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For general Scribus (>=1.3.2) copyright and licensing information please refer
to the COPYING file provided with the program. Following this notice may exist
a copyright and/or license notice that predates the release of Scribus 1.3.2
for which a new license (GPL+exception) is in place.


#include "pluginapi.h"
#include "loadsaveplugin.h"
#include "notesstyles.h"
#include "scfonts.h"
#include "scribusstructs.h"
#include "styles/styleset.h"
#include "selection.h"

#include <QList>
#include <QMap>
#include <QProgressBar>
#include <QString>

class QIODevice;

class  ColorList;
class  multiLine;
class  PageItem_NoteFrame;
class  ScLayer;
class  ScribusDoc;
//struct ScribusDoc::BookMa;
class  ScXmlStreamAttributes;
class  ScXmlStreamReader;
class  ScXmlStreamWriter;
class  StoryText;
class  TextNote;

class PLUGIN_API Scribus150Format : public LoadSavePlugin

                // Standard plugin implementation
                virtual ~Scribus150Format();

                QString fullTrName() const override;
                const AboutData* getAboutData() const override;
                void deleteAboutData(const AboutData* about) const override;
                void languageChange() override;

                //Not the same as readSLA. This one only reads max 4k of the file for speed.
                bool fileSupported(QIODevice* file, const QString & fileName=QString()) const override;
                bool paletteSupported(QIODevice* file, const QString & fileName=QString()) const override;
                bool storySupported(const QByteArray& storyData) const override;

                bool loadFile(const QString & fileName, const FileFormat & fmt, int flags, int index = 0) override;
                bool saveFile(const QString & fileName, const FileFormat & fmt) override;
                bool loadPalette(const QString & fileName) override;
                bool savePalette(const QString & fileName) override;

                bool loadElements(const QString & data, const QString& fileDir, int toLayer, double Xp_in, double Yp_in, bool loc) override;
                QString saveElements(double xp, double yp, double wp, double hp, Selection* selection, QByteArray &prevData) override;

                bool loadStory(const QByteArray& data, StoryText& story, PageItem* item) override;
                bool saveStory(StoryText& story, PageItem* item, QByteArray& data) override;

                void addToMainWindowMenu(ScribusMainWindow *) override {};

                // Special features - .sla page extraction support
                bool loadPage(const QString & fileName, int pageNumber, bool Mpage, const QString& renamedPageName=QString()) override;
                bool readStyles(const QString& fileName, ScribusDoc* doc, StyleSet<ParagraphStyle> &docParagraphStyles) override;
                bool readCharStyles(const QString& fileName, ScribusDoc* doc, StyleSet<CharStyle> &docCharStyles) override;
                bool readLineStyles(const QString& fileName, QHash<QString, multiLine> *Sty) override;
                bool readColors(const QString& fileName, ColorList & colors) override;
                bool readPageCount(const QString& fileName, int *num1, int *num2, QStringList & masterPageNames) override;
                void getReplacedFontData(bool & getNewReplacement, QMap<QString,QString> &getReplacedFonts, QList<ScFace> &getDummyScFaces) override;


                enum ItemSelection {
                        ItemSelectionMaster = 0,
                        ItemSelectionPage   = 1,
                        ItemSelectionFrame  = 2,
                        ItemSelectionPattern= 3,
                        ItemSelectionGroup  = 4,
                        ItemSelectionElements = 5

                class ItemInfo
                        ItemInfo(void) {}
                        PageItem* item {nullptr};
                        int groupLastItem {0};
                        int nextItem {0};
                        int ownLink {0};
                        int ownWeld {0};
                        int ownNr {0};
                        int itemID {0};
                        bool isGroupFlag {false};
                        bool isWeldFlag {false};

                class ReadObjectParams
                        ReadObjectParams() {}

                        PageItem::ItemKind itemKind { PageItem::StandardItem };
                        bool    loadingPage { false };
                        QString baseDir;
                        QString renamedMasterPage;

                void registerFormats();
                QIODevice* slaReader(const QString & fileName);
                QIODevice* paletteReader(const QString & fileName);

                void getStyle(ParagraphStyle& style, ScXmlStreamReader& reader, StyleSet<ParagraphStyle> *docParagraphStyles, ScribusDoc* doc, bool equiv);
                void getStyle(CharStyle& style, ScXmlStreamReader& reader, StyleSet<CharStyle> *docCharStyles, ScribusDoc* doc, bool equiv);

