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This folder contains some Example Scripts: = The template for your scripts. See Scripter-FAQ in the documentation, please. = Sample 3 column layout = Sample 3 column layout = Creates a Calendar of the current Month in the current Document as a Group
ReadMe = this file = Very simple Example, creates a Docmument with some Objects, saves the Document and closes it. = Creates a non printable marks in the Golden Mean of the page. = Creates a legende for Image (filename) = Decrease size of the object by 10% = Increase size of the object by 10% = Creates a CD/DVD pochette = French quotation marks = Counts the count of the words :) = An example of the Scribus cooperating DB.

Copy these Examples to any location you like and play with them.
Each script contains Docstring in the file header - this is a common Python
documentation text. You can see it by selecting Script->About Script... menu