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#!/usr/bin/env python
Provides an abstract Servlet baseclass for Cheetah'
s Template class

import sys
import os.path

class Servlet(object):
        This class is an abstract baseclass for Cheetah.Template.Template.

    transaction = None
    application = None
    request = None
    session = None

    def respond(self, trans=None):
        raise NotImplementedError("""\
t find the template's main method.  If you are using #extends
without #implements, try adding '
#implements respond' to your template

    def sleep(self, transaction):
        super(Servlet, self).sleep(transaction)
        self.session = None
        self.request  = None
        self._request  = None
        self.response = None
        self.transaction = None

    def shutdown(self):

    def serverSidePath(self, path=None,

        if path:
            return normpath(abspath(path.replace("\\", '/')))
        elif hasattr(self, '_filePath') and self._filePath:
            return normpath(abspath(self._filePath))
            return None

# vim: shiftwidth=4 tabstop=4 expandtab