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For general Scribus (>=1.3.2) copyright and licensing information please refer
to the COPYING file provided with the program. Following this notice may exist
a copyright and/or license notice that predates the release of Scribus 1.3.2
for which a new license (GPL+exception) is in place.


#include <QTabWidget>
#include <QMap>
#include <QList>
class QGridLayout;
class QHBoxLayout;
class QVBoxLayout;
class QGroupBox;
class QCheckBox;
class QComboBox;
class QRadioButton;
class QPushButton;
class QToolButton;
class QLineEdit;
class QLabel;
class QSpinBox;
class QListWidget;
class QListWidgetItem;

#include "scribusapi.h"
#include "bookmwin.h"

class PDFOptions;
class PDFExportDialog;
class ScribusDoc;
class ScrSpinBox;

class SCRIBUS_API TabPDFOptions : public QTabWidget

        TabPDFOptions(QWidget* parent, PDFOptions & Optionen,
                                        const SCFonts &AllFonts,
                                        const ProfilesL & PDFXProfiles,
                                        const QMap<QString, int> & DocFonts,
                                        int unitIndex, ScribusDoc *mdoc);
        ~TabPDFOptions() {};

        void restoreDefaults(PDFOptions & Optionen,
                                                 const SCFonts &AllFonts,
                                                 const ProfilesL & PDFXProfiles,
                                                 const QMap<QString, int> & DocFonts,
                                                 int unitIndex, ScribusDoc *mdoc);

        void storeValues(PDFOptions& options);

        void unitChange(QString unit, int docUnitIndex, double invUnitConversion);

        QStringList fontsToEmbed();
        QStringList fontsToOutline();

        // GUI member pointers
        // Remember to initialize these in the initializer list of the ctor when
        // you add new ones. Add them in the same order here and in the initalizer
        // list. To help out, the members are sorted alphabetically by name.
        QCheckBox* AddSec;
        QCheckBox* Article;
        ScrSpinBox* BleedBottom;
        ScrSpinBox* BleedLeft;
        ScrSpinBox* BleedRight;
        ScrSpinBox* BleedTop;
        QCheckBox* CheckBM;
        QCheckBox* CheckBox1;
        QComboBox* CMethod;
        QCheckBox* ClipMarg;
        QComboBox* ComboBind;
        QCheckBox* Compression;
        QRadioButton* continuousPages;
        QCheckBox* CopySec;
        QComboBox* CQuality;
        QRadioButton* doublePageLeft;
        QRadioButton* doublePageRight;
        QCheckBox* DSColor;
        QCheckBox* EmbedPDF;
        QCheckBox* EmbedProfs;
        QCheckBox* EmbedProfs2;
        QCheckBox* Encry;
        QComboBox* ImageP;
        QComboBox* IntendI;
        QComboBox* IntendS;
        QToolButton* MirrorH;
        QToolButton* MirrorV;
        QCheckBox* ModifySec;
        QCheckBox* NoEmbedded;
        QComboBox* OutCombo;
        QListWidget* Pages;
        QLineEdit* PassOwner;
        QLineEdit* PassUser;
        QComboBox* PDFVersionCombo;
        QComboBox* PrintProfC;
        QCheckBox* PrintSec;
        QSpinBox* Resolution;
        QComboBox* RotateDeg;
        QRadioButton* singlePage;
        QComboBox* SolidPr;
        QRadioButton* useBookmarks;
        QRadioButton* useFullScreen;
        QCheckBox* useLayers;
        QRadioButton* useLayers2;
        QCheckBox* UseLPI;
        QCheckBox* useSpot;
        QRadioButton* useThumbnails;
        QSpinBox* ValC;  // == PicRes
        // End GUI member pointers

        void noInfo();
        void hasInfo();

public slots:
        void doDocBleeds();
        void ToggleEncr();
        void EnablePDFX(int a);
        void DoDownsample();
        void RemoveEmbed();
        void PutToEmbed();
        void RemoveOutline();
        void PutToOutline();
        void SelAFont(QListWidgetItem*);
        void SelEFont(QListWidgetItem*);
        void SelSFont(QListWidgetItem*);
        void EmbedAll();
        void OutlineAll();
        void PagePr();
        void SetPgEff(QListWidgetItem* current, QListWidgetItem* previous);
        void SetEffOpts(int nr);
        void ValidDI(int nr);
        void PDFMirror();
        void Rotation(int value);
        void DoEffects();
        void EffectOnAll();
        void SelRange(bool e);
        void EnablePr(int a);
        void EnablePG();
        void EnablePGI();
        void EnablePGI2();
        void EnableLPI(int a);
        void EnableLPI2();
        void SelLPIcol(int);
        void enableCMS(bool enable);
        void checkInfo();

protected slots:
        void createPageNumberRange();
        void handleCompressionMethod(int ind);

        // PDFExportDialog should really privately inherit from us, but it can't
        // since it needs to be a dialog not a tab widget. Allow it access to
        // protected and private members instead. If we ever clean up the direct
        // widget access in this class, it might be able to privately inheirit and
        // be added to a very thin dialog class instead.
        friend class PDFExportDialog;
        QList<PDFPresentationData> EffVal;
        QString SelLPIcolor;

        // PDFExportDialog needs access to these GUI members
        // but they don't need to be exposed to the rest of Scribus.
        QComboBox* actionCombo;
        QRadioButton* AllPages;
        QCheckBox* CheckBox10;
        QComboBox* EDirection;
        QComboBox* EDirection_2;
        QComboBox* EDirection_2_2;
        QSpinBox* EffectTime;
        QComboBox* EffectType;
        QCheckBox* fitWindow;
        QCheckBox* hideMenuBar;
        QCheckBox* hideToolBar;
        QLineEdit* InfoString;
        QSpinBox* LPIangle;
        QSpinBox* LPIfreq;
        QComboBox* LPIfunc;
        QLineEdit* PageNr;
        QSpinBox* PageTime;

        // Private GUI member pointers, should not be used outside the class its
        // self.  Please ry to keep members here genuinely private, ie don't use
        // them even from friends. If you need to access it from a friend like
        // PDFExportDialog please move it to the protected section.

