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't¶ 'tÔÒ't¸Ü'xê²)üRÛ*S+;5™+;^+;A+;§§+;;+;i+;Äh+;ã.+;4Ó+O5l,Ð’Ö1?1*á1-)3†ü6@®8@ÓG¤ÇG¤ðH,ö(H,yIH,#zH,ú­H,˜ÔH,JH4X*H4üIB{II·II§II;›Ih!]Iº“vIÊ“¤JÄÿKþKd¿þKdçõKÖT‘LD‡ÐM†óyOGH&OµVOµÊÓOµ[æOµ¼ÐRZ‘Sgn#S‰?~T†L5TÇçëTÇsxU'jVUtL\V$èV²èjV²öoV²G¼[*e¤[*¤™[:×[J”L[Z”z\J”¨\Z”Ö\•¡Q]M‘6_ÃLÞ_Ão¡hDulÉ=NlÌ=yqQQIsþ¾Zz½}B{*x£IIQIfî`fîkiº…ki{ki—Hki¾ƒki¨w`³6y³Ô˜%ñGšuñu§¤“2§¤¡*§¤î§¤x§¤<§¤†n´Ç4´ÇÚ´Ç­´Ç~´Çk§¹¾íY»JŸ¾¼Z +¿Ã5ÿÔÀá<¤ïÜ‚ÛÝT‚Ûí΂Û7ƒkXVƒküI‡›üÁŒ¯£Œ¯i•Œ¯Û6Œ¯õ“±=”ÊCt¦yþ§Ô1§Ô¯p§Ô§ÔŸ§Ôc<¨¥_¨¥ýû¨¥NΫŒY«Œþ•¬IBЯ~øد~y¡¯~B¶ÞÌ»«¤»pã»DbÄzÀ(Ç¥Z1Ð%ўÐ%þJÐ%[RÐ%z\Ð%ÿlÐ%e‡Ð%¥@ÐDAÖ$!ÖTM˜֍ÖZ֍[ˆ֍E6֍E‡Ø:6íØ:¹ ؚóŸÙ]rïØb4ô—Yœú^À³9<ùE='+ÔN—+Ôê˜0E>W0E
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JåÕEçµB4ÙËj7GÒ4OßnaÞ„íkÃ¥4šår4#¬½  dö        E*™ÇXæÊ¢N3>UG>óÌáÍWáW ¹Ñ?æ"4!­#6Sà#6ªW/%áÄ·ç&ºß
*¦yû*¦y\a*¶Ej÷*»-*»¬*»±*»õr*»\î*»k+*ÇðW*Ïä*Ð%¬“*Ð%*Ð%ìµ*Ð%õö*Ð%]ý*ÖT
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H6üý>H6ýíH6þ«H6þĒH6þmH6þعH6þý|H6ÿƒH6ÿ`7H6ÿn£H6ÿ5„H7ƒQH7òH7:¸H7í/H7mBH7ǶH7ýºH7ށH7òKH7©@H7:åH7«MH7Þ°H7ÇðH7«…H7`fH7"H7˜ÕH7ýøH7ƒŠH7 ò{HN%OÜHN%ðMHw9
çJ+‚žØJ6EnwJ6•J6•¶…J6•ø>J6•B J6•7J6•ŸJ6•¢mJcbP:JcbÇåJcbV’Jcb„}Jcb§ÖJcbœ¡Jd1æõJlÂ0,JŠŠë‰J–£]×J–ÞA{J¸ëYDJ¸ëþÐJÀîÅZJî:ýK˜B-KʘD0L'ó­L7ü`7LyŠÑÊL™b™L™bªL™bR1L™bØL™b&0L™bÿ;L™bF¸LÌVïbM_£m¹Mb³LfMez…MezÂMe³e$Me³¦XMpBÂMŒ´M–
N‹»ÍN‹»VÇN‹Ä!ðN–ÀjN¿¥NKOTMÓàO|ŠøÎO¦SfŠPÏ2ËP7Õ   îP7Õ_P7ÕFÈP@ȏPFEŸêPFE£PYÄiPqéKTPšdRbPšdPšd-×P¬CPÓ:Ò>Q€aðQ^#ˆQóÂYøRŠþZúR±b¾R½z‰3R½zŒR½ziR½z¦R½|[ŸR½|`lR̼ÀUR̼ŠSÃÊSˆ˜>‡S‰#ŒPS¼ùVbS¼ù˱S¼ù]‰SÅÃ`SÊ;Y¥SÊ;oTƒŠkTƒŠNàTƒŠvTƒŠJ£TƒŠsJT)h*TÌÂÁ¥UÚj¾UZÃʼnUi
@XÆ¥fYXÉÄ–XýôP6XýôëƒYlD…Yo|sY˜%í-YÛt/€Y祠]Y祮ÜY祌Yç¥TyYèenºYé´0LYïÔZšYïÔ¶YöÞž¶Yø:zYùt-1YúÚˆûYúÚzˆYúÚfrYþSZt.”ZŠÏØZŠ<•ZŠҔZ0µf‰Z]žç¼ZbôsZcUÝZg•IZg•gfZs†EZ¨”žïZ¨¥WZ«¡ŒZ½’¤’ZÀ%Ÿ ZÀ%Ô)ZÏz¬•[:à¤[f3¢[f3h’[f3¨2\Šv§\ŠwÏ\Šâ\ƒµoP\ƒµ¨Ò\ƒµ#\—Õ\¤\—Õa¿\±)]1ë
]؏ò]ìbê]û¨$/]û¨êÛ^孝^zºn_ȕ9~`%î“Ÿ`Uî ™`uîš²dÊúËoeo*ÐÚg{§¾hTyWh,Ê¿k´nXálKEP©mÅÙ¤tpòº2vq©Ž„™r[„c.r‡uHõs„žzuŠä¶vÌÄÞw‹qk|ÎV„|ÆC›,~
BV„àð}²V6CŽÕ¢=˜’“ûK’?sýŔ㤳•T><•²>„R—iÎ`—”Å‹K—–®£—–0t˜$‰—ò˜&‰v_˜îbÓ™qš›×ƒs†žÎα–ŸÅZwmŸöÎÿÛ¡á…9¡õ^ïa£]Ì¥u¾Ç¦NXjG§Ì/.Yc¨œù©„d`©ýҋªguÉ+ªgu?jªÐ®˜«…JU«WÚy¯â*CÄ°o7°}Ž†€³9|w      ´8Ð*µm뵉ª¨h¸”ÓÞ@¸”Ó˸Ûî`¹©îC~ºïš»DɆ¼ ê–S¿;zDiÁ.~ðÚÁk•û<ÄKãÃ6ƽ¾ÙêÇ*å:ÕÇb>‰?É{éoÄÉÿŽ—hËpqí*ÌÚÏÝãÍ…ßØÍ~‰ÏãµÑ×D҈º|éÔ1Úԋ] Ö;BÑ×D‰WÈ×D‰û^×EJÚ׊ƒ¦Ø–ŒØøÎ6UÚx‚\ÛÛº3ΑÜ„‚zݓ9‚ÄÞuâ`˜ß¢¤uáôWÚá³úYáÁLQäáüw¿ã2$
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ËRŸ̾a¦<̾b¦p̾c¦¤Ñ~$ÈÜÓ@ öØ“mrØƾ'yÚºu³{Þ¬îIOà!U?á;óyRá;óå7ãÕr¯ãÕrRäœów(䧄¾ùä²óò¤å5¢rIåºó6*å×%¶è;¤xJë)nnËëÎÔßëߥ‚þëúîâíkhﯮÂhñ¢Dãìñí~*¦ñí~°Pñí~ðùòqµ¯]òqµReòtŠ–²õðM¡öÅó·÷~¾      ø³Ô5DùÆ%ÛûýúîV*ýúîË.ýúî\?ýúîÀŽþy¤¡Óþy¤»\þÇòTþëeD1Î3VwÒ–•qƐbƐ\*£ ü÷äUõ3˜mõ3±¨   ?Á        [õä`
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\¥   q‰Äjè      qðju        têÿº     tєՋ     |ˆÈ {       ~^®È*       €bþ=U       ‚±jäŸ     ‚ï:Úê     ƒ:ý       ƒ†@      …yÙmD       †C`×       †u>“       ‡œã ,      ‰•õ#      Š:J¤!       Š‚>8Ï      ‹ÔU#       ŒtÓ       ŒtÓ`       ŒvÓqÕ      ŒvÓæ¬     ŒvÓ|q       ŒvÓt]       ŒvÓ§      ŒvÓfà      ŽFZ¼.       ’j"<        “‚ó¬ú    •¿ž2ƒ     —–jh       —°ªìr     ˜0[        ˜0íÑ      ˜0ñÊ      ™o¨Մ     škÅûË     šêÄz¨     šêÄå³    ›V®ã÷     œ¸ÈN      œËtj†      Ÿ7´8¡       ÔF        Ôoà       ÔpG        y‘       ¡äe       £«Ú½     ¤®–      ¤®¯Ü     ¤<îòë     ¤Ð$<       ©*r~        ªZ[Y       «Mj
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(âG`ÂQG’ô1ÐG–7¶ËG–7¿IGœã;„H¨ŘIøU^Jl’CKRÆKR#KYÞuxN0ØEON”p*N–"-O×
ŽüPCçs>Pšœ/Qò¾]}RVŽKäRVŽÐIRVŽÕRVŽ<ÆRVŽPØRVŽäÈRVŽ8HS'ÅÁÕSñ61Xˆ*)gYå¢.Yçõ Õ]KóDó]«óÈ_ê›_¸ÞaZqóbŠˊb´YZYb´YicUtìcÏI¹ÜdCÔ eE×ó$f^?A@fÑÄhç!Aëhñb4ˆjˆsÜ¡k4*õkàÞ–l¦Ò-jn¸“sôp¡Ãö„põ£÷„qe°®qê££r|
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»Lt¸å3¡u¸®׊wnì«x_¤²cy֔Åûz´ú^Ïzë5{¿H ƒ{òö­Ñ|Œa­~LÃEFíþ,‚½úäëƒ.TUÏƒÿz^ö†Y’ŽŸ‡UrܞˆÜ£ýnˆøÖLˆú>.É‰–Š™æXŠŸUtŒ
4q½Œ³ÿûÌŒ¸ž‘À8îÅ]8îZ‰8îÍ78îbæ8î×ô8î€R™U#ñSÔJÝÅëÝÅ‘IÝŪ‘Ô
““x:ñ•+#M•Cu»•ýDâ•±É:–‚¤p\—+$[—Ú”Î>—ïÅÈ9˜„¬Ë¿˜ˆ‡&™e€òÿ™i*D¹™nä×šÚðLš_
šÜÏÅšü¼žšü¼òß›€ê
€›ªÕ#‘œb%ÕCœb%ìžcÒeL ž]¢Ò¢ÔÛay£ìçZ©Òbl©êE)_©êE§{«d`7x­Ïn:»®uƒtš¯Žl¯{“ƒå°¨“ab±ËôMì²Ðñ²Öé²ï£³Ônu³]=‰³É3öµgUÍ¶œE´:¸ÝzÈZ¹¢uŸœ¹«Z‰·¹ÿê‰ó¹ÿêzô¹ÿêyMºïs`É»s¬¿9­q£À@ÐÊÀË#סÁ!dµƒÒXƒÃ*“FƒÃjîÄ®ÄA¹…Æ@ЇƊz²ÈsÿoZË"blRË(~DýËÍÓC¢ÌžÝÌ+URÌ+UÈñÌ+UYúÌ+U­¬Ì?²Î̽>òÌÜZ…͙w«#ÍÁÿý{Î^~ŒÒÐúµ§ÒuÁ×ÓM?GÓV¥ídÕŸ¿\ÕëÅúL֖Î'{֚;“×CÂMِ%¼±ÙëK¶³ÚóŽ\,Û!4ZÛòg¬Ü|\DÜ£Þ†
Ü£Þ¥>ÜÍZ‹_Ý]°ÀÝ]½ÝÂgߦ¥‘ºáŒþâqv6ãì®&äçùÒäëÅ…½ç
9ùåèÚê­ßé>õ8P8´!ó|¨uõÂ7$°öýšKsùùÎŽwúÞ'•‡úÞ'®¬û²ØÅyü¸ªÿ>þåCþÖ\NÇ


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…&_‘5=©‡»;VÅ=mƒ²þ#¤„.êÈ ¢ú¾s!Iu¬#©š³·%l4`-&*ö½'¦*Fl(¨ÓšÆ)âBD‰*·µl+(c;.+ʵЖ0º‚`3]H*;3un©6Gú&e7IÁ2:   ô_:Bs.=WzÒõ>Ί>=3ñï?™:ìŸ?™:Ù@pñöAŠ¾1ÝBfšwE˜Â“ýFpµß´H;ÓVúH¨Æ÷{L¿šraM8zèN“B¬±N“BMN“Bb“O¹DP)ÓGÐPÚ#‘êPÚ#|>PÚ#«4R9ñV{TÕãV.Ž‹V5ãgéV5ã4ÎVA—£Vx㤂XÞE9Ñ[çë¿\
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óͪ͹¶@ÎV,»®u½ìsz‘¿ÝÚ%®¿ÝÚr¿ÝÚ®h¿Ýڝ¿ÝÚ°¿ß:7“¿ß:ÞÀâ*Á‹eÄÁ‹¦ÃÁ®P.ÞÃBZÆ_ÅÜ©—§ÅôºõÆcŠ‚ƅn@¨ÇÆ%ô`ÉS”EcÉ¿º¨ÉÇ>œyÍð3fÅÎZé(™ηÁîÑ3õÔ҄ìï҄$ÒìĪ)×1ÚÅ$×Àe¿صD•ÙÚºåÒÚðÐ ãÜëÒì’ÝV¥   ^ÞmÞ+¥ލ>\%Þçqàïól‘àïó[Êá=˜>há=˜MÀâ”Ógã
j¡ùïœÌïûqŸýïýšÀÏïýšÇðð1•·ðÒú¦yñR¡ñ­SñÀ7þòl^†óä,¥óDe¹Üó£.EWõòúªJö3Ç‘©ùU5©ú´3×Óü-ÅPpý>¦’ý{ºoÿÏlçÿñO
üBâ5u‹ì‹$¯¹žJΫŽj«òßÆÝAµ *í¢Ð©½díÒý 
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M$ÚUø$àžcC%Lõ[¸%Lõ¥k)hù8,`tVõ,•ÕëI-Iõé-®î§.è”1õr±30c؛30cR5g¥oƒ69ú†á7Ίf«;CÂ"V<ãý?$O1? GÓ?çI%‰@¤:A®¤äB˜&ø–G*ã/1GFÕMýHúùŒJSpHMJÄ%c9JÄ%ML ó  áLÒN1jM”SÖuOtSØ7OßtWPrŠ¿KQ5³°Q°¤òS™õÌRSþ'«U'ÚÐLUÇ4êyWÙÁWÙ¿õY=#ÈÈZc%:]S~?|^ñ(_Ø¥Ç`Ù§Ö`yjî3`èH¨bŠeJbŠeµàe
ZÝÙgÔn0„hí3hUiHóÄüi¯TuZi¯T5méEðn×j~n×j&o•êO®q~:Wt=ŽÂvm›v›:À[|ã/Ù€mÎ*ó[ä!r…º        >‡ÍÎ
[ˆ2Jï ŠJõ„‹ff¼ŽRão3Ž³aŽùŽ¹¹GUŽº•õ.†¢\áèój@‘XcRŠ‘x“>n‘ù£‰‘ù£cª’"|Å"’"|¯¤’"|ÂÍ’™ËÐ’ËN\”’å‘[”¦ç˜—ð4›˜èž`•›-zwÙ›I•ÅÓœ\ªïeœð0띵9ö¡Už˜ú¡³¤½¸¢dá}…£ÒZ¤Û¥X®3Û¨ªct¨®õwŽ¯·þd¯ªù'±äCDD²sÆý²>NHгÞ]Ѷã9ĸ+`a`¹Â¼ºä~r‘»-zOïÀ·N.ÁAš °Á±ã
ÂÂôÃ/2Ó3©uï>ˆɟ)KËÿuºñÌ´Þj”Í3Íìó+Îô¤Œ‡ÎùSOÎû³ó\ÏxN~Ï´ ÐÙ~¦ÓLŠ1(ӕ®'ÓÅ´góÓË$É,×$.7àع¥e³Ù£#ŸÜIš»ß¾c
Ïått»ÇåttK å²d½Èç”tôðçù*êèFdsEéAD$Ëíô²íô´íôEîAu%6ïa       dô‹Ûõ
þ…¢%þÿUä&†iw»ÿÿÿÿdchangeColor("name", c, m, y, k)

Changes the color "name" to the specified CMYK value. The color value is
defined via four components c = Cyan, m = Magenta, y = Yellow and k = Black.
Color components should be in the range from 0 to 255.

May raise NotFoundError if the named color wasn't found.
May raise ValueError if an invalid color name is specified.

Closes the current document without prompting to save.

May throw NoDocOpenError if there is no document to close

Closes the currently active master page, if any, and returns editing
to normal. Begin editing with editMasterPage().
ÿÿÿÿRcreateBezierLine(list, ["name"]) -> string

Creates a new bezier curve and returns its name. The points for the bezier
curve are stored in the list "list" in the following order:
[x1, y1, kx1, ky1, x2, y2, kx2, ky2...xn. yn, kxn. kyn]
In the points list, x and y mean the x and y coordinates of the point and kx
and ky meaning the control point for the curve.  The coordinates are given in
the current measurement units of the document (see UNIT constants). "name"
should be a unique identifier for the object because you need this name for
further access to that object. If "name" is not given Scribus will create one
for you.

May raise NameExistsError if you explicitly pass a name that's already used.
May raise ValueError if an insufficient number of points is passed or if
the number of values passed don't group into points without leftovers.

Creates a character style. This function takes the following keyword parameters:

"name" [required] -> name of the char style to create

"font" [optional] -> name of the font to use

fontsize [optional] -> font size to set (double)

"features" [optional] -> nearer typographic details can be defined by a string that might contain the following phrases comma-seperated (without spaces!):

-> inherit

-> bold

-> italic

-> underline

-> underlinewords

-> strike

-> superscript

-> subscript

-> outline

-> shadowed

-> allcaps

-> smallcaps

"fillcolor" [optional], "fillshade" [optional] -> specify fill options

"strokecolor" [optional], "strokeshade" [optional] -> specify stroke options

baselineoffset [optional] -> offset of the baseline

shadowxoffset [optional], shadowyoffset [optional] -> offset of the shadow if used

outlinewidth [optional] -> width of the outline if used

underlineoffset [optional], underlinewidth [optional] -> underline options if used

strikethruoffset [optional], strikethruwidth [optional] -> strikethru options if used

scaleh [optional], scalev [optional] -> scale of the chars

tracking [optional] -> tracking of the text

"language" [optional] -> language code

ÿÿÿÿÖcreateEllipse(x, y, width, height, ["name"]) -> string

Creates a new ellipse on the current page and returns its name.
The coordinates are given in the current measurement units of the document
(see UNIT constants). "name" should be a unique identifier for the object
because you need this name for further referencing of that object. If "name"
is not given Scribus will create one for you.

May raise NameExistsError if you explicitly pass a name that's already used.
ÿÿÿÿÀcreateImage(x, y, width, height, ["name"]) -> string

Creates a new picture frame on the current page and returns its name. The
coordinates are given in the current measurement units of the document.
"name" should be a unique identifier for the object because you need this
name for further access to that object. If "name" is not given Scribus will
create one for you.

May raise NameExistsError if you explicitly pass a name that's already used.

Creates a new layer with the name "name".

May raise ValueError if the layer name isn't acceptable.
ÿÿÿÿÝcreateLine(x1, y1, x2, y2, ["name"]) -> string

Creates a new line from the point(x1, y1) to the point(x2, y2) and returns
its name. The coordinates are given in the current measurement unit of the
document (see UNIT constants). "name" should be a unique identifier for the
object because you need this name for further access to that object. If
"name" is not given Scribus will create one for you.

May raise NameExistsError if you explicitly pass a name that's already used.

Creates a new master page named pageName and opens it for

Creates a paragraph style. This function takes the following keyword parameters:

"name" [required] -> specifies the name of the paragraphstyle to create

linespacingmode [optional] -> specifies the linespacing mode; possible modes are:

fixed linespacing:          0

automatic linespacing:      1

baseline grid linespacing:  2

linespacing [optional] -> specifies the linespacing if using fixed linespacing

alignment [optional] -> specifies the alignment of the paragraph

-> left:     0

-> center:   1

-> right:    2

-> justify:  3

-> extend:   4

leftmargin [optional], rightmargin [optional] -> specify the margin

gapbefore [optional], gapafter [optional] -> specify the gaps to the heading and following paragraphs

firstindent [optional] -> the indent of the first line

hasdropcap [optional] -> specifies if there are caps (1 = yes, 0 = no)

dropcaplines [optional] -> height (in lines) of the caps if used

dropcapoffset [optional] -> offset of the caps if used

"charstyle" [optional] -> char style to use

ÿÿÿÿMcreatePathText(x, y, "textbox", "beziercurve", ["name"]) -> string

Creates a new pathText by merging the two objects "textbox" and
"beziercurve" and returns its name. The coordinates are given in the current
measurement unit of the document (see UNIT constants). "name" should be a
unique identifier for the object because you need this name for further access
to that object. If "name" is not given Scribus will create one for you.

May raise NameExistsError if you explicitly pass a name that's already used.
May raise NotFoundError if one or both of the named base object don't exist.
ÿÿÿÿ­createPolyLine(list, ["name"]) -> string

Creates a new polyline and returns its name. The points for the polyline are
stored in the list "list" in the following order: [x1, y1, x2, y2...xn. yn].
The coordinates are given in the current measurement units of the document (see
UNIT constants). "name" should be a unique identifier for the object because
you need this name for further access to that object. If "name" is not given
Scribus will create one for you.

May raise NameExistsError if you explicitly pass a name that's already used.
May raise ValueError if an insufficient number of points is passed or if
the number of values passed don't group into points without leftovers.
ÿÿÿÿacreatePolygon(list, ["name"]) -> string

Creates a new polygon and returns its name. The points for the polygon are
stored in the list "list" in the following order: [x1, y1, x2, y2...xn. yn].
At least three points are required. There is no need to repeat the first point
to close the polygon. The polygon is automatically closed by connecting the
first and the last point.  The coordinates are given in the current measurement
units of the document (see UNIT constants).  "name" should be a unique
identifier for the object because you need this name for further access to that
object. If "name" is not given Scribus will create one for you.

May raise NameExistsError if you explicitly pass a name that's already used.
May raise ValueError if an insufficient number of points is passed or if
the number of values passed don't group into points without leftovers.
ÿÿÿÿÑcreateRect(x, y, width, height, ["name"]) -> string

Creates a new rectangle on the current page and returns its name. The
coordinates are given in the current measurement units of the document
(see UNIT constants). "name" should be a unique identifier for the object
because you need this name to reference that object in future. If "name"
is not given Scribus will create one for you.

May raise NameExistsError if you explicitly pass a name that's already used.
ÿÿÿÿÓcreateText(x, y, width, height, ["name"]) -> string

Creates a new text frame on the actual page and returns its name.
The coordinates are given in the actual measurement unit of the document (see
UNIT constants). "name" should be a unique identifier for the object because
you need this name for further referencing of that object. If "name" is not
given Scribus will create one for you.

May raise NameExistsError if you explicitly pass a name that's already used.
ÿÿÿÿ·currentPage() -> integer

Returns the number of the current working page. Page numbers are counted from 1
upwards, no matter what the displayed first page number of your document is.
ÿÿÿÿdefineColor("name", c, m, y, k)

Defines a new color "name". The color Value is defined via four components:
c = Cyan, m = Magenta, y = Yellow and k = Black. Color components should be in
the range from 0 to 255.

May raise ValueError if an invalid color name is specified.
ÿÿÿÿÏdehyphenateText(["name"]) -> bool

Does dehyphenation on text frame "name".
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.

May raise WrongFrameTypeError if the target frame is not a text frame
ÿÿÿÿ¾deleteColor("name", "replace")

Deletes the color "name". Every occurence of that color is replaced by the
color "replace". If not specified, "replace" defaults to the color
"None" - transparent.

deleteColor works on the default document colors if there is no document open.
In that case, "replace", if specified, has no effect.

May raise NotFoundError if a named color wasn't found.
May raise ValueError if an invalid color name is specified.

Deletes the layer with the name "layer". Nothing happens if the layer doesn't
exists or if it's the only layer in the document.

May raise NotFoundError if the layer can't be found.
May raise ValueError if the layer name isn't acceptable.

Delete the named master page.

Deletes the item with the name "name". If "name" is not given the currently
selected item is deleted.

Deletes the given page. Does nothing if the document contains only one page.
Page numbers are counted from 1 upwards, no matter what the displayed first
page number is.

May raise IndexError if the page number is out of range

Deletes any text in the text frame "name". If there is some text selected,
only the selected text will be deleted. If "name" is not given the currently
selected item is used.

Deselects all objects in the whole document.

Enable/disable save icon in the Scribus icon bar and the Save menu item. It's
useful to call this procedure when you're changing the document, because Scribus
won't automatically notice when you change the document using a script.
ÿÿÿÿfduplicateObject(["name"]) -> string

creates a Duplicate of the selected Object (or Selection Group).

Enables master page editing and opens the named master page
for editing. Finish editing with closeMasterPage().
ÿÿÿÿ×fileDialog("caption", ["filter", "defaultname", haspreview, issave, isdir]) -> string with filename

Shows a File Open dialog box with the caption "caption". Files are filtered
with the filter string "filter". A default filename or file path can also
supplied, leave this string empty when you don't want to use it.  A value of
True for haspreview enables a small preview widget in the FileSelect box.  When
the issave parameter is set to True the dialog acts like a "Save As" dialog
otherwise it acts like a "File Open Dialog". When the isdir parameter is True
the dialog shows and returns only directories. The default for all of the
optional parameters is False.

The filter, if specified, takes the form 'comment (*.type *.type2 ...)'.
For example 'Images (*.png *.xpm *.jpg)'.

Refer to the Qt-Documentation for QFileDialog for details on filters.

Example: fileDialog('Open input', 'CSV files (*.csv)')
Example: fileDialog('Save report', defaultname='report.txt', issave=True)
ÿÿÿÿJgetActiveLayer() -> string

Returns the name of the current active layer.
ÿÿÿÿagetAllObjects() -> list

Returns a list containing the names of all objects on the current page.
ÿÿÿÿdgetAllStyles() -> list

Return a list of the names of all paragraph styles in the current document.
ÿÿÿÿgetAllText(["name"]) -> string

Returns the text of the text frame "name" and of all text frames which are
linked with this frame. If this textframe has some text selected, the selected
text is returned. If "name" is not given the currently selected item is
ÿÿÿÿagetColor("name") -> tuple

Returns a tuple (C, M, Y, K) containing the four color components of the
color "name" from the current document. If no document is open, returns
the value of the named color from the default document colors.

May raise NotFoundError if the named color wasn't found.
May raise ValueError if an invalid color name is specified.
ÿÿÿÿ„getColorAsRGB("name") -> tuple

Returns a tuple (R,G,B) containing the three color components of the
color "name" from the current document, converted to the RGB color
space. If no document is open, returns the value of the named color
from the default document colors.

May raise NotFoundError if the named color wasn't found.
May raise ValueError if an invalid color name is specified.
ZgetColorNames() -> list

>72@0I05B A?8A>: 8<Q= F25B>2, >?@545;Q==KE 4;O MB>3> 4>:C<5=B0.
A;8 =8 >48= 4>:C<5=B =5 >B:@KB, 2>72@0I05BAO A?8A>: AB0=40@B=KE F25B>2 4>:C<5=B0.
«getColorNames() -> list

Returns a list containing the names of all defined colors in the document.
If no document is open, returns a list of the default document colors.
ÿÿÿÿ§getColumnGap(["name"]) -> float

Returns the column gap size of the text frame "name" expressed in points. If
"name" is not given the currently selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿ’getColumns(["name"]) -> integer

Gets the number of columns of the text frame "name". If "name" is not
given the currently selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿµgetCornerRadius(["name"]) -> integer

Returns the corner radius of the object "name". The radius is
expressed in points. If "name" is not given the currently
selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿ”getFillBlendmode(["name"]) -> integer

Returns the fill blendmode of the object "name". If "name"
is not given the currently selected Item is used.
getFillColor(["name"]) -> string

>72@0I05B 8<O F25B0 70;82:8 >1J5:B0 "name". A;8 "name" 
=5 7040=, 8A?>;L7C5BAO B5:CI89 2K1@0==K9 >1J5:B.
—getFillColor(["name"]) -> string

Returns the name of the fill color of the object "name".
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿ¡getFillShade(["name"]) -> integer

Returns the shading value of the fill color of the object "name".
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿ˜getFillTransparency(["name"]) -> float

Returns the fill transparency of the object "name". If "name"
is not given the currently selected Item is used.
ÿÿÿÿügetFont(["name"]) -> string

Returns the font name for the text frame "name". If this text frame
has some text selected the value assigned to the first character
of the selection is returned. If "name" is not given the currently
selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿNgetFontNames() -> list

Returns a list with the names of all available fonts.
ÿÿÿÿ        getFontSize(["name"]) -> float

Returns the font size in points for the text frame "name". If this text
frame has some text selected the value assigned to the first character of
the selection is returned.
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿCgetGuiLanguage() -> string

Returns a string with the -lang value.
ÿÿÿÿœgetHGuides() -> list

Returns a list containing positions of the horizontal guides. Values are in the
document's current units - see UNIT_<type> constants.
ÿÿÿÿ•getImageName(["name"]) -> string

Returns the filename for the image in the image frame. If "name" is not
given the currently selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿ¯getImageScale(["name"]) -> (x,y)

Returns a (x, y) tuple containing the scaling values of the image frame
"name".  If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿ·getLayerBlendmode("layer") -> int

Returns the "layer" layer blendmode,

May raise NotFoundError if the layer can't be found.
May raise ValueError if the layer name isn't acceptable.
ÿÿÿÿ¿getLayerTransparency("layer") -> float

Returns the "layer" layer transparency,

May raise NotFoundError if the layer can't be found.
May raise ValueError if the layer name isn't acceptable.
ÿÿÿÿJgetLayers() -> list

Returns a list with the names of all defined layers.
ÿÿÿÿ”getLineBlendmode(["name"]) -> integer

Returns the line blendmode of the object "name". If "name"
is not given the currently selected Item is used.
ÿÿÿÿ—getLineColor(["name"]) -> string

Returns the name of the line color of the object "name".
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿÑgetLineEnd(["name"]) -> integer (see constants)

Returns the line cap style of the object "name". If "name" is not given the
currently selected item is used. The cap types are:
ÿÿÿÿÙgetLineJoin(["name"]) -> integer (see constants)

Returns the line join style of the object "name". If "name" is not given
the currently selected item is used.  The join types are:
ÿÿÿÿ¡getLineShade(["name"]) -> integer

Returns the shading value of the line color of the object "name".
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿ²getLineSpacing(["name"]) -> float

Returns the line spacing ("leading") of the text frame "name" expressed in
points. If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿõgetLineStyle(["name"]) -> integer (see constants)

Returns the line style of the object "name". If "name" is not given the
currently selected item is used. Line style constants are:
ÿÿÿÿ˜getLineTransparency(["name"]) -> float

Returns the line transparency of the object "name". If "name"
is not given the currently selected Item is used.
ÿÿÿÿŒgetLineWidth(["name"]) -> integer

Returns the line width of the object "name". If "name"
is not given the currently selected Item is used.
ÿÿÿÿûgetPageItems() -> list

Returns a list of tuples with items on the current page. The tuple is:
(name, objectType, order) E.g. [('Text1', 4, 0), ('Image1', 2, 1)]
means that object named 'Text1' is a text frame (type 4) and is the first at
the page...

Returns the page margins as a (top, left, right, bottom) tuple in the current
units. See UNIT_<type> constants and getPageSize().
ÿÿÿÿ–getPageSize() -> tuple

Returns a tuple with page dimensions measured in the document's current units.
See UNIT_<type> constants and getPageMargins()
ÿÿÿÿtgetPageType() -> integer

Returns the type of the Page, 0 means left Page, 1 is a middle Page and 2 is a right Page
ÿÿÿÿgetPosition(["name"]) -> (x,y)

Returns a (x, y) tuple with the position of the object "name".
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.
The position is expressed in the actual measurement unit of the document
- see UNIT_<type> for reference.
ÿÿÿÿ©getProperty(object, property)

Return the value of the property `property' of the passed `object'.

The `object' argument may be a string, in which case the named PageItem
is searched for. It may also be a PyCObject, which may point to any
C++ QObject instance.

The `property' argument must be a string, and is the name of the property
to look up on `object'.

The return value varies depending on the type of the property.
ÿÿÿÿÚgetPropertyCType(object, property, includesuper=True)

Returns the name of the C type of `property' of `object'. See getProperty()
for details of arguments.

