Paragraph indentation oops when rendering to pdf
        * bug     #781: Story Editor>Edit>Insert special... does nothing
        * bug     #807: saving doc in template mode corrupts file
        * bug     #811: indent not shown when editing styles
        * feature #795: Polish Translation Update
        * feature #800: Finnish translation update
        * feature #801: Norwegian Translation Update
        * feature #802: Italian Translation Update
        * feature #806: german translation update
        * feature #808: First Line Indent not saved from Paragraph Styles after closing and reopening the editor

        * bug     #655: Window enlarge each time I select a file
        * bug     #703: guidelines interfere  selecting a group of objects
        * bug     #780: Automatic Pagenumber not placed correct on Export
        * feature #203: Snap to Grid/Guidelines too strong
        * feature #778: Updated Russian Translation

        * bug     #633: Drop caps not reaching to the top, and other issues
        * bug     #655: Window enlarge each time I select a file
        * bug     #671: measurement icon
        * bug     #703: guidelines interfere  selecting a group of objects
        * feature #770: Update for the German language

        * bug     #755: Collect for Output should ask confirmation
        * bug     #760: "icons" dir does not get copied by "make dist"
        * feature #761: Right-click on graphics tablet triggers drag-and-drop
        * feature #764: Enable transparent Gradients in PDF

        * bug     #356: Margin Dialog not intuituve enough
        * bug     #721: add "current page" to print dialog
        * bug     #750: Placing guides in the foreground not saved on document save
        * bug     #751: Text box border magically reappears on reopening previously saved document
        * bug     #756: Scribus does not honor settings for custom page sizes
        * bug     #758: v1.1.7 (Alyssa) compile stops with an error at file scribusview.cpp
        * feature #759: Ability to create PostScript Level 2 or Level 1 only files.

        * feature #745: Tracker for 1.1.7
        * feature #754: Inclusion of Tsoots "New from Template" Plugin

Changes since Version 1.1.6

        * bug     #753: Guidelines couldn't be locked
        * feature #743: Slovenian Translation Update for 1.1.7
        * feature #747: Polish Translation Update for 1.1.7
        * feature #748: British English Translation Update for 1.1.7
        * feature #749: updated UK and FI translations
        * feature #752: Updated Danish Translation for 1.1.7

        * bug     #739: Fonts Preview plugin entry in extras menu is not translatable
        * feature #741: german .ts update for 1.1.7
        * feature #742: Czech Translation for 1.1.7

        * bug     #720: print dialog does not allow entering of page numbers
        * bug     #729: Importing SVG with gradient sometimes misses the colors
        * bug     #733: Choosing and unchoosing Fill buton makes color dialog smaller
        * bug     #735: move  "save document" up
        * bug     #737: When dragging the two endpoints of a gradient in the new editor you can only drag left to 1% and right to 99%
        * feature #732: updated translation files for slovenian language
        * feature #734: Update for the German language
        * feature #738: Finnish translation update

        * bug     #707: Endian issues with images on fink?
        * bug     #715: When using Free Linear Gradient, importing an SVG can change the gradient
        * bug     #720: print dialog does not allow entering of page numbers
        * feature #662: Missing option to save Scribus file
        * feature #718: german translation update
        * feature #727: Add ability for Removing Recently Used Docs
        * feature #731: Ability to have Gradients with more than 2 Colors

        * bug     #713: "Line Style" to "Type of Line"
        * feature #688: improve the zoom-icon function
        * feature #714: Added new type of Gradient "Free linear Gradient"

        * bug     #623: Selecting Compress file deletes existing file name in dialog
        * bug     #647: Export as image plugin numbers images as "pagenumber - firstpagenumber".
        * feature #706: Image placement in a frame if not at 0,0 in frame, changes based on zoom level
        * feature #710: Updated Czech Translation
        * feature #711: Updated Brazilian Translation
        * feature #712: Updated Welsh Translation

        * bug     #394: SVG: vertical gradient imported as horizontal gradient
        * feature #688: improve the zoom-icon function
        * feature #700: German update
        * feature #704: saving doesnt add the *.sla suffix
        * feature #705: No new e-mail since May 17

        * bug     #606: Pressing END causes wrong cursor jump
        * feature #680: show grouped objects as grouped in the object manager
        * feature #681: sort objects in object manager
        * feature #690: doubleclick out of the shape could end editing
        * feature #694: Updated Polish Translation

        * bug     #684: open-entry in the library should be moved
        * bug     #692: New Parameter for GetAllObjects
        * feature #643: Enable EPS and PS Import as Vector Objects
        * feature #677: Remove lingering empty messages from some .ts files
        * feature #679: Update for the German language
        * feature #687: put the pdf-options in the context menu in a submenu
        * feature #693: Updated Russian Translation

        * bug     #673: Borders of tools are messed up on startup
        * feature #672: integrate the font preview plugin
        * feature #675: Update for the German language
        * feature #676: British English Translation Update

        * bug     #656: wrong button behaviour in new xport as bitmap dialog
        * bug     #665: Line handles do not update after moving the line
        * bug     #667: Sliders misaligned and not the same length in Edit>Color>New dialog
        * bug     #669: cannot insert a tab into text frame using scripter
        * feature #670: Update for the German language
        * feature #674: French translation update

        * bug     #282: Update language detection to use LC_* variables
        * bug     #623: Selecting Compress file deletes existing file name in dialog
        * bug     #660: UI translations shouldn't influence scribus behaviour
        * bug     #664: Bug 572 reloaded
        * feature #657: update for the german language
        * feature #661: Finnish translation update

        * bug     #604: Grouped items can be grouped again
        * bug     #634: Can't edit Line Style name
        * bug     #649: Minor string update
        * bug     #652: does not get installed on "make install"
        * feature #406: save must be enabled while creating templates
        * feature #563: measurement tool
        * feature #621: Need an addition to the scripter API: variable that is set by using "-lang xx".
        * feature #653: Implement Settings menu, cleaning up Edit, Tools and Help menu

        * bug     #634: Can't edit Line Style name
        * bug     #638: Rename the translation file for Basque language
        * bug     #644: Crash caused by mouse cursor crossing from linked text frame # 2 to # 1
        * bug     #645: Update scribus.no_NO.po to remove some obsolete strings that interfere with msgmerge
        * bug     #646: There are many empty tr( "" ) strings that confuse and slow down xgettext on the .pot file update
        * feature #592: Ability to export a page to a bitmap format
        * feature #640: delete any object by pressing <del>

        * bug     #613: Autotools fix for Debian
        * bug     #625: Suggestion for Speed up of SVG Import
        * bug     #630: Pasting text in direct text editing.
        * bug     #634: Can't edit Line Style name
        * bug     #637: Scribus crashes after a drag with the Right Mouse Button
        * feature #631: update for german
        * feature #635: Ukrainian Translation Update
        * feature #636: Update Danish Translation

        * bug     #604: Grouped items can be grouped again
        * bug     #620: Differing tab settings can cause wrapping text on top of other text
        * bug     #622: Merge of charselect* and svgexport* POs
        * bug     #624: Scribus is inserting incorrect paths into file names when saving
        * feature #609: same style for saturation and intensity of a color
        * feature #629: Improve the Tabmanager and the EditStyle Dialogs with a Ruler for setting Tabs and Indents.

