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For general Scribus (>=1.3.2) copyright and licensing information please refer
to the COPYING file provided with the program. Following this notice may exist
a copyright and/or license notice that predates the release of Scribus 1.3.2
for which a new license (GPL+exception) is in place.


#include <QFile>
#include <QDataStream>
#include <QPixmap>
#include <QList>
#include <QStack>
#include <string>
#include <vector>

class QImage;
class QRect;
class QString;
class QTextCodec;
class PageItem;
class BookMItem;
class BookMView;
class ScribusDoc;
class ScPage;
class PDFOptions;
class PrefsContext;
class MultiProgressDialog;
class ScLayer;
class ScText;

#include "pdfoptions.h"
#include "pdfstructs.h"
#include "scribusstructs.h"
#include "scimagestructs.h"
#include "tableborder.h"

#include <podofo/podofo.h>

#include "pdfwriter.h"

class PdfPainter;

 * PDFLibCore provides Scribus's implementation of PDF export functionality.
 * This is not public API and is not exported in Scribus's symbol table on supporting
 * platforms. Do not include this header, use pdflib.h instead. Including this header
 * from anywhere except pdflib.cpp may cause linker errors and other problems,
 * and is totally pointless since all the interfaces that are publicly
 * visible are presented by PDFlib anyway.
 *@author Franz Schmid

class PDFLibCore : public QObject

friend class PdfPainter;

        explicit PDFLibCore(ScribusDoc & docu);
        bool doExport(const QString& fn, const QString& nam, int Components,
                                  const std::vector<int> & pageNs, const QMap<int,QPixmap> & thumbs);

        const QString& errorMessage(void) const;
        bool  exportAborted(void) const;

        struct ShIm
                PdfId ResNum;
                int Width;
                int Height;
                int Page;
                double reso;
                double sxa;
                double sya;
                double xa;
                double ya;
                double origXsc;
                double origYsc;
                QMap<int, ImageLoadRequest> RequestProps;

        bool PDF_IsPDFX();
        bool PDF_IsPDFX(PDFOptions::PDFVersion ver);

        bool PDF_Begin_Doc(const QString& fn, SCFonts &AllFonts, const QMap<QString, QMap<uint, FPointArray> >& DocFonts, BookMView* vi);
        void PDF_Begin_Catalog();
        void PDF_Begin_MetadataAndEncrypt();
        QMap<QString, QMap<uint, FPointArray> >
             PDF_Begin_FindUsedFonts(SCFonts &AllFonts, const QMap<QString, QMap<uint, FPointArray> >& DocFonts);
        void PDF_Begin_WriteUsedFonts(SCFonts &AllFonts, const QMap<QString, QMap<uint, FPointArray> >& ReallyUsed);
        void PDF_WriteStandardFonts();
        PdfFont PDF_WriteType3Font(const QByteArray& name, ScFace& face, const QMap<uint,FPointArray>& RealGlyphs);
        PdfFont PDF_WriteGlyphsAsXForms(const QByteArray& fontName, ScFace& face, const QMap<uint,FPointArray>& RealGlyphs);
        QByteArray PDF_GenerateSubsetTag(const QByteArray& fontName, QList<uint> usedGlyphs);
        PdfId PDF_WriteFontDescriptor(const QByteArray& fontName, ScFace& face, ScFace::FontFormat fformat, PdfId embeddedFontObject);
        PdfFont PDF_WriteTtfSubsetFont(const QByteArray& fontName, ScFace& face, const QMap<uint,FPointArray>& RealGlyphs);
        PdfFont PDF_WriteCffSubsetFont(const QByteArray& fontName, ScFace& face, const QMap<uint,FPointArray>& RealGlyphs);
        PdfFont PDF_EncodeSimpleFont(const QByteArray& fontname, ScFace& face,  const QByteArray& baseFont, const QByteArray& subtype, bool isEmbedded, PdfId fontDes, const ScFace::FaceEncoding& gl);
        PdfFont PDF_EncodeCidFont(const QByteArray& fontname, ScFace& face, const QByteArray& baseFont, PdfId fontDes, const ScFace::FaceEncoding& gl, const QMap<uint,uint> glyphmap);
        PdfFont PDF_EncodeFormFont(const QByteArray& fontname, ScFace& face,  const QByteArray& baseFont, const QByteArray& subtype, PdfId fontDes);
        PdfId PDF_EmbedFontObject(const QString& fontName, ScFace &face);
        PdfId PDF_EmbedFontObject(const QByteArray& ttf, const QByteArray& subtype);
        PdfId PDF_EmbedType1AsciiFontObject(const QByteArray& fontData);
        PdfId PDF_EmbedType1BinaryFontObject(const QByteArray& fontData);

