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For general Scribus (>=1.3.2) copyright and licensing information please refer
to the COPYING file provided with the program. Following this notice may exist
a copyright and/or license notice that predates the release of Scribus 1.3.2
for which a new license (GPL+exception) is in place.

#ifndef _UTIL_H
#define _UTIL_H

#include <vector>

#include <QByteArray>
#include <QColor>
#include <QComboBox>
#include <QDataStream>
#include <QDir>
#include <QList>
#include <QPainterPath>
#include <QPixmap>
#include <QString>
#include <QStringList>
#include <QVector>

#include "pagestructs.h"
// #include "style.h"
// #include "styles/charstyle.h"
// #include "styles/paragraphstyle.h"
#include "scribusapi.h"

class  QDomElement;
class  QWidget;
class  PageItem;
class  ParagraphStyle;
class  ScribusDoc;
class  ScribusView;
class  ScStreamFilter;
struct CopyPasteBuffer;

// class Foi;

/*! \brief Compare double values by pre-multiplying by 10000 and converting to long if possible.
If premultiplication does not allow to store result in a long value, perform a standard comparison.

bool SCRIBUS_API compareDouble(double a, double b);

/*! \brief Returns a sorted list of QStrings - sorted by locale specific rules!
Uses compareQStrings() as rule. There is STL used!
\author Petr Vanek
\param aList unsorted string list
\retval QStringList sorted string list

QStringList SCRIBUS_API sortQStringList(QStringList aList);
void SCRIBUS_API ReOrderText(ScribusDoc *currentDoc, ScribusView *view);
void SCRIBUS_API WordAndPara(PageItem *currItem, int *w, int *p, int *c, int *wN, int *pN, int *cN);
bool SCRIBUS_API overwrite(QWidget *parent, QString filename);
QByteArray SCRIBUS_API ComputeMD5Sum(QByteArray *in);
QString SCRIBUS_API Path2Relative(QString Path, const QString& baseDir = QDir::currentPath());
QString SCRIBUS_API Relative2Path(QString File, const QString& baseDir = QDir::currentPath());
char SCRIBUS_API *toAscii85( quint32 value, bool& allZero );
char SCRIBUS_API *toHex( uchar u );
QString SCRIBUS_API String2Hex(QString *in, bool lang = true);
QString SCRIBUS_API CompressStr(QString *in);
QByteArray SCRIBUS_API CompressArray(const QByteArray& in);
//! \brief WARNING: loadText is INCORRECT - use loadRawText instead!
bool SCRIBUS_API loadText(QString nam, QString *Buffer);
/*! \brief Replacement version of loadText that returns a QCString as an out parameter.
The QCString is filled with the contents of the specified file. The return
byte string is of unknown encoding; the caller must handle encoding issues.
There is no need to preallocate the buffer, and the new data replaces any
old contents. */

bool SCRIBUS_API loadRawText(const QString & filename, QByteArray & buf);
bool SCRIBUS_API loadRawBytes(const QString & filename, QByteArray & buf);
QString SCRIBUS_API GetAttr(QDomElement *el, QString at, QString def="0");
* @brief Synchronously execute a new process, optionally saving its output
   * Create a new process via QProcess and wait until finished.  Return the
   * process exit code. Exit code 1 is returned if the process could not be
   * started or terminated abnormally.
   * Note that the argument list is handled exactly as documented by QProcess.
   * In particular, no shell metacharacter expansion is performed (so you can't
   * use $HOME for example, and no quoting is required or appropriate), and each
   * list entry is one argument.
   * If output file paths are provided, any existing file will be truncated and
   * overwritten.
        \param exename name of the executable
   * @param args Arguments, as per QProcess documentation.
   * @param fileStdErr Path to save error output to, or "" to discard.
   * @param fileStdOut Path to save normal output to, or "" to discard
        \param cancel a reference(!) to bool - flag used to kill the process
   * @return Program exit code, or 1 on failure.

int SCRIBUS_API System(const QString exename, const QStringList & args,
                                           const QString fileStdErr = "", const QString fileStdOut = "",
                                           bool* cancel = NULL);

 \fn QString checkFileExtension(const QString &currName, const QString &extension)
 \author Craig Bradney
 \brief A quick function to make sure a filename has the correct extension and add it if not
 \param currName Current filename
 \param extension File extension to ensure exists

QString SCRIBUS_API checkFileExtension(const QString & currName, const QString & extension);
/*! \brief On Windows, return short path name, else return longPath
\param longPath the whole path
\retval QString transformed path

QString SCRIBUS_API getShortPathName(const QString & longPath);
/*! \brief On Windows, return long path name, else return shortPath
\param shortPath the short path
\retval QString transformed path

QString SCRIBUS_API getLongPathName(const QString & shortPath);
/*! \brief Creates a common name for page exports (SVG, bitmap, EPS).
   Output format is: documentname-page01.extension
   \param currDoc a reference to the ScribusDoc document
   \param pageNo number of the exported page (begins from 1)
   \param extension "svg" or e.g. "png" etc.
   \retval QString standardized filename
   \author Petr Vanek

QString SCRIBUS_API getFileNameByPage(ScribusDoc* currDoc, uint pageNo, QString extension);
void SCRIBUS_API sDebug(QString message);
const QString SCRIBUS_API getStringFromSequence(DocumentSectionType type, uint position);
const QString SCRIBUS_API arabicToRoman(uint i);
const QString SCRIBUS_API numberToLetterSequence(uint i);
void SCRIBUS_API parsePagesString(QString pages, std::vector<int>* pageNs, int sourcePageCount);

/*! \brief performance measurements.
It prints given message with it current timestamp.
Useful for duration holes finding.
\author Petr Vanek */

void tDebug(QString message);

QString SCRIBUS_API readLinefromDataStream(QDataStream &s);
void SCRIBUS_API setCurrentComboItem(QComboBox *box, QString text);

QString SCRIBUS_API getDashString(int dashtype, double linewidth);
void    SCRIBUS_API getDashArray(int dashtype, double linewidth, QVector<double> &m_array);