        * bug     #608: Change buttons for "center" and "right" alignment...
        * bug     #613: Autotools fix for Debian
        * bug     #618: Minor rearranging of right click menu items
        * feature #231: Add in ability to import Colour Sets into current document
        * feature #614: Polish translation update
        * feature #615: Icon Set Number Two
        * feature #617: Ability to set, move and delete Tabs in the Ruler
        * feature #619: Fixes for broken POs

        * bug     #596: strange behaviour of tab indicator in textfields

        * bug     #596: strange behaviour of tab indicator in textfields
        * feature #578: one-click/keyboard for toggling off and on all dialogboxes+guides etc
        * feature #594: French translation update
        * feature #597: Issue with ending lines of paragraphs not aligning correctly with distances and alignment
        * feature #598: update for the german language

        * bug     #590: Trying to copy frames from actual page to a just made page template crashes scribus with signal 11.
        * feature #593: Added three new Hyphenation Dictionarys: Lithuanian, Swedish and Slovene

        * bug     #554: table context menu - layer is missing
        * bug     #580: No translation strings for units in "File>Document Setup"
        * bug     #581: Ruler coordinates in the status bar and the units changer don't have translation strings.
        * bug     #582: Muster.cpp and newtemp.cpp both translate the text and titel strings, missing Units translations in prefs and main gui
        * bug     #588: Clicking on the canvas within the "mouse grab radius" from a guide moves the guide.
        * feature #584: Ukrainian translation update
        * feature #587: Finnish translation update
        * feature #589: British English translation update
        * feature #591: Updated Czech Translation

        * bug     #471: guideline symbols are reversed
        * bug     #571: Seems impossible to actually apply any kind of tab immediately after a right tab
        * bug     #572: Layers palette still shows a "Background" layer after the last document is closed
        * bug     #573: View menu should be greyed out if no document is open
        * feature #552: Tabs could be shown in the ruler
        * feature #560: layer and level should be displayed in properties and/or status line
        * feature #574: Windows menu item should be greyed out if no documents are open

        * bug     #396: PDF Export: text field at wrong position
        * bug     #554: table context menu - layer is missing
        * feature #570: Added Translation for the Basque language

        * bug     #499: svg text and box import don't work correctly
        * bug     #535: Story editor: can't delete selected text with Backspace
        * bug     #540: Mixed white fonts size on bottom of splash screen
        * bug     #542: PDF-Export changes img-size on copied pages when downsampling is enabeled
        * bug     #546: Updated Russian Translation from Alexandre Prokoudine
        * bug     #549: Empty Object Name
        * bug     #557: Strange message while updating TS file
        * bug     #558: Updated some tooltips
        * feature #536: Please move "Print Preview" to "File" menu
        * feature #545: translation files for Slovene
        * feature #548: TS-Update German
        * feature #550: Unique Object Names
        * feature #551: edit colour by doubleclick
        * feature #559: Ugly icons - new icons set
        * feature #561: Translation update German

        * bug     #499: svg text and box import don't work correctly
        * bug     #525: Insert page after any given page in a document causes a crash with signal 11
        * bug     #530: Sending an object to another layer does not activate the save button
        * bug     #534: Scribus closing: After cancel of 'Saving dialog', Scribus is closed, but data are lost
        * bug     #537: Improve rendering speed of images
        * feature #503: Item renaming in overview
        * feature #531: Speaking names for objects
        * feature #539: Add new Splash Screen and Icons

        * feature #529: Polish TS/QM update

        * bug     #476: Text is placed to the right of where Scribus thinks it is
        * bug     #526: Red squares on object's border should not exist when object size is locked

        * bug     #517: Move Level RMB menu items to a submenu
        * bug     #518: Please replace sample PDF form and PHP script in the docs
        * bug     #519: Deleting multiple characters or spaces causes Sig 11
        * bug     #524: Textframes with Gradients as Background are not exported correctly
        * feature #497: Beeing able to determine the column width instead of the gutter width (at will)
        * feature #503: Item renaming in overview
        * feature #521: TS-Update German

        * bug     #495: unclosed SVG paths not importing properly
        * bug     #508: Short font and color list in object properties, bad dialog
        * bug     #513: Not able delete highlighted guide
        * bug     #514: Guide manager -> Guide coordinate will be resetted to 0.00
        * feature #462: PDF export resets color tints to solids
        * feature #511: "Lock object size" in context menu
        * Fixed Bug #514, Spinbox values are reset to 0.0 in Polish Language. 
        * Fixed Bug #513, Not able to delete highlighted Guide in the Guidemanager. 
        * Fixed Bug #508, Short font and color list in object properties. 
        * Fixed Bug #495, unclosed SVG paths not importing properly 
        * Opening the same document twice is now no loner possible. 

        * Fixed wrong clipping in the Postscript output with styled lines. 
        * Fixed vanishing text in flipped Textframes when zooming in. 
        * Updated the Czech and Danish Translations. 
        * Fixed Bug #511 "Lock object size" is now in context menu 
        * Fixed Bug #510 Translated units are shown as question marks in the Page>Manage guides dialog. 
        * Fixed Bug #501 screen refresh when editing tables not nice. 
        * Fixed Bug #493 Additional Patch to configure for Debian Systems. 
        * Fixed Bug #462 PDF export resets color tints to solids. 

        * Fixed wrong display with flipped textframes. 
        * Added "Insert LoremIpsum" Command for Textframes to the Context Menue. 
        * Fixed display issues with Tables. 
        * Updated the Czech and Russian Translation. 

        * Fixed minor error in PDF export with tables. 
        * Transparent areas in EPS-Images are handled now correct in PDF-Export. 

        * Updated the German and Finnish translations. 
        * Fixed recognition of en_GB locale. 

        * Updated the Polish translation 
        * The Color Names are now editable in the Color Chooser. 
        * The Cups Options panel is now resizeable. 
        * The ESC-Key closes now the Scripting Console. 

        * Updated the British translation. 

        * Added new command "Adjust Frame to Picture" to the context menu. 
        * Added "Insert Special" Command to the Story Editor. 
        * You can now insert any Unicode character by entering the 4-digit Hex code after 
        * pressing F12. 

        * Fixed wrong placement of characters in the PDF export. 
        * Updated the Brazilian translation. 

        * Panning mode is now toggled by pressing space. Worls only when not editing a textframe. 
        * Pressing Shift+Return inserts now a new line into a paragraph, does not count as a paragraph seperator. 
        * Improved behaviour of the hyphenation, you can set now the number of hyphenations allowed to follow each other. 
        * Added more Tooltips. 

        * Made various adjustments to dialog buttons. 
        * Improved Panning. 

        * Fixed crash when exporting texts on a path to PDF. 
        * You can scroll now with the Mouse when no Object is selected and you press CTRL and move the Mouse. 

        * Applied patch for better detecting CUPS. 
        * Improved the forced aligning of Text again. 

        * Improved forced aligning of text. 
        * Changed the Styles Listbox to a Combobox in the Properties Palette. 

        * Updated the Ukrainian translation. 
        * Fixed Issues with Polylines on Export to PDF and Postscript. 
        * Moved the Icons to $prefix/share/scribus/icons to be FHS compliant. 

        * Fixed rounding problems with the Baseline Grid. 

        * Added a frame independent baseline setting for textframes 
        * Updated the Finnish Translation. 

        * Flipping state of images is now preserved when updating or editing images, Bug #408 
        * Properties Palette is now updated immediately after text style change, Bug #404 
        * Textcolor is now imported too when appending Styles, Bug #402 
        * Applying "No Style" resets now all Textproperties to the default style, Bug #400 
        * You can now move Objects in 0.1 Point units when pressing CTRL and the Cursor Keys, Bug #397 
        * Colors in PDF-Textfields are now exported correctly, Bug #396 
        * Pressing Tab while editing a Text doesn't jump to the Pageselector anymore, Bug #395 
        * Pressing Shift while rotating the Mouse Whell scrolls now horizontal, Bug #388 
        * Updated several Tooltips. 

