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For general Scribus (>=1.3.2) copyright and licensing information please refer
to the COPYING file provided with the program. Following this notice may exist
a copyright and/or license notice that predates the release of Scribus 1.3.2
for which a new license (GPL+exception) is in place.


#include "scribusapi.h"
#include "scrpalettebase.h"
#include "chartablemodel.h"
#include "ui_charselect.h"

class PageItem;

/*! \brief Character Palette for direct chars inserting. */
class SCRIBUS_API CharSelect : public ScrPaletteBase, public Ui::CharSelect

        CharSelect(QWidget* parent);

        void show();
        void setDoc(ScribusDoc* doc);
        void setEnabled(bool state, PageItem* item=0);

        const QString & fontInUse() const { return m_fontInUse; };
        void setFontInUse(const QString f) { m_fontInUse = f; };

        void setCharacterClass(int c) { m_characterClass = c; };

        const PageItem* item() const {return m_Item;};
        void setItem(PageItem* newItem) {m_Item=newItem;}
        const QString & getCharacters();
        void scanFont();
        void setupRangeCombo();
        void generatePreview(int charClass);

        CharTableModel * userTableModel() { return m_userTableModel; };

        ScribusDoc* m_doc;
        //! \brief Current font name
        QString m_fontInUse;
        //! \brief Currently selected character category. See usedCharClasses.
        int m_characterClass;

        //! \brief A all font's character table widget.
//      CharTableView* m_charTable;
        //! \brief m_charTable model
        CharTableModel * m_charTableModel;

        //! \brief User's defined char palette
//      CharTableView* m_userTable;
        //! \brief m_userTable model
        CharTableModel * m_userTableModel;
//      UnicodeChooseButton* unicodeButton;

        QList<CharClassDef> allClasses;
        CharClassDef characters;
        CharClassDef charactersFull;
        CharClassDef charactersLatin1;
        CharClassDef charactersLatin1Supplement;
        CharClassDef charactersLatinExtendedA;
        CharClassDef charactersLatinExtendedB;
        CharClassDef charactersGeneralPunctuation;
        CharClassDef charactersSuperSubscripts;
        CharClassDef charactersCurrencySymbols;
        CharClassDef charactersLetterlikeSymbols;
        CharClassDef charactersNumberForms;
        CharClassDef charactersArrows;
        CharClassDef charactersMathematicalOperators;
        CharClassDef charactersBoxDrawing;
        CharClassDef charactersBlockElements;
        CharClassDef charactersGeometricShapes;
        CharClassDef charactersMiscellaneousSymbols;
        CharClassDef charactersDingbats;
        CharClassDef charactersSmallFormVariants;
        CharClassDef charactersAlphabeticPresentationForms;
        CharClassDef charactersSpecial;
        CharClassDef charactersGreek;
        CharClassDef charactersGreekExtended;
        CharClassDef charactersCyrillic;
        CharClassDef charactersCyrillicSupplement;
        CharClassDef charactersArabic;
        CharClassDef charactersArabicPresentationFormsA;
        CharClassDef charactersArabicPresentationFormsB;
        CharClassDef charactersHebrew;
        QMap<int,int> usedCharClasses;
        QString chToIns;

public slots:
        void newChar(uint i);
        void userNewChar(uint i);
        void delChar();
        void newFont(int font);
        void newCharClass(int c);
        void delEdit();
        void insChar();

        /*! \brief A signall emitted when is the dialog modeless
        and user press the "Insert" button. */

        void insertSpecialChar();
        void insertUserSpecialChar(QChar);

        QString paletteFileMask;

        PageItem *m_Item;

        // GUI
//      QGroupBox* m_bigPalette;
//      QGroupBox* m_quickPalette;

//      QLabel* insText;
//      QLabel* sample;
//      QLabel* fontLabel;
//      QLabel* rangeLabel;

//      FontCombo* fontSelector;
//      QComboBox* rangeSelector;
//      QPushButton* insertButton;
//      QPushButton* deleteButton;
//      QCheckBox* hideCheck;

//      QPushButton *uniLoadButton;
//      QPushButton *uniSaveButton;
//      QPushButton *uniClearButton;

        void saveUserContent(QString f);
        void loadUserContent(QString f);

        protected slots:
                void hideCheck_clicked();
                void slot_insertSpecialChar();
                void slot_insertUserSpecialChar(QChar);
                void uniLoadButton_clicked();
                void uniSaveButton_clicked();
                void uniClearButton_clicked();