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Changes since Version 1.1.1
17.10.2003      The AutoSave Option is now working again.

16.10.2003      Included Paul patches with only one small correction.
                Updated the German translation.

15.10.2003      Made some improvements to linked Textframes.

13.10.2003      Fixed crash when doubleclicking an empty Textframe.

12.10.2003      Made the Color Menue in the Menuebar working with Text.
                Fixed the Zoom Spinbox so the value isn't clipped anymore.
                Fixed the Scrapbook and Outline Windows.

11.10.2003      Fixed Bug when converting Text to Outlines.

05.10.2003      Improved History in the Helpbrowser.
                Fixed a Bug with subsetted Fonst and Hyphens
                Fixed segfault when dragging Objects between Documents.
                Fixed Bug when duplicating grouped Objects.