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For general Scribus (>=1.3.2) copyright and licensing information please refer
to the COPYING file provided with the program. Following this notice may exist
a copyright and/or license notice that predates the release of Scribus 1.3.2
for which a new license (GPL+exception) is in place.


#include "scconfig.h"

#include <cstring>

#include <QColor>
#include <QString>
#include <QList>
#include <QSet>
#include <QHash>

#include "documentinformation.h"
#include "pagestructs.h"
#include "pdfoptions.h"
#include "scfonts.h"
#include "scpattern.h"
#include "vgradient.h"

struct CheckerPrefs
        bool ignoreErrors;
        bool autoCheck;
        bool checkGlyphs;
        bool checkOverflow;
        bool checkOrphans;
        bool checkPictures;
        bool checkResolution;
        double minResolution;
        double maxResolution;
        bool checkTransparency;
        bool checkAnnotations;
        bool checkRasterPDF;
        bool checkForGIF;
        bool ignoreOffLayers;
        bool checkOffConflictLayers; //Check whether layers are marked as visible but not to be printed or vice versa
        bool checkNotCMYKOrSpot; // colors must be either CMYK or spot (PDF/X-1a)
        bool checkDeviceColorsAndOutputIntend; // unmanaged colors (device colors) must agree with output intend
        bool checkFontNotEmbedded; // embedded PDF might use fonts without embedding
        bool checkFontIsOpenType; // embedded PDF might use OpenType font program (only allowed in PDF/X-4 and PDF 1.6)
        bool checkPartFilledImageFrames;

typedef QMap<QString, CheckerPrefs> CheckerPrefsList;

struct VerifierPrefs
        CheckerPrefsList checkerPrefsList;
        bool showPagesWithoutErrors;
        bool showNonPrintingLayerErrors;
        QString curCheckProfile;

struct TypoPrefs
        int valueSuperScript; //! Displacement of superscript
        int scalingSuperScript; //! Scaling of superscript
        int valueSubScript; //! Displacement of subscript
        int scalingSubScript; //! Scaling of subscript
        int valueSmallCaps; //! Scaling of small caps
        int autoLineSpacing; //! Automatic line spacing percentage
        int valueUnderlinePos; //! Underline displacement
        int valueUnderlineWidth; //! Underline width
        int valueStrikeThruPos; //! Strike-through displacement
        int valueStrikeThruWidth; //! Strike-through line width

        inline bool operator==(const TypoPrefs &other)
                return (memcmp(this, &other, sizeof(TypoPrefs)) == 0);
        inline bool operator!=(const TypoPrefs &other)
                return (memcmp(this, &other, sizeof(TypoPrefs)) != 0);

struct WindowPrefs
        int xPosition;
        int yPosition;
        int width;
        int height;
        bool visible;
        bool docked;
        bool maximized;

//User Interface
struct UIPrefs
        int mouseMoveTimeout; //! Mouse move timeout for move/resize operations
        int wheelJump; //! Distance to jump with mouse wheel scrolling
        int applicationFontSize; //! Font size to use in the application, apart from p├čalettes
        int paletteFontSize; //! Font size to use in the palettes
        QString style;  //! Currently used QStyle name
        int recentDocCount; //! Number of recent documents to remember
        QStringList RecentDocs; //! List of recent documents
        QString language; //! Language of the user interface
        bool useSmallWidgets; //! Use small widgets in the palettes
        bool useTabs;            //! Use a tabbed MainWidget a la FireFox
        bool showStartupDialog; //! Whether to show the startup dialog or not
        bool showSplashOnStartup; //! Whether to show the splashscreen or not
        bool stickyTools; //! Whether a user's tool section remains after use or the normal tool is reselected
        bool grayscaleIcons; //! Show icons in toolbars as grayscale
        WindowPrefs mainWinSettings;
        QByteArray mainWinState;

struct PathPrefs
        QString documents; //! Default document location
        QString colorProfiles; //! Default color profile location
        QString scripts; //! Default script location
        QString documentTemplates; //! Default document template location

