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For general Scribus (>=1.3.2) copyright and licensing information please refer
to the COPYING file provided with the program. Following this notice may exist
a copyright and/or license notice that predates the release of Scribus 1.3.2
for which a new license (GPL+exception) is in place.


#include <QDomElement>
#include <QList>

#include "pdfoptions.h"
#include "scribusapi.h"

 * @file pdfoptionsio.h
 * @author Craig Ringer

 * @brief Helper class for reading/writing PDFOptions
 * @author Craig Ringer
 * PDFOptionsIO reads and writes PDFOptions to various
 * formats. Currently only a custom XML format is
 * supported, but support for reading/writing Adobe's
 * .joboptions (for example) might be added in future.
 * Usage:
 *    // Writing:
 *    // where `opts' is an existing PDFOptions instance
 *    PDFOptionsIO io(opts);
 *    if (!io.writeTo("/path/to/file"))
 *       qDebug("Failed to save settings: %s", io.lastError.utf8());
 *    // Reading:
 *    PDFOptions opts;
 *    PDFOptionsIO io(opts);
 *    if (!io.readFrom("/path/to/file"))
 *       qDebug("Failed to load settings: %s", io.lastError.utf8());
 *  You should generally not keep PDFOptionsIO objects around;
 *  just create an instance when you need it.
 * @sa PDFOptions

         * @brief simple ctor

        PDFOptionsIO(PDFOptions& opts);

         * @brief Save the PDF settings to a file or other stream
         * @warning unimplemented, always fails.
         * @param outDevice QIODevice to write output to.
         * @param includePasswords true if with passwords
         * @return True for success.

        bool writeTo(QIODevice& outDevice, bool includePasswords = false);
        bool writeTo(const QString& outFileName, bool includePasswords = false);

         * @brief Load the PDF settings from a file or other data stream, overwriting
         *        any current settings
         * @warning unimplemented, always fails
         * @warning on failure, struct contents are undefined.
         * @param inDevice QIODevice to settings data from.
         * @return True for success.

        bool readFrom(QIODevice& inDevice);
        bool readFrom(const QString& inFileName);

         * @brief Return human-readable explanation of last error.
         * @warning Do not depend on particular values of this in your code.

        const QString& lastError() const;

        // Build and return an XML representation of the settings.
        // QString() is returned on failure, in which case
        // the error string is set.
        QString buildXMLString();

        // Populate the current DOM tree with the settings from the
        // current PDFOptions instance.
        void buildSettings();

        // Helper functions. Add elements under the root element
        // with a single attribute "value=" set to the passed value.
        void addElem(QDomElement& addTo, const QString& name, bool value);
        void addElem(QDomElement& addTo, const QString& name, const QString& value);
        void addElem(QDomElement& addTo, const QString& name, int value);
        void addElem(QDomElement& addTo, const QString& name, double value);
        void addList(QDomElement& addTo, const QString& name, QList<QString>& value);

        // Helper: add the PresentVals data to the document
        void addPresentationData();
        // Helper: Add the LPI settings to the document
        void addLPISettings();

        // Helper: set the `opts' members from the current DOM tree
        bool readSettings();

        // Helper functions. Read various single elements into variables
        // All of these return true for success. On failure, the passed
        // value pointer is undefined.
        bool readElem(QDomElement& parent, const QString& name, bool* value);
        bool readElem(QDomElement& parent, const QString& name, int* value);
        bool readElem(QDomElement& parent, const QString& name, double* value);
        bool readElem(QDomElement& parent, const QString& name, QString* value);
        bool readList(QDomElement& parent, const QString& name, QList<QString>* value);

        bool readPDFVersion();
        bool readPDFFontEmbeddingMode();
        bool readPresentationData();
        bool readLPISettings();

        // Returns the named node under `parent' iff it's unique
        QDomNode getUniqueNode(QDomElement& parent, const QString& name);

        // Return a QDomElement corresponding to the passed node, ensuring it's a
        // valid element, the only one of its name under `parent', it has name
        // `name', and (by default) has a `value' attribute.
        QDomElement getValueElement(QDomNode& node, const QString& name, bool isValue = true);

        // The QDomDocument used by the class for all its XML work
        QDomDocument m_doc;
        // The root element
        QDomElement m_root;
        // The PDFOptions instance we're operating on
        PDFOptions* m_opts;
        // Whether to save passwords when writing out settings
        bool m_includePasswords;

        // Version, of the form Mmpr: Major, minor, patch, revision
        // eg 1300 - 1.3.0r0
        static const int formatVersion;

        // Error explanation if a function fails
        // For user only, do not depend on particular values of this.
        QString m_error;