If `includesuper' is true, search inherited properties too.
ÿÿÿÿ¶getPropertyNames(object, includesuper=True)

Return a list of property names supported by `object'.
If `includesuper' is true, return properties supported
by parent classes as well.
ÿÿÿÿÇgetRotation(["name"]) -> integer

Returns the rotation of the object "name". The value is expressed in degrees,
and clockwise is positive. If "name" is not given the currently selected item
is used.
ÿÿÿÿÝgetSelectedObject([nr]) -> string

Returns the name of the selected object. "nr" if given indicates the number
of the selected object, e.g. 0 means the first selected object, 1 means the
second selected Object and so on.
ÿÿÿÿgetSize(["name"]) -> (width,height)

Returns a (width, height) tuple with the size of the object "name".
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used. The size is
expressed in the current measurement unit of the document - see UNIT_<type>
for reference.
ÿÿÿÿgetText(["name"]) -> string

Returns the text of the text frame "name". If this text frame has some text
selected, the selected text is returned. All text in the frame, not just
currently visible text, is returned. If "name" is not given the currently
selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿñgetTextDistances(["name"]) -> tuple

Returns the text distances of the text frame "name" expressed in points. The
distances are returned as a tuple like (left, right, top, bottom). If "name"
is not given the currently selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿ™getTextLength(["name"]) -> integer

Returns the length of the text in the text frame "name".
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿ¡getTextLines(["name"]) -> integer

Returns the number of lines of the text in the text frame "name".
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿÍgetUnit() -> integer (Scribus unit constant)

Returns the measurement units of the document. The returned value will be one
of the UNIT_* constants:

See getHGuides.
ÿÿÿÿºgetXFontNames() -> list of tuples

Returns a larger font info. It's a list of the tuples with:
[ (Scribus name, Family, Real name, subset (1|0), embed PS (1|0), font file), (...), ... ]

Moves to the page "nr" (that is, makes the current page "nr"). Note that
gotoPage doesn't (currently) change the page the user's view is displaying, it
just sets the page that script commands will operates on.

May raise IndexError if the page number is out of range.

Groups the objects named in "list" together. "list" must contain the names
of the objects to be grouped. If "list" is not given the currently selected
items are used.
ÿÿÿÿ=haveDoc() -> bool

Returns true if there is a document open.
ÿÿÿÿËhyphenateText(["name"]) -> bool

Does hyphenation on text frame "name".
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.

May raise WrongFrameTypeError if the target frame is not a text frame
ÿÿÿÿ¼importPage("fromDoc", (pageList), [create, imortwhere, importwherePage])

Imports a set of pages (given as a tuple) from an existing document (the file name must be given). This functions maps the "Page->Import" dropdown menu function.
fromDoc: string; the filename of the document to import pages from
pageList: tuple with page numbers of pages to import
create: number; 0 to replace existing pages, 1 (default) to insert new pages
importWhere: number; the page number (of the current document) at which import the pages
importWherePage: number; used if create==1; 0 to create pages before selected page; 1 to create pages after selected page; 2 (default) to create pages at the end of the document
ÿÿÿÿsinsertText("text", pos, ["name"])

Inserts the text "text" at the position "pos" into the text frame "name".
Text must be UTF encoded (see setText() as reference) The first character has an
index of 0. Inserting text at position -1 appends it to the frame. If "name" is
not given the currently selected Item is used.

May throw IndexError for an insertion out of bounds.
ÿÿÿÿ2isLayerFlow("layer") -> bool

Returns whether text flows around objects on layer "layer", a value of True means
that text flows around, a value of False means that the text does not flow around.

May raise NotFoundError if the layer can't be found.
May raise ValueError if the layer name isn't acceptable.
ÿÿÿÿ6isLayerLocked("layer") -> bool

Returns whether the layer "layer" is locked or not, a value of True means
that the layer "layer" is editable, a value of False means that the layer
"layer" is locked.

May raise NotFoundError if the layer can't be found.
May raise ValueError if the layer name isn't acceptable.
ÿÿÿÿ:isLayerOutlined("layer") -> bool

Returns whether the layer "layer" is outlined or not, a value of True means
that the layer "layer" is outlined, a value of False means that the layer
"layer" is normal.

May raise NotFoundError if the layer can't be found.
May raise ValueError if the layer name isn't acceptable.
ÿÿÿÿJisLayerPrintable("layer") -> bool

Returns whether the layer "layer" is printable or not, a value of True means
that the layer "layer" can be printed, a value of False means that printing
the layer "layer" is disabled.

May raise NotFoundError if the layer can't be found.
May raise ValueError if the layer name isn't acceptable.
ÿÿÿÿ:isLayerVisible("layer") -> bool

Returns whether the layer "layer" is visible or not, a value of True means
that the layer "layer" is visible, a value of False means that the layer
"layer" is invisible.

May raise NotFoundError if the layer can't be found.
May raise ValueError if the layer name isn't acceptable.
ÿÿÿÿ†isLocked(["name"]) -> bool

Returns true if is the object "name" locked.  If "name" is not given the
currently selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿÝisPDFBookmark(["name"]) -> bool

Returns true if the text frame "name" is a PDF bookmark.
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.

May raise WrongFrameTypeError if the target frame is not a text frame
ÿÿÿÿ'linkTextFrames("fromname", "toname")

Link two text frames. The frame named "fromname" is linked to the
frame named "toname". The target frame must be an empty text frame
and must not link to or be linked from any other frames already.

May throw ScribusException if linking rules are violated.
ÿÿÿÿàloadImage("filename" [, "name"])

Loads the picture "picture" into the image frame "name". If "name" is
not given the currently selected item is used.

May raise WrongFrameTypeError if the target frame is not an image frame

Loads paragraph styles from the Scribus document at "filename" into the
current document.
ÿÿÿÿ¸lockObject(["name"]) -> bool

Locks the object "name" if it's unlocked or unlock it if it's locked.
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used. Returns true
if locked.

Returns a list of the names of all master pages in the document.
ÿÿÿÿ4messageBox("caption", "message",
    button2=BUTTON_NONE, button3=BUTTON_NONE) -> integer

Displays a message box with the title "caption", the message "message", and
an icon "icon" and up to 3 buttons. By default no icon is used and a single
button, OK, is displayed. Only the caption and message arguments are required,
though setting an icon and appropriate button(s) is strongly
recommended. The message text may contain simple HTML-like markup.

Returns the number of the button the user pressed. Button numbers start
at 1.

For the icon and the button parameters there are predefined constants available
with the same names as in the Qt Documentation. These are the BUTTON_* and
ICON_* constants defined in the module. There are also two extra constants that
can be binary-ORed with button constants:
    BUTTONOPT_DEFAULT   Pressing enter presses this button.
    BUTTONOPT_ESCAPE    Pressing escape presses this button.

Usage examples:
result = messageBox('Script failed',
                    'This script only works when you have a text frame selected.',
result = messageBox('Monkeys!', 'Something went ook! <i>Was it a monkey?</i>',

Defined button and icon constants:

Writes the "string" into the Scribus message bar (status line). The text
must be UTF8 encoded or 'unicode' string(recommended).
rmoveObject(dx, dy [, "name"])

!<5I05B >15:B "name" =0 dx 8 dy ?> >B=>H5=8N : B5:CI59 ?>78F88.
 0AAB>O=8O 2K@060NBAO 2 B5:CI59 548=8F5 87<5@5=8O 4>:C<5=B0 
(A<. :>=AB0=BK UNIT). A;8 "name" =5 7040=>, 8A?>;L7C5BAO 2K1@0==K9
2 40==K9 <><5=B >1J5:B. A;8 >1J5:B "name" ?@8=04;568B 3@C??5, 
?5@5<5I05BAO 2AO 3@C??0.
GmoveObject(dx, dy [, "name"])

Moves the object "name" by dx and dy relative to its current position. The
distances are expressed in the current measurement unit of the document (see
UNIT constants). If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.
If the object "name" belongs to a group, the whole group is moved.
ÿÿÿÿ0moveObjectAbs(x, y [, "name"])

Moves the object "name" to a new location. The coordinates are expressed in
the current measurement unit of the document (see UNIT constants).  If "name"
is not given the currently selected item is used.  If the object "name"
belongs to a group, the whole group is moved.

Moves current selection to back.

Moves current selection to front.
ÿÿÿÿonewDoc(size, margins, orientation, firstPageNumber,
                   unit, facingPages, firstSideLeft) -> bool

WARNING: Obsolete procedure! Use newDocument instead.

Creates a new document and returns true if successful. The parameters have the
following meaning:

    size = A tuple (width, height) describing the size of the document. You can
    use predefined constants named PAPER_<paper_type> e.g. PAPER_A4 etc.

    margins = A tuple (left, right, top, bottom) describing the document

    orientation = the page orientation - constants PORTRAIT, LANDSCAPE

    firstPageNumer = is the number of the first page in the document used for
    pagenumbering. While you'll usually want 1, it's useful to have higher
    numbers if you're creating a document in several parts.

    unit: this value sets the measurement units used by the document. Use a
    predefined constant for this, one of: UNIT_INCHES, UNIT_MILLIMETERS,



The values for width, height and the margins are expressed in the given unit
for the document. PAPER_* constants are expressed in points. If your document
is not in points, make sure to account for this.

example: newDoc(PAPER_A4, (10, 10, 20, 20), LANDSCAPE, 1, UNIT_POINTS,
ÎnewDocDialog() -> bool

>:07K205B 480;>3 «>2K9 4>:C<5=B». !>740QB =>2K9 4>:C<5=B, 5A;8 ?>;L7>20B5;L
?@8=8<05B CAB0=>2:8. 5 A>740QB 4>:C<5=B, 5A;8 ?>;L7>20B5;L =068<05B «B<5=8BL».
>72@0I05B 7=0G5=85 true, 5A;8 4>:C<5=B A>740=.
ÜnewDocDialog() -> bool

Displays the "New Document" dialog box. Creates a new document if the user
accepts the settings. Does not create a document if the user presses cancel.
Returns true if a new document was created.
ÿÿÿÿnewDocument(size, margins, orientation, firstPageNumber,
                        unit, pagesType, firstPageOrder, numPages) -> bool

Creates a new document and returns true if successful. The parameters have the
following meaning:

size = A tuple (width, height) describing the size of the document. You can
use predefined constants named PAPER_<paper_type> e.g. PAPER_A4 etc.

margins = A tuple (left, right, top, bottom) describing the document

orientation = the page orientation - constants PORTRAIT, LANDSCAPE

firstPageNumer = is the number of the first page in the document used for
pagenumbering. While you'll usually want 1, it's useful to have higher
numbers if you're creating a document in several parts.

unit: this value sets the measurement units used by the document. Use a
predefined constant for this, one of: UNIT_INCHES, UNIT_MILLIMETERS,

pagesType = One of the predefined constants PAGE_n. PAGE_1 is single page,
PAGE_2 is for double sided documents, PAGE_3 is for 3 pages fold and
PAGE_4 is 4-fold.

firstPageOrder = What is position of first page in the document.
Indexed from 0 (0 = first).

numPage = Number of pages to be created.

The values for width, height and the margins are expressed in the given unit
for the document. PAPER_* constants are expressed in points. If your document
is not in points, make sure to account for this.

example: newDocument(PAPER_A4, (10, 10, 20, 20), LANDSCAPE, 7, UNIT_POINTS,
PAGE_4, 3, 1)

May raise ScribusError if is firstPageOrder bigger than allowed by pagesType.
ÿÿÿÿ¤newPage(where [,"masterpage"])

Creates a new page. If "where" is -1 the new Page is appended to the
document, otherwise the new page is inserted before "where". Page numbers are
counted from 1 upwards, no matter what the displayed first page number of your
document is. The optional parameter "masterpage" specifies the name of the
master page for the new page.

May raise IndexError if the page number is out of range
ÿÿÿÿŽnewStyleDialog() -> string

Shows 'Create new paragraph style' dialog. Function returns real
style name or None when user cancels the dialog.
ÿÿÿÿÛobjectExists(["name"]) -> bool

Test if an object with specified name really exists in the document.
The optional parameter is the object name. When no object name is given,
returns True if there is something selected.

Opens the document "name".

May raise ScribusError if the document could not be opened.
ÿÿÿÿEpageCount() -> integer

Returns the number of pages in the document.
ÿÿÿÿäplaceEPS("filename", x, y)

Places the EPS "filename" onto the current page,
x and y specify the coordinate of the topleft corner of the EPS placed on the page

If loading was successful, the selection contains the imported EPS
ÿÿÿÿäplaceODG("filename", x, y)

Places the ODG "filename" onto the current page,
x and y specify the coordinate of the topleft corner of the ODG placed on the page

If loading was successful, the selection contains the imported ODG
ÿÿÿÿäplaceSVG("filename", x, y)

Places the SVG "filename" onto the current page,
x and y specify the coordinate of the topleft corner of the SVG placed on the page

If loading was successful, the selection contains the imported SVG
ÿÿÿÿäplaceSXD("filename", x, y)

Places the SXD "filename" onto the current page,
x and y specify the coordinate of the topleft corner of the SXD placed on the page

If loading was successful, the selection contains the imported SXD

Cleans up the Scribus progress bar previous settings. It is called before the
new progress bar use. See progressSet.

Set the progress bar position to "nr", a value relative to the previously set
progressTotal. The progress bar uses the concept of steps; you give it the
total number of steps and the number of steps completed so far and it will
display the percentage of steps that have been completed. You can specify the
total number of steps with progressTotal(). The current number of steps is set
with progressSet(). The progress bar can be rewound to the beginning with
progressReset(). [based on info taken from Trolltech's Qt docs]

Sets the progress bar's maximum steps value to the specified number.
See progressSet.
ÿÿÿÿ redrawAll()

Redraws all pages.
ÿÿÿÿrenderFont("name", "filename", "sample", size, format="PPM") -> bool

Creates an image preview of font "name" with given text "sample" and size.
If "filename" is not "", image is saved into "filename". Otherwise
image data is returned as a string. The optional "format" argument
specifies the image format to generate, and supports any format allowed
by Common formats are PPM, JPEG, PNG and XPM.

May raise NotFoundError if the specified font can't be found.
May raise ValueError if an empty sample or filename is passed.
ÿÿÿÿÝreplaceColor("name", "replace")

Every occurence of the color "name" is replaced by the color "replace".

May raise NotFoundError if a named color wasn't found.
May raise ValueError if an invalid color name is specified.
ÿÿÿÿsrotateObject(rot [, "name"])

Rotates the object "name" by "rot" degrees relatively. The object is
rotated by the vertex that is currently selected as the rotation point - by
default, the top left vertex at zero rotation. Positive values mean counter
clockwise rotation when the default rotation point is used. If "name" is not
given the currently selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿ¿rotateObjectAbs(rot [, "name"])

Sets the rotation of the object "name" to "rot". Positive values
mean counter clockwise rotation. If "name" is not given the currently
selected item is used.

Saves the current document with its current name, returns true if successful.
If the document has not already been saved, this may bring up an interactive
save file dialog.

If the save fails, there is currently no way to tell.

Saves the current document under the new name "name" (which may be a full or
relative path).

May raise ScribusError if the save fails.

Saves the current page as an EPS to the file "name".

May raise ScribusError if the save failed.
ÿÿÿÿÌscaleGroup(factor [,"name"])

Scales the group the object "name" belongs to. Values greater than 1 enlarge
the group, values smaller than 1 make the group smaller e.g a value of 0.5
scales the group to 50 % of its original size, a value of 1.5 scales the group
to 150 % of its original size.  The value for "factor" must be greater than
0. If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.

May raise ValueError if an invalid scale factor is passed.
ÿÿÿÿscaleImage(x, y [, "name"])

Sets the scaling factors of the picture in the image frame "name".
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used. A number of 1
means 100 %.

May raise WrongFrameTypeError if the target frame is not an image frame

Scroll the document in main GUI window by x and y.

Selects the object with the given "name".
ÿÿÿÿdselectText(start, count, ["name"])

Selects "count" characters of text in the text frame "name" starting from the
character "start". Character counting starts at 0. If "count" is zero, any
text selection will be cleared.  If "name" is not given the currently
selected item is used.

May throw IndexError if the selection is outside the bounds of the text.
ÿÿÿÿEselectionCount() -> integer

Returns the number of selected objects.
ÿÿÿÿsentToLayer("layer" [, "name"])

Sends the object "name" to the layer "layer". The layer must exist.
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.

May raise NotFoundError if the layer can't be found.
May raise ValueError if the layer name isn't acceptable.

Sets the active layer to the layer named "name".

May raise NotFoundError if the layer can't be found.
May raise ValueError if the layer name isn't acceptable.
ÿÿÿÿésetColumnGap(size, ["name"])

Sets the column gap of the text frame "name" to the value "size". If
"name" is not given the currently selected item is used.

May throw ValueError if the column gap is out of bounds (must be positive).
ÿÿÿÿßsetColumns(nr, ["name"])

Sets the number of columns of the text frame "name" to the integer "nr".
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.

May throw ValueError if number of columns is not at least one.
ÿÿÿÿçsetCornerRadius(radius, ["name"])

Sets the corner radius of the object "name". The radius is expressed
in points. If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.

May raise ValueError if the corner radius is negative.

[UNSUPPORTED!] This might break things, so steer clear for now.
ÿÿÿÿ/setDocType(facingPages, firstPageLeft)

Sets the document type. To get facing pages set the first parameter to
FACINGPAGES, to switch facingPages off use NOFACINGPAGES instead.  If you want
to be the first page a left side set the second parameter to FIRSTPAGELEFT, for
a right page use FIRSTPAGERIGHT.
ÿÿÿÿsetFillBlendmode(blendmode, ["name"])

Sets the fill blendmode of the object "name" to blendmode
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿÎsetFillColor("color", ["name"])

Sets the fill color of the object "name" to the color "color". "color"
is the name of one of the defined colors. If "name" is not given the
currently selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿ8setFillShade(shade, ["name"])

Sets the shading of the fill color of the object "name" to "shade".
"shade" must be an integer value in the range from 0 (lightest) to 100
(full Color intensity). If "name" is not given the currently selected
Item is used.

May raise ValueError if the fill shade is out of bounds.
ÿÿÿÿ©setFillTransparency(transparency, ["name"])

Sets the fill transparency of the object "name" to transparency
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿÿsetFont("font", ["name"])

Sets the font of the text frame "name" to "font". If there is some text
selected only the selected text is changed.  If "name" is not given the
currently selected item is used.

May throw ValueError if the font cannot be found.
ÿÿÿÿ\setFontSize(size, ["name"])

Sets the font size of the text frame "name" to "size". "size" is treated
as a value in points. If there is some text selected only the selected text is
changed. "size" must be in the range 1 to 512. If "name" is not given the
currently selected item is used.

May throw ValueError for a font size that's out of bounds.
ÿÿÿÿùsetGradientFill(type, "color1", shade1, "color2", shade2, ["name"])

Sets the gradient fill of the object "name" to type. Color descriptions are
the same as for setFillColor() and setFillShade(). See the constants for
available types (FILL_<type>).

Sets horizontal guides. Input parameter must be a list of guide positions
measured in the current document units - see UNIT_<type> constants.

Example: setHGuides(getHGuides() + [200.0, 210.0] # add new guides without any lost
         setHGuides([90,250]) # replace current guides entirely
ÿÿÿÿ~setInfo("author", "info", "description") -> bool

Sets the document information. "Author", "Info", "Description" are
ÿÿÿÿ¿setLayerBlendmode("layer", blend)

Sets the layers "layer"  blendmode to blend.

May raise NotFoundError if the layer can't be found.
May raise ValueError if the layer name isn't acceptable.
ÿÿÿÿsetLayerFlow("layer", flow)

Sets the layers "layer"  flowcontrol to flow. If flow is set to
true text in layers above this one will flow around objects on this layer.

May raise NotFoundError if the layer can't be found.
May raise ValueError if the layer name isn't acceptable.
ÿÿÿÿïsetLayerLocked("layer", locked)

Sets the layer "layer" to be locked or not. If locked is set to
true the layer will be locked.

May raise NotFoundError if the layer can't be found.
May raise ValueError if the layer name isn't acceptable.
ÿÿÿÿÿsetLayerOutlined("layer", outline)

Sets the layer "layer" to be locked or not. If outline is set to
true the layer will be displayed outlined.

May raise NotFoundError if the layer can't be found.
May raise ValueError if the layer name isn't acceptable.
ÿÿÿÿsetLayerPrintable("layer", printable)

Sets the layer "layer" to be printable or not. If is the
printable set to false the layer won't be printed.

May raise NotFoundError if the layer can't be found.
May raise ValueError if the layer name isn't acceptable.
ÿÿÿÿÅsetLayerTransparency("layer", trans)

Sets the layers "layer"  transparency to trans.

May raise NotFoundError if the layer can't be found.
May raise ValueError if the layer name isn't acceptable.
ÿÿÿÿösetLayerVisible("layer", visible)

Sets the layer "layer" to be visible or not. If is the visible set to false
the layer is invisible.

May raise NotFoundError if the layer can't be found.
May raise ValueError if the layer name isn't acceptable.
ÿÿÿÿsetLineBlendmode(blendmode, ["name"])

Sets the line blendmode of the object "name" to blendmode
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿœsetLineColor("color", ["name"])

Sets the line color of the object "name" to the color "color". If "name"
is not given the currently selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿÓsetLineEnd(endtype, ["name"])

Sets the line cap style of the object "name" to the style "cap".
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used. There are
predefined constants for "cap" - CAP_<type>.
ÿÿÿÿÓsetLineJoin(join, ["name"])

Sets the line join style of the object "name" to the style "join".
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used. There are
predefined constants for join - JOIN_<type>.
ÿÿÿÿ8setLineShade(shade, ["name"])

Sets the shading of the line color of the object "name" to "shade".
"shade" must be an integer value in the range from 0 (lightest) to 100
(full color intensity). If "name" is not given the currently selected item
is used.

May raise ValueError if the line shade is out of bounds.
ÿÿÿÿûsetLineSpacing(size, ["name"])

Sets the line spacing ("leading") of the text frame "name" to "size".
"size" is a value in points. If "name" is not given the currently selected
item is used.

May throw ValueError if the line spacing is out of bounds.
ÿÿÿÿÕsetLineStyle(style, ["name"])

Sets the line style of the object "name" to the style "style". If "name"
is not given the currently selected item is used. There are predefined
constants for "style" - LINE_<style>.
ÿÿÿÿ©setLineTransparency(transparency, ["name"])

Sets the line transparency of the object "name" to transparency
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿsetLineWidth(width, ["name"])

Sets line width of the object "name" to "width". "width" must be in the
range from 0.0 to 12.0 inclusive, and is measured in points. If "name" is not
given the currently selected item is used.

May raise ValueError if the line width is out of bounds.
ÿÿÿÿâsetMargins(lr, rr, tr, br)

Sets the margins of the document, Qt::DockLeft(lr), Qt::DockRight(rr), Qt::DockTop(tr) and Qt::DockBottom(br)
margins are given in the measurement units of the document - see UNIT_<type>
ÿÿÿÿæsetMultiLine("namedStyle", ["name"])

Sets the line style of the object "name" to the named style "namedStyle".
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.

May raise NotFoundError if the line style doesn't exist.
ÿÿÿÿîsetPDFBookmark("toggle", ["name"])

Sets whether (toggle = 1) the text frame "name" is a bookmark nor not.
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.

May raise WrongFrameTypeError if the target frame is not a text frame
ÿÿÿÿsetProperty(object, property, value)

Set `property' of `object' to `value'. If `value' cannot be converted to a type
compatible with the type of `property', an exception is raised. An exception may
also be raised if the underlying setter fails.

See getProperty() for more information.

Disables page redraw when bool = False, otherwise redrawing is enabled.
This change will persist even after the script exits, so make sure to call
setRedraw(True) in a finally: clause at the top level of your script.
ÿÿÿÿCsetScaleImageToFrame(scaletoframe, proportional=None, name=<selection>)

Sets the scale to frame on the selected or specified image frame to `scaletoframe'.
If `proportional' is specified, set fixed aspect ratio scaling to `proportional'.
Both `scaletoframe' and `proportional' are boolean.

May raise WrongFrameTypeError.
ÿÿÿÿ“setStyle("style" [, "name"])

Apply the named "style" to the object named "name". If is no object name
given, it's applied on the selected object.
ÿÿÿÿsetText("text", ["name"])

Sets the text of the text frame "name" to the text of the string "text".
Text must be UTF8 encoded - use e.g. unicode(text, 'iso-8859-2'). See the FAQ
for more details. If "name" is not given the currently selected item is
ÿÿÿÿ>setTextAlignment(align, ["name"])

Sets the text alignment of the text frame "name" to the specified alignment.
If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used. "align" should
be one of the ALIGN_ constants defined in this module - see dir(scribus).

May throw ValueError for an invalid alignment constant.
ÿÿÿÿâsetTextColor("color", ["name"])

Sets the text color of the text frame "name" to the color "color". If there
is some text selected only the selected text is changed. If "name" is not
given the currently selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿ)setTextDistances(left, right, top, bottom, ["name"])

Sets the text distances of the text frame "name" to the values "left"
"right", "top" and "bottom". If "name" is not given the currently
selected item is used.

May throw ValueError if any of the distances are out of bounds (must be positive).
ÿÿÿÿ@setTextShade(shade, ["name"])

Sets the shading of the text color of the object "name" to "shade". If
there is some text selected only the selected text is changed. "shade" must
be an integer value in the range from 0 (lightest) to 100 (full color
intensity). If "name" is not given the currently selected item is
ÿÿÿÿ~setTextStroke("color", ["name"])

Set "color" of the text stroke. If "name" is not given the currently
selected item is used.

Changes the measurement unit of the document. Possible values for "unit" are
defined as constants UNIT_<type>.

May raise ValueError if an invalid unit is passed.

See setHGuides.
ÿÿÿÿ›sizeObject(width, height [, "name"])

Resizes the object "name" to the given width and height. If "name"
is not given the currently selected item is used.
ÿÿÿÿÌtextFlowMode("name" [, state])

Enables/disables "Text Flows Around Frame" feature for object "name".
Called with parameters string name and optional int "state" (0 <= state <= 3).
Setting "state" to 0 will disable text flow.
Setting "state" to 1 will make text flow around object frame.
Setting "state" to 2 will make text flow around bounding box.
Setting "state" to 3 will make text flow around contour line.
If "state" is not passed, text flow is toggled.
ÿÿÿÿTtextOverflows(["name", nolinks]) -> integer

Returns the actual number of overflowing characters in text frame "name".
If is nolinks set to non zero value it takes only one frame - it doesn't
use text frame linking. Without this parameter it search all linking chain.

May raise WrongFrameTypeError if the target frame is not an text frame

Convert the text frame "name" to outlines. If "name" is not given the
currently selected item is used.ÿÿÿÿ„unGroupObjects("name")

Destructs the group the object "name" belongs to.If "name" is not given the currently selected item is used.ÿÿÿÿ0unlinkTextFrames("name")

Remove the specified (named) object from the text frame flow/linkage. If the
frame was in the middle of a chain, the previous and next frames will be
connected, eg 'a->b->c' becomes 'a->c' when you unlinkTextFrames(b)'

May throw ScribusException if linking rules are violated.
ÿÿÿÿvalueDialog(caption, message [,defaultvalue]) -> string

Shows the common 'Ask for string' dialog and returns its value as a string
Parameters: window title, text in the window and optional 'default' value.

Example: valueDialog('title', 'text in the window', 'optional')