//Document Setup
struct DocumentSetupPrefs
        QString pageSize; //! Default page size of a document
        int pageOrientation; //! Default orientation of the page
        double pageWidth; //! Width of a page
        double pageHeight; //! Height of a page
        MarginStruct margins; //! Margins for a page
        MarginStruct bleeds; //! Bleeds for a page
        int marginPreset; //! Use a preset ratio margin setup
        int pagePositioning; //! Show pages in 1,2,3,4 pages side by side on screen
        int docUnitIndex; //! The index of the default unit
        bool AutoSave;
        int AutoSaveTime;
        bool saveCompressed;

struct GuidesPrefs
        QList<int> renderStackOrder;
        // render stack id 0 = PageMargins
        // render stack id 1 = BaselineGrid
        // render stack id 2 = Grid
        // render stack id 3 = Guides
        // render stack id 4 = Items
        int gridType;
        // type 0 lines
        // type 1 crosses and dots

        int grabRadius;
        double guideRad;

        bool guidesShown; //! Show the guides or not
        bool marginsShown; //! Show the margins or not
        bool gridShown; //! Show the grid or not
        bool baselineGridShown; //! Show the baseline grid or not
        bool framesShown; //! Show frame borders or not
        bool colBordersShown; //! Show text frame column borders or not
        bool layerMarkersShown; //! Show a layer indicator when layers are active or not
        bool linkShown; //! Show text frame links or not
        bool rulersShown; //! Show the page rulers or not

        double majorGridSpacing; //! Major grid spacing
        double minorGridSpacing; //! Minor grid spacing
        double valueBaselineGrid; //! Baseline grid spacing
        double offsetBaselineGrid; //! Offset of first line of baseline grid from top of page

        bool showPic;
        bool showControls;
        bool showBleed;
        bool rulerMode;

        QColor guideColor; //! Color of guides
        QColor marginColor; //! Color of margins
        QColor majorGridColor; //! Color of major grid
        QColor minorGridColor; //! Color of minor grid
        QColor baselineGridColor; //! Color of baseline grid

struct ItemToolPrefs
        /* Texttool */
        QString textFont; //! Default font for text frames, should be default font for default style
        int textSize; //! Default font size
        QString textColor; //! Default text color
        int textShade; //! Default text color shade
        QString textStrokeColor; //! Default text stroke color
        int textStrokeShade; //! Default text stroke color shade
        QString textFillColor; //! Default text frame fill color
        QString textLineColor; //! Default text frame line color
        int textFillColorShade; //! Default text frame fill shade
        int textLineColorShade; //! Default text frame line shade
        int textColumns; //! Default number of columns in a text frame
        double textColumnGap; //! Default gap between columns of a text frame
        QString textTabFillChar; //! Default tab fill character
        MarginStruct textDistances; //! Default text to frame distances
        double textTabWidth; //! Default tab width
        /* ShapeTool */
        QString shapeLineColor; //! Default shape line color
        QString shapeFillColor; //! Default shape fill color
        int shapeFillColorShade; //! Default shape fill color shade
        int shapeLineColorShade; //! Default shape line color shade
        int shapeLineStyle; //! Line style of shapes
        double shapeLineWidth; //! Line width of shape
        /* Line Tool */
        QString lineColor; //! Color of a line
        int lineColorShade; //! Shade of line color
        double lineWidth; //! Width of line
        int lineStyle; //! Style of line
        int lineStartArrow; //! Starting arrow, 0 = none
        int lineEndArrow; //! Ending arrow, 0 = none
        /* Regular Polygon Tool */
        int polyCorners;  //! Number of corners for a polygon
        double polyFactor; //! Convex/Concave factor as a double
        bool polyUseFactor; //! Whether to use a factor for shaping
        double polyRotation; //! Rotation of a polygon
        double polyInnerRot; //! Rotation of the inner points of a star
        double polyCurvature; //! Curvature of polygon
        double polyOuterCurvature; //! outer Curvature of polygon
        /* Image Tool */
        QString imageFillColor; //! Default fill color of an image frame
        int imageFillColorShade; //! Default shade of fill color of an image grame
        QString imageStrokeColor; //! Default stroke color of an image frame
        int imageStrokeColorShade; //! Default shade of stroke color of an image grame
        double imageScaleX; //! X scale of an image within an image frame
        double imageScaleY; //! Y scale of an image within an image frame
        bool imageScaleType; //! Scale type of image
        bool imageAspectRatio; //! Use stored aspect ratio for the image
        int imageLowResType; //! Preview type for an image frame
        bool imageUseEmbeddedPath; //! Use embedded path, eg from an EPS etc.
        /* Calligraphic Pen Tool */
        QString calligrapicPenFillColor; //! Default calligrapicPen fill color
        QString calligrapicPenLineColor; //! Default calligrapicPen line color
        int calligrapicPenFillColorShade; //! Default calligrapicPen fill shade
        int calligrapicPenLineColorShade; //! Default calligrapicPen line shade
        double calligrapicPenLineWidth; //! Width of line
        double calligrapicPenAngle;             //! Angle of the calligraphics Brush
        double calligrapicPenWidth;             //! Width of the calligraphics Brush
        int calligrapicPenStyle; //! Line style of the calligraphics Brush
        /* Arc Tool */
        double arcStartAngle;   //! angle where the arc starts
        double arcSweepAngle;   //! angle the arc spans
        /* Spiral Tool */
        double spiralStartAngle;        //! angle where the spiral starts
        double spiralEndAngle;  //! angle where the spiral ends
        double spiralFactor;    //! factor the spiral gets smaller

