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Changes since Version 1.1.6

        * bug     #673: Borders of tools are messed up on startup
        * feature #672: integrate the font preview plugin
        * feature #675: Update for the German language
        * feature #676: British English Translation Update

        * bug     #656: wrong button behaviour in new xport as bitmap dialog
        * bug     #665: Line handles do not update after moving the line
        * bug     #667: Sliders misaligned and not the same length in Edit>Color>New dialog
        * bug     #669: cannot insert a tab into text frame using scripter
        * feature #670: Update for the German language
        * feature #674: French translation update

        * bug     #282: Update language detection to use LC_* variables
        * bug     #623: Selecting Compress file deletes existing file name in dialog
        * bug     #660: UI translations shouldn't influence scribus behaviour
        * bug     #664: Bug 572 reloaded
        * feature #657: update for the german language
        * feature #661: Finnish translation update

        * bug     #604: Grouped items can be grouped again
        * bug     #634: Can't edit Line Style name
        * bug     #649: Minor string update
        * bug     #652: does not get installed on "make install"
        * feature #406: save must be enabled while creating templates
        * feature #563: measurement tool
        * feature #621: Need an addition to the scripter API: variable that is set by using "-lang xx".
        * feature #653: Implement Settings menu, cleaning up Edit, Tools and Help menu

        * bug     #634: Can't edit Line Style name
        * bug     #638: Rename the translation file for Basque language
        * bug     #644: Crash caused by mouse cursor crossing from linked text frame # 2 to # 1
        * bug     #645: Update scribus.no_NO.po to remove some obsolete strings that interfere with msgmerge
        * bug     #646: There are many empty tr( "" ) strings that confuse and slow down xgettext on the .pot file update
        * feature #592: Ability to export a page to a bitmap format
        * feature #640: delete any object by pressing <del>

        * bug     #613: Autotools fix for Debian
        * bug     #625: Suggestion for Speed up of SVG Import
        * bug     #630: Pasting text in direct text editing.
        * bug     #634: Can't edit Line Style name
        * bug     #637: Scribus crashes after a drag with the Right Mouse Button
        * feature #631: update for german
        * feature #635: Ukrainian Translation Update
        * feature #636: Update Danish Translation

        * bug     #604: Grouped items can be grouped again
        * bug     #620: Differing tab settings can cause wrapping text on top of other text
        * bug     #622: Merge of charselect* and svgexport* POs
        * bug     #624: Scribus is inserting incorrect paths into file names when saving
        * feature #609: same style for saturation and intensity of a color
        * feature #629: Improve the Tabmanager and the EditStyle Dialogs with a Ruler for setting Tabs and Indents.

        * bug     #608: Change buttons for "center" and "right" alignment...
        * bug     #613: Autotools fix for Debian
        * bug     #618: Minor rearranging of right click menu items
        * feature #231: Add in ability to import Colour Sets into current document
        * feature #614: Polish translation update
        * feature #615: Icon Set Number Two
        * feature #617: Ability to set, move and delete Tabs in the Ruler
        * feature #619: Fixes for broken POs

        * bug     #596: strange behaviour of tab indicator in textfields

        * bug     #596: strange behaviour of tab indicator in textfields
        * feature #578: one-click/keyboard for toggling off and on all dialogboxes+guides etc
        * feature #594: French translation update
        * feature #597: Issue with ending lines of paragraphs not aligning correctly with distances and alignment
        * feature #598: update for the german language

        * bug     #590: Trying to copy frames from actual page to a just made page template crashes scribus with signal 11.
        * feature #593: Added three new Hyphenation Dictionarys: Lithuanian, Swedish and Slovene

        * bug     #554: table context menu - layer is missing
        * bug     #580: No translation strings for units in "File>Document Setup"
        * bug     #581: Ruler coordinates in the status bar and the units changer don't have translation strings.
        * bug     #582: Muster.cpp and newtemp.cpp both translate the text and titel strings, missing Units translations in prefs and main gui
        * bug     #588: Clicking on the canvas within the "mouse grab radius" from a guide moves the guide.
        * feature #584: Ukrainian translation update
        * feature #587: Finnish translation update
        * feature #589: British English translation update
        * feature #591: Updated Czech Translation

        * bug     #471: guideline symbols are reversed
        * bug     #571: Seems impossible to actually apply any kind of tab immediately after a right tab
        * bug     #572: Layers palette still shows a "Background" layer after the last document is closed
        * bug     #573: View menu should be greyed out if no document is open
        * feature #552: Tabs could be shown in the ruler
        * feature #560: layer and level should be displayed in properties and/or status line
        * feature #574: Windows menu item should be greyed out if no documents are open

        * bug     #396: PDF Export: text field at wrong position
        * bug     #554: table context menu - layer is missing
        * feature #570: Added Translation for the Basque language

        * bug     #499: svg text and box import don't work correctly
        * bug     #535: Story editor: can't delete selected text with Backspace
        * bug     #540: Mixed white fonts size on bottom of splash screen
        * bug     #542: PDF-Export changes img-size on copied pages when downsampling is enabeled
        * bug     #546: Updated Russian Translation from Alexandre Prokoudine
        * bug     #549: Empty Object Name
        * bug     #557: Strange message while updating TS file
        * bug     #558: Updated some tooltips
        * feature #536: Please move "Print Preview" to "File" menu
        * feature #545: translation files for Slovene
        * feature #548: TS-Update German
        * feature #550: Unique Object Names
        * feature #551: edit colour by doubleclick
        * feature #559: Ugly icons - new icons set
        * feature #561: Translation update German