Zoom the document in main GUI window. Actions have whole number
values like 20.0, 100.0, etc. Zoom to Fit uses -100 as a marker.
&=0;878@C5BAO D09;:Analyzing File:AIPlug"!>740=85 >1J5:B>2Generating ItemsAIPlug@C??0%1Group%1AIPlug<?>@B: %1
Importing: %1AIPlug%1 %2 %3%1 %2 %3About%3-%2-%1 %4 %5%3-%2-%1 %4 %5About &?@>3@0<<5&AboutAbout&0:@KBL&CloseAbout&8F5=78O&LicenceAbout &=B5@=5B5&OnlineAbout&5@52>4K
&TranslationsAbout&1=>2;5=8O&UpdatesAbout’<p align="center"><b>%1 %2</b></p><p align="center">%3<br>%4 %5<br>%6</p>I<p align="center"><b>%1 %2</b></p><p align="center">%3<br>%4 %5<br>%6</p>About&2B>@KA&uthorsAbout8@5@20BL ?@>25@:C >1=>2;5=89Abort Update CheckAbout Scribus %1About Scribus %1About6!8AB5<0 >BA;56820=8O >H81>:Bugs and Feature RequestsAboutID A1>@:8:    Build ID:About&@>25@:0 >1=>2;5=89Check for UpdatesAboutº@>25@8BL =0;8G85 >1=>2;5=89 4;O Scribus. 8:0:85 40==K5 20H53> :><?LNB5@0 =5 1C4CB ?5@540=K.SCheck for updates to Scribus. No data from your machine will be transferred off it.About>!2>9 2:;04 2 @07@01>B:C 2=5A;8:Contributions from:About$;>3 @07@01>BG8:>2Developer BlogAbout,><0=40 @07@01>BG8:>2:Development Team:About51-A09BHomepageAboutH>@B8@>20=85 =0 Mac OS&#174; X Aqua:Mac OS&#174; X Aqua Port:About!?8A>: @0AAK;:8Mailing ListAboutA;8 181;8>B5:0 =5 8A?>;L7>20=0, 2<5AB> 1C:2K ?>4AB02;O5BAO 0AB5@8A:   *.  45AL B0:65 >B>1@0605BAO =><5@ >1=0@C65==>9 25@A88 Ghostscript.wMissing library support is indicated by a *. This also indicates the version of Ghostscript which Scribus has detected.About<8 >4=0 25@A8O GS =5  4>ABC?=0 No Ghostscript version availableAbout\>@B8@>20=85 =0 OS/2&#174;/eComStation&#8482;:#OS/2&#174;/eComStation&#8482; Port:About2D8F80;L=0O 4>:C<5=B0F8O:Official Documentation:AboutFD8F80;L=K5 ?5@52>4K 8 ?5@52>4G8:8:&Official Translations and Translators:About,-;5:B@>==K9 A?@02>G=8:Online ReferenceAbout.AB0;L=0O 4>:C<5=B0F8O:Other Documentation:About8@54K4CI85 02B>@K ?5@52>4>2:"Previous Translation Contributors:About5@A8O ScribusScribus VersionAbout&!B0@B>20O 70AB02:0:Splash Screen:About0=0G:8 87 ?@>5:B0 Tango:Tango Project Icons:Aboutä!>:@0I5=85 C-C-T-F >7=0G05B: C=littlecms C=CUPS T=TIFF F=Fontconfig. >A;54=OO 1C:20   MB> ;81> C=cairo, ;81> Q=QtyThe C-C-T-F equates to C=littlecms C=CUPS T=TIFF support F=Fontconfig support.Last Letter is the renderer C=cairo or Q=QtAboutf5@A8O 4;O Windows =5 8A?>;L7C5B fontconfig 8 CUPS.>The Windows version does not use fontconfig or CUPS libraries.About¨45AL ?>:07K205BAO =><5@ 25@A88, 40B0 A1>@:8 8 ?>445@6:0 @07=KE 181;8>B5: 2 Scribus.TThis panel shows the version, build date and compiled in library support in Scribus.Aboutä52>7<>6=> >B:@KBL D09; A ;8F5=7859. >8I8B5 53> 2 :0B0;>35 A CAB0=>2;5==>9 :>?859 Scribus 8;8 =0 A09B5 ?@>3@0<<K.rUnable to open licence file. Please check your install directory or the Scribus website for licencing information.AboutDA?>;L7C5BAO GhostScript 25@A88 %1Using Ghostscript version %1About8:8WikiAbout<>@B8@>20=85 =0 Windows&#174;:Windows&#174; Port:About2B>@(K):
Author(s):AboutPlugins>?8@09B:
Copyright:AboutPlugins?8A0=85:Description:AboutPlugins:;NG5=>:Enabled:AboutPlugins<O D09;0:        Filename:AboutPlugins8F5=78O:License:AboutPlugins0B0 2K?CA:0:
Release Date:AboutPlugins,Scribus:  @0AH8@5=8OEScribus: About Plug-insAboutPlugins5@A8O:Version:AboutPlugins
%1 pt%1 pt
ActionManager &@0AH8@5=8OE&About Plugins
ActionManager &Scribus&About Scribus
ActionManager:&K@02=820=85 8 @0A?@545;5=85&Align and Distribute
ActionManagerA5 :0&?8B5;LN     &All Caps
ActionManager:@8<5=8BL &<0AB5@-AB@0=8FC...&Apply Master Page...
ActionManager &0;8B@0 AB@0=8F&Arrange Pages
ActionManager60?@028BL &B5:AB ?> :>=BC@C&Attach Text to Path
ActionManager@820O &57L5
&Bezier Curve
ActionManager> &H8@8=5&Block
ActionManager> &F5=B@C&Center
ActionManager41J548=8BL &<=>3>C3>;L=8:8&Combine Polygons
ActionManager !=OBL 2&K45;5=85
&Deselect All
ActionManager,!=&OBL B5:AB A :>=BC@0&Detach Text from Path
ActionManager,7<5=8BL &>G5@B0=8O...&Edit Shape...
ActionManager&8?5B:0&Eye Dropper
ActionManager&#<5AB8BL ?> &2KA>B5&Fit to Height
ActionManager25@52>@>B ?> &3>@87>=B0;8&Flip Horizontally
ActionManager.5@52>@>B ?> &25@B8:0;8&Flip Vertically
ActionManager&;>:...       &Frame...
ActionManager$&>;=>5 @07@5H5=85&Full Resolution
ActionManager<>&1028BL C:070B5;L >3;02;5=8O&Generate Table Of Contents
ActionManager&!8<2>;...   &Glyph...
ActionManager$AB028BL &?5@5=>AK&Hyphenate Text
ActionManager(&-DD5:BK 87>1@065=8O&Image Effects
ActionManager&7>1@065=85&Image Frame
ActionManagerF&59AB28O B>;L:> A B5:CI8< >1J5:B><&Item Action Mode
ActionManager&;52>&Left
ActionManager$&87:>5 @07@5H5=85&Low Resolution
ActionManager*!45;0BL C@>2=5< =&865&Lower
ActionManager2&#?@02;5=85 87>1@065=8O<8&Manage Images
ActionManager&&0AB5@-AB@0=8FK...&Master Pages...
ActionManager6@>4C1;8@>20BL &<=>3>:@0B=>&Multiple Duplicate
ActionManager&>2K9&New
ActionManager&&KA>:>5 @07@5H5=85&Normal Resolution
ActionManager@C3&>5... &Other...
ActionManager &!E5<0 4>:C<5=B0&Outline
ActionManager&>=BC@type effect&Outline
ActionManager&>=BC@K        &Outlines
ActionManager0&?5G0B0BL...  &Print...
ActionManager &5G0BL 2:;NG5=0&Printing Enabled
ActionManagerK&9B8&Quit
ActionManager*!45;0BL C@>2=5< 2&KH5&Raise
ActionManager&KG5@:=CBK9&Strike Through
ActionManager&"5:AB>2K9 1;>:&Text Frame
ActionManager & 073@C??8@>20BL&Ungroup
ActionManager*&1=>28BL 87>1@065=85
&Update Image
ActionManager&C;52>9 ?@>15;&Zero Width Space
 &Qt     About &Qt
ActionManager"AB>@8O &459AB289Action &History
ActionManager8;>: 4> @07<5@>2 87>1@065=8OAdjust Frame to Image
ActionManager2K45;5=85 ?> :@8B5@8O<...Advanced Select All...
ActionManager&!2>9AB20 0&==>B0F88Annotation P&roperties
ActionManager$&>1028BL B5:AB...Append &Text...
ActionManager,0@:5@ A?8A:0 (1C;;8B)Bullet
ActionManager:780BA:0O >B:@K20NI0O 42>9=0OCJK Double Left
ActionManager:780BA:0O 70:@K20NI0O 42>9=0OCJK Double Right
ActionManager>780BA:0O >B:@K20NI0O >48=>G=0OCJK Single Left
ActionManager>780BA:0O 70:@K20NI0O >48=>G=0OCJK Single Right
ActionManager8@>25@8BL =0;8G85 >1=>2;5=89Check for Updates
ActionManager,!>&1@0BL 4;O 2K2>40...Collect for O&utput...
ActionManager 07@K2 AB>;1F0Column Break
ActionManagerD@5>1@07>20BL 2 <0AB5@-AB@0=8FC...Convert to Master Page...
ActionManager8!:>?8@>20BL A2>9AB20 >1J5:B0Copy Item Properties
ActionManager>?8@09B Copyright
ActionManager2#1@0BL ?5@5=>AK 87 B5:AB0Dehyphenate Text
ActionManager.0@0<5B@K 4>&:C<5=B0...Document &Setup...
ActionManager85<5F:0O 70:@K20NI0O 42>9=0ODouble Left
ActionManager>$@0=FC7A:0O >B:@K20NI0O 42>9=0ODouble Left Guillemet
ActionManager(5@52Q@=CB0O 42>9=0ODouble Reversed
ActionManager&0:@K20NI0O 42>9=0ODouble Right
ActionManager>$@0=FC7A:0O 70:@K20NI0O 42>9=0ODouble Right Guillemet
ActionManager27<5=8BL A>45@68<>5 1;>:0Edit Contents of Frame
ActionManager.7<5=8BL 87>1@065=85...
Edit Image...
ActionManager(7<5=8BL 8AE>4=8:...Edit Source...
ActionManager"7<5=8BL B5:AB...Edit Text...
ActionManager,"8@5 =0 :@C3;CN H?0F8NEm Dash
ActionManager@C3;0O H?0F8OEm Space
ActionManager4"8@5 =0 ?>;C:@C3;CN H?0F8NEn Dash
ActionManager$>;C:@C3;0O H?0F8OEn Space
ActionManager@ 0AH8@5==K5 A2>9AB20 87>1@065=8OExtended Image Properties
ActionManager!2>9AB20 ?>&;OField P&roperties
ActionManager&0B5<0B8G5A:>5 B8@5Figure Dash
ActionManager$#<5AB8BL ?> H8@8=5Fit to Width
ActionManager 07@K2 1;>:0Frame Break
ActionManager.AB028BL 87>1@065=85...Get Image...
ActionManager">;CG8BL B5:AB...Get Text...
ActionManagerLAB028BL 25:B>@=K9 3@0D8G5A:89 D09;...Get Vector File...
ActionManager.2>4=K9 :C@A ?> ScribusGetting Started with Scribus
ActionManager>;>A=0O H?0F8O
Hair Space
ActionManager&7>1@065=85 &2848<>I&mage Visible
ActionManager&@820O 57L5Insert &Bezier Curve
ActionManager&8=8O >B @C:8Insert &Freehand Line
ActionManager";>: &87>1@065=8OInsert &Image Frame
ActionManager&8=8OInsert &Line
ActionManager&=>3>C3>;L=8:Insert &Polygon
ActionManager$;>: &287C0;870F88Insert &Render Frame
Insert &Shape
ActionManager&"5AB>2K9 1;>:Insert &Text Frame
ActionManager8AB028BL AAK;>G=CN 0==>B0F8NInsert Link Annotation
ActionManager,AB028BL PDF Check BoxInsert PDF Check Box
ActionManager,AB028BL PDF Combo BoxInsert PDF Combo Box
ActionManager*AB028BL PDF List BoxInsert PDF List Box
ActionManager0AB028BL :=>?:C PDF PushInsert PDF Push Button
ActionManager,AB028BL ?>;5 PDF TextInsert PDF Text Field
Insert T&able
ActionManager8AB028BL B5:AB>2CN 0==>B0F8NInsert Text Annotation
ActionManagerÿÿÿÿ'Insert Unicode Character Begin Sequence
Is &Locked
ActionManager./2;O5BAO PDF-&70:;04:>9Is PDF &Bookmark
ActionManager0/2;O5BAO PDF-&0==>B0F859Is PDF A&nnotation
ActionManager.!2O70BL B5:AB>2K5 1;>:8Link Text Frames
ActionManager85<5F:0O >B:@K20NI0O 42>9=0OLow Double Comma
ActionManager086=OO >48=>G=0O 70?OB0OLow Single Comma
ActionManager A0<K9 &=87Lower to &Bottom
ActionManager8&#?@02;5=85 =0?@02;ONI8<8...Manage &Guides...
ActionManager(!2>9AB20 AB@0=8FK...Manage Page Properties...
ActionManager '5B25@=0O H?0F8O     Mid Space
ActionManager ">G:0 2 A5@548=5
Middle Dot
ActionManager>4@>1=55...More Info...
ActionManager 07@K2 AB@>:8New Line
ActionManager&&5@07@K2=K9 ?@>15;Non Breaking &Space
ActionManager"5@07@K2=K9 45D8ANon Breaking Dash
ActionManager$>;8G5AB2> AB@0=8FNumber of Pages
ActionManager PDF-&8=AB@C<5=BK
P&DF Tools
ActionManager*&0AB@>8BL Scribus...P&references...
ActionManager&><5@ AB@0=8FKPage &Number
ActionManagerZAB028BL A>45@68<>5 1;>:0 2 &8AE>4=CN ?>78F8NPaste (&Absolute)
ActionManager&0;840B>@Preflight &Verifier
ActionManager& 568< ?@54?@>A<>B@0Preview Mode
ActionManager&@>A<>B@5BL ?5&G0BLPrint Previe&w
ActionManager&8B0B=>5 B8@5Quotation Dash
ActionManager0 A0<K9 &25@E
Raise to &Top
ActionManager2&5@=CBLcO : A>E@0=Q==><CRe&vert to Saved
ActionManagerB0@538AB@8@>20==0O B>@3>20O <0@:0Registered Trademark
ActionManager"0<5=8BL F25B0...Replace Colors...
ActionManager >25@=CBL >1J5:BRotate Item
ActionManager:8=59:8 >B=>A8B5;L=> AB@0=8FKRulers Relative to Page
ActionManager6AB028BL H01;>==K9 B5:AB...Sample Text
ActionManager"!>E@0=8BL &:0:...Save &As...
ActionManager&!>E@0=8BL &B5:AB...
Save &Text...
ActionManager*!>E@0=&8BL :0: EPS...Save as &EPS...
ActionManager*!>E@&0=8BL :0: PDF...Save as P&DF...
ActionManager4 C&:>2>4AB2> ?> Scribus...Scribus &Manual...
ActionManager2><0H=OO AB@0=8F0 ScribusScribus Homepage
ActionManager<-;5:B@>==0O A?@02:0 ?> ScribusScribus Online Documentation
ActionManager8:8 ScribusScribus Wiki
ActionManagerK45;8BL 2&AQSelect &All
ActionManagerK1@0BL >1J5:BSelect Item
ActionManager&5@540BL 2 B5:ABC@KSend to Patterns
ActionManager$5@540BL 2 &0;L1><Send to S&crapbook
ActionManager0>:07K20BL &;8=88 H@8DB0Show &Baseline Grid
ActionManager,>:07K20BL &>1@0<;5=85Show &Frames
ActionManager">:07K20BL &A5B:C
Show &Grid
ActionManager.>:07K20BL &87>1@065=8OShow &Images
ActionManager >:07K20BL &?>;O
Show &Margins
ActionManager>>:07K20BL A2O7L <564C &1;>:0<8Show &Text Chain
ActionManager6>:07K20BL 2K?CA: ?>4 >1@57Show Bleeds
ActionManager6>:07K20BL :>=B5:AB=>5 <5=NShow Context Menu
ActionManager>>:07K20BL =5?5G0B05<K5 A8<2>;KShow Control Characters
ActionManager0>:07K20BL &=0?@02;ONI85Show G&uides
ActionManager6>:07K20BL 8=48:0B>@K A;>Q2Show Layer Indicators
ActionManager$>:07K20BL ;8=59:8Show Rulers
ActionManager2>:070BL 3@0=8FK AB>;1F>2Show Text Frame Columns
ActionManager(& 07<5@ 701;>:8@>20=Si&ze is Locked
ActionManager*B:@K20NI0O >48=>G=0OSingle Left
ActionManagerB$@0=FC7A:0O >B:@K20NI0O >48=>G=0OSingle Left Guillemet
ActionManager,5@52Q@=CB0O >48=>G=0OSingle Reversed
ActionManager*0:@K20NI0O >48=>G=0OSingle Right
ActionManagerB$@0=FC7A:0O 70:@K20NI0O >48=>G=0OSingle Right Guillemet
ActionManager&0?8B5;LSmall &Caps
ActionManager&#<=K5 ?5@5=>AK
Smart &Hyphen
ActionManager&@8;8?0=85 : &A5B:5
Sn&ap to Grid
ActionManager4@8;8?0=85 : =&0?@02;ONI8<Sna&p to Guides
ActionManager>A0O G5@B0Solidus
ActionManager2 0745&;8BL <=>3>C3>;L=8:8Split &Polygons
ActionManager$8?:85 8=AB@C<5=BKSticky Tools
ActionManager 2>9=>9 0?>AB@>DStraight Double
ActionManager&86=89 8=45:A
ActionManager&5@E=89 8=45:ASu&perscript
ActionManager"@5B=0O H?0F8OThick Space
ActionManager">=:0O H?0F8O
Thin Space
ActionManagerH5@5:;NG8BL >B>1@065=85 =0?@02;ONI8E
Toggle Guides
ActionManager<5@5:;NG8BL >B>1@065=85 ?0;8B@Toggle Palettes
ActionManager&>4A:07:8     Toolti&ps
ActionManager">@3>20O <0@:0  Trademark
ActionManager$>4G5@:=CBL &A;>20Underline &Words
ActionManager> 07>@20BL A2O7L B5AB>2KE 1;>:>2Unlink Text Frames
ActionManager4C;52>9 =5@07@K2=K9 ?@>15;Zero Width NB Space
ActionManager@81;878BLZoom in
ActionManager 7<5=8BL <0AHB01Zoom in or out
ActionManagerB40;8BLZoom out
ActionManager60@0<5B@K C?@02;5=8O F25B><CMS SettingsAdjustCmsDialog& 0AAB>O=85:
&Relative To:AlignDistribute&0?@02;ONI0O:&Selected Guide:AlignDistribute......AlignDistributeK@02=820=85AlignAlignDistribute 0A?@545;5=85
DistributeAlignDistribute& 0AAB>O=85:
&Relative to:AlignDistributePalette&0?@02;ONI0O:&Selected Guide:AlignDistributePaletteÿÿÿÿÃ<qt>Align relative to the:<ul><li>First selected item</li><li>Second Selected Item</li><li>The current page</li><li>The margins of the current page</li><li>A Guide</li><li>The selection</ul></qt>AlignDistributePaletteK@02=820=85AlignAlignDistributePalette8K@02=820=85 8 @0A?@545;5=85Align and DistributeAlignDistributePalette2K@>2=OBL ?> =86=8< :@0O<
Align bottomsAlignDistributePalettezK@>2=OBL =86=85 :@0O >1J5:B>2 ?> 25@E=5<C :@0N >?>@=>9 B>G:8'Align bottoms of items to top of anchorAlignDistributePalette0K@>2=OBL ?> ;52K< :@0O<Align left sidesAlignDistributePalettevK@>2=OBL ;52K5 :@0O >1J5:B>2 ?> ?@02><C :@0N >?>@=>9 B>G:81Align left sides of items to right side of anchorAlignDistributePalette2K@>2=OBL ?> ?@02K< :@0O<Align right sidesAlignDistributePalettevK@>2=OBL ?@02K5 :@0O >1J5:B>2 ?> ;52><C :@0N >?>@=>9 B>G:81Align right sides of items to left side of anchorAlignDistributePalette4K@>2=OBL ?> 25@E=8< :@0O<
Align topsAlignDistributePalettezK@>2=OBL 25@E=85 :@0O >1J5:B>2 ?> =86=5<C :@0N >?>@=>9 B>G:8'Align tops of items to bottom of anchorAlignDistributePaletteD&5=B@8@>20BL ?> 3>@87>=B0;L=>9 >A8Center on horizontal axisAlignDistributePalette@&5=B@8@>20BL ?> 25@B8:0;L=>9 >A8Center on vertical axisAlignDistributePalette 0A?@545;5=85
DistributeAlignDistributePaletteZ 02=>C40;Q==> @0AAB028BL =86=85 :@0O >1J5:B>2 Distribute bottoms equidistantlyAlignDistributePaletten 02=>C40;Q==> @0AAB028BL F5=B@K >1J5:B>2 ?> 3>@87>=B0;8-Distribute centers equidistantly horizontallyAlignDistributePalettej 02=>C40;Q==> @0AAB028BL F5=B@K >1J5:B>2 ?> 25@B8:0;8+Distribute centers equidistantly verticallyAlignDistributePaletteX 02=>C40;Q==> @0AAB028BL ;52K5 :@0O >1J5:B>2#Distribute left sides equidistantlyAlignDistributePaletteZ 02=>C40;Q==> @0AAB028BL ?@02K5 :@0O >1J5:B>2$Distribute right sides equidistantlyAlignDistributePaletteJ 0A?@545;8BL ?> C:070==><C @0AAB>O=8N0Distribute the items with the distance specifiedAlignDistributePalette\ 02=>C40;Q==> @0AAB028BL 25@E=85 :@0O >1J5:B>2Distribute tops equidistantlyAlignDistributePalette&5@2>3> 2K45;5==>3>First SelectedAlignDistributePalette0?@02;ONI59GuideAlignDistributePalette,>A;54=53> 2K45;5==>3>
Last SelectedAlignDistributePaletteœ!45;0BL 3>@87>=B0;L=K5 8=B5@20;K <564C >1J5:B0<8 8 :@0O<8 AB@0=8FK >48=0:>2K<8:Make horizontal gaps between items and sides of page equalAlignDistributePalette–!45;0BL 3>@87>=B0;L=K5 8=B5@20;K <564C >1J5:B0<8 8 :@0O<8 ?>;59 >48=0:>2K<8BMake horizontal gaps between items and sides of page margins equalAlignDistributePalettex!45;0BL 3>@87>=B0;L=K5 8=B5@20;K <564C >1J5:B0<8 >48=0:>2K<8(Make horizontal gaps between items equalAlignDistributePalette˜!45;0BL 3>@87>=B0;L=K5 8=B5@20;K <564C >1J5:B0<8 @02=K<8 C:070==><C 7=0G5=8N?Make horizontal gaps between items equal to the value specifiedAlignDistributePalette¶!45;0BL 25@B8:0;L=K5 8=B5@20;K <564C >1J5:B0<8 8 25@E=8</=86=8< :@0O<8 AB@0=8FK >48=0:>2K<8EMake vertical gaps between items and the top and bottom of page equalAlignDistributePalette¤!45;0BL 25@B8:0;L=K5 8=B5@20;K <564C >1J5:B0<8 8 25@E=8</=86=8< ?>;O<8 >48=0:>2K<8MMake vertical gaps between items and the top and bottom of page margins equalAlignDistributePalettet!45;0BL 25@B8:0;L=K5 8=B5@20;K <564C >1J5:B0<8 >48=0:>2K<8&Make vertical gaps between items equalAlignDistributePalette”!45;0BL 25@B8:0;L=K5 8=B5@20;K <564C >1J5:B0<8 @02=K<8 C:070==><C 7=0G5=8N=Make vertical gaps between items equal to the value specifiedAlignDistributePalette
>;59MarginsAlignDistributePalette"8G53> =5 2K1@0=>
None SelectedAlignDistributePalette!B@0=8FKPageAlignDistributePaletteK45;5==>3>    SelectionAlignDistributePaletteÿÿÿÿ.The location of the selected guide to align toAlignDistributePaletteX: %1%2X: %1%2AlignDistributePaletteY: %1%2Y: %1%2AlignDistributePalette$K:;NG:0 ?> F5=B@CAlign Text CenterAlignSelectB@8=C48B5;L=0O 2K:;NG:0 ?> H8@8=5Align Text Forced JustifiedAlignSelect$K:;NG:0 ?> H8@8=5Align Text JustifiedAlignSelect2K:;NG:0 ?> ;52>9 AB>@>=5Align Text LeftAlignSelect4K:;NG:0 ?> ?@02>9 AB>@>=5Align Text RightAlignSelect pt ptAnnot59AB285ActionAnnot=5H=89 284
AppearanceAnnot! D0A:>9BeveledAnnot@0=8F0BorderAnnot=>?:0ButtonAnnotKG8A;5=8O      CalculateAnnotB<5=8BLCancelAnnot7<5=8BL...        Change...Annot!8<2>;K
CharactersAnnot0;>G:0CheckAnnot$;06>:    Check BoxAnnot!B8;L D;06:0:Check Style:Annot@C3CircleAnnot
&25B:Color:Annot* 0A:@K20NI89AO A?8A>:   Combo BoxAnnot@5AB8:CrossAnnot@C3>9CustomAnnot@C385 AF5=0@88Custom ScriptsAnnot>@C3>9 AF5=0@89 4;O 2KG8A;5=8O:Custom calculation script:Annot2@C3>9 AF5=0@89 ?@>25@:8:Custom validate script:AnnotC=:B8@=0ODashedAnnot0B0DateAnnot$>@<0B 40BKDate FormatAnnot*&8D@ 2 4@>1=>9 G0AB8:   Decimals:Annot(> C<>;G0=8N 2:;NGQ=Default is CheckedAnnot&5;LDestinationAnnot ><1DiamondAnnot45 M:A?>@B8@>20BL 7=0G5=85Do Not Export ValueAnnot57 ?@>:@CB:8
Do Not ScrollAnnot.57 ?@>25@:8 >@D>3@0D88Do Not Spell CheckAnnot7<5=8BL...Edit...Annot 540:B8@C5<EditableAnnotR2548B5 @0745;Q==K9 70?OBK<8 A?8A>: ?>;59+Enter a comma separated list of fields hereAnnot!>1KB85:Event:Annot@8<5@:Example:AnnotF-:A?>@B8@>20BL 01A>;NB=>5 8<O D09;0Export absolute FilenameAnnot!2>9AB20 ?>;OField PropertiesAnnot$>@<0B ?>;O:Field is formatted as:Annot@$;06>: 83=>@8@C5BAO 4;O PDF 1.3
Flag is ignored for PDF 1.3AnnotD(@8DB 4;O 8A?>;L7>20=8O A PDF 1.3:Font for use with PDF 1.3:Annot$>@<0BFormatAnnot$>@<0B:Format:Annot$>@<0B
FormattingAnnot5@59B8Go ToAnnot!:@KB>HiddenAnnot D>:CA5    HighlightAnnot 0A?>;>65=85...Icon Placement...Annot8:B>3@0<<KIconsAnnotp7>1@065=8O (*.tif *.png *.jpg *.xpm);;%1;;A5 D09;K (*)3Images (*.tif *.png *.jpg *.xpm);;%1;;All Files (*)Annotž7>1@065=8O (*.tif *.png *.jpg *.xpm);;PostScript (*.eps *.epsi);;A5 D09;K (*)JImages (*.tif *.png *.jpg *.xpm);;PostScript (*.eps *.epsi);;All Files (*)Annot(<?>@B8@>20BL 40==K5Import DataAnnot(B:C40 27OBL 40==K5:Import Data from:AnnotBO6:0InsetAnnot=25@B8@>20=>InvertAnnotJavaScript
JavaScriptAnnot$><18=0F8O :;028H:
Keystroke:Annot"!8<2>;>2 =5 1>;55Limit ofAnnot!?8A>:List BoxAnnotMouse Down
Mouse DownAnnotMouse EnterMouse EnterAnnotMouse Exit
Mouse ExitAnnotMouse UpMouse UpAnnot=>3>AB@>G=>5
Multi-LineAnnot<O:Name:Annot5  ?5G0B05BAONo PrintAnnot$5 284=> =0 M:@0=5No ViewAnnot5 7040=>NoneAnnot5BactionNoneAnnot5B        highlightNoneAnnot>@<0;L=0ONormalAnnot'8A;>2>9NumberAnnot'8A;>2>9 D>@<0B
Number FormatAnnotOKAnnotOn BlurOn BlurAnnotOn FocusOn FocusAnnotB:@KBLOpenAnnot0@0<5B@KOptionsAnnot@C3>5OtherAnnot12545=>OutlinedAnnotHPDF-4>:C<5=BK (*.pdf);;A5 D09;K (*) PDF Files (*.pdf);;All Files (*)Annot!B@0=8F0:Page:Annot0@>;LPasswordAnnot"@>F5=B=K9 D>@<0BPercent FormatAnnot@>F5=BK
1I89PlainAnnot0=0: 20;NBK ?5@54 G8A;><Prepend Currency SymbolAnnot060B>PressedAnnot!2>9AB20
PropertiesAnnot060B>PushAnnot"">;L:> 4;O GB5=8O Read OnlyAnnot#40;8BLRemoveAnnot5>1E>48<>RequiredAnnot2!1@>A8BL 2254Q==K5 40==K5
Reset FormAnnotRoll Over   Roll OverAnnot!F5=0@89:Script:Annot&7<5=5=85 2K45;5=8OSelection ChangeAnnot!?;>H=0OSolidAnnot204@0BSquareAnnot25740StarAnnot!B8;L:Style:Annot25@5A;0BL 40==K5 :0: HTMLSubmit Data as HTMLAnnotB?@028BL D>@<CSubmit FormAnnot 5@540BL =0 URL:Submit to URL:Annot
"5:ABTextAnnot"5:AB>2>5 ?>;5
Text FieldAnnot("5:AB =060B>9 :=>?:8Text for Button DownAnnot&"5:AB 4;O Roll OverText for Roll OverAnnot">=:0OThinAnnot
@5<OTimeAnnot$>@<0B 2@5<5=8Time FormatAnnot D09;:To File:Annot>4A:07:0:Tooltip:Annot"8?:Type:Annot>4GQ@:=CB0O UnderlineAnnot4A?>;L7>20BL A8<2>; 20;NBKUse Currency SymbolAnnot0A?>;L7>20BL ?8:B>3@0<<K     Use IconsAnnot@>25@:0ValidateAnnot*=0G5=85 =5 2KG8A;5=>Value is not calculatedAnnot*=0G5=85 =5 ?@>25@5=>Value is not validatedAnnot"=0G5=85 O2;O5BAOValue is theAnnotL=0G5=85 4>;6=> 1KBL 1>;LH5 8;8 @02=>:'Value must be greater than or equal to:Annot848<>ABL:Visibility:Annot848<>VisibleAnnot(8@>:0OWideAnnot(8@8=0:Width:AnnotX->7:X-Pos:AnnotY->7:Y-Pos:Annot®;O 8A?>;L7>20=8O ?8:B>3@0<< 2 :=>?:0E =5>1E>48<0, 
:0: <8=8<C<, ?8:B>3@0<<0 4;O Normal>You need at least the Icon for Normal to use Icons for ButtonsAnnot&8 <5=LH5 8;8 @02=>:and less or equal to:Annot,A@54=8< 0@8D<5B8G5A:8<averageAnnot<0:A8<0;L=K< 87maximumAnnot<8=8<0;L=K< 87minimumAnnot A;54CNI8E ?>;59:of the following fields:Annot?@>872545=85<productAnnotAC<<>9sumAnnot  pt ptAnnota"%1;;A5 D09;K (*)%1;;All Files (*)Annota!&B@0=8F0:&Page:Annota
&"8?:&Type:Annota&X:&X-PosAnnota&Y:&Y-Pos:Annota$!2>9AB20 0==>B0F88Annotation PropertiesAnnota7&<5=8BL...
C&hange...Annota&5;LDestinationAnnotaF-:A?>@B8@>20BL 01A>;NB=>5 8<O D09;0Export absolute FilenameAnnota=5H=OO AAK;:0
External LinkAnnota$=5H=OO 251-AAK;:0External Web-LinkAnnota!AK;:0LinkAnnotaB:@KBLOpenAnnota
"5:ABTextAnnota&A5 AB@0=8FK
&All pagesApplyMasterPageDialog &'QB=K5 AB@0=8FK&Even pagesApplyMasterPageDialog"&0AB5@-AB@0=8F0:
&Master Page:ApplyMasterPageDialog&!B@0=8FK &480?07>=0
&Within rangeApplyMasterPageDialog
Alt+4Alt+WApplyMasterPageDialog4@8<5=5=85 <0AB5@-AB@0=8FKApply Master PageApplyMasterPageDialog  G5<C ?@8<5=8BLApply ToApplyMasterPageDialog¼@8<5=8BL 2K1@0==CN <0AB5@-AB@0=8FC : GQB=K<, =5GQB=K< 8;8 2A5< AB@0=8F0< A;54CNI53> 480?07>=0SApply the selected master page to even, odd or all pages within the following rangeApplyMasterPageDialog"&"5:CI0O AB@0=8F0
Current &pageApplyMasterPageDialog$&5GQB=K5 AB@0=8FK
O&dd pagesApplyMasterPageDialog >7<>65= ?5@5=>APossible HyphenationApplyMasterPageDialog4>toApplyMasterPageDialog0.10.1AspellPlugin >102;O5B DC=:F8N ?@>25@:8 >@D>3@0D88 ?> 4>ABC?=K< 2 A8AB5<5 A;>20@O< Aspell.  480;>35 ?@>25@:8 <>6=> 2K18@0BL O7K:8 ?> CAB0=>2;5==K< A;>20@O<. @>25@:0 <>65B >ACI5AB2;OBLAO :0: «=0 ;5BC», B0: 8 2 2K45;5=88.±Adds support for spell-checking via aspell. Languages can be chosen from among the installed aspell dictionaries, and spell-checking can be done on the fly, or on selected text.AspellPlugin&@>25@:0 >@D>3@0D88