        void PDF_Begin_Colors();
        void PDF_Begin_Layers();
        void PDF_Begin_Page(const ScPage* pag, QPixmap pm);
        void PDF_End_Page();
        bool PDF_TemplatePage(const ScPage* pag, bool clip = false);
        bool PDF_ProcessPage(const ScPage* pag, uint PNr, bool clip = false);
        bool PDF_ProcessMasterElements(const ScLayer& layer, const ScPage* page, uint PNr);
        bool PDF_ProcessPageElements(const ScLayer& layer, const ScPage* page, uint PNr);
        bool PDF_End_Doc(const QString& PrintPr = "", const QString& Name = "", int Components = 0);
        void PDF_End_Bookmarks();
        void PDF_End_Resources();
        void PDF_End_Outlines();
        void PDF_End_PageTree();
        void PDF_End_NamedDests();
        void PDF_End_FormObjects();
        void PDF_End_JavaScripts();
        void PDF_End_Articles();
        void PDF_End_Layers();
        void PDF_End_OutputProfile(const QString& PrintPr, const QString& Name, int Components);
        void PDF_End_Metadata();
        bool PDF_End_XRefAndTrailer();
        bool closeAndCleanup();

        void PDF_Error(const QString& errorMsg);
        void PDF_Error_WriteFailure(void);
        void PDF_Error_ImageLoadFailure(const QString& fileName);
        void PDF_Error_ImageWriteFailure(const QString& fileName);
        void PDF_Error_MaskLoadFailure(const QString& fileName);
        void PDF_Error_InsufficientMemory(void);

//      QByteArray EncodeUTF16(const QString &in);
        QByteArray EncStream(const QByteArray & in, PdfId ObjNum);
        QByteArray EncString(const QByteArray & in, PdfId ObjNum);
        QByteArray EncStringUTF16(const QString & in, PdfId ObjNum);

        bool       EncodeArrayToStream(const QByteArray& in, PdfId ObjNum);

        int     WriteImageToStream(ScImage& image, PdfId ObjNum, ColorSpaceEnum format, bool precal);
        int     WriteJPEGImageToStream(ScImage& image, const QString& fn, PdfId ObjNum, int quality, ColorSpaceEnum format, bool sameFile, bool precal);
        int     WriteFlateImageToStream(ScImage& image, PdfId ObjNum, ColorSpaceEnum format, bool precal);

//      void    CalcOwnerKey(const QString & Owner, const QString & User);
//      void    CalcUserKey(const QString & User, int Permission);
//      QString FitKey(const QString & pass);

        QByteArray SetClipPath(PageItem *ite, bool poly = true);
        QByteArray SetClipPathArray(FPointArray *ite, bool poly = true);
        QByteArray SetClipPathImage(PageItem *ite);

        QByteArray SetImagePathAndClip(PageItem *item);
        QByteArray SetPathAndClip(PageItem *item);
        QByteArray SetPathAndClip(PageItem *item, bool fillRule);
        QByteArray setStrokeMulti(struct SingleLine *sl);
        QByteArray SetColor(const QString& farbe, double Shade);
        QByteArray SetColor(const ScColor& farbe, double Shade);
        QByteArray SetGradientColor(const QString& farbe, double Shade);
        QByteArray putColor(const QString& color, double Shade, bool fill);
        QByteArray putColorUncached(const QString& color, int Shade, bool fill);
    QByteArray Write_FormXObject(QByteArray &data, PageItem *controlItem = 0);
        QByteArray Write_TransparencyGroup(double trans, int blend, QByteArray &data, PageItem *controlItem = 0);
        QByteArray setTextSt(PageItem *ite, uint PNr, const ScPage* pag);
        void    getBleeds(const ScPage* page, double &left, double &right);
        void    getBleeds(const ScPage* page, double &left, double &right, double &bottom, double& top);

//      // Provide a couple of PutDoc implementations to ease transition away from
//      // QString abuse and to provide fast paths for constant strings.
//      void PutDoc(const QString & in) { outStream.writeRawData(in.toLatin1(), in.length()); }
//      void PutDoc(const QByteArray & in) { outStream.writeRawData(in, in.size()); }
//      void PutDoc(const char* in) { outStream.writeRawData(in, strlen(in)); }
//      void PutDoc(const std::string & in) { outStream.writeRawData(in.c_str(), in.length()); }

        void       PutPage(const QByteArray & in) { Content += in; }
//      void       StartObj(PdfId nr);
//      uint       newObject() { return ObjCounter++; }
        uint       WritePDFStream(const QByteArray& cc);
        uint       WritePDFStream(const QByteArray& cc, PdfId objId);
        uint       WritePDFString(const QString& cc);
        uint       WritePDFString(const QString& cc, PdfId objId);
        void       writeXObject(uint objNr, QByteArray dictionary, QByteArray stream);
        uint       writeObject(QByteArray type, QByteArray dictionary);
        uint       writeGState(QByteArray dictionary) { return writeObject("/ExtGState", dictionary); }
        uint       writeActions(const Annotation&, uint annotationObj);
//      QString    PDFEncode(const QString & in);
//      QByteArray ComputeMD5(const QString& in);
//      QByteArray ComputeRC4Key(PdfId ObjNum);