struct OperatorToolPrefs
        /* Magnifier Tool */
        int magMin; //! Magnification minimum
        int magMax; //! Magnification maximum
        int magStep; //! Default step between magnification levels
        /* Item Duplicate Offset */
        double dispX;
        double dispY;
        /* Rotation Tool constrain value */
        double constrain; //! Angle to constrain rotation to when constraining is active

struct HyphenatorPrefs
        int MinWordLen; //! Minimum word length to hyphenate
        int HyCount; //! Maximum number of consecutive rows to hyphenate
        QString Language; //! Language to use for hyphenation
        QHash<QString, QString> specialWords; //! List of special words to hyphenate
        QSet<QString> ignoredWords; //! List of words the hyphenator ignores
        bool Automatic;
        bool AutoCheck;

struct FontPrefs
        SCFonts AvailFonts; //! Fonts that Scribus has available to it, or the current document has available to use
        bool askBeforeSubstitute; //! Request that the user confirms a font substituion or not
        QMap<QString,QString> GFontSub;

struct PrinterPrefs
        QString PrinterName; //! Default Printer name (source from CUPS)
        QString PrinterFile; //! File to print to
        QString PrinterCommand; //! Special printer command to use
        bool ClipMargin; //! When printing, clip the print job to the margins
        bool GCRMode;

struct ColorPrefs
        ColorList DColors;
        QString DColorSet;
        CMSData DCMSset;

struct ItemAttrPrefs
        ObjAttrVector defaultItemAttributes; //! The default item attributes

struct TOCPrefs
        ToCSetupVector defaultToCSetups; //! Default Tables of Contents

struct KeyboardShortcutsPrefs
        QMap<QString,Keys> KeyActions; //! Keyboard Shortcuts lists for the ScrActions

struct ScrapbookPrefs
        QStringList RecentScrapbooks; //! List of recently used scrapbooks
        int numScrapbookCopies;
        bool doCopyToScrapbook; //! When copying (copy/paste), also copy to a scrapbook
        bool persistentScrapbook; //! Keep the scrapbook contents between sessions
        bool writePreviews;             //! Write previews to the scrapbook dir;

struct DisplayPrefs
        bool marginColored; //! Indicates if the margin to edge of page area will be colored in some other color or not
        bool showPageShadow; //! Show a shadow around the pages
        QColor paperColor; //! Color of paper (onscreen only)
        QColor scratchColor; //! Color of scratch space (onscreen only)
        QColor frameColor; //! Color of frame border (onscreen only)
        QColor frameNormColor; //! Color of normal frame border (onscreen only)
        QColor frameGroupColor; //! Color of border of grouped frames (onscreen only)
        QColor frameLinkColor; //! Color of frame link indicators (onscreen only)
        QColor frameLockColor; //! Color of locked frame border (onscreen only)
        QColor frameAnnotationColor; //! Color of annotation frames border (onscreen only)
        QColor pageBorderColor; //! Color of page border (onscreen only)
        QColor controlCharColor; //! Color of control characters in text frames if they are shown (onscreen only)
        bool showToolTips; //! Show tool tips in the GUI or not.
        bool showMouseCoordinates; //! Show mouse coordinates when interaction with frames
        MarginStruct scratch; //! Scratch space distances
        double pageGapHorizontal; //! Horizontal gap between pages
        double pageGapVertical; //! Vertical gap between pages
        double displayScale; //! Display scale, typically used to set the scale of the display to 100% of real values.
        bool showVerifierWarningsOnCanvas; //! Show preflight verifier warnings on canvas