        * Fixed Issue on export to PDF and Postscript with objects with zero line width 
        * Fixed Issues with locked Objects and Groups. 
        * Double clicking on a Table Cell selects this Cell now. 
        * Resizing Tableitems with the Properties Palette should work now. 
        * Updated Polish Translation. 
        * Added horizontal Scrolling with the horizontal MouseWheel if available. 
        * Fixed compilation issues. 

        * Removed implicit closing of Polylines in the SVG importer. 
        * Added a "Keep aspect ratio" Button to the X-Y-Z Tab of the Properties Palette. 
        * Added the missing pageselector.h file to the install function. 

Changes since Version 1.1.5
27.03.2004      Fixed Bug #364, Kerning isn't apllied anymore for the first Character of a line.
                Enabled all resizing Handles for Groups.
                Improved zooming (Patch from Jean-Jacques Sarton)

26.03.2004      Fixed Cursor position when overwriting selections.
                Resizing lock works also for Groups now.
25.03.2004      Fixed Bug when dragging Objects from the Scrapbook to Template Pages.
                Improved the drawing of the ouline Box when resizing Objects.
                Some more Patches from Jean-Jacques Sarton.
                Updated the Finnish Translation.
                Fixes for the zooming.

18.03.2004      Fixes for rotated Tables and Borderlines.

14.03.2004      Added first basic Support for Tables.
                Jean-Jacques Sarton completed the Textselection with the Cursor Keys:
                        Shift+Cursor Key selects Chararcters.
                        Ctrl+Shift+Cursor Key selects Words.
                        Ctrl+Cursor Up/Down selects Lines.
                        Ctrl+Home selects Text from the Start to the Cursor Position.
                        Ctrl+End selects Text from the Cursor Position to the End.
                        Ctrl+Cursor Key moves to the next Word.
                Updated the Danish Translation.

13.03.2004      Added Patch from Jean-Jacques Sarton to enable Textselection with the Cursor Keys and Shift pressed.
                Fixed Crash when cutting Text (also by Jean-Jacques Sarton).
                Improved Object resizing and selecting.
                Improved Display when moving Objects.

12.03.2004      Updated the Polish Translation.
                Fixed a Typo in the Brazilian Translation.

11.03.2004      Added ToolTips for the Preferences.
                When dragging Linked Textframes between Pages with the Mouse the linkage is now keeped.
                Updated the Scripter Commands for Linked Textframes too.

10.03.2004      Enabled dragging of Objects between Pages.
                When you convert a Textframe to outlines the important properties are copied too, Bug #337.

09.03.2004      Updated the Ukrainian Translation.
                Finally fixed placement of the Icons for PDF-Buttons.
                Objects keep their Name now when they are Cut and Pasted.

08.03.2004      Fixed behaviour of the Icons of PDF-Buttons.
                Added more ToolTips.

07.04.2004      Added an Option to the Preferences to determine if the Contents of a Page
                are clipped at the Margins or not.
                Added a Folder for storing official approved Scripts.
                Added some Patches from Jean-Jacques Sarton which speed up image handling.

06.03.2004      Added Settings for the external Tools to the Preferences.
                Scribus should now be more stable when it finds a corrupt Font on startup.
                Fixed Bugs #323, #311, #209 and #80

05.03.2004      Improved the PDF-Exporter, Images are now written only once into the PDF.
                Fixed Bug #314.

04.03.2004      Updated the Ukrainian and Czech translation.

03.03.2004      Updated the Finnish Translation.

02.03.2004      Added the Option to delete all Objects on a Layer, when deleting this Layer.
                Changed the readout of the Color Values to Percent in the ColorChooser.
                Added a new Command to the Scripter.
                Updated a couple of Tooltips and added more.
                Updated the Czech Translation.

01.03.2004      Improved the SVG-Importer, Text should be now better, but still not perfect.
                Added a new Colorset: SVG-Colors.
                Updated the Finnish Translation.

29.02.2004      Added first Gimp Integration, contributed by Jean Jacques Sarton.
                Improved the PrintPreview a little more.

27.02.2004      Improved the PrintPreview, it now remembers the last used Settings.
                Added some new Commands to the Scripter.

25.02.2004      Included a Patch from Alessandro Rimoldini for the main.cpp file.
                Included a Patch from Mathy Vanvoorden for the Story Editor.
                Fixed bugs with Textframes.
                Display of Textframes should look now the same in all Magnifications.
                Updated scribus.desktop file.

24.02.2004      Fixed Bug with wrong Gradients when copying Objects.
                Moved the Documentation files to $prefix/share/scribus
                Fixed Problems with Editing Styles changing unexpectedly Textframes.
                All Fonts used in a Document are now embedded into PDF by default.

23.02.2004      Added the Option to protect an Object against resizing.
                Fixed Issues with Rounded Corners.
                Added a Context Menueitem for updating Picture frames.
                Updated the Finnish Translation.
                Changed the behaviour of Mouse Clicks:
                        Ctrl+Shift+Click selects the Object beneath another.
                        Shift+Click adds an Object to the Selection.
                        Ctrl+Alt+Click selects a single Object out of a Group.

22.02.2004      Included Patches from Jean-Jacques Sarton.
                Fixed Bug #278
                Updated the Ukrainian Translation.
                Another addition for the Scripter from Petr Vanek.

21.02.2004      Added ability to include Softmasks into PDFs when exporting to PDF 1.4
                Fixed Bugs #279, #277, #235
                Bug #235 was fixed by Petr Vanek.

20.02.2004      Fixed Bug when scaling Groups containg lines, Bug #276

19.02.2004      Improved the PDF-Export settings, the Compression method for
        Images can now be set. Zip and JPEG Compression is available.

18.02.2004      Improved the PDF-Export, Images are now written as jpg into the PDF.
        Fixed a problem with freetype > 2.1.4

17.02.2004      Updated the Danish and Welsh Translation.
        Added a new Command to the Scripter, contributed by Petr Vanek.

15.02.2004      Fixed some mismatches in the German Translation.
        Updated the Czech Translation.
        Fixed Bug #268
        Fixed Problem with changing Fontsizes in Textframes with no Styles when editing Styles.
        Fixed Bug #223

Changes since Version 1.1.4
13.02.2004      Fixed Crash when editing Linestyles.
                Found last missing Strings for Translations.

12.02.2004      Updated the Finnish and the German Translation.

11.02.2004      Updated the Ukrainian Translation.

10.02.2004      Updated the CzechTranslation.
                Added a CMYK Preview to the Print Preview.

09.02.2004      Updated Danish Translation.
                Fixed Transparency Issues with Tiff Images.

08.02.2004      Fixed Problems with Images having an Alpha Channel.
                Added an Option to remove unused Colors.

05.02.2004      Added two new Color Sets, a Greyscale one, and a Gnome Colors Set.
                Added a new Splash Screen and Icons.
02.02.2004      Added Irish Hyphenation Patterns.
                Updated the Polish Translation.
                Groups can now freely scaled with the Mouse.
                Pressing the Control-Key while scaling Objects and Groups
                keeps now the Aspect Ratio.
                Selecting Objects below others works now with Shift+Control Click.

01.02.2004      The Rulers are now following the Magnification.
                Added a file for use with lupdate for creating Translations.

31.01.2004      Added a new Guide Manager from Allessandro Rimoldini.
                More speedups for the Scripter.

30.01.2004      Fixed Problems with accented Filenames.
                Fixed some more translation Problems.

29.01.2004      Added a Progress Bar for the PDF-Export too.

28.01.2004      Line Styles and Paragraph Styles are now listed in alphapetical Order.
                The Style Menue is now disabled instead of being empty when no Object is selected.

