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Changes since Version 1.1.5
23.02.2004      Added the Option to protect an Object against resizing.
                Fixed Issues with Rounded Corners.
                Added a Context Menueitem for updating Picture frames.
                Updated the Finnish Translation.
                Changed the behaviour of Mouse Clicks:
                        Ctrl+Click selects the Object beneath another.
                        Shift+Click adds an Object to the Selection.
                        Ctrl+Alt+Click selects a single Object out of a Group.

22.02.2004      Included Patches from Jean-Jacques Sarton.
                Fixed Bug #278
                Updated the Ukrainian Translation.
                Another addition for the Scripter from Petr Vanek.

21.02.2004      Added ability to include Softmasks into PDFs when exporting to PDF 1.4
                Fixed Bugs #279, #277, #235
                Bug #235 was fixed by Petr Vanek.

20.02.2004      Fixed Bug when scaling Groups containg lines, Bug #276

19.02.2004      Improved the PDF-Export settings, the Compression method for
        Images can now be set. Zip and JPEG Compression is available.

18.02.2004      Improved the PDF-Export, Images are now written as jpg into the PDF.
        Fixed a problem with freetype > 2.1.4

17.02.2004      Updated the Danish and Welsh Translation.
        Added a new Command to the Scripter, contributed by Petr Vanek.

15.02.2004      Fixed some mismatches in the German Translation.
        Updated the Czech Translation.
        Fixed Bug #268
        Fixed Problem with changing Fontsizes in Textframes with no Styles when editing Styles.
        Fixed Bug #223