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 to the COPYING file provided with the program. Following this notice may exist
 a copyright and/or license notice that predates the release of Scribus 1.3.2
 for which a new license (GPL+exception) is in place.

pageitem.cpp  -  description
    begin                : Sat Apr 7 2001
    copyright            : (C) 2001 by Franz Schmid
    email                :

*                                                                         *
*   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  *
*   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  *
*   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or     *
*   (at your option) any later version.                                   *
*                                                                         *

#ifndef STORYTEXT_H_
#define STORYTEXT_H_

#include <cassert>
#include <QObject>
#include <QString>
#include <QList>
#include <unicode/uversion.h>

#include "itextsource.h"
#include "marks.h"
#include "text/frect.h"
#include "text/specialchars.h"
#include "sctextstruct.h"
#include "style.h"
#include "styles/charstyle.h"
#include "styles/paragraphstyle.h"
#include "desaxe/saxio.h"

class CharStyle;
class ParagraphStyle;
class PageItem;
class ResourceCollection;
class ScribusDoc;
class ScText_Shared;
class ShapedTextCache;
class TextNote;

class BreakIterator;

 * This class holds the text of a Scribus textframe and pointers to its
 * styles and embedded objects.
 * The logical view of the text consists of a sequence of Unicode chars.
 * Partition objects keep track of the positions of style changes,
 * paragraph ends and embedded objects.
 * The physical view consists of a sequence of ScriptItems. Each ScriptItem
 * corresponds to a subsequence of Unicode chars in the original sequence
 * and associates this with an array of glyph indices. Metrics information
 * give the physical position of the ScriptItem in the textframe and its
 * bounding box. For each glyph there's also its advance and the relative
 * offsets to its basepoint. Other information in the ScriptItem is only
 * used by the layouter.

class SCRIBUS_API StoryText : public QObject, public SaxIO, public ITextSource
        StoryText(ScribusDoc *doc);
        StoryText(const StoryText & other);
        StoryText& operator= (const StoryText & other);
        virtual ~StoryText();

        bool hasBulletOrNum() const;
        bool hasTextMarks() const;
        bool marksCountChanged() const;
        void resetMarksCountChanged();
        void setDoc(ScribusDoc *docin);
        ScribusDoc* doc() const { return m_doc; }
        static const Xml_string saxxDefaultElem;
        static void  desaxeRules(const Xml_string& prefixPattern, desaxe::Digester& ruleset, Xml_string elemtag = saxxDefaultElem);
        virtual void saxx(SaxHandler& handler, const Xml_string& elemtag) const;
        virtual void saxx(SaxHandler& handler)                     const { saxx(handler, saxxDefaultElem); }
        int  cursorPosition() const;
        void setCursorPosition(int pos, bool relative = false);
        void normalizeCursorPosition();
        int  normalizedCursorPosition();

        void moveCursorForward();
        void moveCursorBackward();
        void moveCursorLeft();
        void moveCursorRight();

        void moveCursorWordLeft();
        void moveCursorWordRight();

        void clear();
        StoryText copy() const;

        // Find text in story
        int indexOf(const QString &str, int from = 0, Qt::CaseSensitivity cs = Qt::CaseSensitive, int* pLen = 0) const;
        int indexOf(QChar ch, int from = 0, Qt::CaseSensitivity cs = Qt::CaseSensitive) const;
        // Add, change, replace
        // Insert chars from another StoryText object at current cursor position
        void insert(const StoryText& other, bool onlySelection = false);
        // Insert chars from another StoryText object at specific position
        void insert(int pos, const StoryText& other, bool onlySelection = false);
        // Append chars from another StoryText object
        void append(const StoryText& other) { insert(length(), other, false); }
        // Remove len chars at specific position
        void removeChars(int pos, uint len);
        // Removes trailing empty paragraphs
        void trim();
        // Insert chars at current cursor position
        void insertChars(const QString& txt, bool applyNeighbourStyle = false);
        // Insert chars ar specific position
        void insertChars(int pos, const QString& txt, bool applyNeighbourStyle = false);
        // Insert inline object at current cursor position
        void insertObject(int obj);
        // Insert object at specific position
        void insertObject(int pos, int obj);
        // Insert mark at cursor or specific position
        void insertMark(Mark* mark, int pos = -1);
        // Replace a character
        void replaceChar(int pos, QChar ch);
        // Replace current selection with specified text
        void replaceSelection(const QString& newText);
        // Replaced a word, and return the difference in length between old and new
        int replaceWord(int pos, QString newWord);
        void replaceObject(int pos, int obj);

        void hyphenateWord(int pos, uint len, const char* hyphens);
        // Retrieve length of story text
        int length() const;

        // Get content at specific position as plain text
        // Internal paragraph separator are converted to
        // unix new lines for better compatibility with
        // text editors
        QString plainText() const;

        // TextSource methods

        virtual bool isBlockStart(int pos) const;
        virtual int nextBlockStart(int pos) const;
        virtual InlineFrame object(int pos) const;
        virtual bool hasExpansionPoint(int pos) const;
        virtual ExpansionPoint expansionPoint(int pos) const;

