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        <title>Python: class Printer</title>
@import "manual.css";
<h2>Python: class Printer</h2>
<a name="Printer">class <strong>Printer</strong></a>(<a href="__builtin__.html#object">object</a>)
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<p>Methods defined here:</p>
        <dt><a name="Printer-Print"><strong>Print</strong></a>(...)</dt>
        <dd><p>This method is deprecated - use <a href="#Printer-print">print</a>() instead.</p></dd>

        <dt><a name="Printer-__init__"><strong>__init__</strong></a>(...)</dt>
        <dd><p>x.<a href="#Printer-__init__">__init__</a>(...) initializes x; see x.__class__.__doc__ for signature</p></dd>

        <dt><a name="Printer-print"><strong>print</strong></a>(...)</dt>
        <dd><p>Prints selected pages.</p></dd>

<p>Data and other attributes defined here:</p>
        <dt><strong>__new__</strong> = &lt;built-in method __new__ of type object&gt;</dt>
        <dd><p>T.<a href="#Printer-__new__">__new__</a>(S, ...) -&gt; a new object with type S, a subtype of T</p></dd>

        <dt><strong>allPrinters</strong> = &lt;attribute 'allPrinters' of 'Printer' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><p>List of installed printers  --  read only</p></dd>

        <dt><strong>cmd</strong> = &lt;attribute 'cmd' of 'Printer' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><p>Alternative Printer Command</p></dd>

        <dt><strong>color</strong> = &lt;member 'color' of 'Printer' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><p>Print in color.<br>
True - color  --  Default<br>
False - greyscale</p></dd>

        <dt><strong>copies</strong> = &lt;member 'copies' of 'Printer' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><p>Number of copies</p></dd>

        <dt><strong>file</strong> = &lt;attribute 'file' of 'Printer' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><p>Name of file to print into</p></dd>

        <dt><strong>mph</strong> = &lt;member 'mph' of 'Printer' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><p>Mirror Pages Horizontal<br>
False  --  Default</p></dd>

        <dt><strong>mpv</strong> = &lt;member 'mpv' of 'Printer' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><p>Mirror Pages Vertical<br>
False  --  Default</p></dd>

        <dt><strong>pages</strong> = &lt;attribute 'pages' of 'Printer' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><p>List of pages to be printed</p></dd>

        <dt><strong>printer</strong> = &lt;attribute 'printer' of 'Printer' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><p>Name of printer to use.<br>
Default is 'File' for printing into file</p></dd>

        <dt><strong>pslevel</strong> = &lt;member 'pslevel' of 'Printer' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><p>PostScript Level<br>
Can be 1 or 2 or 3    -- Default is 3.</p></dd>

        <dt><strong>separation</strong> = &lt;attribute 'separation' of 'Printer' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><p>Print separationl<br>
         'No'  -- Default<br>
Beware of misspelling because a check is not performed</p></dd>

        <dt><strong>ucr</strong> = &lt;member 'ucr' of 'Printer' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><p>Apply Under Color Removal<br>
True  --  Default<br>

        <dt><strong>useICC</strong> = &lt;member 'useICC' of 'Printer' objects&gt;</dt>
        <dd><p>Use ICC Profile<br>
False  --  Default</p></dd>