26.01.2004      Added a Finnish Hyphenation.

25.01.2004      Added Font Effects and Colors to the Paragraph Styles.
                Applied Craig's patches for better Precision.

24.01.2004      Since there is a bad Bug in the Font embedding Functions all
                TrueType Fonts are now subsetted.

22.01.2004      Updated Python Scripts from Henning Schröder.

21.01.2004      Added the possiblity to search and replace Font Effects.

20.01.2004      First Version of the "Search/Replace" Dialog working.

17.01.2004      Added "Save to File" and "Load from File" Commands to the Story Editor.
                The Clipboard no longer discards Textattributes.
                Its no longer possible to attach linked Textframes to a Path.
                Added new Command "Detach Text from Path".

15.01.2004      Updated the Russian Translation.
                The Page Selector on the Bottom of the Window is now a Spinbox.

14.01.2004      Removed Hardcoded Paths from the Source.

13.01.2004      Fixed Cursor Placement Issues.

12.01.2004      Fixed Bug with Sub/Superscript.
                Fixed Crash when copying Pages.

11.01.2004      Added Drop Caps to the Paragraph Styles.
                Applied Ted Powells Layers Patch.

10.01.2004      Added Named Color Sets.

09.01.2004      Fixed a problem when deleting a Layer.
                Fixed memory leak in the Postscript Export.

08.01.2004      Replaced the Color Submenue in the Style Menue with a ComboBox.

07.01.2004      Added the missing centered Tabulator.
                Added the Colors of the XFree RGB Color Database as alternative Default Colors.
                Added a Button to restore the Default Colors to the Color Editor.

06.01.2004      The Tab-Key switches now between Docs when not in Edit-Mode.
                Improved the MSpinBox API.

05.01.2004      Fixed Bug with multicolumn Textframes.
                Started Code Documentation.

04.01.2004      Added a Freehand Drawing Tool.
                Enabled Rotation of Groups with the Mouse.

03.01.2004      Fixed Cursor placement Issues with Tabulators.
                Fixed Text editing Issues with linked Textframes.

01.01.2004      Added Right, Full Stop and Comma Tabulators.
                Default Tabs are now every 36 pts == 1.27 mm == 0.5 in.
                Added a Dialog to manage the Tabulator Settings.
                Textstyles have now also a Tabulator Property.

31.12.2003      Fixed Rounding Errors in the Properties Palette.
                Added Settings for Number of Columns and the ColumnGap to the Preferences.
                First Support for Tabs, currently there is a Tab set every 100 pts in a Textframe.

29.12.2003      Fixed Crash when closing Docs.

28.12.2003      Text flows now around both Sides of Objects.
                You can use now Units like pt or mm in Floating Point Spinboxes where applicable.
                Added some new Commands to the Scripter:
                        - MessageBox
                        - StatusMessage
                        - GetColums
                        - GetColumnGap
                        - SetColums
                        - SetColumnGap

27.12.2003      All Floating Point Spinboxes can now evaluate Expressions like
                (1 + 3) * 5, there is now a full calculator available. (Code borrowed from QCad)

26.12.2003      Fixed Issues with rotated Text when converting to Outlines.
                Fixed Issues with rotated Object when joining Polygons.
                Fixed column width not being equal for all columns on Textframes.

25.12.2003      Added a Gap Setting for multi-column Textframes.

23.12.2003      Textframes can have now more than 1 Column.
                Added an Clear Contents Entry to the Context Menu.

22.12.2003      Improved the Geometry Settings in the Properties Palette for Groups.

21.12.2003      Added a right Click Context Menu for Pages too.
                Improved the Node Palette.
                You can set now the Base Point for Object resizing and moving
                in the Properties Palette the same way as for the Rotation.

Changes since Version 1.1.3
18.12.2003      Groups can now rotated with the Properties Palette.

17.12.2003      Updated the German and Russian Translation.

16.12.2003      Added new Brazilian Translation.
                        Updated the Russian Translation.

15.12.2003      Added infomation about Pictures to the Info Entry in the context Menue.

14.12.2003      Added an Info Entry to the right mouse click context Menue.
                Fixed redraw Issues.
                Fixed Grid drawing Issues when the Zoom Factor is != 100 %.

12.12.2003      Added a Toolbar Button for the Story Editor.
                Added a Statusbar to the Story Editor.

10.12.2003      Fixed Preferences Issues.
                Combined the Toolbar Buttons for Rectangles and Circles into one Button
                containing all Autoforms.

09.12.2003      Added some new Shapes to the Autoforms Menue.
                Fixed the disabled Keyboard Bug.

07.12.2003      Added various Shapes to the Shape Tab in the Properties Palette.
                Fixed misbehaviour with some corrupted Docs.

06.12.2003      Added Convert to Outlines to right mouse click context Menue.
                The resolution setting is now used for all Pictures if they provide one.

05.12.2003      Fixed incorrect hyphens in the PDF-Export with Russian Text.

04.12.2003      Fixed Crash with SVG-Import.

03.12.2003      Updated the Danish Traslation.
                Added a Crash Handler.

01.12.2003      Fixed crash when holding down a key whilst editing a Textframe.
                Improved import of Template Pages, Line Styles and Styles.
                Fixed PDF-Export Issues.

30.11.2003      Template Pages and Line Styles can now imported too.

29.11.2003      Added Button for importing Styles for other Documents to the Style Editor.
                You can now switch Blackpoint Compensation on or off in the CMS Preferences.

Changes since Version 1.1.2
28.11.2003      Fixed Bug that prevented proper recognition of User Defined ICC-Profile Directorys.

27.11.2003      Fixed Bug that caused Scribus to hang when importing the same Page twice.

26.11.2003      Fixed Crash when loading Documents.

24.11.2003      Fixed duplication of Styles when importing Pages or Objects.

23.11.2003      Added a "Revert to Saved" Option to the File Menu.

22.11.2003      Added Group/Ungroup Items to Right Mouse Click Context Menu.
                The Fontsize is now a float, you can have now Fontsize like 12.3 pt
                Managed Guides is now available for Template Pages too.
21.11.2003      The Linewith of a Textframe is now honoured in the Distances of the
                Text to the Frameborders when the Borderline is visible.

20.11.2003      Fixed Bug in the PDF and Postscript Export with linked Frames.
                Increased the maximum Linewidth to 36 pts.
                Fixed Segfault when deleting more than one Page at once.

19.11.2003      Fixed Bug in the Story Editor with linked Textframes.
                You can now edit Texts on a Path with the Story Editor too.

15.11.2003      Added first version of the Story Editor.

12.11.2003      Fixed Bug with TIFF-Images.

10.11.2003      Added Web-Links to the PDF-Export.
                Fixed compilation issues with Python 2.3

09.11.2003      Fixed compilation issues with the Scripter-Plugin.
                Fixed wrong colors for Gradients in PDF.

08.11.2003      You can now insert Pictures by simply dragging them to a Page.
                Added an absolute coordinate Mode to the Node-Palette.

06.11.2003      Added a --without-python option to ./configure for
                those who don't have a use for the Scripter-Plugin.

05.11.2003      Improved the Preview in the charselect plugin.

04.11.2003      When you resize a Textframe with the Mouse and press
                CTRL+SHIFT the Text is scaled accordingly.

02.11.2003      Reenabled the Fontpreview in the Preferences.
Changes since Version 1.1.1
28.10.2003      The Contents of the Outline Palette doesn't collapse anymore
                when you are editing Objects or adding or removing Pages.

26.10.2003      Added patch for acinclude.m4 to recognize Python 2.3
                Fixed issue with certain Hebrew fonts.

