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<title>Scribus Command Line Reference</title>
<h4>Scribus Command Line Reference</h4>
<p>Just like any other program, Scribus can be launched from the command line. Below you find the command line options for Linux/UNIX (including Mac OS X). On other operating systems the parameters may have to be used differently.</p>

<li><code>-l, --lang xx</code><br>
Overrides the system locale and runs Scribus in language <code>xx</code>. The language is specified with the same POSIX language codes that are used in the <code>LANG</code> and <code>LC_ALL</code> environment variables. For example, English can be selected with &lsquo;en&rsquo; (generic English), &lsquo;en_GB&rsquo; (British English), &lsquo;en_US&rsquo; (American english), etc. Similarly, reformed German can be selected with &lsquo;de&rsquo; or &lsquo;de_DE&rsquo;, traditional German with &lsquo;de_1901&rsquo;, and Swiss German with &lsquo;de_CH&rsquo;.</li>
<li><code>-la, --langs-available</code><br>
Prints a list of languages for which user interface translations are available. To use that language run Scribus as <code>scribus -l xx</code> where <code>xx</code> is the short language code.</li>
<li><code>-v, --version</code><br>
Prints the Scribus version number and exits.</li>
<li><code>-f, --file</code><br>
Opens the specified file. It&rsquo;s possible to simply pass the file name as an unqualified argument instead of using this, though if the name begins with a dash (<code>-</code>) you will need to use <code>--</code>, e.g., <code>scribus -- -myfile.sla</code>.</li>
<li><code>-h, --help</code><br>
Prints a brief usage summary.</li>
<li><code>-fi, --font-info </code><br>
Shows the font file listing as Scribus starts. This can be used for diagnosing missing glyphs within fonts or possibly broken font files.</li>
<li><code>-pi, --profile-info</code><br>
Shows the color profiles listing which Scribus can use. This can be used for diagnosing missing or broken color profiles.</li>
<li><code>-ns, --no-splash</code><br>
Suppresses display of the splash screen during Scribus start-up.</li>
<li><code>-nns, --never-splash</code><br>
Stops the showing of the splashscreen on startup. Writes an empty file called .neversplash in <code>~/.scribus</code>.</li>
<li><code>-sb, --swap-buttons</code><br>
Uses right to left dialog button ordering (e.g. Cancel/No/Yes instead of Yes/No/Cancel)</li>
<li><code>-u, --upgradecheck</code> <br>
Downloads a file from our scribus server indicating the latest available versions.</li>