                void readDocAttributes(ScribusDoc* doc, const ScXmlStreamAttributes& attrs) const;
                void readCMSSettings(ScribusDoc* doc, const ScXmlStreamAttributes& attrs) const;
                void readDocumentInfo(ScribusDoc* doc, const ScXmlStreamAttributes& attrs) const;
                void readGuideSettings(ScribusDoc* doc, const ScXmlStreamAttributes& attrs) const;
                void readToolSettings(ScribusDoc* doc, const ScXmlStreamAttributes& attrs) const;
                void readTypographicSettings(ScribusDoc* doc, const ScXmlStreamAttributes& attrs) const;

                bool readArrows(ScribusDoc* doc, ScXmlStreamAttributes& attrs) const;
                bool readBookMark(ScribusDoc::BookMa& bookmark, int& elem, const ScXmlStreamAttributes& attrs) const;
                bool readCheckProfile(ScribusDoc* doc, const ScXmlStreamAttributes& attrs) const;
                void readColor(ColorList& colors, const ScXmlStreamAttributes& attrs) const;
                bool readGradient(ScribusDoc *doc, VGradient &gra, ScXmlStreamReader& reader) const;
                void readCharacterStyleAttrs(ScribusDoc *doc, const ScXmlStreamAttributes& attrs, CharStyle & newStyle) const;
                void readNamedCharacterStyleAttrs(ScribusDoc *doc, const ScXmlStreamAttributes& attrs, CharStyle & newStyle) const;
                bool readDocItemAttributes(ScribusDoc *doc, ScXmlStreamReader& reader) const;
                bool readHyphen(ScribusDoc *doc, ScXmlStreamReader& reader) const;
                bool readStoryText(ScribusDoc *doc, ScXmlStreamReader& reader, StoryText& story, PageItem* item) const;
                bool readItemText(StoryText& story, const ScXmlStreamAttributes& attrs, LastStyles* last) const;
                bool readItemTableData(PageItem_Table* item, ScXmlStreamReader& reader, ScribusDoc *doc) const;
                bool readItemTableCell(PageItem_Table* item, ScXmlStreamReader& reader, ScribusDoc *doc) const;
                bool readLatexInfo(PageItem_LatexFrame* item, ScXmlStreamReader& reader) const;
                void readLayers(ScLayer& layer, const ScXmlStreamAttributes& attrs) const;
                bool readMultiline(multiLine& ml, ScXmlStreamReader& reader) const;
                bool readObject(ScribusDoc* doc, ScXmlStreamReader& reader, const ReadObjectParams& loadParams, ItemInfo& info);
                bool readPage(ScribusDoc* doc, ScXmlStreamReader& reader);
                bool readPageItemAttributes(PageItem* item, ScXmlStreamReader& reader) const;
                bool readPageSets(ScribusDoc* doc, ScXmlStreamReader& reader) const;
                void readParagraphStyle(ScribusDoc *doc, ScXmlStreamReader& reader, ParagraphStyle& newStyle) const;
                void readTableStyle(ScribusDoc *doc, ScXmlStreamReader& reader, TableStyle& newStyle) const;
                void readTableBorderLines(ScribusDoc *doc, ScXmlStreamReader& reader, TableBorder& border) const;
                void readCellStyle(ScribusDoc *doc, ScXmlStreamReader& reader, CellStyle& newStyle) const;
                bool readPattern(ScribusDoc* doc, ScXmlStreamReader& reader, const QString& baseDir);
                bool readPDFOptions(ScribusDoc* doc, ScXmlStreamReader& reader);
                bool readPrinterOptions(ScribusDoc* doc, ScXmlStreamReader& reader) const;
                bool readSections(ScribusDoc* doc, ScXmlStreamReader& reader) const;
                bool readTableOfContents(ScribusDoc* doc, ScXmlStreamReader& reader) const;
                bool readNotes(ScribusDoc* doc, ScXmlStreamReader& reader);
                bool readNotesStyles(ScribusDoc* doc, ScXmlStreamReader& reader) const;
                bool readNotesFrames(ScXmlStreamReader &reader);
                bool readMarks(ScribusDoc* doc, ScXmlStreamReader& reader);