Spell CheckerAspellPlugin:>445@6:0 ?@>25@:8 >@D>3@0D88Spell-checking supportAspellPlugin&>1028BL A;>2>       &Add WordAspellPluginBase&7<5=8BL&ChangeAspellPluginBaseÿÿÿÿ&IgnoreAspellPluginBaseÿÿÿÿActive Dictionary: AspellPluginBaseÿÿÿÿLAdd the current word to the your personal spelling dictionary for future useAspellPluginBaseÿÿÿÿChange A&llAspellPluginBaseÿÿÿÿvChange all occurrences of the current word in the text that was not found to that shown in the replacement entry fieldAspellPluginBaseÿÿÿÿWChange the current word that was not found to that shown in the replacement entry fieldAspellPluginBase0:@KBLCloseAspellPluginBaseÿÿÿÿI&gnore AllAspellPluginBaseÿÿÿÿMIgnore all occurrences of the current text not found in the active dictionaryAspellPluginBaseÿÿÿÿ:Ignore the current text not found in the active dictionaryAspellPluginBase5 2 A;>20@5:Not in Dictionary:AspellPluginBaseÿÿÿÿJReplacement text for the current word that was not found in the dictionaryAspellPluginBase0<5=0:Replacement:AspellPluginBase&@>25@:0 >@D>3@0D88Spell CheckAspellPluginBaseÿÿÿÿÐThe currently active dictionary. Scribus uses aspell for dictionary support.<br />If you require updated or more dictionaries, you should install them via your system's installation system or package manager.AspellPluginBaseF!;>2> =5 =0945=> 2 0:B82=>< A;>20@50Word that was not found in the active dictionaryAspellPluginBase  A;>20@L aspell. aspell dictionary.AspellPluginImplÿÿÿÿ" by adding it to the session list.AspellPluginImplªAspellPluginImpl::on_faddWordBtn_clicked(): 52>7<>6=> 4>1028BL A;>2> 2 ;8G=K9 A?8A>:PAspellPluginImpl::on_faddWordBtn_clicked(): Unable to add word to personal list.AspellPluginImpl¢AspellPluginImpl::on_fskipAllBtn_clicked(): 52>7<>6=> ?@>?CAB8BL 2A5 2E>645=8O "MAspellPluginImpl::on_fskipAllBtn_clicked(): Unable to skip all instances of "AspellPluginImplÿÿÿÿLoaded AspellPluginImpl(@>25@8BL >@D>3@0D8N
Spell CheckerAspellPluginImpl:@>25@:0 >@D>3@0D88 7025@H5=0Spelling check completeAspellPluginImpl aspellplugin (AspellPluginImpl::AspellPluginImpl): >H81:0 2 :>=D83C@0F88 Aspell.Yaspellplugin (AspellPluginImpl::AspellPluginImpl): Error in aspell speller configuration.AspellPluginImplšaspellplugin (AspellPluginImpl::AspellPluginImpl): >H81:0 ?@8 70?CA:5 Aspell.Taspellplugin (AspellPluginImpl::AspellPluginImpl): Error in creating aspell speller.AspellPluginImpl?> C<>;G0=8N default AspellPluginImpl!B@5;:8ArrowsAutoformButtonGroup"8?>2K5 D83C@KDefault ShapesAutoformButtonGroup;>:-AE5<0
Flow ChartAutoformButtonGroup>;>2>;><:0JigsawAutoformButtonGroup!?5FA8<2>;KSpecialsAutoformButtonGroup&(B@8E-:>4...&Barcode...Barcoded=B5@D59A Scribus : Pure Postscript Barcode Writer3Scribus frontend for Pure Postscript Barcode WriterBarcode11 8;8 12 F8D@11 or 12 digitsBarcodeGenerator12 8;8 13 F8D@12 or 13 digitsBarcodeGeneratorÎ12 8;8 13 F8D@, @0745;Q==KE B8@5. #AB0@52H89 D>@<0B ISBN-10 >7=0G05B 9 8;8 10 F8D@, @0745;Q==KE B8@5, => A 1 O=20@O 2007 3>40 MB>B AB0=40@B O2;O5BAO CAB0@52H8<. (@8<5G0=85: 4;O ?@5>1@07>20=8O AB0@>3> ISBN-10 2 =>2K9 ISBN-13 22548B5 ?@5D8:A 978- : ?5@2K< 9 F8D@0<, =0?@8<5@, 1-56592-479-7 -> 978-1-56592-479. >=B@>;L=0O F8D@0 1C45B @0AAG8B0=0 02B><0B8G5A:8.)Y12 or 13 digits with dashes. The legacy ISBN-10 format accepts 9 or 10 digits with dashes, but this standard was depreciated for public use after 1st January 2007. (Note: To convert an old ISBN-10 to a new ISBN-13, prefix 978- to the first 9 digits, e.g. 1-56592-479-7 -> 978-1-56592-479. The final check-digit will be calculated automatically.)BarcodeGenerator2 F8D@K2 digitsBarcodeGenerator5 F8D@5 digitsBarcodeGenerator7 8;8 8 F8D@
7 or 8 digitsBarcodeGenerator8 F8D@8 digitsBarcodeGenerator*(B@8E-:>4 =5 7025@HQ=Barcode incompleteBarcodeGenerator:H81:0 ?@8 >B:@KB88 D09;0: %1Error opening file: %1BarcodeGenerator.K15@8B5 B8? HB@8E-:>40Select Barcode TypeBarcodeGeneratorK15@8B5 B8?Select TypeBarcodeGenerator¦ 07=>5 :>;8G5AB2> A8<2>;>2 87 =01>@0 ASCII 8 A?5F80;L=KE DC=:F89, =0G8=0O A ?5@2>3> A8<2>;0 :064>3> =01>@0.  A;CG05 A UCC/EAN-128s 2A;54 70 ?5@2K< A8<2>;>< A@07C 4>;65= 84B8 >1O70B5;L=K9 A8<2>; FNC 1. -. *$/+%.éVariable number of ASCII characters and special function symbols, starting with the appropriate start character for the initial character set. UCC/EAN-128s must have a mandatory FNC 1 symbol immediately following the start character.BarcodeGeneratort 07=>5 :>;8G5AB2> 1C:2, F8D@ 8 ;N1>9 87 A8<2>;>2 -. *$/+%.FVariable number of characters, digits and any of the symbols -. *$/+%.BarcodeGenerator, 07=>5 :>;8G5AB2> F8D@Variable number of digitsBarcodeGeneratorh 07=>5 :>;8G5AB2> F8D@ 8 ;N1>9 87 A8<2>;>2 -. *$/+%.<Variable number of digits and any of the symbols -$:/.+ABCD.BarcodeGeneratorN 07=>5 :>;8G5AB2> F8D@ 8 703;02=KE 1C:2-Variable number of digits and capital lettersBarcodeGenerator¾ 07=>5 :>;8G5AB2> F8D@. >4 ITF-14 A>AB>8B 87 14 A8<2>;>2 8 =5 A>45@68B F8D@K :>=B@>;L=>9 AC<<KUVariable number of digits. An ITF-14 is 14 characters and does not have a check digitBarcodeGeneratorf 07=>5 :>;8G5AB2> F8D@ 8 H5AB=04F0B5@8G=KE A8<2>;>2)Variable number of hexadecimal charactersBarcodeGenerator&$>=&BackgroundBarcodeGeneratorBase(&15A?5G8BL 8=B5@20;&Guard whitespaceBarcodeGeneratorBase6&>1028BL B5:AB 2 HB@8E-:>4&Include text in barcodeBarcodeGeneratorBase&8=88&LinesBarcodeGeneratorBase"&5:AB&TextBarcodeGeneratorBase
Alt+&Alt+UBarcodeGeneratorBaseD&25B D>=0   ?>4 HB@8E>2K<8 ;8=8O<8'Background color - under the code linesBarcodeGeneratorBase
&>4:Co&de:BarcodeGeneratorBase*&25B ;8=89 HB@8E-:>40Color of the lines in barcodeBarcodeGeneratorBase$&25B B5:AB0 8 F8D@Color of the text and numbersBarcodeGeneratorBase
&25B0ColorsBarcodeGeneratorBaseN0@8A>20BL AB@5;:C A?@020 >B HB@8E-:>40-Draw arrows to be sure of space next the codeBarcodeGeneratorBase$>@<0BFormatBarcodeGeneratorBase`!>740BL 8 4>1028BL :>=B@>;L=CN AC<<C 2 HB@8E-:>4*Generate and include a checksum in barcodeBarcodeGeneratorBaseL45AL >B>1@060NBAO ?>4A:07:8 8 A?@02:0Hints and help is shown hereBarcodeGeneratorBase6>&1028BL :>=B@>;L=CN AC<<CI&nclude checksumBarcodeGeneratorBaseXA;8 2:;NG5=>, ?>4 HB@8E-:>4>< 1C4CB 8 F8D@K4If checked, there will be numbers in the barcode tooBarcodeGeneratorBaseB>1028BL &F8D@C :>=B@>;L=>9 AC<<KIncl&ude checksum digitBarcodeGeneratorBasef>1028BL 2 B5:AB HB@8E-:>40 F8D@C :>=B@>;L=>9 AC<<K.Include the checksum digit in the barcode textBarcodeGeneratorBase$AB028BL HB@8E-:>4Insert BarcodeBarcodeGeneratorBaseR@54?@>A<>B@ @57C;LB0B0 A @0AGQB>< 72dpi.$Preview of the result. 72dpi sample.BarcodeGeneratorBaseP!1@>A8BL 4> 8AE>4=>3> ?@8<5@0 HB@8E-:>40Reset the barcode samplesBarcodeGeneratorBaseJK15@8B5 >48= 87 20@80=B>2 HB@8E-:>40-Select one of the available barcode type hereBarcodeGeneratorBaseZ'8A;>2>5 ?@54AB02;5=85 :>40. !<. A?@02:C =865IThe numeric representation of the code itself. See the help message belowBarcodeGeneratorBase
&<O:&Name:Biblio K15@8B5 :0B0;>3Choose a DirectoryBiblio8K15@8B5 :0B0;>3 4;O 0;L1><0Choose a Scrapbook DirectoryBiblioFK15@8B5 8<?>@B8@C5<K9 D09; 0;L1><0!Choose a scrapbook file to importBiblio0:@KBLCloseBiblio00:@KBL 2K1@0==K9 0;L1><Close the selected scrapbookBiblio*!:>?8@>20==K5 >1J5:BKCopied ItemsBiblio!:>?8@>20BL 2:Copy To:Biblio<!>740BL =>2CN AB@0=8FC 0;L1><0Create a new scrapbook pageBiblio#40;8BLDeleteBiblio$#40;8BL A>45@68<>5Delete ContentsBiblioXK 459AB28B5;L=> E>B8B5 C40;8BL 2A5 >1J5:BK?)Do you really want to delete all entries?BiblioZ<?>@B8@>20BL D09; 0;L1><0 87 Scribus <=1.3.2-Import an scrapbook file from Scribus <=1.3.2Biblio:03@C78BL ACI5AB2CNI89 0;L1><Load an existing scrapbookBiblioA=>2=>9MainBiblio5@5<5AB8BL 2:Move To:BiblioV<O "%1" C65 8A?>;L7C5BAO.
K15@8B5 4@C3>5./Name "%1" is not unique.
Please choose another.Biblio>20O 70?8AL        New EntryBiblio>2>5 =0720=85New NameBiblio1J5:BObjectBiblio&AB028BL 2 AB@0=8FC
Paste to PageBiblio5@58<5=>20BLRenameBiblio !>E@0=8BL :0:...
Save as...Biblio4!>E@0=8BL 2K1@0==K9 0;L1><Save the selected scrapbookBiblio;L1><      ScrapbookBiblio(;L1>< (*.scs *.SCS)Scrapbook (*.scs *.SCS)Biblio0:;04:8   BookmarksBookPaletteA5340Always
ButtonIcon20720=85 =04 ?8:B>3@0<<>9Caption above Icon
ButtonIcon20720=85 ?>4 ?8:B>3@0<<>9Caption below Icon
ButtonIcon:0720=85 A;520 >B ?8:B>3@0<<KCaption left to Icon
ButtonIcon">;L:> =0720=85Caption only
ButtonIcon60720=85 ?>25@E ?8:B>3@0<<KCaption overlays Icon
ButtonIcon<0720=85 A?@020 >B ?8:B>3@0<<KCaption right to Icon
ButtonIcon 0A?>;>65=85Icon Placement
ButtonIcon$">;L:> ?8:B>3@0<<0   Icon only
ButtonIcon"5?@>?>@F8>=0;L=>Non Proportional
ButtonIcon@>?>@F8>=0;L=>Proportional
ButtonIcon&0: <0AHB018@>20BL:
Scale How:
ButtonIcon@>340 ?8:B>3@0<<0 A;8H:>< 25;8:0When Icon is too big
ButtonIcon<>340 ?8:B>3@0<<0 A;8H:>< <0;0When Icon is too small
ButtonIcon81A>;NB=0O :>;>@8<5B@8G5A:0OAbsolute ColorimetricCMSPrefs>A?@8=8<05<0O
PerceptualCMSPrefs>B=>A8B5;L=0O :>;>@8<5B@8G5A:0ORelative ColorimetricCMSPrefs0AKI5==0O
SaturationCMSPrefs6&:;NG8BL C?@02;5=85 F25B><&Activate Color ManagementCMSPrefsBase(7>1@065=8O 2 &CMYK:
&CMYK Images:CMSPrefsBase(!&?;>H=K5 B>=0 CMYK:&CMYK Solid Colors:CMSPrefsBase&>=8B>@:     &Monitor:CMSPrefsBase&7>1@065=8O 2 &RGB:&RGB Images:CMSPrefsBase&!?;>H=K5 &B>=0 RGB:&RGB Solid Colors:CMSPrefsBase><?5=A0F8O GQ@=>9 B>G:8   MB> <5B>4 C;CGH5=8O 
:>=B@0AB=>AB8 D>B>3@0D89. 3> @5:><5=4C5BAO 
8A?>;L7>20BL ?@8 =0;8G88 D>B>3@0D89 2 4>:C<5=B5.‘Black Point Compensation is a method of improving contrast in photos.
It is recommended that you enable this if you have photos in your document.CMSPrefsBase>&25B>2>9 ?@>D8;L 4;O 20H53> ?@8=B5@0, A>740==K9 
53> ?@>872>48B5;5<. -B>B ?@>D8;L 4>;65= 1KBL 
C=8:0;L=K< 4;O 20H53> ?@8=B5@0, 0 =5 >1I8< 
?@>D8;5< 2@>45 sRGB.’Color profile for your printer model from the manufacturer.
This profile should be specific to your printer and not a generic profile (i.e. sRGB).CMSPrefsBase@&25B>2>9 ?@>D8;L, A>740==K9 20<8 8;8 ?>;CG5==K9 
>B ?@>872>48B5;O CAB@>9AB20. -B> 4>;65= 1KBL 
?@>D8;L 4;O :>=:@5B=>3> <>=8B>@0, 0 =5 >1I89 
?@>D8;L 2@>45 sRGB.ŸColor profile that you have generated or received from the manufacturer.
This profile should be specific to your monitor and not a generic profile (i.e. sRGB).CMSPrefsBase^@5>1@07>20BL 2A5 F25B0 2 ?@>AB@0=AB2> ?@8=B5@0#Convert all colors to printer spaceCMSPrefsBaselA?>;L7C5<K9 ?> C<>;G0=8N ?@>D8;L 4;O CMYK-87>1@065=89.Default color profile for imported CMYK imagesCMSPrefsBasejA?>;L7C5<K9 ?> C<>;G0=8N ?@>D8;L 4;O RGB-87>1@065=89-Default color profile for imported RGB imagesCMSPrefsBase„A?>;L7C5<K9 ?> C<>;G0=8N F25B>2>9 ?@>D8;L 4;O A?;>H=KE B>=>2 CMYK7Default color profile for solid CMYK colors on the pageCMSPrefsBase‚A?>;L7C5<K9 ?> C<>;G0=8N F25B>2>9 ?@>D8;L 4;O A?;>H=KE B>=>2 RGB6Default color profile for solid RGB colors on the pageCMSPrefsBaseVA?>;L7C5<>5 ?> C<>;G0=8N =07=0G5=85 F25B>?5@540G8 4;O 87>1@065=89. 
A;8 2K =5 7=05B5 B>G=>, :0:>5 =C6=>, 8A?>;L7C9B5 >B=>A8B5;L=>5 
:>;>@8<5B@8G5A:>5 8;8 2>A?@8=8<05<>5.|Default rendering intent for images. Unless you know why to change it,
Relative Colorimetric or Perceptual should be chosen.CMSPrefsBase\A?>;L7C5<>5 ?> C<>;G0=8N =07=0G5=85 F25B>?5@540G8 4;O A?;>H=KE B>=>2. 
A;8 2K =5 7=05B5 B>G=>, :0:>5 =C6=>, 8A?>;L7C9B5 >B=>A8B5;L=>5 
:>;>@8<5B@8G5A:>5 8;8 2>A?@8=8<05<>5.‚Default rendering intent for solid colors. Unless you know why to change it,
Relative Colorimetric or Perceptual should be chosen.CMSPrefsBaseº:;NG8BL <O3:89 @568< F25B>?@>1K 20H53> 
4>:C<5=B0 =0 >A=>25 2K1@0==>3> ?@>D8;O 4;O ?@8=B5@0.cEnable 'soft proofing' of how your document colors will print,
based on the chosen printer profile.CMSPrefsBaseFormFormCMSPrefsBase7>1@065=8O:Images:CMSPrefsBase2><5B8BL F25B0 2=5 &30<<KMark Colors out of &GamutCMSPrefsBase<!?>A>1 >B>1@065=8O =0 M:@0=5 B5E F25B>2, :>B>@K5 
<>3CB 1KBL =5:>@@5:B=> =0?5G0B0=K. = B@51C5B >G5=L 
B>G=KE ?@>D8;59 8 ?@54=07=0G5= ;8HL 4;O ?@54C?@5645=8O.‡Method of showing colors on the screen which may not print properly.
This requires very accurate profiles and serves only as a warning.CMSPrefsBase&@8=B5@:    P&rinter:CMSPrefsBase$&5;8 F25B>?5@540G8Rendering IntentsCMSPrefsBase<&<8B8@>20BL ?@8=B5@ =0 M:@0=5Sim&ulate Printer on the ScreenCMSPrefsBaseà<8B0F8O ?>;=>ABLN F25B>C?@02;O5<>3> >:@C65=8O: 2A5 F25B0, 
RGB 8;8 CMYK, ?@5>1@07CNBAO 2 ?@>AB@0=AB2> ?@8=B5@0.jSimulate a full color managed environment :
all colors, rgb or cmyk, are converted to printer color space.CMSPrefsBase&!?;>H=K5 B>=0:Sol&id Colors:CMSPrefsBase"!8AB5<=K5 ?@>D8;8System ProfilesCMSPrefsBaseLA?>;L7>20BL :><?5=A0F8N &GQ@=>9 B>G:8Use &Blackpoint CompensationCMSPrefsBase% %
CMYKChoose A;8 2K1@0BL, F25B AB0=5B ?;0H5G=K<, B> 5ABL ?@8 A>740=88 ?;0H5: 8;8 F25B>45;5=89 1C45B A>74020BLAO 5IQ >4=0 B>G:0. -B> G0I5 2A53> =C6=>, :>340 =5>1E>48<> B>G=> 2>A?@>8725AB8 F25B ;>3>B8?0 8;8 4@C3>3> F25B=>3> >1J5:B0, ;81> :>340 =52>7<>6=> 8A?>;L7>20BL G5@=8;0 CMYK (2 A;CG05 A <5B0;;8G5A:8<8 8;8 D;N>@5AF5=B=K<8 G5@=8;0<8, : ?@8<5@C).HChoosing this will make this color a spot color, thus creating another spot when creating plates or separations. This is used most often when a logo or other color needs exact representation or cannot be replicated with CMYK inks. Metallic and fluorescent inks are good examples which cannot be easily replicated with CMYK inks.
CMYKChoose &25B>20O &<>45;LColor &Model
CMYKChoose88=0<8G5A:85 F25B>2K5 ?>;>AKDynamic Color Bars
CMYKChoose7<5=8BL F25B
Edit Color
CMYKChoose 0@B0 F25B>2 HSV
HSV Color Map
CMYKChooseA;8 C?@02;5=85 F25B>< 2:;NG5=>, ?@8 2KE>45 F25B0 70 @0<:8 F25B>2>3> >E20B0 A>3;0A=> C:070==><C ?@>D8;N ?5G0B0NI53> CAB@>9AB20 ?>O2;O5BAO ?@54C?@5640NI89 8=48:0B>@ 2 D>@<5 B@5C3>;L=8:0. -B> >7=0G05B, GB> F25B <>65B 1KBL =0?5G0B0= =5 B0:8<, :0:8< >= 2845= =0 M:@0=5. >4@>1=0O 8=D>@<0F8O ?> ?@54C?@5645=8O< > F25B>2>< >E20B5 A>45@68BAO 2 M;5:B@>==>9 A?@02:5, 2 @0745;5 «#?@02;5=85 F25B><».<If color management is enabled, a triangle warning indicator is a warning that the color maybe outside of the color gamut of the current printer profile selected. What this means is the color may not print exactly as indicated on screen. More hints about gamut warnings are in the online help under Color Management.
CMYKChoose$-B> ?;0H5G=K9 F25B
Is Spot Color
CMYKChoose!B0@K9Old
CMYKChoose6!B0B8G5A:85 F25B>2K5 ?>;>AKStatic Color Bars
CMYKChoose~&25B A B0:8< =0720=85< C65 ACI5AB2C5B, 
2K15@8B5 8=>5 =0720=85.@The name of the color already exists,
please choose another one.
CMYKChooseRGB 4;O 2510Web Safe RGB
CMYKChooseœ5;L7O A>740BL F25B A 8<5=5< "%1".
= C65 70@575@28@>20= 4;O ?@>7@0G=>3> F25B0QYou cannot create a color named "%1".
It is a reserved name for transparent color
CMYKChoosehK =5 <>65B5 A>740BL 157K<O==K9 F25B.
09B5 5<C 8<O.>You cannot create a color without a name
Please give it a name
CMYKChoose % %CWDialog&B<5=8BL&CancelCWDialog&1J548=8BL&MergeCWDialog0&<5=8BL&ReplaceCWDialog
CMYK:CMYK:CWDialogÐ)Q;:=8B5 ?> :@C3C 4;O ?>;CG5=8O 107>2>3> F25B0. 3> F25B>20O <>45;L 7028A8B >B 2K1@0==>9 A?@020 2:;04:8.QClick the wheel to get the base color. Its color model depends on the chosen tab.CWDialog"&25B %1 4>102;5=.Color %1 appended.CWDialog.&25B %1 C65 ACI5AB2C5B!Color %1 exists already!CWDialog$1J548=5=85 F25B>2
Color MergingCWDialog<!?>A>1 A>740=8O F25B>2>9 AE5<KColor Scheme MethodCWDialog&25B>2>9 :@C3Color WheelCWDialog>&25B0 2K1@0==>9 F25B>2>9 AE5<K.#Colors of your chosen color scheme.CWDialog¶ 07=8F0 <564C 2K1@0==K< 7=0G5=85< 8 @0AAG8B0==K<8 7=0G5=8O<8. >4@>1=55 A<. 2 4>:C<5=B0F88.hDifference between the selected value and the counted ones. Refer to documentation for more information.CWDialog>:C<5=BDocumentCWDialogH81:0: Error: CWDialogG:G:CWDialogH:H:CWDialogHSVHSVCWDialogHSV:HSV:CWDialogK:K:CWDialog4AB028BL F25B0 =5B@>=CBK<8Leave colors untouchedCWDialogM:M:CWDialogn=5AB8 A>740==K5 F25B0 2 A?8A>: 4>ABC?=KE 4;O 4>:C<5=B0-Merge created colors into the document colorsCWDialog$1J548=5=85 F25B>2Merging colorsCWDialogV!59G0A >B:@>5BAO 480;>3 C?@02;5=8O F25B0<8.Now opening the color manager.CWDialog@54?@>A<>B@:Preview:CWDialogR:R:CWDialogRGBRGBCWDialogRGB:RGB:CWDialog|0<5=8BL A>740==K<8 F25B0<8 2A5 F25B0, 4>ABC?=K5 4;O 4>:C<5=B0-Replace created colors in the document colorsCWDialog>=5G=K5 F25B0
Result ColorsCWDialogS:S:CWDialog,@8<5@ F25B>2>9 AE5<K.Sample color scheme.CWDialogœK15@8B5 >48= 87 A?>A>1>2 A>740=8O F25B>2>9 AE5<K. >4@>1=55 A<. 4>:C<5=B0F8N.`Select one of the methods to create a color scheme. Refer to documentation for more information.CWDialogx45AL 2K18@05BAO B8? 8<8B8@C5<>3> =0@CH5=8O F25B>2>A?@8OB8O.?Simulate common vision defects here. Select type of the defect.CWDialogú52>7<>6=> =09B8 70?@>H5==K9 F25B. 5@>OB=>, 1K; 70?@>H5= GQ@=K9, A5@K9 8;8 15;K9 F25B. 8 >48= 87 =8E =52>7<>6=> >1@01>B0BL.{Unable to find the requested color. You have probably selected black, gray or white. There is no way to process this color.CWDialogV:V:CWDialog&"8? 45D5:B0 7@5=8O:Vision Defect Type:CWDialogY:Y:CWDialog&AB028BL&Insert
CharSelect,@01A:85 @0AH8@5==K5 Arabic Extended A
CharSelect,@01A:85 @0AH8@5==K5 BArabic Extended B
CharSelect$A=>2=K5 ;0B8=A:85Basic Latin
CharSelect-;5<5=BK 1;>:>2Block Elements
CharSelectA524>3@0D8:0Box Drawing
CharSelect:52>7<>6=> 70?8A0BL 2 D09; %1Cannot write file %1
CharSelect;0AA A8<2>;>2:Character Class:
CharSelect 0;8B@0 A8<2>;>2Character Palette
CharSelect2K15@8B5 >B:@K205<K9 D09;Choose a filename to open
CharSelect!8<2>;K 20;NBCurrency Symbols
CharSelect88@8;;8G5A:85 4>?>;=8B5;L=K5Cyrillic Supplement
CharSelect<#40;8BL B5:CI55 2K45;5=85(8O). Delete the current selection(s).
CharSelect"G8AB8BL ?0;8B@C?Empty the Palette?
CharSelect& 0AH8@5==0O ?0;8B@0Enhanced Palette
CharSelectH81:0Error
CharSelectjH81:0 ?@8 GB5=88 D09;0 %1   25@>OB=>, D09; 8A?>@G5=.3Error reading file %1 - file is corrupted propably.
CharSelect(@8DB>2K9 D09;:Font:
CharSelect*>;=K9 =01>@ A8<2>;>2Full Character Set
CharSelect 1I0O ?C=:BC0F8OGeneral Punctuation
CharSelect*5><5B@8G5A:85 D83C@KGeometric Shapes
CharSelect"@5G5A:89 0;D028BGreek
CharSelect*@5G5A:85 @0AH8@5==K5Greek Extended
CharSelectV>:070BL/A:@KBL @0AH8@5==K9 20@80=B ?0;8B@KHide/Show Enhanced Palette
CharSelectHAB028BL A8<2>;K ?>4 :C@A>@ 2 B5:AB5/Insert the characters at the cursor in the text
CharSelect.0B8=A:85 @0AH8@5==K5-ALatin Extended-A
CharSelect.0B8=A:85 @0AH8@5==K5-BLatin Extended-B
CharSelect0>?>;=8B5;L=K5 ;0B8=A:85Latin-1 Supplement
CharSelect*C:2>?>4>1=K5 A8<2>;KLetterlike Symbols
CharSelect830BC@K       Ligatures
CharSelect00B5<0B8G5A:85 >?5@0B>@KMathematical Operators
CharSelect 07=K5 A8<2>;KMiscellaneous Symbols
@>18Number Forms
CharSelectKAB@0O ?0;8B@0
Quick Palette
CharSelectD!>E@0=8BL 1KAB@CN ?0;8B@C A8<2>;>2Save Quick Character Palette
CharSelect^0;8B@0 A8<2>;>2 Scribus (*.ucp);;A5 D09;K (*)+Scribus Char Palette (*.ucp);;All Files (*)
CharSelect0;K5 D>@<KSmall Form Variants
CharSelect"!B5?5=8 8 8=45:AKSuper- and Subscripts
CharSelect€06<8B5 8 C45@68209B5 =060B>9 ?@02CN :;028HC <KH8 4;O C25;8G5==>3> ?@>A<>B@0 A8<2>;0. «AB028BL» 4>102;O5B 2K1@0==K9 A8<2>; 2 AB@>:C =865, 0 «#40;8BL» C18@05B ?>A;54=89 4>102;5==K9 BC40 A8<2>;³You can see a thumbnail if you press and hold down the right mouse button. The Insert key inserts a Glyph into the Selection below and the Delete key removes the last inserted one
CharSelectbA5 A8<2>;K 1C4CB C40;5=K 87 ?0;8B@K. K C25@5=K??You will remove all characters from this palette. Are you sure?
CharSelect57 AB8;ONo StyleCharStyleComboBox#40;8BLDelete
CharTableView(&3=>@8@>20BL >H81:8&Ignore Errors
CheckDocumentL==>B0F8O 8A?>;L7C5B =5 H@8DB TrueType#Annotation uses a non TrueType font
CheckDocument8A?>;L7C5BAO @568< =0;>65=8OBlendmode used
CheckDocument"@>25@8BL 5IQ @07Check again
CheckDocument "5:CI89 ?@>D8;L:Current Profile:
CheckDocument.CAB>9 1;>: 87>1@065=8OEmpty Image Frame
CheckDocument"!2>1>4=K5 >1J5:BKFree Objects
CheckDocument*BACBAB2CNI85 A8<2>;KGlyphs missing
CheckDocumentÿÿÿÿyIgnore found errors and continue to export or print. Be sure to understand the errors you are ignoring before continuing.
CheckDocumentR7>1@065=85 O2;O5BAO D09;>< 2 D>@<0B5 GIFImage is GIF
CheckDocumentv# 87>1@065=8O @07@5H5=85 2KH5 %1 DPI, 0 8<5==>: %2 x %3 DPI4Image resolution above %1 DPI, currently %2 x %3 DPI
CheckDocumentv# 87>1@065=8O @07@5H5=85 =865 %1 DPI, 0 8<5==>: %2 x %3 DPI4Image resolution below %1 DPI, currently %2 x %3 DPI
CheckDocument!;>9 "%1"
Layer "%1"
CheckDocument.BACBAB2C5B 87>1@065=85
Missing Image
CheckDocument&@>1;5< =5 2KO2;5=>No Problems found
CheckDocument(1J5:B ?>;C?@>7@0G5=Object has transparency
CheckDocumentP1J5:B O2;O5BAO PDF-0==>B0F859 8;8 ?>;5<#Object is a PDF Annotation or Field
CheckDocument<1J5:B O2;O5BAO 2AB@>5==K< PDFObject is a placed PDF
CheckDocument&1J5:B 2=5 AB@0=8FKObject is not on a Page
CheckDocument!B@0=8F0 Page 
CheckDocument0;840B>@Preflight Verifier
CheckDocumentÿÿÿÿgPreflight profile to base the report generation on. Options can be set in Document Setup or Preferences
CheckDocument 0945=0 ?@>1;5<0Problems found
CheckDocumentÿÿÿÿ>Rerun the document scan to check corrections you may have made
CheckDocument25@5?>;=5=85 B5:AB. 1;>:0
Text overflow
CheckDocument:A?>;L7C5BAO ?>;C?@>7@0G=>ABLTransparency used
CheckDocumentb52>7<>6=> A>1@0BL 2A5 D09;K 4;O 2K2>40 D09;0:
%10Cannot collect all files for output for file:
%1CollectForOutputb52>7<>6=> A>1@0BL 4;O 2K2>40 A;54CNI89 D09;: 
%1Cannot collect the file: 
%1CollectForOutput K15@8B5 :0B0;>3Choose a DirectoryCollectForOutput4QB A1>@:0...
Collecting...CollectForOutput&#40;8BL&DeleteColorManager&7<5=8BL&EditColorManager&<?>@B8@>20BL&ImportColorManager
&<O:&Name:ColorManager&>2K9&NewColorManager.#40;8BL &=58A?>;L7C5<K5&Remove UnusedColorManager.!>&E@0=8BL =01>@ F25B>2&Save Color SetColorManagerÿÿÿÿKAll Supported Formats (%1);;Documents (%2);;Other Files (%3);;All Files (*)ColorManagerK15@8B5 8<O
Choose a NameColorManagerDK15@8B5 703@C605<K9 =01>@ F25B>2 Choose a color set to loadColorManager01>@K F25B>2
Color SetsColorManager
&25B0ColorsColorManager>?8O %1
Copy of %1ColorManagerL!>740BL =>2K9 F25B 4;O B5:CI53> =01>@0)Create a new color within the current setColorManager*"5:CI89 =01>@ F25B>2:Current Color Set:ColorManager@>4C&1;8@>20BL
D&uplicateColorManager.#40;8BL 2K1@0==K5 F25B0#Delete the currently selected colorColorManager.7<5=8BL 2K1@0==K9 F25B!Edit the currently selected colorColorManagerÿÿÿÿåIf color management is enabled, a triangle warning indicator is a warning that the color maybe outside of the color gamut of the current printer profile selected. What this means is the color may not print exactly as indicated on screen. Spot colors are indicated by a red circle. More hints about gamut warnings are in the online help under Color Management. Registration colors will have a registration mark next to the color. Use Registration only for printers marks and crop marks.ColorManager<?>@BImportColorManagerd<?>@B8@>20BL F25B0 2 =01>@ 4;O B5:CI53> 4>:C<5=B0:Import colors to the current set from an existing documentColorManager=D>@<0F8OInformationColorManager<!45;0BL :>?8N 2K1@0==KE F25B>2+Make a copy of the currently selected colorColorManagerP!45;0BL B5:CI89 =01>@ F25B>2 AB0=40@B=K</Make the current colorset the default color setColorManager>2K9 F25B       New ColorColorManager†#40;8BL =58A?>;L7C5<K5 F25B0 87 
B5:CI53> =01>@0 F25B>2 2 4>:C<5=B56Remove unused colors from current document's color setColorManager<!>E@0=8BL B5:CI89 =01>@ F25B>2Save the current color setColorManager¾$09; %1 =5 A>45@68B 8<?>@B8@C5<KE F25B>2. A;8 D09; >A=>20= =0 PostScript, 
?>?@>1C9B5 8<?>@B8@>20BL 53> G5@57 «$09; -&gt; <?>@B8@>20BL». 
5 C 2A5E D09;>2 5ABL A>>B25BAB2CNI85 DSC :><<5=B0@88, 345 =0E>48BAO 
>?8A0=85 F25B>2. A;54AB285 MB>3> 8<?>@B F25B>2 87 =5:>B>@KE D09;>2 
=52>7<>65=. >4@>1=>AB8 87;>65=K 2 @0745;5 «@02:0 F25B>2» 4>:C<5=B0F88.QThe file %1 does not contain colors which can be imported.
If the file was a PostScript-based, try to import it with File -&gt; Import. 
Not all files have DSC conformant comments where the color descriptions are located.
 This prevents importing colors from some files.
See the Edit Colors section of the documentation for more details.ColorManager5@2K9 1;87:891st. Analogous
ColorWheel5@2>5 45;5=85
1st. Split
ColorWheelP5@20O B5B@040 (107>2K9 ?@>B82>?>;>6=K9)1st. Tetradic (base opposite)
ColorWheel5@2K9 B@804=K91st. Triadic
ColorWheelB>@>9 1;87:892nd. Analogous
ColorWheelB>@>5 45;5=85
2nd. Split
ColorWheel*B>@0O B5B@040 (C3>;)2nd. Tetradic (angle)
ColorWheelB>@>9 B@804=K92nd. Triadic