        * bug     #499: svg text and box import don't work correctly
        * bug     #525: Insert page after any given page in a document causes a crash with signal 11
        * bug     #530: Sending an object to another layer does not activate the save button
        * bug     #534: Scribus closing: After cancel of 'Saving dialog', Scribus is closed, but data are lost
        * bug     #537: Improve rendering speed of images
        * feature #503: Item renaming in overview
        * feature #531: Speaking names for objects
        * feature #539: Add new Splash Screen and Icons

        * feature #529: Polish TS/QM update

        * bug     #476: Text is placed to the right of where Scribus thinks it is
        * bug     #526: Red squares on object's border should not exist when object size is locked

        * bug     #517: Move Level RMB menu items to a submenu
        * bug     #518: Please replace sample PDF form and PHP script in the docs
        * bug     #519: Deleting multiple characters or spaces causes Sig 11
        * bug     #524: Textframes with Gradients as Background are not exported correctly
        * feature #497: Beeing able to determine the column width instead of the gutter width (at will)
        * feature #503: Item renaming in overview
        * feature #521: TS-Update German

        * bug     #495: unclosed SVG paths not importing properly
        * bug     #508: Short font and color list in object properties, bad dialog
        * bug     #513: Not able delete highlighted guide
        * bug     #514: Guide manager -> Guide coordinate will be resetted to 0.00
        * feature #462: PDF export resets color tints to solids
        * feature #511: "Lock object size" in context menu
        * Fixed Bug #514, Spinbox values are reset to 0.0 in Polish Language. 
        * Fixed Bug #513, Not able to delete highlighted Guide in the Guidemanager. 
        * Fixed Bug #508, Short font and color list in object properties. 
        * Fixed Bug #495, unclosed SVG paths not importing properly 
        * Opening the same document twice is now no loner possible. 

        * Fixed wrong clipping in the Postscript output with styled lines. 
        * Fixed vanishing text in flipped Textframes when zooming in. 
        * Updated the Czech and Danish Translations. 
        * Fixed Bug #511 "Lock object size" is now in context menu 
        * Fixed Bug #510 Translated units are shown as question marks in the Page>Manage guides dialog. 
        * Fixed Bug #501 screen refresh when editing tables not nice. 
        * Fixed Bug #493 Additional Patch to configure for Debian Systems. 
        * Fixed Bug #462 PDF export resets color tints to solids. 

        * Fixed wrong display with flipped textframes. 
        * Added "Insert LoremIpsum" Command for Textframes to the Context Menue. 
        * Fixed display issues with Tables. 
        * Updated the Czech and Russian Translation. 

        * Fixed minor error in PDF export with tables. 
        * Transparent areas in EPS-Images are handled now correct in PDF-Export. 

        * Updated the German and Finnish translations. 
        * Fixed recognition of en_GB locale. 

        * Updated the Polish translation 
        * The Color Names are now editable in the Color Chooser. 
        * The Cups Options panel is now resizeable. 
        * The ESC-Key closes now the Scripting Console. 

        * Updated the British translation. 

        * Added new command "Adjust Frame to Picture" to the context menu. 
        * Added "Insert Special" Command to the Story Editor. 
        * You can now insert any Unicode character by entering the 4-digit Hex code after 
        * pressing F12. 

        * Fixed wrong placement of characters in the PDF export. 
        * Updated the Brazilian translation. 

        * Panning mode is now toggled by pressing space. Worls only when not editing a textframe. 
        * Pressing Shift+Return inserts now a new line into a paragraph, does not count as a paragraph seperator. 
        * Improved behaviour of the hyphenation, you can set now the number of hyphenations allowed to follow each other. 
        * Added more Tooltips. 

        * Made various adjustments to dialog buttons. 
        * Improved Panning. 

        * Fixed crash when exporting texts on a path to PDF. 
        * You can scroll now with the Mouse when no Object is selected and you press CTRL and move the Mouse. 

        * Applied patch for better detecting CUPS. 
        * Improved the forced aligning of Text again. 

        * Improved forced aligning of text. 
        * Changed the Styles Listbox to a Combobox in the Properties Palette. 

        * Updated the Ukrainian translation. 
        * Fixed Issues with Polylines on Export to PDF and Postscript. 
        * Moved the Icons to $prefix/share/scribus/icons to be FHS compliant. 

        * Fixed rounding problems with the Baseline Grid. 

        * Added a frame independent baseline setting for textframes 
        * Updated the Finnish Translation. 

        * Flipping state of images is now preserved when updating or editing images, Bug #408 
        * Properties Palette is now updated immediately after text style change, Bug #404 
        * Textcolor is now imported too when appending Styles, Bug #402 
        * Applying "No Style" resets now all Textproperties to the default style, Bug #400 
        * You can now move Objects in 0.1 Point units when pressing CTRL and the Cursor Keys, Bug #397 
        * Colors in PDF-Textfields are now exported correctly, Bug #396 
        * Pressing Tab while editing a Text doesn't jump to the Pageselector anymore, Bug #395 
        * Pressing Shift while rotating the Mouse Whell scrolls now horizontal, Bug #388 
        * Updated several Tooltips. 

        * Fixed Issue on export to PDF and Postscript with objects with zero line width 
        * Fixed Issues with locked Objects and Groups. 
        * Double clicking on a Table Cell selects this Cell now. 
        * Resizing Tableitems with the Properties Palette should work now. 
        * Updated Polish Translation. 
        * Added horizontal Scrolling with the horizontal MouseWheel if available. 
        * Fixed compilation issues. 

        * Removed implicit closing of Polylines in the SVG importer. 
        * Added a "Keep aspect ratio" Button to the X-Y-Z Tab of the Properties Palette. 
        * Added the missing pageselector.h file to the install function.