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This folder is used to store ICC-compatible color profiles
for use with Scribus and LittleCMS. By default, Scribus will search in
~/.color/icc and /usr/share/color and subdirectories for profiles. 

The profiles included are generic RGB and CMYK profiles installed to ensure
color management functions immediately on install. These are not meant to be used
for exacting color precision.

You can get some sample profiles at: and
there are more links in the documentation under the DTP Links Page, as well as
the downloads section on

Another source for Profiles is a modern Windows installation,
in C:\Windows\System\Color on Win9x/NT4 or C:\Winnt\system32\spool\color
 on Win2k and XP are ICC-Profiles. Scribus will automatically detect available 
system profiles on Win32.

A hint for MacOS users on fink. You can add your ColorSync-Profiles directory
and the system profiles will be recognized by Scribus if they have .icc or icm extensions.