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Changes since Version 0.9.10
31.05.2003      svgexplugin.cpp         Moved the SVG-Export Plugin to the Main Package
                                        and added Support for Gradients and combined Polygons.

30.05.2003      scribus.cpp             Now you can invert Images.
                navigator.cpp           External PDF-Documents can have now a different Size.

29.05.2003      annot.cpp
                pdflib.cpp              Added Support for Links to external PDF-Documents.
                serializer.cpp          Added Encoding Support for writing Textfiles.

27.05.2003      layers.cpp
                seiten.cpp              Fixed Segfault when clicked on without any Document loaded.
                scribus.cpp             Bookmarks Palette wasn't restored properly.

26.05.2003      pageitem.cpp            Fixed a Bug with Styles and Linespacing
                                        Textflow around Objects can now set to the BoundingBox of the Object.
                page.cpp                Fixed a Bug when Doubleclicking during Object Creation.
                main.cpp                Added a Splash Screen.
                                        Updated Danish Translation.

25.05.2003      util.cpp
                page.cpp                Improved Rotation of Objects with the Mouse.
                scribuxXml.cpp          Icons of PDF-Buttons are now saved properly.
                scribus.cpp             The first Page of a PDF can now placed like a EPS-File.
                                        The Postscript-Exporter embeds now only really used Fonts.

24.05.2003      scribus.cpp             Improved the Clipboard once more, works now with Nedit, OpenOffice
                                        and Mozilla too.
                serializer.cpp          Improved importing of Text, you can now choose an Encoding in
                                        the Fileselect Dialog.

22.05.2003      scribus.cpp
                werktoolb.cpp           Splitted off the PDF-Tools from the main Toolbar.

20.05.2003      frameedit.cpp
                page.cpp                Added shearing of Polygons.
                scribus.cpp             Included Patches for HP-UX contributed by Martin Gansser.

              Added Norwegian Translation contributed by Johannes Wilm.

18.05.2003      scribus.cpp             Improved Clipboard Handling with Non KDE Applications.
                                        Works now with many X-Applications except Nedit.