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20050930 v0.7.5tk
    Fixed bug in table of contents. TOC rows value was not being honoured.
    Would create an unrequired blank headed toc page when the TOC rows count setting
    matched the amount of samples selected.

20050814 v0.7.4tk
    Now updates the Scribus Progress Bar (one increment for each font drawn).

20050813 v0.7.3tk
    Fix typo in exception code.
    Modified case of some script variables to make compatible with changes
    in Scribus 1.3 scriptor.
    Removed the reduntant "self.master.maxsize(1, 1)" from the application class.

20050104 v0.7.2tk
    More cleanups in font preview code. If a font cannot be displayed
    then the preview panel is cleared. Removed many error messages returned
    to the console.

20050103 v0.7.1tk
    Removed discontinued email address

20041230 v0.7tk
    Added a preview panel so user can see a sample of what a font may look like
    before selecting it to use.
    Detects failure of Python Imaging Library module to load and tests for the ability to 
    write to .scribus folder then disables preview if necessary.
    Incorporated Craig Ringers boilerplate and Scribus function case changes.
    Put labels on the left and right listboxes describing what they do.
    Listboxes now get focus when selected with the mouse. This allows Up Down
    keys to be used to scroll through font names.
    When selecting a single item in a listbox, the font highlighted will be
    displayed in a panel.
    Some function names have changed and some docstrings added.
    The main window should no longer be expandable.

20040224 v0.6.1
    A bug fix was introduced to Scribus CVS on 20040223 that affected the text
    frames. This version has an adjusted height and position of some text frames
    to make the samples correctly fit inside them again.

20040212 v0.6 final
    Fixed bug that stopped multiple selection move from working properly.
    More code cleanups.
    Adjusted the button positions.
    Added logic to gray out "item up" and "item down" buttons when not appropriate.
    Enhanced the "move left" and "move right" button gray out code.
    Fixed a problem when double clicking on a multiple selection of rows.
    Small adjustments and fixes to the layouts.

20030130 v0.6 preview 5
    Now contains a list of acceptable proportional and fixed width fonts that are needed for
    the TOC and font sample labels. If a match is not found with the installed font list available to Scribus
    then an error message is dumped to the console with a list of the required fonts for the user to get. The
    script will continue to run with whatever font happens be be set as default in Scribus.
    Fixed broken horizontal line drawing code.
    Various size adjustments to text frames that were drawing outside of margin area.

20030129 v0.6 preview 4
    Rewritten useSelection function. Now measures the available space left on page before placing the
    sample block. It is now possible to select the sample lines to print by commenting out rows in
    the drawSampleBlock() function and if there is space then more samples will be placed on the page.
    Renamed some functions.
    Made some small adjustments to the text frame dimensions.

20040126 v0.6 preview 3
    Added double sided paper handling.
    Added binding offsets.
    Left hand pane allows multiple selection again. Shift and mouse drag will select a block,
    hold Control plus click to highlight single items. Press '>' button to move the seelcted group to the 
    right hand pane.
    More code cleanups.
    removed pound sign from sample string. It was causing errors with Python V2.3 thanks MrB
    Changed default sans font to "Nimbus Sans L Regular" instead of "Arial"

20040123 v0.6 preview 2
    fixed the extra page bug introduced in v0.6 preview 1
    Changed the 36 point font to 32 point. this improves the layout of the samples.

20040120 v0.6 preview 1
    Start adding optional page numbers.
    Start adding optional table of contents.
    Improve paper size variables format.
    More code cleanups.
    If a second (or more) font list was created with the script then it would be impossible to
    view anything other than the most recent document in Scribus - fixed

20040121 v0.5a
    Small change to fix non display of earlier font sample documents still open in Scribus
    if the script is run again.

20040112 v0.5
    Added SetRedraw to speed up page generation.
    Added status bar to display the quantity of fonts available, how many are selected
    and how many pages will be needed.
    Added a paper size selector.

20040107 v0.4
    More cleanups in the main page generator loop
    Added 6 point sample
    Left list box now sorts correctly when moving individual items back to it
    More adjustments to text layouts

20040106 v0.3a
    fixed page creep bug

20040106 v0.3
    Put each text string into its own text frame and put in separator lines
    Prints the font size as part of the test string
    Can crudely set A4 or US Letter size paper by uncommenting the appropriate 
    2 lines in useselection()
    changing this just adjusts the position of the samples on the page for the change 
    in paper length.
    Some code clean ups.

20040105 v0.2
    Rearranged the buttons. Put in Franz's fix. Thanks Franz.
    Put in some more sample lines including the standard alphabet characters.

20040105 v0.1a
    Added a double click to select font in font selector.
    Fixes to some button logic. Gray out as required.

20040104 v0.1
    First release