        QByteArray PDF_PutSoftShadow(PageItem* ite, const ScPage* pag);
        bool    PDF_ProcessItem(QByteArray& output, PageItem* ite, const ScPage* pag, uint PNr, bool embedded = false, bool pattern = false);
        void    PDF_Bookmark(PageItem *currItem, double ypos);
        bool    PDF_HatchFill(QByteArray& output, PageItem *currItem);
        bool    PDF_PatternFillStroke(QByteArray& output, PageItem *currItem, int kind = 0, bool forArrow = false);
        bool    PDF_MeshGradientFill(QByteArray& output, PageItem *currItem);
        bool    PDF_PatchMeshGradientFill(QByteArray& output, PageItem *c);
        bool    PDF_DiamondGradientFill(QByteArray& output, PageItem *currItem);
        bool    PDF_TensorGradientFill(QByteArray& output, PageItem *currItem);
        bool    PDF_GradientFillStroke(QByteArray& output, PageItem *currItem, bool stroke = false, bool forArrow = false);
        QByteArray PDF_TransparenzFill(PageItem *currItem);
        QByteArray PDF_TransparenzStroke(PageItem *currItem);
#ifdef HAVE_OSG
        bool    PDF_3DAnnotation(PageItem *ite, uint PNr);
        void    PDF_RadioButtons();
        uint    PDF_RadioButton(PageItem *ite, uint parent, QString parentName);
        bool    PDF_Annotation(PageItem *ite, uint PNr);
        void    PDF_Form(const QByteArray& im);
        void    PDF_xForm(uint objNr, double w, double h, QByteArray im);
        bool    PDF_Image(PageItem* c, const QString& fn, double sx, double sy, double x, double y, bool fromAN = false, const QString& Profil = "", bool Embedded = false, eRenderIntent Intent = Intent_Relative_Colorimetric, QByteArray* output = NULL);
        bool    PDF_EmbeddedPDF(PageItem* c, const QString& fn, double sx, double sy, double x, double y, bool fromAN, ShIm& imgInfo, bool &fatalError);
        void copyPoDoFoObject(const PoDoFo::PdfObject* obj, uint scObjID, QMap<PoDoFo::PdfReference, uint>& importedObjects);
        void copyPoDoFoDirect(const PoDoFo::PdfVariant* obj, QList<PoDoFo::PdfReference>& referencedObjects, QMap<PoDoFo::PdfReference, uint>& importedObjects);

        quint32 encode32dVal(double val);
        quint16 encode16dVal(double val);
        void    encodeColor(QDataStream &vs, QString colName, int colShade, QStringList &spotColorSet, bool spotMode);

        QByteArray drawArrow(PageItem *ite, QTransform &arrowTrans, int arrowIndex);
        QByteArray createBorderAppearance(PageItem *ite);
        QByteArray paintBorder(const TableBorder& border, const QPointF& start, const QPointF& end, const QPointF& startOffsetFactors, const QPointF& endOffsetFactors);
        QByteArray handleBrushPattern(PageItem* ite, QPainterPath &path, const ScPage* pag, uint PNr);

        void generateXMP(const QString& timeStamp);
//      int bytesWritten() { return Spool.pos(); }

        PdfCatalog Catalog;
        PdfPageData pageData;
        PdfPageTree PageTree;
        PdfOutlines Outlines;
        Pdf::Writer writer;
        QString baseDir;
        QByteArray Content;
        QString ErrorMessage;
        ScribusDoc & doc;
        const ScPage * ActPageP;
        const PDFOptions & Options;
        BookMView* Bvie;
        //int Dokument;
        QMap<QString,ShIm> SharedImages;
        QList<PdfDest> NamedDest;
        QList<PdfId> CalcFields;
        Pdf::ResourceMap Patterns;
        Pdf::ResourceMap Shadings;
        Pdf::ResourceMap Transpar;
        QMap<QString,PdfICCD> ICCProfiles;
        QHash<QString, PdfOCGInfo> OCGEntries;
        QTextCodec* ucs2Codec;
        QByteArray ResNam;
        int ResCount;
        QByteArray NDnam;
        QByteArray Datum;
        int NDnum;
        QMap<QString, PdfFont> UsedFontsP;
        QMap<QString, PdfFont> UsedFontsF;
//      QByteArray KeyGen;
//      QByteArray OwnerKey;
//      QByteArray UserKey;
//      QByteArray FileID;
//      QByteArray EncryKey;
//      PdfId Encrypt;
//      int KeyLen;
        QByteArray HTName;
        bool BookMinUse;
        ColorList colorsToUse;
        QMap<QString, PdfSpotC> spotMap;
        QMap<QString, PdfSpotC> spotMapReg;
        QByteArray spotNam;
        int spotCount;
        int inPattern;
        QMap<QString, QString> StdFonts;
        MultiProgressDialog* progressDialog;
        bool abortExport;
        bool usingGUI;
        double bleedDisplacementX;
        double bleedDisplacementY;
        QByteArray xmpPacket;
        QStack<QPointF> groupStackPos;
        QStack<QPointF> patternStackPos;

protected slots:
        void cancelRequested();