ColorWheel"@5BL5 45;5=85
3rd. Split
ColorWheelJ"@5BLO B5B@040 (?@>B82>?>;>6=K9 C3>;)3rd. Tetradic (angle opposite)
ColorWheel"'5B2Q@B>5 45;5=85
4th. Split
ColorWheel;87:85 F25B0     Analogous
ColorWheel07>2K9 F25B
Base Color
ColorWheel(@>B82>?>;>6=K9 F25B
ColorWheel$>=>E@><=K9 BQ<=K9Monochromatic Dark
ColorWheel&>=>E@><=K9 A25B;K9Monochromatic Light
ColorWheelB 0745;Q==K5 ?@>B82>?>;>6=K5 F25B0Split Complementary
ColorWheelN"5B@04K (42>9=K5 ?@>B82>?>;>6=K5 F25B0)Tetradic (Double Complementary)
ColorWheel"@804KTriadic
ColorWheel"&&25B>2>9 :@C3...&Color Wheel...ColorWheelPluginHK1>@ F25B0 A CGQB>< 45D5:B>2 7@5=8O*Color selector with color theory included.ColorWheelPlugin4><>I=8: 2 CAB0=>2:5 F25B0Color setting helperColorWheelPlugin&@8<5=8BL&Apply
CommonStrings25 D0;LF>2:83-Fold
CommonStrings"@8 D0;LF>2:84-Fold
CommonStrings?@5;LApril
CommonStrings23CABAugust
CommonStrings@C3>9Custom
CommonStrings@C3>9: Custom: 
CommonStrings "8@5-B>G:0-B>G:0Dash Dot Dot Line
Dash Dot Line
CommonStrings 8=59=K9 ?C=:B8@Dashed Line
CommonStrings> C<>;G0=8NDefault
CommonStrings01KG=K9 A8<2>;L=K9 AB8;LDefault Character Style
CommonStrings&1KG=K9 AB8;L ;8=88Default Line Style
CommonStrings,1KG=K9 0170F=K9 AB8;LDefault Paragraph Style
CommonStrings,59B5@>=>?8O (75;Q=K9)Deuteranopia (Green)
CommonStringsC=:B8@Dotted Line
CommonStrings0@=K5 AB@0=8FKDouble Sided
CommonStrings4>;=>5 =5@07;8G5=85 F25B>2Full Color Blindness
CommonStrings@040F88 A5@>3>    Grayscale
CommonStrings ;>: 87>1@065=8OImage Frame
CommonStrings/=20@LJanuary
CommonStrings4!28A0NI0O A;520 ?C=:BC0F8OLeft Hanging Punctuation
CommonStrings520O AB@0=8F0      Left Page
CommonStrings!28A0=85 A;520Left Protruding
CommonStrings00:A. @0AH8@5=85 A8<2>;0Max. Glyph Extension
CommonStrings.0:A. <56A;>2=K9 ?@>15;Max. Word Tracking
CommonStrings!@54=OO ;520OMiddle Left
CommonStrings!@54=OO ?@020OMiddle Right
CommonStrings.8=. @0AH8@5=85 A8<2>;0Min. Glyph Extension
CommonStrings,8=. <56A;>2=K9 ?@>15;Min. Word Tracking
CommonStrings5BOptical Margin SettingNone
color nameNone
CommonStrings1KG=0O ;520ONormal Left
CommonStrings1KG=0O A@54=OO
Normal Middle
CommonStrings1KG=0O ?@020ONormal Right
CommonStrings">@<0;L=>5 7@5=85
Normal Vision
CommonStrings>O1@LNovember
PDF Check Box
PDF Combo Box
CommonStringsÿÿÿÿPDF Link Annotation
CommonStringsÿÿÿÿPDF List Box
CommonStringsÿÿÿÿPDF Push Button
CommonStringsÿÿÿÿPDF Text Annotation
CommonStringsÿÿÿÿPDF Text Field
CommonStrings><0=0O ;8=8OPolyline
CommonStrings$PostScript Level 1PostScript Level 1
CommonStrings$PostScript Level 2PostScript Level 2
CommonStrings$PostScript Level 3PostScript Level 3
CommonStrings(@>B0=>?8O (:@0A=K9)Protanopia (Red)
CommonStrings";>: 287C0;870F88Render Frame
CommonStrings6!28A0NI0O A?@020 ?C=:BC0F8ORight Hanging Punctuation
CommonStrings@020O AB@0=8F0
Right Page
CommonStrings!28A0=85 A?@020Right Protruding
CommonStrings!5=BO1@L     September
CommonStrings$48=>G=0O AB@0=8F0Single Page
CommonStrings&5;0O ;8=8O
Solid Line
CommonStrings"5:AB>2K9 1;>:
Text Frame
CommonStrings "5:AB ?> :>=BC@CText on a Path
CommonStrings$"@8B0=>?8O (A8=89)Tritanopia (Blue)
!@540     Wednesday
CommonStringsWindows GDIWindows GDI
CommonStrings #40;8BL AB@0=8FCDelete PageContextMenu AB028BL D09;...
Paste File...ContextMenu.0@0<5B@K ?@54?@>A<>B@0Preview SettingsContextMenuP@5>1@07>20BL AB@0=8FC 2 <0AB5@-AB@0=8FCConvert Page to Master PageCopyPageToMasterPageBaseÿÿÿÿCopy Applied Master Page ItemsCopyPageToMasterPageBase0720=85:Name:CopyPageToMasterPageBase0>20O <0AB5@-AB@0=8F0 %1New Master Page %1CopyPageToMasterPageDialog% %Cpalette pt ptCpalette#3>;AngleCpalette 568<:Blend Mode:Cpalette&25BColorCpalette$A25B;5=85 HB@8E>2
Color BurnCpalette$0B5<=5=85 HB@8E>2Color DodgeCpaletteB5@5:@QAB=>-4803>=0;L=K9 3@0485=BCross Diagonal GradientCpalette0B5<=5=85DarkenCpalette*803>=0;L=K9 3@0485=BDiagonal GradientCpalette 07=8F0
DifferenceCpaletteŒ>:07K20BL 2A5 F25B0 B5:CI53> 4>:C<5=B0 ;81> B>;L:> 8A?>;L7C5<K5 2 =5<PDisplay all colors from the document color list, or only the already used colorsCpalette2">;L:> 8A?>;L7C5<K5 F25B0Display only used ColorsCpalette>7<5=8BL A2>9AB20 70;82:8 ;8=88Edit Fill Color PropertiesCpalette:7<5=8BL A2>9AB20 F25B0 ;8=88Edit Line Color PropertiesCpaletteKG8B0=85 ExclusionCpalette"8=59=K9 3@0485=BFree linear GradientCpalette& 0480;L=K9 3@0485=BFree radial GradientCpalette"0?@02;5==K9 A25B
Hard LightCpalette.>@87>=B0;L=K9 3@0485=BHorizontal GradientCpalette">=HueCpaletteA25B;5=85LightenCpalette/@:>ABL
LuminosityCpalette6!<5AB8BL 25:B>@ =0?@02;5=8OMove VectorCpalette¤7<5=8BL 25:B>@ =0?@02;5=8O 3@0485=B0: =0G0;>   ;52>9 :=>?:>9 <KH8, :>=5F   ?@02>9”Move the start of the gradient vector with the left mouse button pressed and move the end of the gradient vector with the right mouse button pressedCpalette#<=>65=85MultiplyCpalette1KG=K9NormalCpalette>1KG=0O 8;8 3@0485=B=0O 70;82:0Normal or gradient fill methodCpalette!<5I5=8OOffsetsCpalette5?@>7@.:Opacity:Cpalette5@5:@KB85OverlayCpalette"5:ABC@0PatternCpalette& 0480;L=K9 3@0485=BRadial GradientCpalette@0I5=85RotationCpalette0AKI5==>ABL
SaturationCpalette0AKI5=85 F25B0Saturation of colorCpalette0AHB01ScalingCpalette
-:@0=ScreenCpaletteX#AB0=>28BL ?@>7@0G=>ABL 4;O 2K1@0==>3> F25B0+Set the transparency for the color selectedCpalette
"5=L:Shade:Cpalette 0AA5O==K9 A25B
Soft LightCpalette,0@0<5B@K ?@>7@0G=>AB8Transparency SettingsCpalette*5@B8:0;L=K9 3@0485=BVertical GradientCpaletteX-0AHB.:X-Scale:CpaletteX:X:CpaletteY-0AHB.:Y-Scale:CpaletteY:Y:Cpalette(>1&028BL 2 480?07>=
&Add To RangeCreateRange&B<5=8BL&CancelCreateRange&&OKCreateRange2>1028BL 480?07>= AB@0=8FAdd a Range of PagesCreateRange: 0AH8@5==>5 ?5@5@0A?@545;5=85Advanced ReorderingCreateRange
Alt+2Alt+UCreateRange.@>AB>9 2K1>@ 480?07>=0Basic Range SelectionCreateRange6 0745;Q==K9 70?OBK<8 A?8A>:Comma Separated ListCreateRange2>A;54>20B5;L=K5 AB@0=8FKConsecutive PagesCreateRange4!>740=85 480?07>=0 AB@0=8FCreate RangeCreateRange&#40;8BLDe&leteCreateRange480?07>= AB@0=8F 4>:C<5=B0Doc Page RangeCreateRange'QB=K5 AB@0=8FK
Even PagesCreateRangeB:From:CreateRange
Move &DownCreateRange
&KH5Move &UpCreateRange4A53> AB@0=8F 2 4>:C<5=B5:Number of Pages in Document:CreateRange"5GQB=K5 AB@0=8FK   Odd PagesCreateRange, 07<5@ 3@C??K AB@0=8F:Page Group Size:CreateRange>@O4>: AB@0=8F
Page OrderCreateRange 80?07>= AB@0=8FRange of PagesCreateRange.@8<5@ ?>@O4:0 AB@0=8F:Sample Page Order:CreateRange>:To:CreateRange
(TAB)(TAB)   CsvDialog*0@0<5B@K 8<?>@B0 CSVCSV Importer Options     CsvDialogB<5=8BLCancel     CsvDialog$ 0745;8B5;L ?>;59:Field delimiter:       CsvDialog65@20O AB@>:0 :0: 703>;>2>:First row is a header        CsvDialog5BNone CsvDialogOK     CsvDialog* 0745;8B5;L 7=0G5=89:Value delimiter: CsvDialogA5 AB@0=8FK        All PagesCupsOptions">;L:> GQB=K5Even Pages onlyCupsOptions;L1><   LandscapeCupsOptions5@:0;8@>20=85MirrorCupsOptions!B@0=8F =0 ;8AB
N-Up PrintingCupsOptions">;L:> =5GQB=K5Odd Pages onlyCupsOptions0@0<5B@OptionCupsOptions@85=B0F8OOrientationCupsOptions01>@ AB@0=8FPage SetCupsOptions AB@0=8F0 =0 ;8ABPage per SheetCupsOptionsAB@0=8F =0 ;8ABPages per SheetCupsOptions>@B@5BPortraitCupsOptions 0@0<5B@K ?5G0B8Printer OptionsCupsOptionsª45AL >B>1@060NBAO @07;8G=K5 ?0@0<5B@K CUPS 4;O ?5G0B8. !>AB02 ?0@0<5B@>2 7028A8B >B 8A?>;L7C5<>9 <>45;8 ?@8=B5@0. =0;8G85 ?>445@6:8 <>6=> ?@>25@8BL 2 480;>35 « Scribus», 2K7K205<>< G5@57 <5=N «!?@02:0». 0948B5 A>:@0I5=85 2840 "C-C-T", :>B>@>5 @0AH8D@>2K205BAO B0:: C=CUPS C=littlecms T=TIFF. BACBAB2CNI0O 181;8>B5:0 ?><5G05BAO A8<2>;>< *.This panel displays various CUPS options when printing. The exact parameters available will depend on your printer driver. You can confirm CUPS support by selecting Help > About. Look for the listings: C-C-T These equate to C=CUPS C=littlecms T=TIFF support. Missing library support is indicated by a *CupsOptions=0G5=85ValueCupsOptions>52>7<>6=> 70?8A0BL 2 D09;: 
%1Cannot write the file: 
%1CurveWidgetF$09;K :@82KE (*.scu);;A5 D09;K (*)"Curve Files (*.scu);;All Files (*)CurveWidget$=25@B8@C5B :@82CNInverts the curveCurveWidget 03@C605B :@82CN
Loads a curveCurveWidgetB:@KBLOpenCurveWidgetL!1@0AK205B :@82CN 2 8AE>4=>5 A>AB>O=85Resets the curveCurveWidget!>E@0=8BL :0:Save asCurveWidget !>E@0=O5B :@82CNSaves this curveCurveWidget~5@5:;NG05B B8? 8=B5@?>;OF88 :@82>9 <564C ;8=59=>9 8 :C18G5A:>9<Switches between linear and cubic interpolation of the curveCurveWidget&!60BL D09;&Compress File
CustomFDialog*&:;NG8BL ?@>D8;8 ICC&Include Color Profiles
CustomFDialog &:;NG8BL H@8DBK&Include Fonts
CustomFDialogÿÿÿÿ%Compress the Scribus document on save
CustomFDialog>48@>2:0:   Encoding:
CustomFDialogÿÿÿÿ=Include color profiles when collecting files for the document
CustomFDialogÿÿÿÿŸInclude fonts when collecting files for the document. Be sure to know and understand licensing information for any fonts you collect and possibly redistribute.
CustomFDialog >:070BL >1@075FShow Preview
CustomFDialogÿÿÿÿ4Show a preview and information for the selected file
DashEditor,B<5=5=> ?>;L7>20B5;5<Cancelled by userDeferredTask#40;5=85 F25B0Delete ColorDelColor#40;8BL F25B:
Delete Color:DelColor0<5=8BL =0:
Replace With:DelColor#40;8BL >B:Delete From:DelPages #40;5=85 AB@0=8FDelete PagesDelPages4>:to:DelPagesR5 C40;>AL 8<?>@B8@>20BL 4>:C<5=B Word
%1"Importing Word document failed 
%1DocIm <?>@B =5 C40;AOImporting failedDocIm&2B>@:&Author:DocInfos!>0&2B>@K:&Contributors:DocInfos &;NG52K5 A;>20:
&Keywords:DocInfos/&7K::
&Relation:DocInfos&AB>G=8::&Source:DocInfos&03>;>2>::&Title:DocInfosÈ0B0, A2O70==0O A A>1KB85< 2 687=5==>< F8:;5 MB>3> 4>:C<5=B0, 2 D>@<0B5 -- A>3;0A=> ISO 8601hA date associated with an event in the life cycle of the document, in YYYY-MM-DD format, as per ISO 8601DocInfosê<O, 40==>5 4>:C<5=BC. -B> ?>;5 <>65B 1KBL 2AB@>5=> :0: 2 4>:C<5=B Scribus 4;O AAK;>: =0 =53>, B0: 8 2 <5B040==K5 PDFƒA name given to the document. This field can be embedded in the Scribus document for reference, as well as in the metadata of a PDFDocInfos†'5;>25: 8;8 >@30=870F8O, 2=QAH85 2:;04 2 A>45@68<>5 MB>3> 4>:C<5=B0\A person or organisation responsible for making contributions to the content of the documentDocInfos€'5;>25: 8;8 >@30=870F8O, >B25BAB25==K5 70 2K?CA: MB>3> 4>:C<5=B0FA person or organisation responsible for making the document availableDocInfosÆ!AK;:0 =0 4>:C<5=B, ?@>872>4=K< >B :>B>@>3> O2;O5BAO 40==K9 4>:C<5=B, =0?@8<5@, 2 2845 ISBN 8;8 URIUA reference to a document from which the present document is derived, eg. ISBN or URIDocInfosÔ!AK;:0 =0 4>:C<5=B A @>4AB25==>9 B5<0B8:>9, 2>7<>6=>, A D>@<0;L=K< 845=B8D8:0B>@><, B0:8< :0: ISBN 8;8 URI[A reference to a related document, possibly using a formal identifier such as a ISBN or URIDocInfos@0B:>5 >?8A0=85 A>45@68<>3> 4>:C<5=B0. -B> ?>;5 4;O :@0B:>3> >?8A0=8O 8;8 0==>B0F88 : 4>:C<5=BC, 2AB@08205<>5 2 M:A?>@B8@C5<K9 D09; PDF‘An account of the content of the document. This field is for a brief description or abstract of the document. It is embedded in the PDF on exportDocInfosv#=8:0;L=0O AAK;:0 =0 MB>B 4>:C<5=B ?>A@54AB2>< ISBN 8;8 URISAn unambiguous reference to the document within a given context such as ISBN or URIDocInfos &CD5@0 459AB28O:
Co&verage:DocInfos&0B0:Dat&e:DocInfos?8&A0=85:
Descri&ption:DocInfos&>:C<5=B   Documen&tDocInfos,=D>@<0F8O > 4>:C<5=B5Document InformationDocInfos$>@&<0B:F&ormat:DocInfos&>4@>1=55Further &InformationDocInfos45=B8D&8:0B>@:Identi&fier:DocInfosÎ=D>@<0F8O > ?@020E =0 4>:C<5=B 8 53> A>45@68<>5, =0?@8<5@, 02B>@A:85 8 ?0B5=B=K5 ?@020, B>@3>20O <0@:0ZInformation about rights held in and over the document, eg. copyright, patent or trademarkDocInfos740&B5;L:P&ublisher:DocInfos@0&20:Ri&ghts:DocInfos
&"8?:T&ype:DocInfosª1;0ABL >E20B0 40==>3> 4>:C<5=B0, 2>7<>6=>, 2:;NG0O <5AB>, 2@5<O 8 >1;0ABL N@8A48:F88mThe extent or scope of the content of the document, possibly including location, time and jurisdiction rangesDocInfos8/7K:, =0 :>B>@>< =0?8A0= 4>:C<5=B, >1KG=> >1>7=0G5==K9 :>4>< ISO-639, ?> 2K1>@C A ACDD8:A>< 2 2845 45D8A0 8 :>4>< AB@0=K ?> ISO-3166, =0?@8<5@: en-GB, fr-CH­The language in which the content of the document is written, usually a ISO-639 language code optionally suffixed with a hypen and an ISO-3166 country code, eg. en-GB, fr-CHDocInfosœ@8@>40 60=@0 A>45@68<>3> MB>3> 4>:C<5=B0, =0?@8<5@, :0B53>@88, DC=:F88 8 B.4.ZThe nature or genre of the content of the document, eg. categories, functions, genres, etcDocInfos`0720=85 >@30=870F88, 2 ?5@2CN >G5@54L >B25BAB25==>9 70 A>740=85 MB>3> 4>:C<5=B0. -B> ?>;5 <>65B 1KBL 2AB@>5=> :0: 2 4>:C<5=B Scribus 4;O AAK;>: =0 =53>, B0: 8 2 <5B040==K5 PDF¾The person or organisation primarily responsible for making the content of the document. This field can be embedded in the Scribus document for reference, as well as in the metadata of a PDFDocInfos$878G5A:>5 8;8 F8D@>2>5 ?@54AB02;5=85 MB>3> 4>:C<5=B0. !B>8B C:070BL B8? =>A8B5;O 8 53> @07<5@K. "0:65 ?>;57=K RFC2045 8 RFC2046 4;O B8?>2 MIME›The physical or digital manifestation of the document. Media type and dimensions would be worth noting. RFC2045,RFC2046 for MIME types are also useful hereDocInfos"5<0 MB>3> 4>:C<5=B0. -B> ?>;5 A>45@68B :;NG52K5 A;>20 4>:C<5=B0 4;O 2AB@0820=8O 2 D09; PDF 4;O C?@>I5=8O ?>8A:0 8 8=45:A8@>20=8O B0:8E D09;>2–The topic of the content of the document. This field is for document keywords you wish to embed in a PDF, to assist searches and indexing of PDF filesDocInfos&>1028BL&AddDocSections&#40;8BL&DeleteDocSections1, 2, 3, ...1, 2, 3, ...DocSectionsj<b>0720=85:</b> 5>1O70B5;L=>5 =0720=85 @0745;0, =0?@8<5@, =45:A<br/><b>>:07K20BL:</b> >:07K20BL ;8 =><5@0 AB@0=8F 2 MB>< @0745;5, 5A;8 >48= 8;8 1>;55 B5:AB>2KE 1;>:>2 =0AB@>5=K 4;O MB>3>.<br/><b>B:</b> =45:A AB@0=8FK, A :>B>@>9 =0G0BL.<br/><b>To:</b> =45:A AB@0=8FK, :>B>@>9 70:>=G8BL.<br/><b>!B8;L:</b> A?>;L7C5<K9 AB8;L =C<5@0F88.<br/><b>0G0;>:</b> ! :0:>3> 8=45:A0 2 @0<:0E AB8;O =0G0BL. 0?@8<5@, 5A;8 0G0;>=2 8 !B8;L=a,b,c, ..., B> =C<5@0F8O =0G=QBAO A b. ;O ?5@2>3> @0745;0 2 4>:C<5=B5 MB> 70<5=8B ?@56=89 =><5@ ?5@2>9 AB@0=8FK 2 =>2>< >:=5 D09;0.E<b>Name:</b> Optional name for section eg. Index<br/><b>Shown:</b> Select to show the page numbers in this section if there is one or more text frames setup to do so.<br/><b>From:</b> The page index for this section to start at.<br/><b>To:</b> The page index for this section to stop at.<br/><b>Style:</b> Select the page number style to be used.<br/><b>Start:</b> The index within the Style's range to star at. Eg. If Start=2 and Style=a,b,c, ..., the numbers will begin at b. For the first section in the document this replaces the older First Page Number in the new file window.DocSectionsA, B, C, ...A, B, C, ...DocSectionsÀ>1028BL @0745; =C<5@0F88 AB@0=8F 2 4>:C<5=B. >2K9 @0745; 1C45B =0G0B ?>A;5 B5:CI53> 2K45;5=8O.qAdd a page numbering section to the document. The new section will be added after the currently selected section.DocSections
Alt+CAlt+DDocSections4#40;8BL 2K45;5==K9 @0745;.&Delete the currently selected section.DocSections" 0745;K 4>:C<5=B0Document SectionsDocSectionsBFromDocSectionsI, II, III, ...I, II, III, ...DocSections0720=85NameDocSectionsb><5@ AB@0=8FK 70 ?@545;0<8 4>?CAB8<>3> 480?07>=0Page Number Out Of BoundsDocSections>:07K20BLShownDocSections0G0;>StartDocSections
!B8;LStyleDocSections¤254Q==>5 7=0G5=85 =0E>48BAO 70 4>?CAB8<K<8 ?@545;0<8 4;O MB>3> 4>:C<5=B0 (%1-%2).`The value you have entered is outside the range of page numbers in the current document (%1-%2).DocSections>ToDocSectionsa, b, c, ...a, b, c, ...DocSectionsi, ii, iii, ...i, ii, iii, ...DocSections&>1028BL&AddDocumentItemAttributes!&:>?8@>20BL&CopyDocumentItemAttributes&#40;8BL&DeleteDocumentItemAttributes
Alt+GAlt+LDocumentItemAttributes&2B><0B. 4>1028BL 2Auto Add ToDocumentItemAttributes>38G5A:0OBooleanDocumentItemAttributes&G8AB8BLC&learDocumentItemAttributes4B@81CBK >1J5:B0 4>:C<5=B0Document Item AttributesDocumentItemAttributes";>:8 87>1@065=89Image FramesDocumentItemAttributes5@5<5==0OIntegerDocumentItemAttributes 865 ?> 85@0@E88Is Child OfDocumentItemAttributes KH5 ?> 85@0@E88Is Parent OfDocumentItemAttributes<ONameDocumentItemAttributes8:0:>3>NoneDocumentItemAttributes8:0:>3>relationshipNoneDocumentItemAttributes8:0:>3>typesNoneDocumentItemAttributes0@0<5B@  ParameterDocumentItemAttributes'8A;> RealReal NumberDocumentItemAttributes!>>B=>A8BAO A
Relates ToDocumentItemAttributes!>>B=>H5=85RelationshipDocumentItemAttributes!>>B=>H5=85 ARelationship ToDocumentItemAttributes!B@>:>20OStringDocumentItemAttributes"5:AB>2K5 1;>:8Text FramesDocumentItemAttributes"8?TypeDocumentItemAttributes=0G5=85ValueDocumentItemAttributes2=0;878@C5BAO PostScript:Analyzing PostScript:EPSPlugR@5>1@07>20=85 %1 87>1@065=89 =5 C40;>AL!Converting of %1 images failed!EPSPlugH81:0ErrorEPSPlug$@8B8G5A:0O >H81:0Fatal ErrorEPSPlug"!>740=85 >1J5:B>2Generating ItemsEPSPlug@C??0%1Group%1EPSPlug6<?>@B D09;0:
=5 C40;AO!Importing File:
failed!EPSPlug<?>@B: %1
Importing: %1EPSPlug@02:0EditEditToolBar!&:>?8@>20BL&CopyEditor&@02:0&EditEditor*K&9B8 157 A>E@0=5=8O&Exit without SavingEditor
&$09;&FileEditor*>;C&G8BL 8<5=0 ?>;59&Get Field NamesEditor&>2K9&NewEditor&B:@KBL...&Open...EditorAB&028BL&PasteEditor>2&B>@8BL&RedoEditor$!>E@&0=8BL 8 2K9B8&Save and ExitEditor&B<5=8BL&UndoEditor&G8AB8BLC&learEditorCtrl+CCtrl+CEditorCtrl+NCtrl+NEditorCtrl+XCtrl+XEditorCtrl+ZCtrl+ZEditorCtrl-VCtrl-VEditor&K@570BLCu&tEditor 540:B>@EditorEditorBJavaScripts (*.js);;A5 D09;K (*)!JavaScripts (*.js);;All Files (*)Editor"!>E@0=8BL &:0:...Save &As...Editor<<<<
EffectsDialog">ABC?=K5 MDD5:BKAvailable Effects
EffectsDialog 07<KB85Blur
EffectsDialog&25B 1:Color 1:
EffectsDialog&25B 2:Color 2:
EffectsDialog&25B 3:Color 3:
EffectsDialog&25B 4:Color 4:
EffectsDialog>=B@0AB: Contrast:
EffectsDialog@82K5Curves
EffectsDialog(A?>;L7C5<K5 MDD5:BKEffects in use
EffectsDialog@040F88 A5@>3>     Grayscale
EffectsDialog&-DD5:BK 87>1@065=8O
Image Effects
EffectsDialog>AB5@870F8O     Posterize
EffectsDialog 048CA:Radius:
EffectsDialog$>2KH5=85 @57:>AB8Sharpen
EffectsDialog<H81:0 ?@8 70?8A8 D09;0 (->2).!Error writing the output file(s).ExportBitmap<$09; ACI5AB2C5B. 5@570?8A0BL?File exists. Overwrite?ExportBitmapf54>AB0B>G=> ?0<OB8 4;O 87>1@065=8O B0:>3> @07<5@0.(Insufficient memory for this image size.ExportBitmap2!>E@0=8BL :0: 87>1@065=85
Save as ImageExportBitmapBC65 ACI5AB2C5B. 5@570?8A0BL 53>?exists already. Overwrite?ExportBitmap% %
ExportFormdpi dpi
ExportForm&A5 AB@0=8FK
&All pages
ExportForm"&"5:CI0O AB@0=8F0
&Current page
ExportForm4&-:A?>@B8@>20BL 2 :0B0;>3:&Export to Directory:
ExportForm&0G5AB2>:   &Quality:
ExportForm& 07@5H5=85:&Resolution:
ExportForm 07&<5@:&Size:
ExportForm2B><0B8G5A:8     Automatic
ExportForm<>7<>6=K5 D>@<0BK 4;O M:A?>@B0Available export formats
ExportForm,!<5=8BL :0B0;>3 2K2>40Change the output directory
ExportForm:K15@8B5 :0B0;>3 4;O M:A?>@B0Choose a Export Directory
ExportForm>-:A?>@B8@>20BL 480?07>= AB@0=8FExport a range of pages
ExportForm6-:A?>@B8@>20BL 2A5 AB@0=8FKExport all pages
ExportForm<-:A?>@B8@>20BL :0: 87>1@065=85Export as Image(s)
ExportForm.">;L:> B5:CICN AB@0=8FCExport only the current page
ExportForm&$>@<0B:Image &Type:
ExportForm: 07<5@ 87>1@065=8O 2 ?8:A5;0EImage size in Pixels
ExportFormBAB028BL AN40 @0745;Q==K9 70?OBK<8 A?8A>: 
<0@:Q@>2, 345 :064K9 <0@:Q@ <>65B 1KBL * 4;O 
2A5E AB@0=8F, 1-5 4;O 480?07>=0 AB@0=8F 8;8 
=><5@>< >48=>G=>9 AB@0=8FK.ƒInsert a comma separated list of tokens where
a token can be * for all the pages, 1-5 for
a range of pages or a single page number.
ExportFormÀ 07@5H5=85 87>1@065=89
A?>;L7C9B5 72 dpi 4;O 87>1@065=89, 
>@85=B8@>20==KE =0 ?@>A<>B@ A M:@0=0FResolution of the Images
Use 72 dpi for Images intended for the Screen
ExportForm 07<5@ 87>1@065=89. 100%   157 87<5=5=89, 200%   2 2  @070 1>;LH5 8 B.4.GSize of the images. 100% for no changes, 200% for two times larger etc.
ExportFormTextLabel     TextLabel
ExportFormÿÿÿÿsThe compression ratio of your images - 100% is no compression, 0% highest compression. If in doubt, use 'Automatic'
ExportForm0B0;>3 2K2>40   :0B0;>3, 2 :>B>@K9 ?><5I0NBAO 87>1@065=8O.
$09;K 1C4CB 8<5BL 8<5=0 2840 «8<O4>:C<5=B0-=><5@AB@0=8FK.@0AH8@5=85»yThe output directory - the place to store your images.
Name of the export file will be 'documentname-pagenumber.filetype'
ExportForm% %
ExtImageProps 568<:Blend Mode:
ExtImageProps$A25B;5=85 HB@8E>2
Color Burn
ExtImageProps$0B5<=5=85 HB@8E>2Color Dodge
ExtImageProps 07=8F0
ExtImageProps 0AB2>@5=85Dissolve
ExtImageProps.5 8A?>;L7>20BL :>=BC@KDon't use any Path
ExtImagePropsKG8B0=85 Exclusion
ExtImageProps@ 0AH8@5==K5 A2>9AB20 87>1@065=8OExtended Image Properties
ExtImageProps"0?@02;5==K9 A25B
Hard Light
ExtImageProps@54?@>A<>B@Live Preview
ExtImageProps 0AA5O==K9 A25B
Soft Light
ExtImageProps2B>@:Author:FDialogPreview,&25B>2>5 ?@>AB@0=AB2>:Colorspace:FDialogPreviewDPIDPIFDialogPreview$>@<0B D09;0:File Format:FDialogPreview57 703>;>2:0No TitleFDialogPreview 07@5H5=85:Resolution:FDialogPreview >:C<5=B ScribusScribus DocumentFDialogPreview 07<5@:Size:FDialogPreview0720=85:Title:FDialogPreview58725AB=>UnknownFDialogPreview" 1K; 70<5=Q= =0:  was replaced by: 
FileLoadern5:>B>@K5 H@8DBK 87 MB>3> 4>:C<5=B0 70<5=5=K =0 4@C385:7Some fonts used by this document have been substituted:
FontComboH>ABC?Access
FontListModel6)Q;:=8B5 4;O A<5=K 7=0G5=8OClick to change the value
FontListModelAB@>8BL 2 PSEmbed in PostScript
FontListModel<O H@8DB0     Font Name
FontListModel$>@<0BFormat
FontListModelCBL : D09;CPath to Font File
FontListModel58725AB=>    font typeUnknown
FontListModel>ABC?=>ABLUse Font
FontListModel 4>:C<5=B5Used in Doc
FontListModel"&>ABC?=K5 H@8DBK&Available Fonts   FontPrefs#&40;8BL&Delete    FontPrefs&#40;8BL&Remove    FontPrefs>&1028BL...A&dd...    FontPrefs8>?>;=8B5;L=>5 @0A&?>;>65=85Additional &Paths  FontPrefs6>?>;=8B5;L=>5 @0A?>;>65=85Additional Paths     FontPrefs >ABC?=K5 H@8DBKAvailable Fonts    FontPrefs&7<5=8BL...
C&hange...  FontPrefs K15@8B5 :0B0;>3Choose a Directory FontPrefs0<5=0 &H@8DB>2Font &Substitutions  FontPrefs<O H@8DB0    Font Name   FontPrefs0<5=0 H@8DB>2Font Substitutions     FontPrefs 0A?>;>65=85 H@8DB>2 <>65B 1KBL CAB0=>2;5=> B>;L:> G5@57 480;>3 =0AB@>9:8 ?@>3@0<<K 8 B>;L:> ?@8 >BACBAB288 >B:@KBKE 4>:C<5=B>2. 0:@>9B5 2A5 4>:C<5=BK, 8 2 480;>35, >B:@K20NI5<AO G5@57 <5=N «$09; -> 0AB@>8BL Scribus... -> (@8DBK», C:068B5 @0A?>;>65=85 H@8DB>2.ÉFont search paths can only be set in File > Preferences, and only when there is no document currently open. Close any open documents, then use File > Preferences > Fonts to change the font search path.        FontPrefs0<5=0Replacement    FontPrefs&0:@KBL&CloseFontPreview&> C<>;G0=8N&DefaultFontPreview&53;L H@8DB0:&Font Size:FontPreview&KAB@K9 ?>8A::&Quick Search:FontPreview&A:0BL&SearchFontPreview
Alt+CAlt+TFontPreview @>A<>B@ H@8DB>2
Fonts PreviewFontPreview&0:@KBL MB>B 480;>3
Leave previewFontPreview,5@=CBL 8AE>4=K9 B5:ABReset the textFontPreview1@075F B5:AB0Sample text to displayFontPreview&#AB0=>28BLSe&tFontPreviewL>:07K20BL @0AH8@5==K5 40==K5 > H@8DB5Show Extended Font InformationsFontPreview.53;L 2K1@0==>3> H@8DB0Size of the selected fontFontPreview0G0BL ?>8A:Start searchingFontPreview