struct ExternalToolsPrefs
        QString gs_exe; //! Location on the system of the Ghostscript interpreter (gs, gswin32c.exe, etc) incl path
        bool gs_AntiAliasText; //! Tell Ghostscript to antialias text or not
        bool gs_AntiAliasGraphics; //! Tell Ghostscript to antialias graphics or not
        int gs_Resolution; //! Resolution of Ghostscript rendered graphics
        QString imageEditorExecutable; //! Editor for graphics, defaults to Gimp
        QString extBrowserExecutable; //! External browser for launching URLs in
        QString uniconvExecutable; //! Uniconverter executable location
        QStringList latexConfigs;
        QMap<QString, QString> latexCommands;
        QString latexEditorExecutable; //! LaTeX executable location
        int latexResolution; //! LaTeX export resolution
        bool latexForceDpi;
        bool latexStartWithEmptyFrames;
        QString pdfViewerExecutable; //! Viewer for PDF files

struct MiscellaneousPrefs
        bool haveStylePreview; //! Show previews in the Style setup areas like Style Manager

        // lorem ipsum
        bool useStandardLI; //! Use the standard Lorem Ipsum text
        int paragraphsLI; //! Number of paragraphs to insert with Lorem Ipsum text

struct StoryEditorPrefs
        QColor guiFontColorBackground; //! Color of the background for text used in the Story Editor window
        QString guiFont; //! Font of the text used in the Story Editor window
        bool smartTextSelection; //! Use smart text selection (relates to spacing mostly)

struct PrintPreviewPrefs
        bool PrPr_Mode;
        bool PrPr_AntiAliasing;
        bool PrPr_Transparency;
        bool PrPr_C;
        bool PrPr_M;
        bool PrPr_Y;
        bool PrPr_K;
        bool PrPr_InkCoverage;
        int PrPr_InkThreshold;

struct PluginPrefs

struct ShortWordPrefs

struct ScripterPrefs

// Image Cache
struct ImageCachePrefs
        bool cacheEnabled;      //!< Enable the image cache
        int maxCacheSizeMiB;  //!< Maximum total size of image cache in MiB
        int maxCacheEntries;  //!< Maximum number of cache entries
        int compressionLevel; //!< Cache image compression level (see QImage)

struct ApplicationPrefs
        ColorPrefs colorPrefs;
        DisplayPrefs displayPrefs;
        DocumentSetupPrefs docSetupPrefs;
        ExternalToolsPrefs extToolPrefs;
        FontPrefs fontPrefs;
        GuidesPrefs guidesPrefs;
        HyphenatorPrefs hyphPrefs;
        ImageCachePrefs imageCachePrefs;
        ItemAttrPrefs itemAttrPrefs;
        ItemToolPrefs itemToolPrefs;
        KeyboardShortcutsPrefs keyShortcutPrefs;
        MiscellaneousPrefs miscPrefs;
        OperatorToolPrefs opToolPrefs;
        PDFOptions pdfPrefs;
        PathPrefs pathPrefs;
        PluginPrefs pluginPrefs;
        PrintPreviewPrefs printPreviewPrefs;
        PrinterPrefs printerPrefs;
        ScrapbookPrefs scrapbookPrefs;
        ScripterPrefs scripterPrefs;
        ShortWordPrefs shortwordPrefs;
        StoryEditorPrefs storyEditorPrefs;
        TOCPrefs tocPrefs;
        TypoPrefs typoPrefs;
        UIPrefs uiPrefs;
        VerifierPrefs verifierPrefs;

        QList<ArrowDesc> arrowStyles;
        QHash<QString, VGradient> defaultGradients;
        QHash<QString, ScPattern> defaultPatterns;
        QList<PageSet> pageSets;
        QStringList activePageSizes;

        //TODO : Remove these no longer used items
        //! System default QStyle name for current instance, seemingly unused
        QString ui_SystemTheme;
        //      bool Gcr_Mode;

        //Added for Doc Only
        DocumentInformation docInfo;
        DocumentSectionMap docSectionMap;