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Create optional sample paragraphs block.

Make a PDF sample page for the web site using three example fonts such as...
Utopia, Bitstream Charter  Luxi, Helvetica or any of the Web fonts 
 - Trebuchet, Times *New * Roman, Georgia

You can manually hack the code to produce less sample lines per font, 
then more fonts may fit on the page. The status bar currently does not
reflect this. It will assume three fonts per sheet. Later we may add a
user dialog to select the sample lines to be printed.

Need improvments to the clean up code to insure that temp images are removed 
from .scribus folder.

Improve the Listbox events coding.

Continual holding of Up or Down keys causes preview to be redrawn rapidly. This causes
a number of problems.  Needs a timer to delay redraws when scrolling.

Improve on the documentation of the functions.

The script checks at startup for certain fonts needed for the Table of Contents, page
numbers etc. If suitable fonts are not available the script will report back to the console
with a list of possible fonts that will work. Unfortunately if Scribus is not started from a
terminal then there will be no indication of a problem.