25.10.2003      Scribus can now handle Filenames with Spaces correctly.
                Included Patch for BigEndian Systems.

23.10.2003      Using Symlinks for Fonts works now.
                Fixed missing Lines around Textbox in PDF-Output.

21.10.2003      Included the new Icons contributed by Sven Powalla.

20.10.2003      Included the Scripter Plugin into the main Package.
                Fixed the ./configure script that libtiff is recognized
                on a stock RH9 installation.

17.10.2003      The AutoSave Option is now working again.

11.10.2003      Fixed Bug when converting Text to Outlines.

05.10.2003      Improved History in the Helpbrowser.

Changes since Version 1.1.0
03.10.2003      Improved rendering of linked Textframes.
                Added a new .pot file for Scribus-1.1.1

02.10.2003      Removed some small Bugs reported after reopening the CVS 
                to the public.

30.09.2003      Every Textbox can have now it's own Language for

29.09.2003      Added a Catalan Hyphenation Dictionary.

28.09.2003      Subsetting Fonts and OpenType Fonts works now in PDF and Postscript.
                Updated the CharSelect Plugin.
                Added a User defineable Directory for ICC-Profiles in the Preferences.

27.09.2003      Replaced the LineEdit for the Zoom-Factor in the lower left Corner of
                the Working Window by a SpinBox.
                Updated the Welsh Translation.

21.09.2003      Removed the "Modify Object" Dialog since all of it's functionality
                in now in the former "Measurement" Palette, which is now called
                "Properties" Palette.

19.09.2003      Scaling Glyphs in the X-Direction works now in PS and PDF.

18.09.2003      Now you can scale Glyphs in the X-Direction.

16.09.2003      Improved Redraw of linked Textframes.
                The PS-Exporter does now support Text with Fill & Stroke.
                Removed all Font Encoding Stuff from the PS-Exporter, all
                Text Rendering is now done with "glyphshow".

15.09.2003      Text with Fill & Stroke can now exported to PDF and SVG.
                Fixed Crash when deleting Pages containing linked Textframes.
                Fixed Crash after Drag-Copying Elements.

14.09.2003      Added the possibility to set the fill and stroke of Glyphs.

Changes since Version 1.0.1
06.09.2003      Unterlining doesn't cut the decents of the Glyphs anymore.

04.09.2003      Added new Type Style Outlined.

02.09.2003      Fixed Segfault when cutting Text when there is no Text.

31.08.2003      Added a Zoom for Characters, if you click the Right Mouse Button
                over a Character a Zoom Window pops up.
                Added the possibility to have different Transparencys for Strokes
                and Fills.

22.08.2003      Made first Steps to replace the old rendering Engine
                with libart.

13.08.2003      Added Greek Hyphenation. 

12.08.2003      Changed behaviour of the Save-Button in the Toolbar.

11.08.2003      Added an SVG-Import Plugin.

10.08.2003      Added PDF-Keywords.
                Enabled the Black Point Compensation in the Color-
                Management when lcms-1.11 is used.
09.08.2003      Added a History Function to the Help Viewer.

08.08.2003      Templates are now reapplied to the Pages when 
                they where changed.
                Templates can now applied to more than one Page.
Changes since Version 1.0
07.08.2003      Added Indonesian Translation.

25.07.2003      Fixed Bug with the Picture Preview.
                Added Dutch, Ukrainian and Portuguese Hyphenation.

18.07.2003      Fixed Bug which caused Pictures to disappear when the actual
                Application Directory isn't the users Home Directory.

Changes since Version
21.06.2003      Fixed the Radial Gradients in the SVG-Export.
                Fixed Bug with rounded Rectangles.

20.06.2003      Limited the Values for the Margins to fit the Page.

19.06.2003      Disabled Color "None" for Gradients.

18.06.2003      Implemented a new Fontselection Dialog.

Changes since Version 0.9.10
13.06.2003      Moved the Preview generation to a seperate Class.
                Updated Polish translation.

11.06.2003      Improved and updated the Creation of the Previews

10.06.2003      Added Support for Named Linestyles, allowing to have
                Paths stroked with multiple Lines.

07.06.2003      Improved Image Support for SVG, Images are now saved as PNG-Images in the
                same Folder as the SVG File.
                Added New Plugin for Print Preview, needs Ghostscript to work.

01.06.2003      Moved the SVG-Export Plugin to the Main Package
                and added Support for Gradients and combined Polygons.

30.05.2003      Added Support for Links to external PDF-Documents.
                Added Encoding Support for writing Textfiles.

27.05.2003      Added a Splash Screen.
                Updated Danish Translation.

25.05.2003      The first Page of a PDF can now placed like a EPS-File.
                The Postscript-Exporter embeds now only really used Fonts.

24.05.2003      Improved the Clipboard once more, works now with Nedit, OpenOffice
                and Mozilla too.
                Improved importing of Text, you can now choose an Encoding in
                the Fileselect Dialog.

22.05.2003      Added shearing of Polygons.
                Included Patches for HP-UX contributed by Martin Gansser.

19.05.2003      Added Norwegian Translation contributed by Johannes Wilm.

Changes since Version 0.9.9
16.05.2003      Added the possiblity to adjust the Display for true WYSIWYG.
                e.g 1 Inch displayed on the Rulers is now really an Inch on the

14.05.2003      Picture Frames can now have a Borderline too.

11.05.2003      Added Support for Automatic Kerning Values from .afm Files.
09.05.2003      Added Color Model "Websave RGB".
                Solved the Problem that the last Hyphen in linked Textframes wasn't printed.
                Fixed crash with PDF-Previes enabled.

06.05.2003      Added a Command to split combined Polygons.

05.05.2003      When you edit a Path, you can select now more than one Point for moving,
                either by pressing the Shift Key or using the selection Rectangle.
                Fonts are now scanned for their Chararcter width only when they are used.
                (Avoids building big Tables for never used Fonts)

04.05.2003      Extended the Node-Palette.
                The PDF-Exporter now embeds only really used Fonts.

03.05.2003      Added new Command "Convert Text to Polygons"

27.04.2003      Implemented Subpaths for Polygons.
                Removed various Copy and Paste Errors.

26.04.2003      Improved Textrendering for Zoomfactors > 100 %

Changes since Version 0.9.8
18.04.2003      Added a Build-ID to the About Box for easier finding out which Librarys are used when
                Scribus was compiled.

17.04.2003      There is now an Option in the Print Dialog to apply ICC-Profiles before printing.

16.04.2003      Extended the PDF-Exporter to use Unicode too.

12.04.2003      Implemented Reverse Writing Mode for Textboxes.

11.04.2003      Character Widths are now also calculated with Freetype.
                The "Insert Special" now uses Freetype for displaying the Characaters.

08.04.2003      Scribus uses now Freetype2 (if available) to do the embedding of TTF-Fonts
                into Postscript, this allows the use of Unicode in the Postscript Output.

05.04.2003      Added a Dialog to choose the Page when importing Pages from other Documents
                Apply Template doesn't duplicate Guidelines anymore.

03.04.2003      Added Import of Pages from other Documents.

29.03.2003      Improved the zooming with the Mouse Wheel by enableing it when you press the Mouse Wheel.

28.03.2003      Added an Autosave Option.

27.03.2003      Added Hungarian Hyphenation.
                The Scrapbook is now saved everytime you drop an Item on it.
Changes since Version 0.9.7
25.03.2003      You can now zoom In and Out withe the Mouse Wheel when you hold the Shift-Key
                whilst rotating the Wheel.