        // Get char at current cursor position
//      QChar   text() const;
        // Get char at specific position
        QChar   text(int pos) const;
        // Get text with len chars at specific position
        QString text(int pos, uint len) const;
        // Get sentence at any position within it
        QString sentence(int pos, int &posn);
        // Get word starting at position
        QString word(int pos);

        bool hasObject(int pos) const;
        PageItem* getItem(int pos) const; // deprecated

        int  findMark(const Mark* mrk, int startPos = 0) const;
        bool hasMark(int pos, const Mark* mrk = nullptr) const;
        bool hasMark(int pos, MarkType markType) const;
        Mark *mark(int pos) const;
        void replaceMark(int pos, Mark* mrk);
        void applyMarkCharstyle(Mark* mrk, CharStyle& currStyle) const;

        int findNote(const TextNote* textNote) const;

        bool isHighSurrogate(int pos) const;
        bool isLowSurrogate(int pos) const;

        // Get charstyle at current cursor position
        const CharStyle& charStyle() const;
        // Get charstyle at specific position
        const CharStyle& charStyle(int pos) const;
        // Get paragraph style at current cursor position
        const ParagraphStyle& paragraphStyle() const;
        // Get paragraph style at specific position
        const ParagraphStyle& paragraphStyle(int pos) const;
        const ParagraphStyle& defaultStyle() const;
        void setDefaultStyle(const ParagraphStyle& style);
        void setCharStyle(int pos, uint len, const CharStyle& style);
        void setStyle(int pos, const ParagraphStyle& style);
        void applyCharStyle(int pos, uint len, const CharStyle& style);
        void applyStyle(int pos, const ParagraphStyle& style, bool rmDirectFormatting = false);
        void eraseCharStyle(int pos, uint len, const CharStyle& style);
        void eraseStyle(int pos, const ParagraphStyle& style);
        void replaceStyles(const QMap<QString,QString>& newNameForOld);
        void replaceCharStyles(QMap<QString,QString> newNameForOld);

        // Cleanup legacy formatting for whole story, ie remove direct
        // formatting for parameters already set at paragraph level
        void fixLegacyFormatting();
        // Cleanup legacy formatting for paragraph at position pos
        void fixLegacyFormatting(int pos);
        void getNamedResources(ResourceCollection& lists) const;
        void replaceNamedResources(ResourceCollection& newNames);
        uint nrOfParagraphs() const;
        int startOfParagraph() const;
        int startOfParagraph(uint index) const;
        int endOfParagraph() const;
        int endOfParagraph(uint index) const;
        uint nrOfParagraph() const;
        uint nrOfParagraph(int pos) const;

        uint nrOfRuns() const;
        int startOfRun(uint index) const;
        int endOfRun(uint index) const;

// positioning
        int nextChar(int pos);
        int prevChar(int pos);
        int firstWord();
        int nextWord(int pos);
        int prevWord(int pos);
        int endOfWord(int pos) const;
        int nextSentence(int pos);
        int prevSentence(int pos);
        int endOfSentence(int pos) const;
        int nextParagraph(int pos);
        int prevParagraph(int pos);

// these need valid layout:

//      int startOfLine(int pos);
//      int endOfLine(int pos);
//      int prevLine(int pos);
//      int nextLine(int pos);
//      int startOfFrame(int pos);
//      int endOfFrame(int pos);

// selection

        void selectAll();
        void deselectAll();
        void removeSelection();
        void extendSelection(int oldPos, int newPos);
        int selectWord(int pos);
        void select(int pos, int len, bool on = true);
        QString selectedText() const;
        bool selected(int pos) const;
        int startOfSelection() const;
        int endOfSelection() const;
        int selectionLength() const;
        bool hasSelection() const;
        // break iterators
        static icu::BreakIterator* getGraphemeIterator();
        static icu::BreakIterator* getWordIterator();
        static icu::BreakIterator* getSentenceIterator();
        static icu::BreakIterator* getLineIterator();
// layout helpers

        ShapedTextCache* shapedTextCache() { return m_shapedTextCache; }

        LayoutFlags flags(int pos) const;
        bool hasFlag(int pos, LayoutFlags flag) const;
        void setFlag(int pos, LayoutFlags flag);
        void clearFlag(int pos, LayoutFlags flag);

//  when physical view doesn't match logical view any more:

        /// call this if the shape of an embedded object changes (redos layout)
        void invalidateObject(const PageItem* embedded);
        /// call this if the shape of the paragraph changes (redos layout)
        void invalidateLayout();

public slots:
        /// call this if some logical style changes (redos shaping and layout)
        void invalidateAll();

        void changed(int firstItem, int endItem);

        ScText * item(int index);
        const ScText * item(int index) const;
        void fixSurrogateSelection();
        ScribusDoc * m_doc;
        ShapedTextCache* m_shapedTextCache;
        static icu::BreakIterator* m_graphemeIterator;
        static icu::BreakIterator* m_wordIterator;
        static icu::BreakIterator* m_sentenceIterator;
        static icu::BreakIterator* m_lineIterator;

        QString textWithSoftHyphens (int pos, uint len) const;
        void    insertCharsWithSoftHyphens(int pos, const QString& txt, bool applyNeighbourStyle = false);
        /// mark these runs as invalid, ie. need itemize and shaping
        void invalidate(int firstRun, int lastRun);
        void removeParSep(int pos);
        void insertParSep(int pos);

        //      int splitRun(int pos);
        /** bring physical view in sync with logical one.
         *  This gets called automatically from all physical view methods

//      void validate();
        /// private data structure
        ScText_Shared * d;
        /// gives the physical view which was last given to the layouter
//      uint layouterVersion;
        /// is true after layout() has been exercised
//      bool layouterValid;

#endif /*STORYTEXT_H_*/