"5:ABTextFontPreviewº01@02 745AL G0ABL =0720=8O 30@=8BC@K, <>6=> 1KAB@55 : =59 ?5@59B8. >8A: @538AB@>=57028A8<. …Typing the text here provides quick searching in the font names. Searching is case insensitive. The given text is taken as substring.FontPreview€ 5IQ =5?;>E> 1K =0 7028ABL 4@C38< C<5BL :@0A82> G8B0BL 8 ?8A0BL,Woven silk pyjamas exchanged for blue quartzFontPreview(&@>A<>B@ H@8DB>2...&Font Preview...FontPreviewPlugin080;>3 ?@>A<>B@0 H@8DB>2Font Preview dialogFontPreviewPlugin^!>@B8@>2:0, ?>8A: 8 ?@>A<>B@ 4>ABC?=KE H@8DB>2.0Sorting, searching and browsing available fonts.FontPreviewPluginlB<5=C 70<5=C H@8DB>2 8 ?@5:@0B8BL 703@C7:C 4>:C<5=B0.@Cancels these font substitutions and stops loading the document.FontReplaceDialog>AB>O==> ?@>872>48BL B0:CN 70<5=C H@8DB>2 2 1C4CI5<. @8 65;0=88 MB> <>6=> >B:;NG8BL 2 ?0@0<5B@0E H@8DB>2 480;>30 ?0@0<5B@>2 Scribus.©Enabling this tells Scribus to use these replacements for missing fonts permanently in all future layouts. This can be reverted or changed in Edit > Preferences > Fonts.FontReplaceDialog0<5=0 H@8DB0Font SubstitutionFontReplaceDialog¼A;8 =060BL , 0 70B5< A>E@0=8BL, B> MB0 70<5=0 AB0=5B ?>AB>O==>9 4;O A>E@0=Q==>3> 4>:C<5=B0.TIf you select OK, then save, these substitutions are made permanent in the document.FontReplaceDialog<A?>;L7>20BL MBC 70<5=C 2A5340"Make these substitutions permanentFontReplaceDialogAE>4=K9 H@8DB
Original FontFontReplaceDialog(@8DB 70<5=KSubstitution FontFontReplaceDialog>5:>B>@K5 H@8DBK, 8A?>;L7C5<K5 2 MB>< 4>:C<5=B5, >BACBAB2CNB 2 20H59 A8AB5<5. K15@8B5 70<5=C 4;O =8E. 0602 :=>?:C «B<5=0», 2K ?@5:@0B8B5 703@C7:C 4>:C<5=B0.£This document contains some fonts that are not installed on your system, please choose a suitable replacement for them. Cancel will stop the document from loading.FontReplaceDialog% %GradientEditorX>1028BL, 87<5=8BL 8;8 C40;8BL >?>@=K5 B>G:8&Add, change or remove color stops hereGradientEditor>;>65=85:       Position:GradientEditorÿÿÿÿGradient VectorGradientVectorDialog&>1028BL&AddGuideManager&!B>;1FK/AB@>:8&Column/RowGuideManager601&;>:8@>20BL =0?@02;ONI85&Lock GuidesGuideManager@>G&55&MiscGuideManager&>;8G5AB2>:&Number:GuideManager!B@0=8&F0&PageGuideManager&48=>G=K5&SingleGuideManager>&1028BLA&ddGuideManagerT>1028BL =>2CN 3>@87>=B0;L=CN =0?@02;ONICNAdd a new horizontal guideGuideManagerP>1028BL =>2CN 25@B8:0;L=CN =0?@02;ONICNAdd a new vertical guideGuideManager
Alt+4Alt+AGuideManager
Alt+1Alt+DGuideManager
Alt+2Alt+EGuideManager
Alt+=Alt+GGuideManager
Alt+;Alt+LGuideManager
Alt+AAlt+PGuideManager
Alt+8Alt+SGuideManager
Alt+?Alt+YGuideManager8&@8<5=8BL :> 2A5< AB@0=8F0<Appl&y to All PagesGuideManagerÿÿÿÿ3Apply the shown guides to all pages in the documentGuideManager6@8<5=8BL :> 2A5< AB@0=8F0<Apply to all pagesGuideManagerÿÿÿÿFCreate columns with guides, with an additional gap between the columnsGuideManager’!>740BL AB@>:8 87 =0?@02;ONI8E A 4>?>;=8B5;L=K< 8=B5@20;>< <564C AB@>:0<8@Create rows with guides, with an additional gap between the rowsGuideManagerÿÿÿÿLCreate the selected number of horizontal guides relative to the current pageGuideManagerÿÿÿÿVCreate the selected number of horizontal guides relative to the current page's marginsGuideManagerÿÿÿÿZCreate the selected number of horizontal guides relative to the current selection of itemsGuideManagerÿÿÿÿJCreate the selected number of vertical guides relative to the current pageGuideManagerÿÿÿÿTCreate the selected number of vertical guides relative to the current page's marginsGuideManagerÿÿÿÿXCreate the selected number of vertical guides relative to the current selection of itemsGuideManager#&40;8BLD&eleteGuideManager#40&;8BLDe&leteGuideManagerJ#&40;8BL =0?@02;ONI85 A> 2A5E AB@0=8FDelete Guides from &All PagesGuideManagerP&#40;8BL =0?@02;ONI85 A B5:CI59 AB@0=8FK Delete Guides from Current &PageGuideManagerÿÿÿÿ Delete all guides from all pagesGuideManagerP#40;8BL 2A5 =0?@02;ONI85 A> 2A5E AB@0=8F+Delete all guides from the current documentGuideManagerV#40;8BL 2A5 =0?@02;ONI85 A B5:CI59 AB@0=8FK'Delete all guides from the current pageGuideManagerÿÿÿÿ+Delete all guides shown on the current pageGuideManagerZ#40;8BL 2K1@0==CN 3>@87>=B0;L=CN =0?@02;ONICN$Delete the selected horizontal guideGuideManagerV#40;8BL 2K1@0==CN 25@B8:0;L=CN =0?@02;ONICN"Delete the selected vertical guideGuideManager0#?@02;5=85 =0?@02;ONI8<8
Guide ManagerGuideManager>@87>=B0;L=K5HorizontalsGuideManager*0?5@5BL =0?@02;ONI85Lock the guidesGuideManager
&>;OM&arginsGuideManager>&;8G5AB2>:Nu&mber:GuideManagerd>;8G5AB2> A>740205<KE 3>@87>=B0;L=KE =0?@02;ONI8E%Number of horizontal guides to createGuideManager`>;8G5AB2> A>740205<KE 25@B8:0;L=KE =0?@02;ONI8E#Number of vertical guides to createGuideManager"B=>A8B5;L=> G53>Refer ToGuideManager&K45;5=85
S&electionGuideManager&=B5@20;:  U&se Gap:GuideManager&=B5@20;:   Use &Gap:GuideManager5@B8:0;L=K5       VerticalsGuideManager&>1028BL&AddHelpBrowser$&>1028BL 70:;04:C
&Add BookmarkHelpBrowser&0:;04:8
&BookmarksHelpBrowser&!>45@60=85 &ContentsHelpBrowser&#40;8BL&DeleteHelpBrowser&@02:0&EditHelpBrowser&KE>4&ExitHelpBrowser
&$09;&FileHelpBrowser&09B8...&Find...HelpBrowser&>2K9&NewHelpBrowser0&?5G0B0BL...  &Print...HelpBrowser&KE>4&QuitHelpBrowser&A:0BL&SearchHelpBrowser11HelpBrowserv<h2><p>728=8B5, => @C:>2>4AB2> ?>;L7>20B5;O =5 CAB0=>2;5=>!</p><ul><li>1=>2;5==0O 4>:C<5=B0F8O:</li><li>!:0G8205<K5 25@A88:</li></ul></h2>°<h2><p>Sorry, no manual is installed!</p><p>Please see:</p><ul><li> for updated documentation</li><li> for downloads</li></ul></h2>HelpBrowser&0:;04:8
Book&marksHelpBrowser&#40;8BL 2A5D&elete AllHelpBrowserA:0BLFindHelpBrowser609B8 &A;54CNI55 A>2?045=85
Find &NextHelpBrowser<09B8 &A;54CNI55 A>2?045=85...
Find &Next...HelpBrowser809B8 &?@54K4CI55 A>2?045=85Find &PreviousHelpBrowser>09B8 &?@54K4CI55 A>2?045=85...Find &Previous...HelpBrowser>20O 70:;04:0New BookmarkHelpBrowser00720=85 =>2>9 70:;04:8:New Bookmark's Title:HelpBrowser$!?@02:0 ?> ScribusScribus HelpHelpBrowser<-;5:B@>==0O A?@02:0 ?> ScribusScribus Online HelpHelpBrowserA&:0BLSe&archHelpBrowserA:><K9 B5@<8=:Search Term:HelpBrowser.>8A: @538AB@>=57028A8<Searching is case insensitiveHelpBrowser@8=OBLAcceptHyAsk:>1028BL 2 
A?8A>: 8A:;NG5=89Add to the
Exception ListHyAskH>1028BL 2 A?8A>: 
83=>@8@C5<KE A;>2Add to the
Ignore ListHyAsk AB02:0 AB@0=8FKCancelHyAsk >7<>65= ?5@5=>APossible HyphenationHyAsk@>?CAB8BLSkipHyAsk*>1028BL =>2CN 70?8ALAdd a new Entry
HySettings7<5=8BL 70?8AL
Edit Entry
HySettings"!?8A>: 8A:;NG5=89Exception List
HySettings0!?8A>: 83=>@8@C5<KE A;>2Ignore List
HySettings0B=>A8B5;L=>5 >B25@AB85:       Aperture:ImageInfoDialogA?>;=8B5;L:Artist:ImageInfoDialog*@>872>48B5;L :0<5@K:Camera Manufacturer:ImageInfoDialog>45;L :0<5@K:
Camera Model:ImageInfoDialog><<5=B0@89:Comment:ImageInfoDialog>?8@09B:
Copyright:ImageInfoDialog0B0 / @5<O:Date / Time:ImageInfoDialog?8A0=85:Description:ImageInfoDialog0==K5 EXIF EXIF InfoImageInfoDialog-:A?>78F8O
Exposure timeImageInfoDialog&A=>2=0O 8=D>@<0F8OGeneral InfoImageInfoDialog&AB@>5==K5 :>=BC@K:Has Embedded Paths:ImageInfoDialog&AB@>5==K9 ?@>D8;L:Has Embedded Profile:ImageInfoDialog
!;>8:Has Layers:ImageInfoDialog.'C2AB28B5;L=>ABL (ISO):ISO equiv.:ImageInfoDialog1 87>1@065=88
Image InfoImageInfoDialog<O ?@>D8;O:
Profile Name:ImageInfoDialog,@>872>48B5;L A:0=5@0:Scanner Manufacturer:ImageInfoDialog>45;L A:0=5@0:Scanner Model:ImageInfoDialog:>;L7>20B5;LA:89 :><<5=B0@89:
User Comment:ImageInfoDialog&<?>@B8@>20BL AI...Import AI...ImportAIPlugin><?>@B D09;>2 Adobe IllustratorImports Illustrator FilesImportAIPluginô<?>@B8@C5B 1>;LH8=AB2> D09;>2 Adobe Illustrator 2 B5:CI89 4>:C<5=B,
?@5>1@07>2K20O 8E 40==K5 2 25:B>@=K5 >1J5:BK Scribus.lImports most Illustrator files into the current document,
converting their vector data into Scribus objects.ImportAIPlugin:5 C40;>AL 8<?>@B8@>20BL D09;The file could not be importedImportAIPlugin6<?>@B8@>20BL PostScript...Import PostScript...ImportPSPlugin0<?>@B D09;>2 PostScriptImports PostScript FilesImportPSPluginä<?>@B8@C5B 1>;LH8=AB2> D09;>2 PostScript 2 B5:CI89 4>:C<5=B,?@5>1@07>2K20O 8E 25:B>@=K5 40==K5 2 >1J5:BK Scribus.kImports most PostScript files into the current document,
converting their vector data into Scribus objects.ImportPSPlugin4A5 ?>445@68205<K5 D>@<0BKAll Supported FormatsImportXfigPlugin*<?>@B8@>20BL XFig...Import Xfig...ImportXfigPlugin$<?>@B D09;>2 XFigImports Xfig FilesImportXfigPluginÚ<?>@B8@C5B 1>;LH8=AB2> D09;>2 XFig 2 B5:CI89 4>:C<5=B,
?@5>1@07>2K20O 8E 25:B>@=K5 40==K5 2 >1J5:BK Scribus.eImports most Xfig files into the current document,
converting their vector data into Scribus objects.ImportXfigPlugin;L1><      Landscape
Imposition&C:;5B&BookletImpositionBase&B<5=8BL&CancelImpositionBase&&OKImpositionBase1616ImpositionBase44ImpositionBase88ImpositionBaseÿÿÿÿ¹<html><head><meta name="qrichtext" content="1" /><style type="text/css">
p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }
</style></head><body style=" font-family:'Sans Serif'; font-size:9pt; font-weight:400; font-style:normal;">
<p style=" margin-top:0px; margin-bottom:0px; margin-left:0px; margin-right:0px; -qt-block-indent:0; text-indent:0px;">Separate pages with a comma, ranges with a hyphen, e.g. 1,4,9-11 to get pages 1,4,9,10,11.</p></body></html>ImpositionBase
Alt+4Alt+UImpositionBase&1@0B=0O AB>@>=0 >BBack page fromImpositionBase 1@0B=0O AB>@>=0      Back sideImpositionBase
>?89CopiesImpositionBase$!B@0=8F0 =0 2KE>45Destination pageImpositionBase! &42CE AB>@>=
Do&uble sidedImpositionBase! 42CE AB>@>=Double sidedImpositionBase$0;LF>2:0FoldImpositionBase$8F520O AB>@>=0 >BFront page fromImpositionBase8F520O AB>@>=0
Front sideImpositionBase&!5B:0Gri&dImpositionBaseKA>B0HeightImpositionBase!?CA: ?>;>A
ImpositionImpositionBase@85=B0F8OOrientationImpositionBase!B@0=8FPagesImpositionBase !B@0=8F =0 ;8AB5Pages per sheetImpositionBase@>A<>B@PreviewImpositionBase*1=>28BL ?@54?@>A<>B@Refresh previewImpositionBase 07<5@SizeImpositionBase(8@8=0WidthImpositionBase&!?CA: ?>;>A &&Imposition...ImpositionPlugin&80;>3 A?CA:0 ?>;>AImposition dialogImpositionPluginV!?CA: ?>;>A 4;O A5B:8, 1C:;5B>2 8 D0;LF>2:8'Imposition on grids, booklets and foldsImpositionPlugin&KA>B0:&Height:InsPage&AB028BL&InsertInsPage"&0AB5@-AB@0=8F0:
&Master Page:InsPage&$>@<0B:&Size:InsPage&(8@8=0:&Width:InsPage AB02:0 AB@0=8FKInsert PageInsPage;L1><     LandscapeInsPage0AB5@-AB@0=8FKMaster PagesInsPageB5@5<5I0BL >1J5:BK A 8E AB@0=8F59Move Objects with their PageInsPage@&85=B0F8O:
Orie&ntation:InsPage$>@<0B AB@0=8FK     Page SizeInsPage!B@0=8F(0)Page(s)InsPage>@B@5BPortraitInsPage?>A;5 AB@0=8FK
after PageInsPage2 :>=5Fat EndInsPage?5@54 AB@0=8F59before PageInsPage&7>1@065=85&Image FrameInsertAFrame&>;>65=85     &LocationInsertAFrame&0@0<5B@K&OptionsInsertAFrame& 07<5@&SizeInsertAFrame"&5:AB>2K9 1;>:&Text FrameInsertAFrame......InsertAFramel<b>AB02:0 B5AB>2>3> 1;>:0</b><br/>@8 ?><>I8 B5:AB>2>3> 1;>:0 2K <>65B5 2AB028BL B5:AB 2 ;N1CN >1;0ABL AB@0=8FK A =C6=K< 20< D>@<0B8@>20=85<. 0 2:;04:5 «0@0<5B@K» 2K <>65B5 C:070BL B5:AB>2K9 D09;, :>B>@K9 E>B8B5 8A?>;L7>20BL 2 B5:AB>2>< 1;>:5. Scribus ?>445@68205B <0AAC B5:AB>2KE D>@<0B>2 >B ?@>AB>3> B5:AB0 4> D09;>2<br/><?>@8@>20==K9 B5:AB <>65B 1KBL 87<5=Q= 8 ?5@5D>@<0B8@>20= ?@O<> =0 AB@0=8F5 8;8 2 Story Editor.™<b>Insert a text frame</b><br/>A text frame allows you to enter any text in a defined position with the formatting you choose. You may select a text file on the Options tab if you want to immediately import a document into the frame. Scribus supports a wide variety of importable formats from plain text to<br/>Your text may be edited and formatted on the page directly or in the Story Editor.InsertAFrame.<b>AB02:0 1;>:0 87>1@065=8O</b><br/>@8 ?><>I8 1;>:>2 87>1@065=89 =0 AB@0=8FK 4>102;ONBAO 8;;NAB@0F88.  87>1@065=8O< <>6=> ?@8<5=OBL @07;8G=K5 MDD5:BK >1@01>B:8, B0:85 :0: A<5=0 ?@>7@0G=>AB8 8;8 O@:>AB8, ?>AB5@870F8O 8 4@C385, 1;03>40@O :>B>@K< <>6=> ?>;CG8BL 8=B5@5A=K5 @57C;LB0BK, =5 <5=OO 8AE>4=K5 D09;K 87>1@065=89. 0AHB018@>20=85 1;>:0 8 87<5=5=85 53> >G5@B0=8O 2K?>;=O5BAO G5@57 ?0;8B@C «!2>9AB20».N<b>Insert an image frame</b><br/>An image frame allows you to place an image onto your page. Various image effects may be applied or combined including transparencies, brightness, and posterisation that allow retouching or the creation of interesting visual results. Image scaling and shaping is performed with the Properties Palette.InsertAFrame"0 2A5E AB@0=8F0E     All PagesInsertAFrame!B>;1F>2:Columns:InsertAFrame&0 B5:CI59 AB@0=8F5Current PageInsertAFrame$0:07=>5 ?>;>65=85Custom PositionInsertAFrame0:07=>9 @07<5@Custom SizeInsertAFrameX 0AAB>O=85 <564C AB>;1F0<8 2 B5:AB>2>< 1;>:5.Distance between the columns in the text frameInsertAFrame=B5@20;:Gap:InsertAFrame2KA>B0 2AB02;5==>3> 1;>:0Height of the inserted frameInsertAFrameKA>B0:Height:InsertAFrameAB02:0 1;>:0Insert A FrameInsertAFrameZ 07<5AB8BL 1;>:8 2 7040==>< 480?07>=5 AB@0=8F!Insert frames on a range of pagesInsertAFramef 07<5AB8BL ?> 1;>:C =0 :064>9 ACI5AB2CNI59 AB@0=8F5'Insert one frame for each existing pageInsertAFrameVAB028BL >48= 8;8 1>;LH5 1;>:>2 87>1@065=89Insert one or more image framesInsertAFrameRAB028BL >48= 8;8 1>;LH5 B5:AB>2KE 1;>:>2Insert one or more text framesInsertAFrameÿÿÿÿ1Insert the frame at a custom position on the pageInsertAFrameÿÿÿÿ,Insert the frame at the top left of the pageInsertAFrameÿÿÿÿ2Insert the frame at the top left of the page bleedInsertAFrameÿÿÿÿ4Insert the frame at the top left of the page marginsInsertAFrameT 07<5AB8BL 1;>: B>;L:> =0 B5:CI59 AB@0=8F5)Insert the frame on the current page onlyInsertAFrameÿÿÿÿ'Insert the new frame with a custom sizeInsertAFrameÿÿÿÿgInsert the new frame with the same dimensions as the bleed area outside the boundary of the page itselfInsertAFrameÿÿÿÿPInsert the new frame with the same dimensions as the image that will be importedInsertAFrameÿÿÿÿ9Insert the new frame with the same dimensions as the pageInsertAFrameÿÿÿÿAInsert the new frame with the same dimensions as the page marginsInsertAFrameÿÿÿÿ#Left position of the inserted frameInsertAFrame2!2O70BL 2AB02;5==K5 1;>:8Link Inserted FramesInsertAFrame†!2O70BL ?5@2K9 2AB02;O5<K9 B5:AB>2K9 1;>: A C65 ACI5AB2CNI8< 1;>:><9Link the first inserted frame to a preexisting text frameInsertAFrame~!2O70BL 2AB02;O5<K5 B5:AB>2K5 1;>:8 4;O A>740=8O F5?>G:8 1;>:>2@Link the inserted text frames together to form a chain of framesInsertAFrame:!2O70BL A ACI5AB2CNI8< 1;>:><Link to Existing FrameInsertAFrameV0720=85 C65 ACI5AB2CNI53> B5:AB>2>3> 1;>:0&Name of existing text frame to link toInsertAFramed>;8G5AB2> AB>;1F>2 2> 2AB02;O5<>< B5:AB>2>< 1;>:5-Number of columns for the inserted text frameInsertAFrameB:@KBLOpenInsertAFrame. 07<5I5=85 =0 AB@0=8F0EPage PlacementInsertAFrame¤ 07<5AB8BL =>2K5 1;>:8 =0 B5:CI59 AB@0=8F5, 2A5E AB@0=8F0E 8;8 2 480?07>=5 AB@0=8FMPlace the new frames on the current page, on all pages or on a selected rangeInsertAFrame>;>65=85 1;>:0Position of FrameInsertAFrameZ 07<5I5=85 =>2>3> 1;>:0 >B=>A8B5;L=> AB@0=8FK.Position the new frame in relation to the pageInsertAFrame 80?07>= AB@0=8FRange of PagesInsertAFrameF80?07>= AB@0=8F 4;O 2AB02:8 1;>:>2"Range of pages to insert frames onInsertAFrame.0: C 2K?CA:0 ?>4 >1@57Same as the BleedInsertAFrameD0: C 8<?>@B8@>20==>3> 87>1@065=8OSame as the Imported ImageInsertAFrame0: C AB@0=8FKSame as the PageInsertAFrame0: C ?>;59Same as the Page MarginsInsertAFrame$09; A B5:AB><:Source Document:InsertAFrame"$09; 87>1@065=8O:
Source Image:InsertAFrameÿÿÿÿ+Source document to load into the text frameInsertAFrameÿÿÿÿ2Source image to load into the inserted image frameInsertAFrame&"8?T&ypeInsertAFrameD# 1;>:>2 MB>3> B8?0 =5B ?0@0<5B@>2+There are no options for this type of frameInsertAFrameB25@EC A;520 >B 2K?CA:0 ?>4 >1@57Top Left of BleedInsertAFrame425@EC A;520 >B :@0O ?>;59Top Left of MarginsInsertAFrame:25@EC A;520 >B :@0O AB@0=8FKTop Left of PageInsertAFrameÿÿÿÿ"Top position of the inserted frameInsertAFrame2(8@8=0 2AB02;5==>3> 1;>:0Width of the inserted frameInsertAFrame(8@8=0:Width:InsertAFrameX:X:InsertAFrameY:Y:InsertAFrame AB028BL B01;8FCInsert TableInsertTable!B>;1F>2:Number of columns:InsertTable!B@>::Number of rows:InsertTable&>1028BL&Add...JavaDocs&0:@KBL&CloseJavaDocs#&40;8BL&DeleteJavaDocs&7<5=8BL...&Edit...JavaDocs&>2K9 AF5=0@89&New Script:JavaDocsl>102;O5B =>2K9 AF5=0@89, ?@54>?@545;O5B DC=:F8N A B0:8< 65 8<5=5<. A;8 2K E>B8B5 8A?>;L7>20BL MB>B AF5=0@89 :0: AF5=0@89 «B:@KBL 459AB285», C1548B5AL, GB> =5 ?><5=O;8 8<O DC=:F88.¦Adds a new Script, predefines a function with the same name. If you want to use this script as an "Open Action" script be sure not to change the name of the function.JavaDocs\K 459AB28B5;L=> E>B8B5 C40;8BL MB>B AF5=0@89?)Do you really want to delete this script?JavaDocs(7<5=8BL JavaScriptsEdit JavaScriptsJavaDocs>2K9 AF5=0@89
New ScriptJavaDocs dpi DPILatexEditor2B><0B8G5A:8    AutomaticLatexEditor 540:B>@EditorLatexEditor2548B5 :>4:Enter Code:LatexEditorH81:0ErrorLatexEditor025@H5=>FinishedLatexEditorÿÿÿÿ
Insert symbolLatexEditor#18BL ?@>3@0<<CKill ProgramLatexEditorÿÿÿÿNo item selected!LatexEditor0@0<5B@KOptionsLatexEditor(!>>1I5=8O ?@>3@0<<K:Program Messages:LatexEditor@>3@0<<0:Program:LatexEditor 07@5H5=85:Resolution:LatexEditor5@=CBLRevertLatexEditorK?>;=O5BAORunningLatexEditor!B0BCA: Status: LatexEditor$!B0BCA: =58725AB5=Status: UnknownLatexEditor1=>28BLUpdateLatexEditor,A?>;L7>20BL ?@50<1C;CUse PreambleLatexEditor % %LayerPalette&>1028BL =>2K9 A;>9Add a new layerLayerPalette 568<:Blend Mode:LayerPalette&25BColorLayerPalette$A25B;5=85 HB@8E>2
Color BurnLayerPalette$0B5<=5=85 HB@8E>2Color DodgeLayerPalette&25B 8=48:0B>@0 A;>O   :064><C A;>N =07=0G05BAO F25B, 8A?>;L7C5<K9 >1J5:B0<8 A;>O =0 ;8AB5. 7<5=8BL F25B <>6=> 42>9=K< I5;G:>< ?> =5<C. £Color of the Layer Indicator - Each layer has a color assigned to display on the canvas when layer indicators are enabled. You can double click to edit the color. LayerPalette0B5<=5=85DarkenLayerPalette#40;8BL A;>9Delete LayerLayerPalette#40;8BL A;>9Delete layerLayerPalette 07=8F0
DifferenceLayerPalette`K E>B8B5 70>4=> C40;8BL 2A5 >1J5:BK MB>3> A;>O?4Do you want to delete all objects on this layer too?LayerPalette8@>4C1;8@>20BL 0:B82=K9 A;>9Duplicates the current layerLayerPaletteKG8B0=85  ExclusionLayerPalette"0?@02;5==K9 A25B
Hard LightLayerPalette">=HueLayerPalette!;>8LayersLayerPaletteA25B;5=85LightenLayerPalettez0?5@5BL 8;8 >B?5@5BL A;>9   A=OB0O 30;:0 >7=0G05B >B?5@B>ABL-Lock or Unlock Layer - Unchecked is unlocked LayerPalette?CAB8BL A;>9Lower layerLayerPalette/@:>ABL
LuminosityLayerPaletteŒ!45;0BL A;>9 2848<K< 8;8 =52848<K<   C15@8B5 30;:C, GB>1K A:@KBL A;>9 @Make Layer Visible - Uncheck to hide the layer from the display LayerPalette#<=>65=85MultiplyLayerPalette<ONameLayerPalettex<O A;>O   42064K IQ;:=8B5 ?> 8<5=8 A;>O, GB>1K 87<5=8BL 53>JName of the Layer - Double clicking on the name of a layer enabled editingLayerPalette1KG=K9NormalLayerPalette5?@>7@.:Opacity:LayerPaletteÄ0@:0A=K9 @568<   ?5@5:;NG8BLAO =0 :0@:0A=>5 >B>1@065=85 4;O CA:>@5=8O >B@8A>2:8 A;>6=KE >1J5:B>2.gOutline Mode - Toggles the 'wireframe' display of objects to speed the display of very complex objects.LayerPalette5@5:@KB85OverlayLayerPalettef5G0BL A;>O   A=8<8B5 30;:C 4;O >B:;NG5=8O ?5G0B8. +Print Layer - Uncheck to disable printing. LayerPalette>4=OBL A;>9Raise layerLayerPalette0AKI5==>ABL
SaturationLayerPalette
-:@0=ScreenLayerPalette 0AA5O==K9 A25B
Soft LightLayerPaletteò1B5:0=85 B5:AB>< >1J5:B>2 =0 1>;55 =87:8E A;>OE   5A;8 2:;NG8BL, B5:AB 1C45B >1B5:0BL >1J5:BK =0 2A5E A;>OE, 4065 =86=8EText flows around objects in lower Layers - Enabling this forces text frames to flow around other objects, even in layers belowLayerPalette4A5 ?>445@68205<K5 D>@<0BKAll Supported Formats
LegacyMode&>1028BL ;8=7C &Add LensLensDialogBase«& K189 3;07»&Fish Eye LensLensDialogBase,&#25;8G8B5;L=>5 AB5:;>&Magnification LensLensDialogBase&#40;8BL ;8=7C&Remove LensLensDialogBase&!8;0:
&Strength:LensDialogBase&X:&X Pos:LensDialogBase&Y:&Y Pos:LensDialogBase++LensDialogBase--LensDialogBase(>1028BL =>2CN ;8=7CAdd a new lensLensDialogBase<>@87>=B0;L=>5 ?>;>65=85 ;8=7KHorizontal position of the lensLensDialogBase0@0<5B@K ;8=7KLens ParametersLensDialogBase ?B8G5A:0O ;8=70Optical LensLensDialogBase &048CA:Ra&dius:LensDialogBaseÿÿÿÿRadius of the lensLensDialogBase.#40;8BL 2K1@0==CN ;8=7CRemove selected lensLensDialogBaseÿÿÿÿStrength of the lensLensDialogBaseÿÿÿÿ+The selected lens acts like a fish eye lensLensDialogBaseÿÿÿÿ0The selected lens acts like a magnification lensLensDialogBase85@B8:0;L=>5 ?>;>65=85 ;8=7KVertical position of the lensLensDialogBase@81;878BLZoom InLensDialogBaseB40;8BLZoom OutLensDialogBaseJ@8<5=8BL 70=OB=K5 >?B8G5A:85 MDD5:BKApply fancy lens effectsLensEffectsPlugin$?B8G5A:85 MDD5:BKLens EffectsLensEffectsPlugin*?B8G5A:85 MDD5:BK...Lens Effects...LensEffectsPlugin$7<5=5=85 :>=BC@>2
Path ToolsLensEffectsPluginA5 D09;K (*)
All Files (*)LoadSavePluginP 0AH8@5=8O 703@C7:8 D09;>2 =5 >1=0@C65=KNo File Loader Plugins FoundLoadSavePlugin
Alt+"Alt+CLoremManager
ALT+Alt+OLoremManager2B>@:Author:LoremManager>;LH5:     Get More:LoremManager~!?8A>: O7K:>2, H01;>==K9 B5:AB =0 :>B>@KE <>6=> 2AB028BL 2 1;>:4List of languages available to insert sample text inLoremManager(01;>==K9 B5:ABLorem IpsumLoremManagerb>;8G5AB2> 0170F52 2AB02;O5<>3> H01;>==>3> B5:AB06Number of paragraphs of selected sample text to insertLoremManager170F52:Paragraphs:LoremManager !;CG09=K5 0170FKRandom ParagraphsLoremManager0K15@8B5 H01;>==K9 B5:ABSelect Lorem IpsumLoremManager&1KG=K9 Lorem IpsumStandard Lorem IpsumLoremManagerXML-D09;:   XML File:LoremManager&KA>B0:&Height:MarginDialog&$>@<0B:&Size:MarginDialog&(8@8=0:&Width:MarginDialog4KA>B0 2AB02;O5<KE AB@0=8F$Height of the page(s) to be insertedMarginDialog;L1><       LandscapeMarginDialog"!2>9AB20 AB@0=8FKManage Page PropertiesMarginDialog>;O
Margin GuidesMarginDialog 0AB5@-AB@0=8F0:Master Page:MarginDialogD5@5<5AB8BL >1J5:BK A 8E AB@0=8F59Move Objects with their PageMarginDialog@&85=B0F8O:
Orie&ntation:MarginDialog<@85=B0F8O 2AB02;O5<KE AB@0=8F)Orientation of the page(s) to be insertedMarginDialog @C385 ?0@0<5B@KOther SettingsMarginDialog$>@<0B AB@0=8FK Page SizeMarginDialog>@B@5BPortraitMarginDialog† 07<5@ 2AB02;5==KE AB@0=8F, AB0=40@B=K9 8;8 7040==K9 ?>;L7>20B5;5<.=Size of the inserted pages, either a standard or custom size.MarginDialog"8?:Type:MarginDialogä@8 2AB02:5 =>2>9 AB@0=8FK <564C ACI5AB2CNI8<8 ?5@5<5I0BL >1J5:BK 2<5AB5 A> AB@0=8F0<8. -B> 459AB285 ?> C<>;G0=8N.lWhen inserting a new page between others, move objects with their current pages. This is the default action.MarginDialog4(8@8=0 2AB02;O5<KE AB@0=8F#Width of the page(s) to be insertedMarginDialog!=&87C:&Bottom:MarginWidget&7=CB@8:&Inside:MarginWidget!&;520:&Left:MarginWidget!&?@020:&Right:MarginWidget!2&5@EC:&Top:MarginWidget,A5 AB@0=8FK 4>:C<5=B0All Document PagesMarginWidget&A5 <0AB5@-AB@0=8FKAll Master PagesMarginWidget,@8<5=8BL ?0@0<5B@K ::Apply settings to:MarginWidgetx@8<5=8BL 87<5=5=8O ?>;59 :> 2A5< <0AB5@-AB@0=8F0< 4>:C<5=B0EApply the margin changes to all existing master pages in the documentMarginWidget|A?>;L7>20BL =>2K5 ?0@0<5B@K ?>;59 2> 2A5E AB@0=8F0E 4>:C<5=B0>Apply the margin changes to all existing pages in the documentMarginWidget K?CA: ?>4 >1@57BleedsMarginWidget!=87C:Bottom:MarginWidgetv 0AAB>O=85 <564C =0?@02;ONI59 =86=53> ?>;O 8 :@05< AB@0=8FKADistance between the bottom margin guide and the edge of the pageMarginWidgetœ 0AAB>O=85 <564C =0?@02;ONI59 ;52>3> ?>;O 8 :@05< AB@0=8FK. A;8 AB@0=8FK C:070=K :0: ?0@=K5, ;81> A 42C<O 8;8 B@5<O D0;LF>2:0<8, ?@>AB@0=AB2> ?>;O 8A?>;L7C5BAO 4;O ?>;CG5=8O ?@028;L=KE ?>;59 ?@8 1@>HN@>2:5¼Distance between the left margin guide and the edge of the page. If a double-sided, 3 or 4-fold layout is selected, this margin space can be used to achieve the correct margins for bindingMarginWidgetž 0AAB>O=85 <564C =0?@02;ONI59 ?@02>3> ?>;O 8 :@05< AB@0=8FK. A;8 AB@0=8FK C:070=K :0: ?0@=K5, ;81> A 42C<O 8;8 B@5<O D0;LF>2:0<8, ?@>AB@0=AB2> ?>;O 8A?>;L7C5BAO 4;O ?>;CG5=8O ?@028;L=KE ?>;59 ?@8 1@>HN@>2:5½Distance between the right margin guide and the edge of the page. If a double-sided, 3 or 4-fold layout is selected, this margin space can be used to achieve the correct margins for bindingMarginWidgetx 0AAB>O=85 <564C =0?@02;ONI59 25@E=53> ?>;O 8 :@05< AB@0=8FK>Distance between the top margin guide and the edge of the pageMarginWidgetl 0AAB>O=85 >B ;8=88 >1@570 4> =870 D878G5A:>9 AB@0=8FK7Distance for bleed from the bottom of the physical pageMarginWidgetz 0AAB>O=85 >B ;8=88 >1@570 4> ;52>3> :@0O D878G5A:>9 AB@0=8FK5Distance for bleed from the left of the physical pageMarginWidget| 0AAB>O=85 >B ;8=88 >1@570 4> ?@02>3> :@0O D878G5A:>9 AB@0=8FK6Distance for bleed from the right of the physical pageMarginWidget~ 0AAB>O=85 >B ;8=88 >1@570 4> 25@E=53> :@0O D878G5A:>9 AB@0=8FK4Distance for bleed from the top of the physical pageMarginWidgetn<?>@B8@>20BL ?0@0<5B@K ?>;59 87 =0AB@>5==KE ?@8=B5@>2.JImport the margins for the selected page size from the available printers.MarginWidget7=CB@8:Inside:MarginWidget!;520:Left:MarginWidget$0?@02;ONI85 ?>;59
