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For general Scribus (>=1.3.2) copyright and licensing information please refer
to the COPYING file provided with the program. Following this notice may exist
a copyright and/or license notice that predates the release of Scribus 1.3.2
for which a new license (GPL+exception) is in place.


#include <QMap>
#include <QPair>
#include <QString>
#include <QStringList>
#include <QKeyEvent>
#include <QEvent>

#include "ui_prefs_keyboardshortcutsbase.h"
#include "prefs_pane.h"
#include "scribusapi.h"
#include "scribusstructs.h"

class SCRIBUS_API Prefs_KeyboardShortcuts : public Prefs_Pane, Ui::Prefs_KeyboardShortcuts

                Prefs_KeyboardShortcuts(QWidget* parent, ScribusDoc* doc=NULL);
                virtual void restoreDefaults(struct ApplicationPrefs *prefsData);
                virtual void saveGuiToPrefs(struct ApplicationPrefs *prefsData) const;

                bool event( QEvent* ev );
                void keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *k);
                void keyReleaseEvent(QKeyEvent *k);
                static QString getKeyText(int KeyC);

        public slots:
                void languageChange();

        QMap<QString,Keys> keyMap;
        QMap<QString,Keys>::Iterator currentKeyMapRow;
        QMap<QString, QString> keySetList;
        QMap<QTreeWidgetItem*, QString> lviToActionMap;
        QList<QTreeWidgetItem*> lviToMenuMap;
        QVector< QPair<QString, QStringList> >* defMenus;
        QVector< QPair<QString, QStringList> >* defNonMenuActions;
        QTreeWidgetItem * selectedLVI;
        int keyCode;
        QString Part0;
        QString Part1;
        QString Part2;
        QString Part3;
        QString Part4;

        void insertActions();
        void importKeySet(QString);
        bool exportKeySet(QString);
        QStringList scanForSets();
        bool checkKey(int Code);

protected slots:
        void setKeyText();
        void dispKey(QTreeWidgetItem* current, QTreeWidgetItem* previous=0);
        void setNoKey();
        void loadKeySetFile();
        void importKeySetFile();
        void exportKeySetFile();
        void resetKeySet();
        void clearSearchString();
        void applySearch( const QString & newss );