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This is Scribus Version 1.1.4, the fivth Developers Relase after Scribus 1.0.1

This Version introduces a complete rewrite of the rendering Engine. All rendering
is now done via libart and freetype2. This requires that libart and freetype2 are

Additionally Scribus uses now a different way to find Fonts, sadly this gives
some changes in the Fontnames Scribus uses. To convert old Documents follow the
procedure below:

1) Create a Document with the old Version of Scribus containing all your Fonts.
2) Open the new Scribus and go to the Font Substitution List.
3) Clear out all current Substitutions.
4) Open the Document created in 1) and substitute all the Fonts with the correct
   new Fonts.
When you open now old Documents Scribus will convert all Font Names automatically.

For Changes please see the ChangeLog.

To use Scribus in your native language be sure that the
environment variable LANG is set correctly.

Special note for SuSE 8.1 users, you need the devel packages, at least
xdevel.rpm, qtdevel.rpm and tiffdevel.rpm. In the Standard-Install they
were not installed.

Franz Schmid
in December 2003