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This is Scribus Version 1.2.2

The Scribus 1.2.x versions feature a complete rewrite of the rendering engine.
All rendering is done via libart and freetype2. 
This requires that libart_lgpl and freetype2 are installed.

Version 1.2.2 now includes the Short Words plug-in, which was previously 
installed as a separate plug-in. To prevent upgrade problems, you might want to 
uninstall if it was installed via a package or RPM. This was also shipped as the 
scribus-vlna package in both source and rpm format. See PACKAGING for more details.

Scribus 1.2.2 also has a new Writer and Draw importer. This 
requires libxml2, preferably version 2.6.x+. The Writer importer
will import styles from the doc and will create similar styles
within your Scribus document.

Version 1.2.1 supported Open Office 1.1.x and Star Office 6/7 file formats. 
Version 1.2.2 supports Open Office 2.x/Star Office 8.x (OASIS) as well.

Additionally Scribus uses now a different way to find fonts, sadly this gives
some changes in the font names Scribus uses. To convert old documents follow
the procedure below:

1) Create a document with the old Version of Scribus containing all your Fonts.
2) Open the new Scribus and go to the Font Substitution List.
3) Clear out all current substitutions.
4) Open the Document created in 1) and substitute all the fonts with the 
   correct new fonts.

When you now open old documents Scribus will convert all Font Names

For Changes please see the ChangeLog.

To use Scribus in your native language be sure that the environment variable 
LC_ALL, LC_MESSAGES, LANG, Qt locale, OR the command line option 
of -l/--lang <lang> is set correctly.

The new EPS/PS import feature in 1.2.x uses advanced features of Ghostscript.
We recommend ALL users update to the newest version of Ghostscript available 
for your distro. There are detailed hints on for installing
GS 8.x in parallel to the GS installed by your distro.

Activating Color Management *requires* installation of CMYK and RGB ICC 
profiles. Please see the included help files and for 
details. Grey scale icc profiles in images are not supported in this release..

Other notes/known issues at the time of release:

There is a bug in font outline handling for some fonts in the freetype
libraries. It's being worked on upstream. Don't file a bug report. Instead
change the font used if you need the outlines. This is not a Scribus bug. 
Some testing has shown that this bug is not present in freetype 2.1.9, but 
we counsel caution trying to upgrade freetype2. Upgrading freetype2 on some
distros can be quite difficult.

Issue with gradients:

If you have gradient (e.g. with black color) with 50% shade in both beginning 
and end of gradient, you end up with darker center than edges. One expects the
gradient to be with equal shade from beginning to end, especially if there is
no other Color-Stops in-between them.

This we believe is a libart issue and not fixable by us. The gradient will export
and print properly.

For Debian Users:

If Scribus does not start while complaining about the absence of
PostScript fonts please install either xfonts-scalable or gsfonts-x11.
They are in the "Recommends" and will be installed by all sensible apt

For SuSE 9.x Users:

- The littlecms libs 1.10, which shipped with 9.0 does not offer complete 
  support for all the the latest CMS features in Scribus 1.2. There are updated
  SuSE 9.x RPM's available on the site. We also recommend using the 
  latest version of lcms. 

- If you are using Qt 3.3.x, please ensure you are using the latest Qt 3.3.2-2+
  rpms. The -2+ versions have an important fix for drag and drop in Scribus. 

- To enable direct CUPS support which we recommend, make sure both cups-devel and 
  openssl-devel are installed. Suse enables ssl support in CUPS. 

For Fedora/RH using Qt 3.3.2-6+ has the same fixes.

There is a separate file, PACKAGING for detailed hints and denotes on building
packages for Scribus.

Many other hints and info are on the and
sites. Full compile, install and FAQ's are available there.

There is a lively on-line community, both on IRC @ #scribus on
and the mailing list. Mailing list info can be found at:

For the Scribus Team,

Franz Schmid
Peter Linnell
in April 2005