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import gettext
_ = gettext.gettext
class I18n(object):
    def __init__(self, parser):

## junk I'm playing with to test the macro framework
#    def parseArgs(self, parser, startPos):
#        parser.getWhiteSpace()
#        args = parser.getExpression(useNameMapper=False,
#                                    pyTokensToBreakAt=[':']).strip()
#        return args
#    def convertArgStrToDict(self, args, parser=None, startPos=None):
#        def getArgs(*pargs, **kws):
#            return pargs, kws
#        exec 'positionalArgs, kwArgs = getArgs(%(args)s)'%locals()
#        return kwArgs

    def __call__(self,
                 src, # aka message,
                 n=None, # should be a string representing the name of the
                          # '$var' rather than $var itself                  

                 # args that are automatically supplied by the parser when the
                 # macro is called:
        """This is just a stub at this time.

           plural = the plural form of the message
           n = a sized argument to distinguish between single and plural forms          

           id = msgid in the translation catalog
           domain = translation domain
           source = source lang
           target = a specific target lang
           comment = a comment to the translation team

        See the following for some ideas

        Other notes:
        - There is no need to replicate the i18n:name attribute from plone / PTL,
          as cheetah placeholders serve the same purpose

        #print macros['i18n']
        src = _(src)
        if isShortForm and endPos<len(parser):
            return src+EOLCharsInShortForm
            return src