        QLabel* actionLabel;
        QListWidget* AvailFlist;
        QGroupBox* BleedGroup;
        QGridLayout* BleedGroupLayout;
        QGroupBox* MarkGroup;
        QGridLayout* MarkGroupLayout;
        QCheckBox* cropMarks;
        QCheckBox* bleedMarks;
        QCheckBox* registrationMarks;
        QCheckBox* colorMarks;
        QCheckBox* docInfoMarks;
        ScrSpinBox* markLength;
        ScrSpinBox* markOffset;
        QGroupBox* CBox;
        QGridLayout* CBoxLayout;
        QGroupBox* ColorGroup;
        QHBoxLayout* ColorGroupLayout;
        QLabel* ColorText1;
        QGroupBox* Effects;
        QGridLayout* EffectsLayout;
        QPushButton* EmbedFonts;
        QListWidget* EmbedList;
        QPushButton* EonAllPg;
        QPushButton* FromEmbed;
        QPushButton* FromOutline;
        QGroupBox* GroupBox1;
        QGridLayout* GroupBox1Layout;
        QGroupBox* GroupBox9;
        QGridLayout* GroupBox9Layout;
        QGroupBox* groupDisplay;
        QVBoxLayout* groupDisplayLayout;
        QGroupBox* GroupFont;
        QHBoxLayout* GroupFontLayout;
        QGroupBox* groupJava;
        QHBoxLayout* groupJavaLayout;
        QGroupBox* groupNavigation;
        QVBoxLayout* groupNavigationLayout;
        QGroupBox* GroupPass;
        QGridLayout* GroupPassLayout;
        QGroupBox* GroupSecSet;
        QVBoxLayout* GroupSecSetLayout;
        QGridLayout* Layout11;
        QHBoxLayout *pageNumberSelectorLayout;
        QGridLayout* Layout11a;
        QHBoxLayout* Layout13;
        QVBoxLayout* Layout4_2;
        QVBoxLayout* Layout5_2;
        QHBoxLayout* Layout5_2a;
        QVBoxLayout* Layout6;
        QHBoxLayout* LayoutSpecial;
        QComboBox* LPIcolor;
        QGroupBox* LPIgroup;
        QGridLayout* LPIgroupLayout;
        QRadioButton* OnlySome;
        QGroupBox* pageLayout;
        QVBoxLayout* pageLayoutLayout;
        QCheckBox* PagePrev;
        QLabel* PDFX1;
        QLabel* PDFX2;
        QCheckBox* PrintSec2;
        QGroupBox* ProfsGroup;
        QGridLayout* ProfsGroupLayout;
        QLabel* ProfsTxt1;
        QLabel* ProfsTxt2;
        QLabel* ProfsTxt3;
        QLabel* ProfsTxt4;
        QLabel* BleedTxt1;
        QLabel* BleedTxt2;
        QLabel* BleedTxt3;
        QLabel* BleedTxt4;
        QLabel* MarkTxt1;
        QLabel* MarkTxt2;
        QCheckBox *docBleeds;
        QGroupBox* RangeGroup;
        QVBoxLayout* RangeGroupLayout;
        QHBoxLayout* RotationLayout;
        QPushButton* OutlineFonts;
        QListWidget* OutlineList;
        QWidget* tabColor;
        QVBoxLayout* tabColorLayout;
        QWidget* tabFonts;
        QWidget* tabGeneral;
        QVBoxLayout* tabLayout;
        QVBoxLayout* tabLayout_3;
        QGridLayout* tabLayout_5;
        QWidget* tabPDFX;
        QVBoxLayout* tabPDFXLayout;
        QWidget* tabPresentation;
        QWidget* tabSecurity;
        QVBoxLayout* tabSecurityLayout;
        QWidget* tabSpecial;
        QVBoxLayout* tabSpecialLayout;
        QLabel* TextCom1;
        QLabel* TextCom2;
        QLabel* TextFont1;
        QLabel* TextFont1_2;
        QLabel* TextFont1_2a;
        QLabel* TextLabel1;
        QLabel* TextLabel1e;
        QLabel* TextLabel1x;
        QLabel* TextLabel2;
        QLabel* TextLabel2e;
        QLabel* TextLabel3;
        QLabel* TextLabel3e;
        QLabel* TextLabel4e;
        QLabel* TextLabel5e;
        QLabel* TextLabel6e;
        QLabel* textLPI1;
        QLabel* textLPI2;
        QLabel* textLPI3;
        QLabel* TextSec1;
        QLabel* TextSec2;
        QPushButton* pageNrButton;
        QPushButton* ToEmbed;
        QPushButton* ToOutline;
        QRadioButton* useViewDefault;
        QGroupBox* X3Group;
        QGridLayout* X3GroupLayout;
        // end protected GUI member pointers

        // Non-GUI protected members
        QString unit;
        double unitRatio;
        ScribusDoc* const m_Doc;
        const SCFonts & AllFonts;
        PDFOptions & Opts;
        bool cms;
        QMap<QString, QString> AnnotationFonts;