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Galaxy Gauge Color Values Files
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Copyright Scientific Illustration Services and Galaxy Gauge 2013

Permission to copy the Galaxy Gauge Color Values files, to redistribute them, to distribute, and to use them for any purpose is granted, subject to the following restrictions and understandings.

1. Any text copy made of these Galaxy Gauge Color Values lists must include this copyright notice in full.

2. Any redistribution in binary form must reproduce this copyright notice in the documentation or other materials provided with the distribution.

3. Galaxy Gauge and Scientific Illustration Services make no warranty or representation that these Color Values lists are error-free, and are under no obligation to provide any services, by way of maintenance, update, or otherwise.

4. There shall be no use of the name of Galaxy Gauge or Scientific Illustration Services in any advertising, promotional, or sales literature without prior written consent in each case.

5. These electronic colour formulations may not be used to the detriment of Galaxy Gauge and Scientific Illustration Services.

6. Galaxy Gauge, Galaxy Color Map, Galaxy Color Harmonizer, Galaxy Emotional Color Tool, Galaxy Pocket Color, Pixel Wrench, Galaxy Pocket Pixel, Galaxy Font I.D., and Color Zil are trademarks owned by Scientific Illustration Services, Inc. (USA).