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This is Scribus Version 1.1.6, the seventh Developers Release after Scribus 1.0.1

The Scribus 1.1.x versions feature a complete rewrite of the rendering Engine.
All rendering is now done via libart and freetype2. This requires that libart and freetype2 are present.

Additionally Scribus uses now a different way to find fonts, sadly this gives
some changes in the font names Scribus uses. To convert old documents follow the
procedure below:

1) Create a document with the old Version of Scribus containing all your Fonts.
2) Open the new Scribus and go to the Font Substitution List.
3) Clear out all current Substitutions.
4) Open the Document created in 1) and substitute all the fonts with the correct new Fonts.

When you open now old Documents Scribus will convert all Font Names

For Changes please see the ChangeLog.

To use Scribus in your native language be sure that the environment
variable LANG is set correctly.

Special note for SuSE 8.1 users, you need the devel packages, at least
xdevel.rpm, qtdevel.rpm and tiffdevel.rpm. In the Standard-Install they
were not installed.

Other notes/known issues at the time of release:

There is a bug in font outline handling for some fonts in the freetype
libraries. It's being worked on upstream. Don't file a bug report. Instead
change the font used if you need the outlines. This is not a Scribus bug.

There is a bug in sawfish and enlightenment that creates window ghosting
effect when Tools  palettes are turned on. A simple temporary workaround
is to turn each ghosted Tool palette off and on.

A more permanent workaround for Gnome users is to use metacity. Scribus
has workarounds for some metacity bugs built-in, but the sawfish /enlightenment
bug seems to be Qt related.

If Scribus does not start while complaining about the absence of
PostScript fonts please install either xfonts-scalable or gsfonts-x11.
They are in the "Recommends" and will be installed by all sensible apt

For SuSE 9.0 Users.

The littlecms libs 1.10, which shipped with 9.0 does not offer complete support
for all the the latest CMS features in Scribus 1.1.6. There will be updated
SuSE 9.0 RPM's linked on the site.

If you are using Qt 3.3.1, please ensure you are using the latest Qt 3.3.1-2+ rpms.
The -2+ versions have an important fix for drag and drop in Scribus.

Many other hints and info are on the site. Full compile, installand FAQ's
are available there.

Franz Schmid
in March 2004