23.03.2003      The Postscript Driver can now seperate RGB-Images too. The only thing that
                doesn't work are Gradient Fills of Objects on Template Pages.
22.03.2003      The PDF-Exporter converts now RGB-Images to CMYK when Destination Printer is
17.03.2003      Added support for the Clipboard. (works with KDE and QT Applications)

14.03.2003      Added the ability to print Pages mirrored.

10.03.2003      Guides can now be locked.

01.03.2003      Again redesigned the Measurement Palette to reduce their Size.

26.02.2003      Fixed Bug with the Docking Palettes.

24.02.2003      Added a Workaround for the Qt-3.1.1 setClipRegion Bug.

Changes since Version 0.9.6
21.02.2003      Scribus is now complete Qt-3.1.1 compatible.

18.02.2003      Completed Redesign of the Measurement Palette.

15.02.2003      Made Rotation from Center possible.

02.02.2003      Added a "Collect for Output" Command to save everything into
                a User Defined Folder.

31.01.2003      Images are stored now with their relative Paths.

29.01.2003      Added Slovak Hyphenation.

28.01.2003      Added Danish Translation and Hyphenation.

27.01.2003      Finished the new Bookmark-Palette.

19.01.2003      Redesigned the handling of Bookmarks.

18.01.2003      Added the missing Textproperties Underline and Striketrough to
                the PDF-Exporter.

16.01.2003      Moved the Documentation to a seperate Package.

15.01.2003      Added several Patches.

Changes since Version 0.9.5
11.01.2003      Extended the Encryption for PDF-1.4 File to 128 Bits.

07.01.2003      Added PDF-Encryption.

03.01.2003      Added support for CUPS.

02.01.2003      Scribus can now write PDF/X-3 conform Documents.

31.12.2002      Fixed a long standing Bug with Documents printed directly after loading.

Changes since Version 0.9.4
30.12.2002      You can now embed ICC-Profiles in the PDF-Output.

27.12.2002      Fixed a Bug in the PDF-Exporter with resampled Images.

26.12.2002      Template Pages are now stored as Forms in the PDF and Postscript Output.

24.12.2002      Added Compression for Images in the Postscript Output.

22.12.2002      PDF-1.4 Transparency added.

21.12.2002      Now you can manage the additional Fontpath in the Fontpreferences.

20.12.2002      Now you can edit the Font Substitution List.

19.12.2002      Extended the Font Preferences, now you can exlude certain Fonts from being used.

18.12.2002      Added a Font Substitution List.

16.12.2002      Fixed several Bugs in the Postscript Driver.

Changes since Version 0.9.3
14.12.2002      Improved the File-Format to prevent troubles loading Documents.

12.12.2002      Added a Dialog to manage the Guidelines.

09.12.2002      Now you can snap Objects to the Guidelines.

08.12.2002      Added User defined Guidelines, which can be dragged out of the Rulers.

05.12.2002      Added Polish Translation contributed by Maciej Haski <>

03.12.2002      PDF-Export Options are now saved with the Document.

02.12.2002      The PDF-Export now also supports the Gradient Fills.

01.12.2002      Gradient Fills are printable now.

30.11.2002      Added Gradient Fills.

26.11.2002      Added a Button to the File Select Dialog which moves to a
                User Defined Folder.
                Disabled deleting and editing of the Colors: White, Black, Cyan
                Magenta and Yellow.
25.11.2002      You can now lock Objects.

Changes since Version 0.9.2
23.11.2002      PDF and Postscript Files are now spooled to Disk instead of
                creating them in Memory.

22.11.2002      Now you can set Font and Fontsize in Paragraph-Style-Templates.

21.11.2002      Added Russian Hyphenation.

20.11.2002      LowRes Previews are now used for displaying on the Screen.

19.11.2002      Scribus now works with QT 3.1

17.11.2002      You can set the Name of an Object in the "Modify Object" Dialog.

Changes since Version 0.9.1
14.11.2002      Fixed a crash in the Print Dialog when /etc/printcap is missing.
                Type1 Fonts are now recognized even when your local encoding is
                is08859-15 or utf8.

13.11.2002      Made some cosmetic Changes to the Button Layout of varios Dialogs.
                Fixed handling of Toolbar Buttons and Menu-Entrys when switching

12.11.2002      Preferences are now stored in an own Folder called ".scribus".

11.11.2002      Fixed a grave Bug when opening Documents with missing Fonts.
                MDI-Mode is generally more stable now.

10.11.2002      Moved a misplaced #endif that caused Compilation Errors to the
                right Place (the Line 5050 Bug)

Changes since Version 0.8
09.11.2002      MDI-Mode complete.

05.11.2002      Begun to implement MDI-Mode.

03.11.2002      Enhanched the Hyphenator by adding an Auto-Check-Mode during Typing

02.11.2002      The Hypenator-Plugin is now fully integrated into the Main Code.

29.09.2002      Release of Scribus 0.8

Changes since Version 0.7.8
24.09.2002      Made last Code Refinements.

22.09.2002      Fixed a Bug with Documents created with Automatic Text Frames.

Changes since Version 0.7.7
08.09.2002      Added Tooltips to the Page Palette.

07.09.2002      Fixed a bug in the PDF-Export with Grayscale jpg's.

03.09.2002      Now you can change the Size of Textboxes during Edit-Mode.

01.09.2002      Added a new Commandline Option --lang xx
                xx represents a Language code just like the 
                Environment Variable LANG.
                Fixed some Bugs in the PDF-Fields.
29.08.2002      Added a Page Palette for better handling of Pages.

15.08.2002      Added the missing Home and End Keys to the Textbox.
                The Print Dialog now remembers the last extended
                Printing Command.
Changes since Version 0.7.6
30.07.2002      New Developers Version 0.7.7

26.07.2002      Fixed a Bug with transparent Images in the Postscript Driver

25.07.2002      Changed all Path Descriptions to use floating Point Coordinates.

24.07.2002      Written a FPointArray Class (with floating Point Coordinate Values)
                for the internal Path representation.

23.07.2002      New Measurement Unit: Picas

22.07.2002      New Measurement Unit: Inches
                Object Movements with the Keyboard can now be undone too.

21.07.2002      Improved scaling of Groups, should now be more exact.
                Scaling of Groups is always proportional.
                Added Undo for raising and lowering of Objects.

20.07.2002      Support for Colormanagement improved.

17.07.2002      Fixed Bug in the creation of Master Pages
                Added Progress Bar for Saving
                If you create Elements with Shift Key pressed while dragging the 
                Mouse the dimensions are now constrained to a square.
16.07.2002      Now you can undo: Delete Object
                                  Move Object
                                  Resize Object
                                  Rotate Object

15.07.2002      First Undo-Code implemented

14.07.2002      Added Gamut-Check to the Colormanagement Options

Changes since Version 0.7.5
14.07.2002      New Developers Release 0.7.6

13.07.2002      Improved Drag'n'Drop of Groups.

06.07.2002      Groups can now be moved with the Cursor Keys,
                Measurement-Palette and scaled with the Mouse.

02.07.2002      Added Toolbar-Icon for creating PDF-Annotations.

01.07.2002      Completed the Icon properties for PDF-Buttons.
                Added Import Data Action.

30.06.2002      Added Icons for PDF-Buttons.

29.06.2002      Added Submit Form Action for PDF-Buttons
                Added the ability to rotate PDF-Fields
                Added turkish Translation for the GUI.

28.06.2002      Added Toolbar-Icon for creating PDF-Fields.
                Added support for global JavaScripts.

27.06.2002      Added Page Rages to to the PDF-Export Options.
                Added Support for translation files for Plugins.
                The Translations must be stored in the Folder ..../scribus/plugins

26.06.2002      Fixed a minor Bug in the PDF-Exporter.
                Added a Dialog for selecting Fields in the Annotation Properties Dialog
                Extended the JavaScript Editor with a Menu Bar for the most common
                editing tasks.