Margin GuidesMarginWidget!&=0@C68:   O&utside:MarginWidget!=0@C68:Outside:MarginWidget@54CAB0=>2:8:Preset Layouts:MarginWidget >;O ?@8=B5@0...Printer Margins...MarginWidget!?@020:Right:MarginWidget!25@EC:Top:MarginWidget
&<O:&Name:MasterPagesPalette<>1028BL =>2CN <0AB5@-AB@0=8FCAdd a new master pageMasterPagesPalette>?8O #%1 87 Copy #%1 of MasterPagesPalette>?8O #%1 87 %2Copy #%1 of %2MasterPagesPaletteB#40;8BL 2K1@0==CN <0AB5@-AB@0=8FCDelete the selected master pageMasterPagesPalettehK 459AB28B5;L=> E>B8B5 C40;8BL MBC <0AB5@-AB@0=8FC?.Do you really want to delete this master page?MasterPagesPaletteP@>4C1;8@>20BL 2K1@0==CN <0AB5@-AB@0=8FC"Duplicate the selected master pageMasterPagesPalette*@02:0 <0AB5@-AB@0=8FEdit Master PagesMasterPagesPaletted<?>@B8@>20BL <0AB5@-AB@0=8FC 87 4@C3>3> 4>:C<5=B0)Import master pages from another documentMasterPagesPalette<O:Name:MasterPagesPalette*>20O <0AB5@-AB@0=8F0New Master PageMasterPagesPalette0>20O <0AB5@-AB@0=8F0 %1New Master Page %1MasterPagesPalette*>20O <0AB5@-AB@0=8F0New MasterPageMasterPagesPalette>2>5 8<O:   New Name:MasterPagesPalette<5@58<5=>20=85 <0AB5@-AB@0=8FKRename Master PageMasterPagesPaletted5 @07@5H05BAO ?5@58<5=>2K20BL AB@0=8FC «1KG=0O».-The Normal page is not allowed to be renamed.MasterPagesPaletteP52>7<>6=> ?5@58<5=>20BL <0AB5@-AB@0=8FCUnable to Rename Master PageMasterPagesPalette ° °Measurements10000.0000
#3>;:Angle:MeasurementsBaseX:DX:MeasurementsBaseY:DY:MeasurementsBase 0AAB>O=8O  DistancesMeasurementsBase;8=0:Length:MeasurementsBaseX1:X1:MeasurementsBaseX2:X2:MeasurementsBaseY1:Y1:MeasurementsBaseY2:Y2:MeasurementsBase
87 %1 from %1MergeDoc87 0 from 0MergeDoc7 &4>:C<5=B0:&From Document:MergeDoc&<?>@B8@>20BL&ImportMergeDoc<<?>@B8@>20BL &<0AB5@-AB@0=8FC&Import Master PageMergeDoc.<?>@B8@>20BL &AB@0=8F:&Import Page(s):MergeDoc>A;5 AB@0=8FK
After PageMergeDoc :>=5FAt EndMergeDoc5@54 AB@0=8F59Before PageMergeDoc7&<5=8BL...
Chan&ge...MergeDoc !>740BL AB@0=8FKCreate Page(s)MergeDocp>:C<5=BK (*.sla *.sla.gz *.scd *.scd.gz);;A5 D09;K (*)8Documents (*.sla *.sla.gz *.scd *.scd.gz);;All Files (*)MergeDoc:<?>@B8@>20BL <0AB5@-AB@0=8FCImport Master PageMergeDoc,<?>@B8@>20BL AB@0=8FKImport Page(s)MergeDoc<AB028BL AN40 @0745;Q==K9 70?OBK<8 A?8A>: H01;>=>2, 345 :064K9 H01;>= <>65B 1KBL * 4;O 2A5E AB@0=8F, 1-5 4;O 480?07>=0 AB@0=8F 8;8 =><5@>< >48=>G=>9 AB@0=8FK.ŠInsert a comma separated list of tokens import where a token can be * for all the pages, 1-5 for a range of pages or a single page number.MergeDocB:@KBLOpenMergeDoc!&1@>A8BL&ResetMeshDistortionDialog++MeshDistortionDialog--MeshDistortionDialogx5@5B0I8B5 <KH:>9 :@0A=K5 @CG:8 4;O 45D>@<8@>20=8O 2K45;5=8O7Drag the red handles with the mouse to distort the meshMeshDistortionDialog&5D>@<0F8O ?> A5B:5Mesh DistortionMeshDistortionDialogà!1@0AK205B 2A5 87<5=5=8O 4;O 2K45;5==KE @CG5:.
A;8 =8 >4=0 @CG:0 =5 2K1@0=0, A1@0AK20NBAO 2>>1I5 2A5 87<5=5=8O.jResets the selected handles to their initial position.
If no handle is selected all handles will be reset.MeshDistortionDialog@81;878BLZoom InMeshDistortionDialogB40;8BLZoom OutMeshDistortionDialogF5D>@<0F8O <=>3>C3>;L=8:>2 ?> A5B:5Mesh Distortion of PolygonsMeshDistortionPlugin,5D>@<0F8O ?> A5B:5...Mesh Distortion...MeshDistortionPlugin$7<5=5=85 :>=BC@>2
Path ToolsMeshDistortionPlugin"(@8DB >BACBAB2C5BMissing FontMissingFont.(@8DB %1 =5 CAB0=>2;5=.The Font %1 is not installed.MissingFontA?>;L7>20BLUseMissingFont2<5AB>insteadMissingFont!2>9AB20...
Properties...ModeToolBar=AB@C<5=BKToolsModeToolBar>A;5 AB@0=8FK
After Page  MovePages :>=5FAt End       MovePages5@54 AB@0=8F59Before Page  MovePages(!:>?8@>20BL AB@0=8FC        Copy Page   MovePages,5@5<5AB8BL AB@0=8F(C)Move Page(s)   MovePages05@5<5AB8BL AB@0=8FC(K):
Move Page(s):      MovePages&5@5<5I5=85 AB@0=8F
Move Pages  MovePages">;8G5AB2> :>?89:Number of copies:        MovePages>:To:  MovePages%v 87 %m%v of %mMultiProgressDialog&B<5=8BL&CancelMultiProgressDialog1I89 ?@>3@5AA:Overall Progress:MultiProgressDialog@>3@5AAProgressMultiProgressDialog(> &:>;8G5AB2C :>?89&By Number of CopiesMultipleDuplicate&B<5=8BL&CancelMultipleDuplicate2=B5@20; ?> 3>&@87>=B0;8:&Horizontal Gap:MultipleDuplicate2!<5I5=85 ?> &3>@87>=B0;8:&Horizontal Shift:MultipleDuplicate$>&;8G5AB2> :>?89:&Number of Copies:MultipleDuplicate&&OKMultipleDuplicate2!&<5I5=85 A>740==KE :>?89&Shift Created Items ByMultipleDuplicate.=B5@20; ?> 2&5@B8:0;8:&Vertical Gap:MultipleDuplicate.!<5I5=85 ?> &25@B8:0;8:&Vertical Shift:MultipleDuplicate
Alt+<Alt+SMultipleDuplicate,> &AB@>:0< 8 AB>;1F0<By &Rows && ColumnsMultipleDuplicate.&=B5@20; <564C :>?8O<8Create &Gap Between Items OfMultipleDuplicate0>@87>=B0;L=K9 8=B5@20;:Horizontal Gap:MultipleDuplicate2=>3>:@0B=>5 4C1;8@>20=85Multiple DuplicateMultipleDuplicate(>;8G5AB2> AB>;1F>2:Number of Columns:MultipleDuplicate">;8G5AB2> AB@>::Number of Rows:MultipleDuplicate@0I5=85:     Rotation:MultipleDuplicate,5@B8:0;L=K9 8=B5@20;:
Vertical Gap:MultipleDuplicate&>Q @0AH8@5=85
My &PluginMyPlugin0Scribus   >Q @0AH8@5=85Scribus - My PluginMyPluginImpl( 0AH8@5=85 @01>B05B!The plugin worked!MyPluginImpl:&2B>A>740=85 B5:AB>2KE @0<>:&Automatic Text FramesNewDoc&&48=8F0 87<5@5=8O:&Default Unit:NewDoc&56:>;>==8::&Gap:NewDoc&KA>B0:&Height:NewDoc&>2K9 4>:C<5=B
&New DocumentNewDoc 07&<5@:&Size:NewDoc&(8@8=0:&Width:NewDoc!&B>;1F>2:       Colu&mns:NewDocŠ2B><0B8G5A:8 A>74020BL B5:AB>2K5 1;>:8 
?@8 4>102;5=88 =>2KE AB@0=8F9Create text frames automatically when new pages are addedNewDoc<48=8F0 87<5@5=8O ?> C<>;G0=8N0Default unit of measurement for document editingNewDocl 0AAB>O=85 <564C 02B><0B8G5A:8 
A>740205<K<8 AB>;1F0<8.Distance between automatically created columnsNewDoc@>;LH5 =5 ?>:07K20BL MB>B 480;>3Do not show this dialog againNewDoc0:5B 4>:C<5=B0Document LayoutNewDoc†$>@<0B AB@0=8FK 4>:C<5=B0, AB0=40@B=K9 
;81> 7040==K9 ?>;L7>20B5;5<;Document page size, either a standard size or a custom sizeNewDoc 5@20O AB@0=8F0:First Page is:NewDocL0AB@08205<0O 2KA>B0 AB@0=8F 4>:C<5=B0NHeight of the document's pages, editable if you have chosen a custom page sizeNewDocFAE>4=>5 :>;-2> AB@0=8F 2 4>:C<5=B5'Initial number of pages of the documentNewDoc;L1>< LandscapeNewDoc>;O
Margin GuidesNewDoc(&>;8G5AB2> AB@0=8F:N&umber of Pages:NewDoc>2K9 4>:C<5=BNew DocumentNewDoc‚>;8G5AB2> AB>;1F>2 2 02B><0B8G5A:8 
A>740205<KE B5:AB>2KE 1;>:0E@Number of columns to create in automatically created text framesNewDocB:@KBLOpenNewDoc<B:@KBL &ACI5AB2CNI89 4>:C<5=BOpen &Existing DocumentNewDoc4B:@KBL &=5402=89 4>:C<5=BOpen Recent &DocumentNewDoc0@0<5B@KOptionsNewDoc@&85=B0F8O:
Orie&ntation:NewDoc8@85=B0F8O AB@0=8F 4>:C<5=B0#Orientation of the document's pagesNewDoc>@B@5BPortraitNewDocfB:@KBL 480;>3 A2>9AB2 4>:C<5=B0 ?>A;5 53> A>740=8O%Show Document Settings After CreationNewDocÞ(8@8=0 AB@0=8F 4>:C<5=B0, =0AB@08205<0O 2 B>< A;CG05, 5A;8 
2K1@0=K ?>;L7>20B5;LA:85 ?0@0<5B@K @07<5@0 AB@0=8FKMWidth of the document's pages, editable if you have chosen a custom page sizeNewDocJ03@C7:0 4>:C<5=B>2 A 3>B>2K< <0:5B><%Load documents with predefined layoutNewFromTemplatePlugin,!>74&0BL 87 H01;>=0...New &from Template...NewFromTemplatePluginÌ!>740BL =>2K9 4>:C<5=B 87 3>B>2>3> H01;>=0 (: ?@8<5@C, 4;O 4>:C<5=B>2 A> AB@>38< AB8;52K< >D>@<;5=85<)pStart a document from a template made by other users or yourself (f.e. for documents you have a constant style).NewFromTemplatePlugin % %NodePaletteJ%, =0 :>B>@K9 C25;8G8BL 8;8 C<5=LH8BL% to Enlarge or Shrink ByNodePalette,&1A>;NB=K5 :>>@48=0BK&Absolute CoordinatesNodePalette&025@H8BL&End EditingNodePalette<&>AAB0=>28BL 
:>=BC@=CN ;8=8N&Reset Contour LineNodePalette&X->7:&X-Pos:NodePalette&Y->7:&Y-Pos:NodePaletteJ:;NG8BL @568< ?@02:8 :>=BC@=>9 ;8=88"Activate Contour Line Editing ModeNodePalette>1028BL C7;K      Add NodesNodePalette#3>; 2@0I5=8OAngle of RotationNodePalette20<:=CBL MBC :@82CN 57L5Close this Bezier CurveNodePalette#40;8BL C7;KDelete NodesNodePalette2&7<5=8BL :>=BC@=CN ;8=8NEdit &Contour LineNodePaletteD#25;8G8BL :>=BC@ =0 ?>:07K205<K5 %'Enlarge the Size of the Path by shown %NodePaletteb#25;8G8BL @07<5@ :>=BC@0 =0 ?>:07K205<>5 7=0G5=85/Enlarge the Size of the Path by the shown valueNodePalette\5@:0;L=> >B@078BL MB>B 
:>=BC@ ?> 3>@87>=B0;8Mirror the Path HorizontallyNodePaletteX5@:0;L=> >B@078BL MB>B 
:>=BC@ ?> 25@B8:0;8Mirror the Path VerticallyNodePalette:5@5<5AB8BL :>=B@>;L=K5 B>G:8Move Control PointsNodePaletteP5@5<5AB8BL :>=B@>;L=K5 B>G:8 =57028A8<>!Move Control Points IndependentlyNodePaletteR5@5<5AB8BL :>=B@>;L=K5 B>G:8 A8<<5B@8G=>Move Control Points SymmetricalNodePalette 5@5<5AB8BL C7;K
Move NodesNodePalette#7;KNodesNodePaletteR 07><:=CBL <=>3>C3>;L=8: 8;8 :@82CN 57L5%Open a Polygon or Cuts a Bezier CurveNodePaletteb#<5=LH8BL @07<5@ :>=BC@0 =0 ?>:07K205<>5 7=0G5=85.Reduce the Size of the Path by the shown valueNodePalette<>AAB0=>28BL :>=B@>;L=K5 B>G:8Reset Control PointsNodePalettet#?>4>18BL :>=BC@=CN ;8=8N >1B@02>G=><C :>=BC@C 87>1@065=8O8Reset the Contour Line to the Clipping Path of the ImageNodePaletteJ>AAB0=>28BL 8AE>4=CN :>=BC@=CN ;8=8N9Reset the Contour Line to the Original Shape of the FrameNodePaletteD>AAB0=>28BL MBC :>=B@>;L=CN B>G:CReset this Control PointNodePaletteD@0I0BL :>=BC@ ?> 
G0A>2>9 AB@5;:5Rotate the Path ClockwiseNodePaletteL@0I0BL :>=BC@ ?@>B82 
G0A>2>9 AB@5;:8!Rotate the Path Counter-ClockwiseNodePalette<>=BC@ ?> >1B@02>G=><C :>=BC@CSet Contour to Image ClipNodePaletteP 07@570BL :>=BC@ ?> 
3>@87>=B0;8 =0?@02>'Shear the Path Horizontally to the LeftNodePaletteP 07@570BL :>=BC@ ?> 
3>@87>=B0;8 =0?@02>(Shear the Path Horizontally to the RightNodePaletteF 07@570BL :>=BC@ 
?> 25@B8:0;8 2=87Shear the Path Vertically DownNodePaletteH 07@570BL :>=BC@ 
?> 25@B8:0;8 225@EShear the Path Vertically UpNodePaletteD#<5=LH8BL :>=BC@ =0 ?>:07K205<K5 %&Shrink the Size of the Path by shown %NodePaletteX=0G5=85, =0 :>B>@>5 C25;8G8BL 8;8 C<5=LH8BLValue to Enlarge or Shrink ByNodePaletteÒA;8 2:;NG5=>, :>>@48=0BK >BAG8BK20NBAO >B=>A8B5;L=> AB@0=8FK, 2 ?@>B82=>< A;CG05   >B=>A8B5;L=> >1J5:B0.dWhen checked use coordinates relative to the page, otherwise coordinates are relative to the Object.NodePalette: E>;ABC to CanvasNodePalette: AB@0=8F5to PageNodePalette@C??0%1Group%1OODPlug^-B>B 4>:C<5=B =5 ?>E>6 =0 D09; OpenOffice Draw.:This document does not seem to be an OpenOffice Draw file.OODPlugL<?>@B8@>20BL  & Draw...Import & Draw...OODrawImportPluginJ<?>@B8@C5B D09;K Draw!Imports Draw FilesOODrawImportPluginø<?>@B8@C5B 1>;LH8=AB2> D09;>2 Draw 2 B5:CI89 4>:C<5=B, ?@5>1@07>2K20O 8E 40==K5 2 25:B>@=K5 >1J5:BK Scribus.tImports most Draw files into the current document, converting their vector data into Scribus objects.OODrawImportPlugin*OpenDocument 1.0 DrawOpenDocument 1.0 1.x 1.x DrawOODrawImportPlugin:5 C40;>AL 8<?>@B8@>20BL D09;The file could not be importedOODrawImportPluginŽScribus ?>:0 GB> =5 <>65B 8<?>@B8@>20BL =5:>B>@K5 G0AB8 MB>3> 4>:C<5=B0,This file contains some unsupported featuresOODrawImportPluginB<5=8BLCancel OdtDialog(>;LH5 =5 A?@0H820BLDo not ask again   OdtDialog¨> 2:;NGQ==>< A>AB>O=88 ?5@570?8AK205B ACI5AB2CNI85 AB8;8 B5:CI53> 4>:C<5=B0 ScribusLEnabling this will overwrite existing styles in the current Scribus document      OdtDialog¾!45;0BL MB8 ?0@0<5B@K 8AE>4=K<8 8;8 1>;LH5 =5 704020BL 2>?@>A>2 ?@8 8<?>@B5 OASIS OpenDocument.]Make these settings the default and do not prompt again when importing an OASIS OpenDocument.       OdtDialog21J548=8BL 0170F=K5 AB8;8Merge Paragraph Styles  OdtDialog61J548=8BL 0170F=K5 AB8;8 ?> 0B@81CB0<.  @57C;LB0B5 ?>;CG05BAO <5=LH5 AB8;59, => A B5<8 65 0B@81CB0<8, 4065 5A;8 8AE>4=K5 AB8;8 4>:C<5=B0 8<5=CNBAO 8=0G5.µMerge paragraph styles by attributes. This will result in fewer similar paragraph styles, will retain style attributes, even if the original document's styles are named differently.       OdtDialogOK     OdtDialog<0@0<5B@K 8<?>@B0 OpenDocumentOpenDocument Importer Options  OdtDialog65@570?8A0BL 0170F=K5 AB8;8Overwrite Paragraph Styles   OdtDialogl>1028BL 8<O 4>:C<5=B0 2 =0G0;> 8<5=8 AB8;O 2 Scribus.APrepend the document name to the paragraph style name in Scribus.    OdtDialogh>1028BL =0720=85 4>:C<5=B0 2 =0G0;> 0170F=>3> AB8;O2Use document name as a prefix for paragraph styles OdtDialog,>:C<5=B Scribus 1.2.xScribus 1.2.x DocumentOldScribusFormat >:C<5=B ScribusScribus DocumentOldScribusFormat
#3>;:Angle:OneClickKA>B0:Height:OneClick;8=0:Length:OneClick?>@=0O B>G:0OriginOneClick$0?><=8BL 7=0G5=8ORemember ValuesOneClick 07<5@SizeOneClick(8@8=0:Width:OneClickCtrl+FCtrl+fOutlinePalette-;5<5=BElementOutlinePalette’2548B5 :;NG52>5 A;>2> 8;8 @53C;O@=>5 2K@065=85 4;O ?>8A:0 A@548 >1J5:B>2<Enter a keyword or regular expression to filter the outline.OutlinePalette$8;LB@:Filter:OutlinePalette"!2>1>4=K5 >1J5:BKFree ObjectsOutlinePalette@C??0Group OutlinePalette^<O "%1" C65 8A?>;L7>20=>.<br/>K15@8B5 4@C3>5.2Name "%1" isn't unique.<br/>Please choose another.OutlinePalette!E5<0 4>:C<5=B0OutlineOutlinePalette!B@0=8F0 Page OutlinePalette % %
OutlineValues">;I8=0 ;8=88 Linewidth
OutlineValuesX%1 =5 ACI5AB2C5B 8 1C45B A>740=. @>4>;68BL?1%1 does not exists and will be created, continue?PDFExportDialog&!>E@0=8BL&SavePDFExportDialog>52>7<>6=> A>740BL :0B0;>3: 
%1Cannot create directory: 
Cha&nge...PDFExportDialogK&2>4 2 D09;:O&utput to File:PDFExportDialogV&064CN AB@0=8FC A>E@0=8BL 2 >B45;L=K9 D09;Output one file for eac&h pagePDFExportDialogHPDF-4>:C<5=BK (*.pdf);;A5 D09;K (*) PDF Files (*.pdf);;All Files (*)PDFExportDialog !>E@0=8BL :0:...Save asPDFExportDialog-:A?>@B 2 PDFSave as PDFPDFExportDialogÎ=>?:0 «!>E@0=8BL» AB0=5B =54>ABC?=>9 ?@8 ?>?KB:5 M:A?>@B8@>20BL 2 PDF/X-3 A >BACBAB2CNI59 8=D>AB@>:>9.yThe save button will be disabled if you are trying to export PDF/X-3 and the info string is missing from the PDF/X-3 tab.PDFExportDialog-:A?>@B8@>20BL :064CN AB@0=8FC 4>:C<5=B0 2 >B45;L=K9 PDF. ><5@0 AB@0=8F 4>102;ONBAO 02B><0B8G5A:8. -B> ?>;57=55 2A53> 4;O :><<5@G5A:>9 ?5G0B8.¹This enables exporting one individually named PDF file for each page in the document. Page numbers are added automatically. This is most useful for imposing PDF for commercial printing.PDFExportDialogŒ@>87>H;0 >H81:0 ?@8 70?8A8, ?@>25@LB5 4>ABC?=>5 48A:>2>5 ?@>AB@0=AB2>8A write error occured, please check available disk space
PDFLibCoreD-:A?>@B >1J5:B>2 B5:CI59 AB@0=8FK: Exporting Items on Current Page:
PDFLibCore0-:A?>@B <0AB5@-AB@0=8FK:Exporting Master Page:
PDFLibCore"-:A?>@B AB@0=8FK:Exporting Page:
PDFLibCoreH5 C40;>AL 703@C78BL 87>1@065=85: %1Failed to load an image : %1
PDFLibCoreT5 C40;>AL 703@C78BL <0A:C 87>1@065=8O: %1!Failed to load an image mask : %1
PDFLibCoreF5 C40;>AL 70?8A0BL 87>1@065=85: %1Failed to write an image : %1
PDFLibCoreZ54>AB0B>G=> ?0<OB8 4;O >1@01>B:8 87>1@065=8O+Insufficient memory for processing an image
PDFLibCore !>E@0=5=85 2 PDF
Saving PDF
PDFLibCorePDF-8=AB@C<5=BK PDF Tools
PDFToolBar&C&CPPreview>&:070BL CMYK
&Display CMYKPPreview&K&KPPreview&M&MPPreview2KG8B0=85 87-?>4 &GQ@=>3>&Under Color RemovalPPreview&Y&YPPreview\!?>A>1 C40;5=8O =5:>B>@KE A5@KE (0E@><0B8G5A:8E) B>=>2, A>AB02;5==KE 87 3>;C1>9, 65;B>9 8 ?C@?C@=>9 :@0A>:, 8 70<5=K 8E =0 G5@=K9. UCR 3;02=K< >1@07>< 2>7459AB2C5B =0 =59B@0;L=K5 ?> F25BC G0AB8 87>1@065=8O. A?>;L7>20=85 MB>3> <5B>40 A?>A>1=> C;CGH8BL ?5G0BL =5:>B>@KE 87>1@065=89, => :064K9 >B45;L=K9 A;CG09 B@51C5B >A>1>3> @0AA<>B@5=8O. @8 8A?>;L7>20=88 MB>3> A?>A>10 B0:65 A=8605BAO 25@>OB=>ABL 871KB>G=>9 O@:>AB8 87>1@065=8O.‰A way of switching off some of the gray shades which are composed of cyan, yellow and magenta and using black instead. UCR most affects parts of images which are neutral and/or dark tones which are close to the gray. Use of this may improve printing some images and some experimentation and testing is need on a case by case basis. UCR reduces the possibility of over saturation with CMY inks.PPreviewA5AllPPreviewAB@0820BL ?@>D8;8 ICC 2 ?5G0B=K9 ?>B>: ?@8 2:;NGQ==>< C?@02;5=88 F25B><WAllows you to embed color profiles in the print stream when color management is enabledPPreview*@8<5=8BL ?@>D8;8 ICCApply Color ProfilesPPreview
BlackBlackPPreview41@570BL 4> ?>;59 AB@0=8FKClip to Page MarginsPPreview0:@KBLClosePPreview:@5>1@07>20BL ?;0H5G=K5 F25B0Convert Spot ColorsPPreviewCyanCyanPPreview>0@0<5B@K >B>1@065=8O 4>:C<5=B0Display SettingsPPreview4>:070BL &?>;C?@>7@0G=>ABLDisplay Trans&parencyPPreview*:;NG8BL A&3;06820=85Enable &AntialiasingPPreviewD:;NG8BL/>B:;NG8BL ?;0H:C C (Cyan)%Enable/disable the C (Cyan) ink platePPreviewF:;NG8BL/>B:;NG8BL ?;0H:C K (Black)&Enable/disable the K (Black) ink platePPreviewJ:;NG8BL/>B:;NG8BL ?;0H:C M (Magenta)(Enable/disable the M (Magenta) ink platePPreviewH:;NG8BL/>B:;NG8BL ?;0H:C Y (Yellow)'Enable/disable the Y (Yellow) ink platePPreview4 07@5H8BL ?@5>1@07>20=85 ?;0H5G=KE F25B>2 2 :><?>78B=K5. A;8 2K =5 A>18@05B5AL ?5G0B0BL ?;0H5G=K5 F25B0 2 B8?>3@0D88, B> ;CGH5 >AB02LB5 >?F8N 2:;NGQ==>9.¢Enables Spot Colors to be converted to composite colors. Unless you are planning to print spot colors at a commercial printer, this is probably best left enabled.PPreview$09;FilePPreview$#<5AB8BL ?> 2KA>B5
Fit to HeightPPreview*#<5AB8BL 2AN AB@0=8FCFit to PagePPreview$#<5AB8BL ?> H8@8=5Fit to WidthPPreviewl:;NG8BL @568< 8<8B0F88 :@0A>: CMYK 2<5AB> ?0;8B@K RGBSGives a print preview using simulations of generic CMYK inks, instead of RGB colorsPPreviewMagentaMagentaPPreviewB5@:0;L=> >B@078BL ?> 3>@87>=B0;8Mirror Page(s) HorizontalPPreview>5@:0;L=> >B@078BL ?> 25@B8:0;8Mirror Page(s) VerticalPPreview@>A<>B@ ?5G0B8
Print PreviewPPreview 0@0<5B@K ?5G0B8Print SettingsPPreview25G0BL 2 3@040F8OE A5@>3>Print in GrayscalePPreview0?5G0B0BL...Print...PPreview&:;NG8BL 1>;55 :0G5AB25==>5 >B>1@065=85 H@8DB>2 Type 1, TrueType, Open Type, EPS, PDF 8 25:B>@=>9 3@0D8:8 ?@8 ?@>A<>B@5 F5=>9 70<54;5=8O ?@>@8A>2:8­Provides a more pleasant view of Type 1 fonts, TrueType Fonts, OpenType Fonts, EPS, PDF and vector graphics in the preview, at the expense of a slight slowdown in previewingPPreviewH5=O5B <0AHB01 >B>1@065=8O AB@0=8FK.Resize the scale of the page.PPreview0AHB01:Scaling:PPreview <O F25B>45;5=8OSeparation NamePPreview²:;NG8BL >B>1@065=85 ?>;C?@>7@0G=KE >1J5:B>2. "@51C5B Ghostscript :0: <8=8<C< 25@A88 7.07]Shows transparency and transparent items in your document. Requires Ghostscript 7.07 or laterPPreviewYellowYellowPPreview"-:A?>@B AB@0=8FK:Exporting Page:PSLibH5 C40;>AL 703@C78BL 87>1@065=85: %1Failed to load an image : %1PSLibT5 C40;>AL 703@C78BL <0A:C 87>1@065=8O: %1!Failed to load an image mask : %1PSLibP5 C40;>AL 70?8A0BL 40==K5 2 87>1@065=85!Failed to write data for an imagePSLibZ54>AB0B>G=> ?0<OB8 4;O >1@01>B:8 87>1@065=8O+Insufficient memory for processing an imagePSLib41@01>B:0 <0AB5@-AB@0=8FK:Processing Master Page:PSLib
>?8OCopy ofPageItem7>1@065=85ImagePageItem
8=8OLinePageItem>=BC@=K9 B5:ABPathTextPageItem=>3>C3>;L=8:PolygonPageItem><0=0O ;8=8OPolylinePageItem
AttributesPageItemAttributes&G8AB8BLC&learPageItemAttributes 865 ?> 85@0@E88Is Child OfPageItemAttributes KH5 ?> 85@0@E88Is Parent OfPageItemAttributes<ONamePageItemAttributes
8:0:NonePageItemAttributes0@0<5B@  ParameterPageItemAttributes!>>B=>A8BAO A
Relates ToPageItemAttributes!>>B=>H5=85RelationshipPageItemAttributes!>>B=>H5=85 ARelationship ToPageItemAttributes"8?TypePageItemAttributes=0G5=85ValuePageItemAttributes7>1@065=85ImagePageItem_ImageFrame.0@0<5B@K ?@54?@>A<>B@0Preview SettingsPageItem_ImageFrameJ 540:B>@ 4;O MB>3> 1;>:0 C65 70?CI5=!,An editor for this frame is already running!PageItem_LatexFrame@8;>65=85ApplicationPageItem_LatexFramer5 C40;>AL A>740BL 2@5<5==K9 D09; 4;O 70?CA:0 ?@8;>65=8O!9Could not create a temporary file to run the application!PageItem_LatexFrame‚5 C40;>AL A>740BL 2@5<5==K9 D09; 4;O 70?CA:0 2=5H=53> @540:B>@0!=Could not create a temporary file to run the external editor!PageItem_LatexFrameDPIDPIPageItem_LatexFrameH81:0ErrorPageItem_LatexFrame025@H5=>FinishedPageItem_LatexFrame=D>@<0F8OInformationPageItem_LatexFrame<#:068B5 @540:B>@ 2 =0AB@>9:0E!,Please specify an editor in the preferences!PageItem_LatexFrameÿÿÿÿRenderPageItem_LatexFrame";>: 287C0;870F88Render FramePageItem_LatexFrameK?>;=O5BAORunningPageItem_LatexFrameD0?CA: ?@8;>65=8O "%1" ?@>20;8;AO!$Running the application "%1" failed!PageItem_LatexFrameB0?CA: @540:B>@0 "%1" ?@>20;8;AO!Running the editor "%1" failed!PageItem_LatexFrame\0?CA: @540:B>@0 ?@>20;8;AO A :>4>< >H81:8 %d!+Running the editor failed with exitcode %d!PageItem_LatexFrameL0?CA: 2=5H=53> ?@8;>65=8O ?@>20;8;AO!(Running the external application failed!PageItem_LatexFrame!>AB>O=85StatePageItem_LatexFrameV@8;>65=85 "%1" 020@89=> ?@5:@0B8;> @01>BC!The application "%1" crashed!PageItem_LatexFrameJ5 C40;>AL 70?CAB8BL ?@8;>65=85 "%1"!%The application "%1" failed to start!PageItem_LatexFrameÿÿÿÿ1The config file didn't specify a executable path!PageItem_LatexFrame!8<2>;>2: Chars: PageItem_PathText!B@>:: Lines: PageItem_PathText170F52: Paragraphs: PageItem_PathText!;>2: Words: PageItem_PathText!8<2>;>2: Chars: PageItem_TextFrame!B@>:: Lines: PageItem_TextFrame!2O70==K9 B5:ABLinked TextPageItem_TextFrame170F52: Paragraphs: PageItem_TextFrame"5:AB>2K9 1;>:
Text FramePageItem_TextFrame!;>2: Words: PageItem_TextFrame0:5B 4>:C<5=B0Document LayoutPageLayouts 5@20O AB@0=8F0:First Page is:PageLayouts0;8B@0 AB@0=8F
Arrange PagesPagePalette4>ABC?=K5 <0AB5@-AB@0=8FK:Available Master Pages:PagePalette&!B@0=8FK 4>:C<5=B0:Document Pages:PagePalette„5@5B0I8B5 AB@0=8FK 8;8 <0AB5@-AB@0=8FK =0 :>@78=C 4;O 8E C40;5=8O8Drag pages or master pages onto the trash to delete themPagePaletteJ!?8A>: <0AB5@-AB@0=8F 4>:C<5=B0. 0AB5@-AB@0=8FC <>6=> ?5@5B0I8BL =0 BC 8;8 8=CN AB@0=8FC 2=87C, GB>1K ?@8<5=8BL, ;81> =0 ?CAB>5 <5AB>, GB>1K A>740BL =>2CN AB@0=8FC.±List of master pages in the document. Master page names may be dragged onto the page view below to apply master pages, or onto the empty space between pages to create new pages.PagePaletteê!?8A>: >1KG=KE AB@0=8F 4>:C<5=B0 2 <0:5B5 4>:C<5=B0. !B@0=8FK <>6=> <5=OBL <5AB0<8 8 C40;OBL, ?@>AB> ?5@5B0A:820O 8E.wList of normal pages in the document, shown with the document layout. Pages may be dragged to rearrange or delete them.PagePalette%1 87 %2%1 of %2PageSelector57 AB8;ONo StyleParaStyleComboBox:=5B <=>3>C3>;L=8: ?> :>=BC@C Bends a Polygon along a PolylinePathAlongPathPlugin.>=BC@ 24>;L :>=BC@0...Path Along Path...PathAlongPathPlugin$7<5=5=85 :>=BC@>2