                //lists of items and marks with names only, which need update to pointers
                QMap<Mark*, int> markeredItemsMap;
                QMap<Mark*, QMap<QString, MarkType> > markeredMarksMap;
                QMap<QString, int> nsetRangeItemNamesMap;
                QMap<QString, TextNote*> notesMasterMarks;
                QMap<TextNote*, QString> notesNSets;
                struct NoteFrameData
                        QString NSname;
                        int myID;
                        int itemID;
                        int index;
                        NumerationRange NSrange;
                QList<NoteFrameData> notesFramesData;
                QList<PDFPresentationData> pdfPresEffects;
                void updateNames2Ptr(); //after document load items pointers should be updated in markeredItemList

                PageItem* pasteItem(ScribusDoc *doc, const ScXmlStreamAttributes& attrs, const QString& baseDir, PageItem::ItemKind itemKind, int pageNr = -2 /* currentPage*/);

                void writeCheckerProfiles(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu);
                void writeLineStyles(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu);
                void writeLineStyles(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu, const QStringList& styleNames);
                void writeArrowStyles(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu);
                void writeJavascripts(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu);
                void writeBookmarks(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu);
                void writeColors(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu, bool part = false);
                void writeColors(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu, const QStringList& colorNames);
                void writeGradients(ScXmlStreamWriter & docu, bool part = false);
                void writeGradients(ScXmlStreamWriter & docu, const QStringList& gradientNames);
                void writeHyphenatorLists(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu);
                void writeParagraphStyles(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu);
                void writeCharStyles(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu);
                void writeTableStyles(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu);
                void writeCellStyles(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu);
                void putPStyle(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu, const ParagraphStyle & style, const QString &nodeName);
                void putCStyle(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu, const CharStyle & style);
                void putNamedCStyle(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu, const CharStyle & style);
                void putTableStyle(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu, const TableStyle & style);
                void putCellStyle(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu, const CellStyle & style);
                void writeStoryText(ScribusDoc *doc, ScXmlStreamWriter&, StoryText& story, PageItem* item = nullptr);
                void writeITEXTs(ScribusDoc *doc, ScXmlStreamWriter&, StoryText& story, PageItem* item = nullptr);
                void writeLayers(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu);
                void writePrintOptions(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu);
                void writePdfOptions(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu);
                void writeDocItemAttributes(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu);
                void writeTOC(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu);
                void writeMarks(ScXmlStreamWriter & docu);
                void writeNotesStyles(ScXmlStreamWriter & docu);
                void writeNotesStyles(ScXmlStreamWriter & docu, const QStringList& styleSelection);
                void writeNotesFrames(ScXmlStreamWriter & docu);
                void writeNotesFrames(ScXmlStreamWriter & docu, const QList<PageItem_NoteFrame*>& nfList);
                void writeNotes(ScXmlStreamWriter & docu);
                void writeNotes(ScXmlStreamWriter & docu, const QList<TextNote*>& noteList);
                void writePageSets(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu);
                void writeSections(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu);
                void writePatterns(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu, const QString& baseDir, bool part = false, Selection* selection = 0);
                void writeContent(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu, const QString& baseDir);

                void WritePages(ScribusDoc *doc, ScXmlStreamWriter& docu, QProgressBar *dia2, uint maxC, bool master);
                void WriteObjects(ScribusDoc *doc, ScXmlStreamWriter& docu, const QString& baseDir, QProgressBar *dia2, uint maxC, ItemSelection master, QList<PageItem*> *items = 0);
                void SetItemProps(ScXmlStreamWriter& docu, PageItem* item, const QString& baseDir);
                QMap<QString, QString> charStyleMap;
                QMap<QString, QString> parStyleMap;
                QMap<int, int> itemRemap;
                QMap<int, int> itemNext;
                QMap<int, int> itemRemapF;
                QMap<int, int> itemNextF;
                QMap<int, int> itemRemapM;
                QMap<int, int> itemNextM;
                QMap<int, PageItem*> LinkID;
                QList<PageItem*> FrameItems;
                QMap<PageItem*, QString> itemsWeld;  //item* and master name

                QFile aFile;
                QString clipPath;
                bool isNewFormat {false};
                bool layerFound {false};
                double GrX {0.0};
                double GrY {0.0};
                double Xp {0.0};
                double Yp {0.0};
                int LayerToPaste {0};
                int itemCount {0};
                int itemCountM {0};

extern "C" PLUGIN_API int scribus150format_getPluginAPIVersion();
extern "C" PLUGIN_API ScPlugin* scribus150format_getPlugin();
extern "C" PLUGIN_API void scribus150format_freePlugin(ScPlugin* plugin);