Changes since Version 0.7.4
25.06.2002      New Developers Release 0.7.5

24.06.2002      Finished development of the export of PDF-Forms.
                Doubleclicking an Annotation now opens the Annotation Properties Dialog
08.06.2002      Began to develop the export of interactive PDF-Elements.

Changes since Version 0.7.3
07.06.2002      New Developers Release 0.7.4

03.06.2002      Added document-wide Layers.

01.06.2002      Added 2 new Buttons to the Node-Palette for resetting Controlpoints

29.05.2002      The Clipping Paths of Picture and Text Frame are now
                also Bezier Curves.

27.05.2002      You can now convert Polygons to Beziercurves and vice versa

Changes since Version 0.7.2
26.05.2002      New Developers Release 0.7.3

25.05.2002      Doubleclicking on an Object does now the following:
                for Rectangles, Ovals and Lines:  Opens the Modify Object Dialog
                for Text and Pictures:            Enters Textediting or Picture moving state
                for Path-Texts and Bezier Curves: Enters Node editing mode

24.05.2002      Text can now be attached to a Bezier Curve.

23.05.2002      New Object: Bezier Curves
                Combined with Polylines in one Objecttype.

22.05.2002      Finished Redesign of the Node-Palette

20.05.2002      New Object: Polylines

19.05.2002      Now all 8 handles of an object are fully functional.

16.05.2002      Improved behavior of the Zoom Tool.

15.05.2002      Color-Profiles can have now the extensions .icm or .icc (Lower or Uppercase)

14.05.2002      The Polygon properties Dialog has now an Option to rotate the Polygon

13.05.2002      You can convert between Textframes, Pictureframes and Polygons with the
                Context Menu.

Changes since Version 0.7.1:
12.05.2002      New Developers Release 0.7.2

11.05.2002      Finished the Polygon Preferences Dialog.

10.05.2002      Added Polygons
                Final fixes for the Line-Code.

09.05.2002      Finished Redesign of the Measurements Palette

08.05.2002      Lines thinner than 1 pt are now possible.

05.05.2002      Begun redesign of the Measurements Palette

03.05.2002      Improved editing the Clipping-Path.

28.04.2002      New Developers-Release 0.7.1
                Fixed bug with "Save as..."
                Added missing math.h to scribusXml.h
                Added Lithauian translation

27.04.2002      New Developers-Release 0.7
                Ported to QT3
                Rewrote the code for the Lines.
                Changed the New File Dialog
                Added the ability to print via an external Command.

13.04.2002      New stable Version 0.6
                Fixed a great bunch of bugs since Version 0.5.8
Changes since Version 0.5.7:
29.03.2002      Extended the Measurements Palette a little.

26.03.2002      Removed a bug with linked Textframes which caused infinite recursion.
                Added the ability to set the Application Font Size in the Preferences.
25.03.2002      Added iso8859-15 encoding for the PDF-Export

24.03.2002      Changed the Font related Code so that Fonts encoded in ISO-8859-2
                can be used for PDF-Export

Changes since Version 0.5.6:
21.03.2002      Linked Textframes are now exported as PDF-Articles.

20.03.2002      Added PDF-Presentation Effects to the PDF-Exporter.

19.03.2002      Costum Clipping Paths of Text- and Pictureframes are now
                scaled accordingly if the Frame is resized.

18.03.2002      Changed the behaviour of Template Pages. They act now as
                a background Layer. Objects of Template Pages are no longer
                selectable if you are working on normal Pages.

17.03.2002      Text- and Pictureframes are able to have rounded Corners.

09.03.2002      Rectangles can have round Edges.

Changes since Version 0.5.5:
01.03.2002      Now you can define your own Keyboard-Shortcuts.

23.02.2002      Hypertext-Links in PDF are now useable.

17.02.2002      Now you can export PDF-Bookmarks as a Tree.

07.02.2002      Redesigned the PDF-Options dialog a little.
                Changed parsing of /etc/printcap .
06.02.2002      Enabled downsampling of Pictures in the PDF-Export.

05.02.2002      Scribus now checks that fonts which are listed in fonts.dir
                or fonts.scale really do exist.(Mandrake 8.1 seems to have
                some faulty font.dir files)

04.02.2002      Made some Bugfixes with linked Textboxes.

02.02.2002      The PDF-Export works now.

19.01.2002      Began work on a new PDF-Exporter.

17.01.2002      Scribus can now read embedded Profiles from
15.01.2002      Added TIFF-Support.

06.01.2002      Experimental Support for Colormanagement

28.12.2001      Plugins are now working.

15.12.2001      Last Bugfixes in the postscript driver and some other places.

11.12.2001      RGB-Mode of the Color-Chooser changed slightly.

09.12.2001      Scribus now uses the extension .scd for Documents to avoid
                conflicts with other Applications.
08.12.2001      The Postscript-Driver now uses only PS-Level 2 constructs
                except for PDF-creation. PS-Level 3 is used to create PDF-
                Files with masked Images due to a bug in Ghostscript.

30.11.2001      Added custom Fileselector with Previews.

28.11.2001      New Dialog for searching of Pictures.

26.11.2001      Added RGB-Mode to the Color-Chooser
                New Version 0.5

24.11.2001      Added Keyboard Shortcuts for Textalignments
                CTRL-E = centered, CTRL-L = left, CTRL-R = right
                Extended the Preferences a little.
                Added zooming to Selection Rectangle.

22.11.2001      Added a Recent Documents Menue.

21.11.2001      Added a Dialog for quick finding of missing Pictures.
                Improved Screen-Redraw
                New Version 0.4.10

17.11.2001      Added french documentation contributed by Yves Ceccone <>
                Made even more speed improvements.

16.11.2001      Fixed several bugs

14.11.2001      New french translation contributed by Yves Ceccone <>
                Made some more speed improvements with large Documents.
                Added smart hypens for better Wordbreaks.

12.11.2001      Eliminated more unneeded redraws.
                New Version 0.4.9

10.11.2001      Objectgroups are now fully working.

09.11.2001      Fixed a bug which causes Scribus to crash when loading Documents
                which contain the character � This crash happens only in the
                locale fr.

07.11.2001      Objects can now be grouped together

05.11.2001      Scribus now displays Pages of Documents with facing Pages side by side.
                This can switched off in the Preferences.
                Some new Icons contributed by Alastair Robinson.
                New Version 0.4.8

03.11.2001      Template pages are now fully working.
                Added Slovak and Ukrainian translation.
01.11.2001      Template pages can now be used.

31.10.2001      Updated TTF-Code from Alastair Robinson

29.01.2001      New Version 0.4.7
                Began work on template pages.

28.10.2001      Fixed a bug that caused Scribus not to find Fonts on RedHat-Systems (again)
                Polished the Scrapbook-Window a little.

26.10.2001      Implemented the first subset of Keyboard Shortcuts.

24.10.2001      Implemented the usual Selection Rectangle.
                Bugfixes, Bugfixes, Bugfixes....

23.10.2001      Fixed some bugs in the printing of text on the screen.
                New Version 0.4.6

22.10.2001      Fixed a bug that prevents Scribus from starting properly.
                Patch submitted by Arnd Bergmann <>

20.10.2001      Added a Scrapbook-Window for storing often used objects.
                Fixed numerous minor bugs.
                TTF-Fonts can now be printed. Code contributed by Alastair Robinson.

14.10.2001      Fixed a Bug that causes Scribus not to print correctly.
                Began work on TTF-Support, Code contributed by Alastair Robinson.
                New version 0.4.5

11.10.2001      Added a Palette for Frame-Editing

06.10.2001      New Version 0.4.4
                Scribus now uses the AFM-File of a Font if available.
03.10.2001      Added the Alignments Full and Forced.

02.10.2001      Added new Options to Paragraph-Styles
                Fixed various bugs.
                Enhanched printing speed.
                Patch submitted by Alastair Robinson <>

01.10.2001      New Version 0.4.3

29.09.2001      Now you can set a Backgroundcolor for the Pages (Display only)

28.09.2001      Implemented first subset of Paragraph-Style-Templates.
                Fixed bug regarding the display of the rulers
                Fixed bug in the code for the Wheel-Mouse
                Patches submitted by Alastair Robinson <>

23.09.2001      Fixed a bug in the installation of the German documentation.
                Fixed bug regarding the display of the Gridlines.
                Patch submitted by Alastair Robinson <>

22.09.2001      New Version 0.4.2
                Implemented Textalignments Left, Right and Center.
21.09.2001      Finished basic Color-Separations.
                Fixed a bug in the embedding of Fonts in the Postscript-
                output. Patch submitted by Alastair Robinson <>

20.09.2001      Removed a bug that causes Text that is located on other
                pages than the first not being printed.

18.09.2001      New Print-Dialog which supports Options required for
                doing Separations.

16.09.2001      The EPS-Import now recognizes DCS-Comments for CMYK-Colors
                in the EPS-Files. Scribus imports these Colors.
15.09.2001      New ColorPicker for CMYK-Colors.

10.09.2000      Changed the Color-Representation to CMYK-Colors

08.09.2001      Released Version 0.4 to the Public

29.08.2001      Finished reprogramming the Dialogs.

27.08.2001      Version 0.4
                Redesigned Distribute/Align Dialog
25.08.2001      Decided to make Version 0.3.11 the Release Candiate for 0.4
                Limited maximum Pointsize for Text to 512 pt.
19.08.2001      New Version 0.3.11
                Begin redesigning all Dialog so that Texts in all
                Languages will fit.

17.08.2001      Added Confirmation Dialogs for File->New, File->Open
                if there is an unsaved Document in use.

15.08.2001      Added automatic Linebreak on Word-Boundarys.

14.08.2001      Removed the "No Fill" Checkboxes in the Modify Objects Dialog,
                Preferencens and in the Contextmenue. Their Functionality is
                now achieved by the Color "None".

13.08.2001      Redesigned About-Box.

12.08.2001      Improved Drag'nDrop.
                New Version 0.3.10

10.08.2001      ImageMagick and pfb2pfa are no longer required
                to run Scribus

09.08.2001      Added Toolbar to Main Window.

08.08.2001      Added Spanish and Catalan Translations.
                Images with Transparency are now correct printed.

06.08.2001      Added PDF-Annnotations to PDF-Export.

05.08.2001      Extended Drag'n'Drop.
                Now you can:
                Drag Pictures into a Picture-Frame.
                Drag Textfiles into a Textbox.
                Drag Text from another Applications into a Textbox.
                Drag Items from Konquerer to Scribus.
                With the right Mousebutton you can:
                Drag Items to another place in the Document (copying it).
                Drag Items to the KDE-Desktop.
                Drag Items to Konquerer.
                Drag Items to another Application, where they appear as Text.

04.08.2001      Enabled Drag'n'Drop of Pictures to Scribus
                New Version 0.3.9

03.08.2001      Now you can choose Units for the Documents. Currently there
                are Typographic Points (pt) and Millimeters (mm) supported.

01.08.2001      Added new About-Box with a Logo contributed by Thomas Zastrow.
                Added ability to display the Margins and the Guides in front
                of the Page.

31.07.2001      New Try on supporting other codecs than ISO-8859-1

29.07.2001      Fixed various Bugs, implemented Clipping on Page-Boundarys
                in the Postscript-Output.

28.07.2001      Added extended German Documentation contributed
                by Thomas Zastrow.
                New Version 0.3.8

26.07.2001      Added Preferences for the Tools.

25.07.2001      Added Cursor-Up and Cursor-Down for Textframes.

23.07.2001      Linked Textframes finished, Automatic Textframes
                are now connected to a Textchain.

21.07.2001      Linked Textframes can be created with the mouse,
                new Version 0.3.7

19.07.2001      Linked Textframes can now be saved to Disk.
                Disabled linked Frames for Release 0.3.6 because
                this Feature isn't ready for public Release.

18.07.2001      Linked Textframes added (experimental)

16.07.2001      Scribus now uses XML for his Preferences.

15.07.2001      File-Format for Documents changed to XML.

14.07.2001      Export to XML added
                New version 0.3.6

13.07.2001      Added French translation contributed from Michel Briand

12.07.2001      Fixed Bug in PageItem.cpp that prevents large Textfiles to
                be loaded and display correct.
                Measurement Palette finished.

11.07.2001      Old Measurement-Palette removed
                Minimized Redraws

10.07.2001      In the Measurement-Palette you can step by 10th of a unit
                in all SpinBoxes by holding down the Shift-Key.

09.07.2001      New Measurement-Palette partially functional

08.07.2001      Begin redesigning Measurement-Palette.
                Textflow-Flag added to PageItems.

07.07.2001      Completed redesigning Modify-Object Dialog.
                Serializer: Fixed Bug loading Documents.
                New Version 0.3.5

06.07.2001      Modify-Objects also handles Pictureframes now.

05.07.2001      Documentation is now installed in $prefix/share/scribus/doc/(locale)
                Added Modify-Dialog to Context-Menue

04.07.2001      Begin redesigning Modify-Object Dialog

03.07.2001      Added Online-Helpbrowser
                Fixed a bug with magnetic Guides

01.07.2001      Added Typestyles Bold and Small Caps.

30.06.2001      Added transparency to EPS-Images.
                Added ability to load Colors from other Documents
                New Version 0.3.4

29.06.2001      Improved printing of underlined and strike Characters.
                Documentation extended.

28.06.2001      Bugs in Bugreport submitted by Uwe Steinmann fixed
                Made Resizing and Moving of Objects covered by other
                Objects more useable.
                Linespacing is now a float Value.

27.06.2001      Added Typestyles Underline and Strikethru

26.06.2001      Fixed various Redraw-Bugs introduced by QT-2.3
                In scaled Painters Lines must have a width >= 1
                to avoid drawing outside of Clipping-Area

24.06.2001      Hopefully fixed a serious Bug, Scribus could
                crash badly killing the X-Server when editing
                the Clipping-Path of a Picture. Bug was reported
                by Attila Keller.
                Added Typstyle Italic
                New Version 0.3.3

22.06.2001      Bugfixes for Cursorhandling, changed behavior
                of the Buttons for the Typestyles.
                Added Preferences for Typestyles

21.06.2001      Implemented Typestyle Subscribt
                Partially added Tool-Tips to Measurement-Palette

20.06.2001      Implemented first Typestyle Superscript

18.06.2001      Removed Bug from Manual Kerning
                Now it is possible to flip Textboxes like Images

17.06.2001      Modify Objects Dialog for Textframes working
                Manual Kerning added

16.06.2001      Move Pages Dialog added
                Start working on Modify Objects Dialog
                Now Version 0.3.2

15.06.2001      No more use of xset -q to get the Font-Path.
                Thank to Christian Tpp, who pointed out a
                way to get the Font-Path without xset.

14.06.2001      Insert Page now works
                Delete Page Dialog works
                Added Tooltips for Tools-Palette

12.06.2001      Unicode-Support enhanced???
                Insert Page-Dialog added

10.06.2001      new Options added to PDF-Options-Dialog
                configure recognizes now --prefix