Path ToolsPathAlongPathPlugint-B> @0AH8@5=85 3=5B ?@>872>;L=K9 <=>3>C3>;L=8: ?> :>=BC@C.8This plugin bends a Polygon with the help of a Polyline.PathAlongPathPlugin. 07@570BL <=>3>C3>;L=8:Cut Polygon
PathCutPlugin8 565B :>=BC@>< <=>3>C3>;L=8:Cuts a Polygon by a Polyline
PathCutPluginH81:0Error
PathCutPlugin$7<5=5=85 :>=BC@>2
Path Tools
PathCutPlugin0!;8H:>< AB0@0O 25@A8O QtQt Version too old
PathCutPluginÄ 56CI0O ;8=8O 4>;6=0 ?5@5A50BL <=>3>C3>;L=8:, 
8 >10 55 :>=F0 4>;6=K =0E>48BLAO 2=5 <=>3>C3>;L=8:0[The cutting line must cross the polygon and
both end points must lie outside of the polygon
PathCutPlugin‚;O MB>3> @0AH8@5=8O =C6=0 :0: <8=8<C< 25@A8O 4.3.3 181;8>B5:8 Qt=This plugin requires at least version 4.3.3 of the Qt library
PathCutPlugin>?88:Effect TypePathDialogBase.=B5@20; <564C :>?8O<8:Gap between ObjectsPathDialogBase0!<5I5=85 ?> 3>@87>=B0;8:Horizontal OffsetPathDialogBase(>=BC@ 24>;L :>=BC@0Path along PathPathDialogBase,@54?@>A<>B@ =0 E>;AB5Preview on CanvasPathDialogBase>2B>@ONBAORepeatedPathDialogBase4>2B>@ONBAO, @0ABO3820NBAORepeated, stretchedPathDialogBase.>25@=CBL >1J5:B =0 90°Rotate Object by 90°PathDialogBase48=>G=K5SinglePathDialogBase048=>G=K5, @0ABO3820NBAOSingle, stretchedPathDialogBase,!<5I5=85 ?> 25@B8:0;8:Vertical OffsetPathDialogBase++PathFinderBase......PathFinderBase==PathFinderBase>>38G5A:85 >?5@0F88 A :>=BC@0<8Boolean Path OperationsPathFinderBasev!>E@0=8BL :>?8N 8AE>4=>3> >1J5:B0 ?>A;5 2K?>;=5=8O >?5@0F88=Keep a copy of the original Item after applying the operationPathFinderBase?5@0F8O      OperationPathFinderBase0@0<5B@KOptionsPathFinderBaseB>;CG5==K9 >1J5:B =0A;54C5B F25B:Result gets Color of:PathFinderBase0><5=OBL >1J5:BK <5AB0<8Swap ShapesPathFinderBase?5@2>3> >1J5:B0first ShapePathFinderBase!>E@0=8BLkeepPathFinderBase2B>@>3> >1J5:B0second ShapePathFinderBase65@5A5G5=85 =0A;54C5B F25B:Intersection gets Color of:PathFinderDialogB>;CG5==K9 >1J5:B =0A;54C5B F25B:Result gets Color of:PathFinderDialogVK?>;=5=85 ;>38G5A:8E >?5@0F89 A :>=BC@0<8.(Apply fancy boolean operations to paths.PathFinderPlugin(?5@0F88 A :>=BC@0<8Path OperationsPathFinderPlugin.?5@0F88 A :>=BC@0<8...Path Operations...PathFinderPlugin$7<5=5=85 :>=BC@>2
Path ToolsPathFinderPlugin0!;8H:>< AB0@0O 25@A8O QtQt Version too oldPathFinderPlugin‚;O MB>3> @0AH8@5=8O =C6=0 :0: <8=8<C< 25@A8O 4.3.3 181;8>B5:8 Qt=This plugin requires at least version 4.3.3 of the Qt libraryPathFinderPluginV@52@0B8BL >12>4:C :>=BC@0 2 70;8BK9 :>=BC@/Converts the stroke of a Path to a filled Path.PathStrokerPlugin$:>=BC@8BL >12>4:CCreate Path from StrokePathStrokerPlugin$7<5=5=85 :>=BC@>2
Path ToolsPathStrokerPlugin&0720=85:&Name:
PatternDialogA5 D09;K (*)
All Files (*)
PatternDialog4A5 ?>445@68205<K5 D>@<0BKAll Supported Formats
PatternDialog K15@8B5 :0B0;>3Choose a Directory
PatternDialog03@C78BL =01>@Load Set
PatternDialog*4QB 703@C7:0 B5:ABC@Loading Patterns
PatternDialog#40;8BL 2A5
Remove All
PatternDialog.5@58<5=>20=85 B5:ABC@KRename Entry
PatternDialog&@54?@>A<>B@&Preview        PicSearch&K1@0BL&Select    PicSearch
Alt+?Alt+P   PicSearch
Alt+2Alt+S   PicSearchB<5=8BLCancel     PicSearch,&25B>2>5 ?@>AB@0=AB2>:Colorspace:    PicSearchDPIDPI  PicSearch 07@5H5=85:Resolution:  PicSearch 57C;LB0BResult   PicSearch, 57C;LB0BK ?>8A:0 4;O:Search Results for:    PicSearch 07<5@:Size:        PicSearch58725AB=>Unknown        PicSearchÿÿÿÿDBase directory for search does not exist.
Please choose another one.PicSearchOptionsB<5=8BL ?>8A:
Cancel SearchPicSearchOptions2 538AB@>=57028A8<K9 ?>8A:Case insensitive searchPicSearchOptions7<5=8BL...        Change...PicSearchOptions6Scribus   >8A: 87>1@065=89Scribus - Image SearchPicSearchOptions">8A: 87>1@065=89
Search ImagesPicSearchOptions09B8:Search for:PicSearchOptions"A:0BL @5:C@A82=>Search recursivelyPicSearchOptions"K?>;=O5BAO ?>8A:       SearchingPicSearchOptionsFK15@8B5 107>2K9 :0B0;>3 4;O ?>8A:0"Select a base directory for searchPicSearchOptions0G0BL ?>8A:Start SearchPicSearchOptions0G0BL A:   Start at:PicSearchOptionsÿÿÿÿžThe filesystem will be searched for case insensitive file names when you check this on. Remember it is not default on most operating systems except MS WindowsPicSearchOptions&>8A: =5 C40;AO: %1The search failed: %1PicSearchOptionsÿÿÿÿ7Apply non destructive effects to the image in its frame      PicStatus0:@KBLClose        PicStatusÿÿÿÿ0Colorspace used within the image, eg RGB or CMYK       PicStatus,&25B>2>5 ?@>AB@0=AB2>:Colorspace:    PicStatusDPI:DPI:       PicStatusEPS/PSEPS/PS PicStatus.7<5=8BL 87>1@065=85...
Edit Image...        PicStatusÿÿÿÿ$Edit the image in the default editor   PicStatusÿÿÿÿEffective DPI: PicStatusÿÿÿÿ/Effective resolution of the image after scaling        PicStatusÿÿÿÿ'Enable or disable exporting of the item        PicStatusÿÿÿÿExport/Print Image  PicStatusF 0AH8@5==K5 A2>9AB20 87>1@065=8O...Extended Image Properties... PicStatus$>@<0B:Format:      PicStatus5@59B8Go to        PicStatusÿÿÿÿHeight and width of the image  PicStatusÿÿÿÿ4Horizontal and vertical scaling applied to the image   PicStatus7>1@065=85Image        PicStatus,-DD5:BK 87>1@065=8O...Image Effects...       PicStatus=AB@C<5=BKImage Tools  PicStatus$7>1@065=85 2848<>
Image Visible  PicStatus=D>@<0F8OInformation    PicStatusJPGJPG  PicStatusJPEG2000JPG2000    PicStatus
0:5BLayout  PicStatusÿÿÿÿ'Location where the image file is stored        PicStatusÿÿÿÿ#Make the image visible or invisible    PicStatus0#?@02;5=85 87>1@065=8O<8
Manage Images      PicStatusÿÿÿÿ%Move to the page that the image is on  PicStatusÿÿÿÿ2Move to the page that the item is on and select it     PicStatusÿÿÿÿName of the image file PicStatusÿÿÿÿ-Name of the page item that contains the image  PicStatus<O:Name:      PicStatusÿÿÿÿ0Native resolution of the image, in dots per inch       PicStatus^5 =0945=> =8 >4=>3> 87>1@065=8O A 8<5=5< "%1". No images named "%1" were found.     PicStatus5 =0 AB@0=8F5
Not on a Page  PicStatus0 AB@.:On Page:   PicStatusPDFPDF  PicStatusPSDPSD  PicStatusÿÿÿÿ
Page Item:  PicStatusÿÿÿÿ#Page that the image is displayed on    PicStatus
CBL:Path:   PicStatus8:A5;>2:Pixels:  PicStatus@8 ?5G0B8:Printed:     PicStatus0AHB01:Scale:     PicStatus6Scribus   >8A: 87>1@065=89Scribus - Image Search       PicStatusÿÿÿÿSearch for a missing image     PicStatus09B8...        Search...   PicStatusK1@0BLSelect       PicStatusÿÿÿÿISet format specfic properties of certain image types, like clipping paths      PicStatus 07<5@Size   PicStatusÿÿÿÿSize of the image when printed PicStatus(!>@B8@>20BL ?> 8<5=8Sort by Name       PicStatus.!>@B8@>20BL ?> AB@0=8F5Sort by Page PicStatusTIFFTIFF       PicStatusÿÿÿÿThe colorspace of the image    PicStatusÿÿÿÿType of the image      PicStatus58725AB=>Unknown  PicStatusAB@. PSDemb. PSD PicStatus=/4n/a  PicStatus>-:A?>@B 2 @0AB@>2>5 87>1@065=85Export As ImagePixmapExportPlugin0-:A?>@B CA?5H=> 7025@HQ=Export successfulPixmapExportPluginr-:A?>@B8@C5B 2K45;5==K5 AB@0=8FK 2 @0AB@>2K5 87>1@065=8O.(Exports selected pages as bitmap images.PixmapExportPlugin:!>E@0=8BL :0: &87>1@065=85...Save as &Image...PixmapExportPlugin652>7<>6=> =09B8 @0AH8@5=85Cannot find plugin
PluginManager852>7<>6=> =09B8 A8<2>; (%1)Cannot find symbol (%1)
PluginManagerX 0AH8@5=85: ?>A;58=8F80;870F8O %1 =5 C40;0AL%Plugin: %1 failed post initialization
PluginManagerN 0AH8@5=85: %1 =5 C40;>AL 703@C78BL: %2Plugin: %1 failed to load: %2
PluginManagerX 0AH8@5=85: 8=8F80;870F8O %1 ?@>H;0 CA?5H=> Plugin: %1 initialized ok 
PluginManager. 0AH8@5=85: %1 703@C65=Plugin: %1 loaded
PluginManager4 0AH8@5=85: 703@C605BAO %1Plugin: loading %1
PluginManager.>7=8:;0 ?@>1;5<0 A 703@C7:>9 %1 87 %2 @0AH8@5=89. %3 5@>OB=> MB> 2K720=> :0:>9-;81> =5CGBQ==>9 7028A8<>ABLN 8;8 =0;8G85< AB0@KE @0AH8@5=89 2 :0B0;>35 Scribus. A;8 2K >G8AB8B5 :0B0;>3 8 ?5@5CAB0=>28B5 Scribus, => ?@>1;5<0 =5 8AG57=5B, A>>1I8B5 =0< > =59 G5@57 is a problem loading %1 of %2 plugins. %3 This is probably caused by some kind of dependency issue or old plugins existing in your install directory. If you clean out your install directory and reinstall and this still occurs, please report it on
PluginManager08=8F80;870F8O =5 C40;0ALinit failed
PluginManager$=58725AB=0O >H81:0
unknown error
PluginManager,=58725AB=K9 B8? <>4C;Ounknown plugin type
PluginManager$09;FilePluginManagerPrefsGuiFormFormPluginManagerPrefsGui0: 70?CAB8BL
How to runPluginManagerPrefsGui03@C78BL 53>?Load it?PluginManagerPrefsGui>4C;LPluginPluginManagerPrefsGuiID <>4C;O Plugin IDPluginManagerPrefsGui&#?@02;5=85 <>4C;O<8Plugin ManagerPluginManagerPrefsGui"8?TypePluginManagerPrefsGuix;O CGQB0 MB8E 87<5=5=89 ?@>3@0<<C =5>1E>48<> ?5@570?CAB8BL.9You need to restart the application to apply the changes.PluginManagerPrefsGui.!2>9AB20 <=>3>C3>;L=8:0Polygon PropertiesPolygonProps% %
PolygonWidgetÄB@8F0B5;L=>5 7=0G5=85 A45;05B <=>3>C3>;L=8: 2>3=CBK< (2 D>@<5 72574K), 0 ?>;>68B5;L=>5 - 2K?C:;K<eA negative value will make the polygon concave (or star shaped), a positive value will make it convex
PolygonWidget2A?>;L7>20BL &:>MDD8F85=B
Apply &Factor
PolygonWidget²A?>;L7>20BL :>MDD8F85=B 4;O A>740=8O <=>3>C3>;L=8:0 
A 2K?C:;K<8 8;8 2>3=CBK<8 AB>@>=0<87Apply Convex/Concave Factor to change shape of Polygons
PolygonWidget&#3;K:    Corn&ers:
PolygonWidget@@04CAK 2@0I5=8O <=>3>C3>;L=8:>2 Degrees of rotation for polygons
PolygonWidgetB>;8G5AB2> C3;>2 2 <=>3>C3>;L=8:5Number of corners for polygons
PolygonWidget*@8<5@ <=>3>C3>;L=8:0Sample Polygon
PolygonWidget"#?@02;5=85 F25B><Color ManagementPreferencesB>1@065=85DisplayPreferences>:C<5=BDocumentPreferences4B@81CBK >1J5:B0 4>:C<5=B0Document Item AttributesPreferences&=5H=85 8=AB@C<5=BKExternal ToolsPreferences(@8DBKFontsPreferences
1I85GeneralPreferences0?@02;ONI85GuidesPreferences5@5=>A A;>2
HyphenatorPreferences.;0280BC@=K5 :><18=0F88Keyboard ShortcutsPreferences 07=>5
MiscellaneousPreferences-:A?>@B 2 PDF
PDF ExportPreferences 0AH8@5=8OPluginsPreferences"0@0<5B@K ScribusPreferencesPreferences0;840B>@Preflight VerifierPreferences@8=B5@PrinterPreferences;L1><  ScrapbookPreferences<#:070B5;L >3;02;5=8O 8 8=45:AKTable of Contents and IndexesPreferences=AB@C<5=BKToolsPreferences"8?>3@0D8:0
TypographyPreferences&@8<5=8BL&ApplyPrefsDialogBase> C&<>;G0=8N       &DefaultsPrefsDialogBaseB!1@>A8BL 2A5 87<5=5=8O ?0@0<5B@>2!All preferences can be reset herePrefsDialogBaseP@8<5=8BL 87<5=5=8O 157 70:@KB8O 480;>30,Apply all changes without closing the dialogPrefsDialogBaseN-:A?>@B8@>20BL B5:CI85 ?0@0<5B@K 2 D09;$Export current preferences into filePrefsDialogBase"-:A?>@B8@>20BL...     Export...PrefsDialogBase&!>E@0=8BL ?0@0<5B@KSave PreferencesPrefsDialogBasel5 C40;>AL >B:@KBL D09; ?0@0<5B@>2 "%1" 4;O 70?8A8: %24Could not open preferences file "%1" for writing: %2PrefsManagerP@>87>H;0 >H81:0 ?@8 703@C7:5 ?0@0<5B@>2Error Loading PreferencesPrefsManagerL@>87>H;0 >H81:0 ?@8 70?8A8 ?0@0<5B@>2Error Writing PreferencesPrefsManager\5 C40;>AL >B:@KBL D09; A ?0@0<5B@0<8 "%1": %2"Failed to open prefs file "%1": %2PrefsManager˜5 C40;>AL ?@>G8B0BL XML-D09; A ?0@0<5B@0<8 "%1": %2 2 AB@>:5 %3, AB>;1F5 %49Failed to read prefs XML from "%1": %2 at line %3, col %4PrefsManagerH5@5=5AB8 ?@56=85 ?0@0<5B@K Scribus?Migrate Old Scribus Settings?PrefsManagerPostScript
PostScriptPrefsManagerPostScript
PostscriptPrefsManagerxK E>B8B5 8A?>;L7>20BL ?0@0<5B@K 
?@54K4CI59 25@A88 Scribus?tScribus has detected existing Scribus 1.2 preferences files.
Do you want to migrate them to the new Scribus version?PrefsManager®5 C40;>AL 703@C78BL ?0@0<5B@K Scribus:<br>%1<br>C4CB 8A?>;L7>20=K 8AE>4=K5 ?0@0<5B@K.WScribus was not able to load its preferences:<br>%1<br>Default settings will be loaded.PrefsManager(5 C40;>AL 70?8A0BL ?0@0<5B@K Scribus:<br>%1<br>@>25@LB5 ?@020 =0 70?8AL :0B0;>30 8 D09;0 ?0@0<5B@>2 8, 0 B0:65 4>ABC?=>5 A2>1>4=>5 <5AB> =0 48A:5.|Scribus was not able to save its preferences:<br>%1<br>Please check file and directory permissions and available disk space.PrefsManager„0?8AL 2 D09; ?0@0<5B@>2 "%1" =5 C40;0AL: QIODevice status code %2AWriting to preferences file "%1" failed: QIODevice status code %2PrefsManager$81>=0GG8     FibonacciPresetLayout >;>B0O A5@548=0Golden MeanPresetLayoutCB5=15@3 GutenbergPresetLayoutC@=0;MagazinePresetLayout52OBL 4>;59
Nine PartsPresetLayout5BNonePresetLayoutÊ45AL <>6=> 2K1@0BL 3>B>2K5 ?0@0<5B@K <0:5B0. «5B>»   >AB028BL ?>;O :0: 5ABL. «CB5=15@3» CAB0=02;8205B >1KG=K5 :=86=K5 ?>;O. «C@=0;» CAB0=02;8205B >48=0:>2>5 7=0G5=85 4;O 2A5E ?>;59. 54CI8< O2;O5BAO 7=0G5=85 52>5/=CB@5==55.»You can select a predefined page layout here. 'None' leaves margins as is, Gutenberg sets margins classically. 'Magazine' sets all margins to the same value. Leading is Left/Inside value.PresetLayoutA5AllPrintDialog
BlackBlackPrintDialogCyanCyanPrintDialogL5 C40;>AL ?>;CG8BL ?0@0<5B@K ?@8=B5@0#Failed to retrieve printer settingsPrintDialog$09;FilePrintDialog7=CB@8:Inside:PrintDialogMagentaMagentaPrintDialog!=0@C68:Outside:PrintDialogL$09;K PostScript (*.ps);;A5 D09;K (*)&PostScript Files (*.ps);;All Files (*)PrintDialog80?5G0B0BL B5&:CICN AB@0=8FCPrint Current Pa&gePrintDialog1KG=0O ?5G0BLPrint NormalPrintDialog!>E@0=8BL :0:Save asPrintDialogYellowYellowPrintDialog&$09;:&File:PrintDialogBase&0@0<5B@K...&Options...PrintDialogBase&0?5G0B0BL&PrintPrintDialogBaseÿÿÿÿˆA way of switching off some of the gray shades which are composed of cyan, yellow and magenta and using black instead. UCR most affects parts of images which are neutral and/or dark tones which are close to the gray. Use of this may improve printing some images and some experimentation and testing is need on a case by case basis.UCR reduces the possibility of over saturation with CMY inks.PrintDialogBaseH&;LB5@=0B82=0O :><0=40 4;O ?@8=B5@0A&lternative Printer CommandPrintDialogBaseH>1028BL :>=B@>;L=K5 F25B>2K5 ?>;>AKAdd color calibration barsPrintDialogBasex>1028BL <5B:8 A>2<5I5=8O, 4>102;O5<K5 2 :064>5 F25B>45;5=859Add registration marks which are added to each separationPrintDialogBase0>?>;=8B5;L=K5 ?0@0<5B@KAdvanced OptionsPrintDialogBaseÿÿÿÿWAllows you to embed color profiles in the print stream when color management is enabledPrintDialogBase4@8<5=8BL F25B>2K5 ?@>D8;8Apply Color ProfilesPrintDialogBaseD@8<5=8BL 2KG8B0=85 87-?>4 GQ@=>3>Apply Under Color RemovalPrintDialogBaseÿÿÿÿBleed MarksPrintDialogBase K?CA: ?>4 >1@57BleedsPrintDialogBase!=87C:Bottom:PrintDialogBaseÿÿÿÿ
C&hange...PrintDialogBaseÿÿÿÿCancelPrintDialogBaseÿÿÿÿClip to Page MarginsPrintDialogBase&><0=40:       Co&mmand:PrintDialogBase&25BColorPrintDialogBase6>=B@>;L=K5 F25B>2K5 ?>;>AK
Color BarsPrintDialogBaseL@5>1@07>20BL A?;>H=K5 B>=0 2 ?5G0B=K5%Convert Spot Colors to Process ColorsPrintDialogBase1@57=K5 <5B:8
Crop MarksPrintDialogBasel 0AAB>O=85 >B ;8=88 >1@570 4> =870 D878G5A:>9 AB@0=8FK7Distance for bleed from the bottom of the physical pagePrintDialogBasez 0AAB>O=85 >B ;8=88 >1@570 4> ;52>3> :@0O D878G5A:>9 AB@0=8FK5Distance for bleed from the left of the physical pagePrintDialogBase| 0AAB>O=85 >B ;8=88 >1@570 4> ?@02>3> :@0O D878G5A:>9 AB@0=8FK6Distance for bleed from the right of the physical pagePrintDialogBaseÿÿÿÿ4Distance for bleed from the top of the physical pagePrintDialogBaseÿÿÿÿ¢Enables Spot Colors to be converted to composite colors. Unless you are planning to print spot colors at a commercial printer, this is probably best left enabled.PrintDialogBaseX>:070BL @0AAB>O=85 A42830 <5B>:  A>2<5I5=8O7Indicate the distance offset for the registration marksPrintDialogBaseBAB028BL AN40 @0745;Q==K9 70?OBK<8 A?8A>: 
<0@:Q@>2, 345 :064K9 <0@:Q@ <>65B 1KBL * 4;O 
2A5E AB@0=8F, 1-5 4;O 480?07>=0 AB@0=8F 8;8 
=><5@>< >48=>G=>9 AB@0=8FK.ƒInsert a comma separated list of tokens where
a token can be * for all the pages, 1-5 for
a range of pages or a single page number.PrintDialogBase!;520:Left:PrintDialogBase
5B:8MarksPrintDialogBaseB5@:0;L=> >B@078BL ?> 3>@87>=B0;8Mirror Page(s) HorizontalPrintDialogBase>5@:0;L=> >B@078BL ?> 25@B8:0;8Mirror Page(s) VerticalPrintDialogBase$>&;8G5AB2> :>?89:N&umber of Copies:PrintDialogBase!<5I5=85:Offset:PrintDialogBase0@0<5B@KOptionsPrintDialogBaseÿÿÿÿPagePrintDialogBase@54?@>A<>B@...
Preview...PrintDialogBase0?5G0B0BL &2A5
Print &AllPrintDialogBase(0?5G0B0BL 48&0?07>=Print &RangePrintDialogBase80?5G0B0BL B5&:CICN AB@0=8FCPrint Current Pa&gePrintDialogBaseCBL : ?@8=B5@CPrint DestinationPrintDialogBase1KG=0O ?5G0BLPrint NormalPrintDialogBase&5G0BL F25B>45;5=89Print SeparationsPrintDialogBase:5G0BL 2 F25B5, 5A;8 2>7<>6=>Print in Color if AvailablePrintDialogBase25G0BL 2 3@040F8OE A5@>3>Print in GrayscalePrintDialogBase80?07>=RangePrintDialogBase 5B:8 A>2<5I5=8ORegistration MarksPrintDialogBase!?@020:Right:PrintDialogBase.#:070BL @07<5@ =>A8B5;OSet Media SizePrintDialogBase¸#:07K205B C@>25=L PostScript.
K1>@ Level 1 8;8 2 <>65B ?@825AB8 : 
A>740=8N >3@><=KE D09;>2ISets the PostScript Level.
 Setting to Level 1 or 2 can create huge filesPrintDialogBase$0@0<5B@K ?@8=B5@0
Setup PrinterPrintDialogBaseÂ!>740BL <5B:8 2K?CA:0 ?>4 >1@57, 87>1@0605<K 2 2845 _ . _ 8 ?>:07K20NI85 ?@545; 2K?CA:0 ?>4 >1@57OThis creates bleed marks which are indicated by  _ . _ and show the bleed limitPrintDialogBaseÿÿÿÿeThis creates crop marks in the PDF indicating where the paper should be cut or trimmed after printingPrintDialogBase0?@O<CN C:070BL @07<5@ =>A8B5;O 2 PostScript-D09;5. 5 @5:><5=4C5BAO 8A?>;L7>20BL MBC DC=:F8N, ?>:0 MB>3> =5 ?>B@51C5B ?@8=B5@.|This enables you to explicitely set the media size of the PostScript file. Not recommended unless requested by your printer.PrintDialogBase!25@EC:Top:PrintDialogBasePK?CA: ?>4 >1@57 87 ?0@0<5B@>2 4>:C<5=B0Use Document BleedsPrintDialogBaseÔA?>;L7>20BL 0;LB5@=0B82=K9 <5=5465@ ?5G0B8, =0?@8<5@ kprinter 8;8 gtklp, 4;O @0AH8@5==>9 =0AB@>9:8 ?5G0B8cUse an alternative print manager, such as kprinter or gtklp, to utilize additional printing optionsPrintDialogBase€A?>;L7>20BL 8<5NI85AO ?0@0<5B@K 4>:C<5=B0 4;O 2K?CA:0 ?>4 >1@57=Use the existing bleed settings from the document preferencesPrintDialogBase % %PropertiesPalette pt ptPropertiesPalette&07>20O B>G:0:&Basepoint:PropertiesPalette!=&87C:&Bottom:PropertiesPalette&&25B0&ColorsPropertiesPalette&7<5=8BL...&Edit...PropertiesPalette&:>=G0=8O:      &Endings:PropertiesPalette4&!2>1>4=>5 <0AHB018@>20=85
&Free ScalingPropertiesPalette &@C??0 >1J5:B>2&GroupPropertiesPalette&KA>B0:&Height:PropertiesPalette&7>1@065=85&ImagePropertiesPalette!&;520:&Left:PropertiesPalette&8=8O&LinePropertiesPalette!&?@020:&Right:PropertiesPalette&>2>@>B:
&Rotation:PropertiesPalette&$83C@0&ShapePropertiesPalette&"5:AB&TextPropertiesPalette&> &:>=BC@=>9 ;8=88&Use Contour LinePropertiesPalette&(8@8=0:&Width:PropertiesPalette&X->7:&X-Pos:PropertiesPalette&X1:&X1:PropertiesPalette&Y->7:&Y-Pos:PropertiesPalette&Y2:&Y2:PropertiesPalette81A>;NB=0O :>;>@8<5B@8G5A:0OAbsolute ColorimetricPropertiesPalette"5:CI89 X-DPI: 
Actual X-DPI:PropertiesPalette"5:CI89 Y-DPI: 
Actual Y-DPI:PropertiesPalette* 0AH8@5==K5 ?0@0<5B@KAdvanced SettingsPropertiesPalette2K@>2=OBL ?> ;8=88 H@8DB0Align to Baseline GridPropertiesPaletteh 07@5H8BL 87>1@065=8N 8<5BL >B;8G=K9 >B 1;>:0 @07<5@3Allow the image to be a different size to the framePropertiesPalette2B>AutoPropertiesPalette42B><0B8G5A:89 8=B5@;8=LO6Automatic LinespacingPropertiesPalette?>@=0O B>G:0:
Basepoint:PropertiesPalette&$0A>G=>5 A>548=5=85
Bevel JoinPropertiesPalette 568<:Blend Mode:PropertiesPalette8=88 OG59:8
Cell LinesPropertiesPaletteV7<5=8BL ?0@0<5B@K ;52>9 8;8 :>=5G=>9 B>G5:&Change settings for left or end pointsPropertiesPalette$!8&<2>;L=K9 AB8;L:Character St&yle:PropertiesPaletten!8<2>;L=K9 AB8;L 2K1@0==>3> B5:AB0 8;8 B5:AB>2>3> 1;>:07Character style of currently selected text or paragraphPropertiesPalette4K1@0BL >G5@B0=85 1;>:0...Choose the shape of frame...PropertiesPalettet)Q;:=8B5 8 45@68B5 =060B>9 4;O 2K1>@0 <56AB@>G=>3> @568<0.4Click and hold down to select the line spacing mode.PropertiesPalette&25BColorPropertiesPalette&25B 8 MDD5:BKColor & EffectsPropertiesPalette$A25B;5=85 HB@8E>2
Color BurnPropertiesPalette$0B5<=5=85 HB@8E>2Color DodgePropertiesPalette&25B B5:AB0. A;8 2:;NGQ== MDD5:B «>=BC@», B> MB> 1C45B F25B 70;82:8. A;8 2:;NGQ= MDD5:B >B1@0AK205<>9 B5=8, B> MB> 1C45B F25B B5:AB0.§Color of selected text. If Outline text decoration is enabled, this color will be the fill color. If Drop Shadow Text is enabled, then this will be the top most color.PropertiesPaletteà&25B >12>4:8 B5:AB0 8/8;8 >B1@0AK205<>9 B5=8, A<>B@O GB> 2K1@0=>. A;8 2K1@0=K >10, B> 8E F25B 1C45B >48=0:>2K<.vColor of text stroke and/or drop shadow, depending which is chosen.If both are chosen, then they share the same color.PropertiesPalette!&B>;1F>2:   Colu&mns:PropertiesPalette(8@8=0 AB>;1F>2Column widthPropertiesPalette@C3>9CustomPropertiesPalette0B5<=5=85DarkenPropertiesPalette> C<>;G0=8NDefaultPropertiesPalette 07=8F0
DifferencePropertiesPalettebB:;NG8BL >1B5:0=85 B5:AB>< >1J5:B>2 C@>2=5< 2KH51Disable text flow from lower frames around objectPropertiesPaletteK:;NG5=>DisabledPropertiesPalette4 0AAB>O=85 <564C AB>;1F0<8Distance between columnsPropertiesPalette* 0AAB>O=85 >B :@82>9:Distance from Curve:PropertiesPalette( 0AAB>O=85 4> B5:AB0Distance of TextPropertiesPaletteL 0AAB>O=85 <564C B5:AB>< 8 =87>< 1;>:0%Distance of text from bottom of framePropertiesPalette^ 0AAB>O=85 <564C B5:AB>< 8 ;52>9 AB>@>=>9 1;>:0#Distance of text from left of framePropertiesPalette` 0AAB>O=85 <564C B5:AB>< 8 ?@02>9 AB>@>=>9 1;>:0$Distance of text from right of framePropertiesPaletteN 0AAB>O=85 <564C B5:AB>< 8 25@E>< 1;>:0"Distance of text from top of framePropertiesPalette&@0O:Ed&ges:PropertiesPalette67<5=8BL >G5@B0=85 1;>:0...Edit shape of the frame...PropertiesPaletteN7<5=8BL B01C;OB>@K B5:AB>2>3> 1;>:0..."Edit tab settings of text frame...PropertiesPaletteN 07@5H8BL 8;8 70?@5B8BL M:A?>@B >1J5:B0)Enable or disable exporting of the objectPropertiesPalette">=5G=0O AB@5;:0:
End Arrow:PropertiesPalette>=5G=K5 B>G:8
End PointsPropertiesPalette'QB-=5G5BEven-OddPropertiesPaletteKG8B0=85       ExclusionPropertiesPalette@ 0AH8@5==K5 A2>9AB20 87>1@065=8OExtended Image PropertiesPropertiesPalette$@028;> 70?>;=5=8O       Fill RulePropertiesPalette,!<5I5=85 ?5@2>9 AB@>:8First Line OffsetPropertiesPalette2$8:A8@>20==K9 8=B5@;8=LO6Fixed LinespacingPropertiesPalette;>A:0O H;O?:0Flat CapPropertiesPalette45@525@=CBL ?> 3>@87>=B0;8Flip HorizontalPropertiesPalette"5@525@=CBL B5:AB Flip TextPropertiesPalette05@525@=CBL ?> 25@B8:0;8
Flip VerticalPropertiesPaletteÿÿÿÿFont AscentPropertiesPalette53;L H@8DB0  Font SizePropertiesPaletteH(@8DB 2K45;5==>3> B5:AB0 8;8 >1J5:B0Font of selected text or objectPropertiesPalette=B5@20;:Gap:PropertiesPalette5><5B@8OGeometryPropertiesPalette" 0AH8@5=85 7=0:>2Glyph ExtensionPropertiesPalette@!3@C??8@>20BL 2K45;5==K5 >1J5:BKGroup the selected objectsPropertiesPalette"0?@02;5==K9 A25B
Hard LightPropertiesPaletteKA>B0HeightPropertiesPalettel>@87>=B0;L=>5 A<5I5=85 87>1@065=8O >B=>A8B5;L=> 1;>:0'Horizontal offset of image within framePropertiesPaletteL>@87>=B0;L=>5 ?>;>65=85 >?>@=>9 B>G:8(Horizontal position of current basepointPropertiesPalette">=HuePropertiesPalette&-DD5:BK 87>1@065=8O
Image EffectsPropertiesPalette¬#@>25=L >1J5:B0  >B=>A8B5;L=> 4@C38E. >;L >7=0G05B, GB> >1J5:B =0E>48BAO 2 A0<>< =87CIIndicates the level the object is on, 0 means the object is at the bottomPropertiesPalette E>4=>9 ?@>D8;L:Input Profile:PropertiesPaletteN!>E@0=8BL ?@>?>@F88 ?@8 <0AHB018@>20=88!Keep the X and Y scaling the samePropertiesPalette8!>E@0=OBL A>>B=>H5=85 AB>@>=Keep the aspect ratioPropertiesPaletteK2>@>B:0KnockoutPropertiesPalette520O B>G:0
Left PointPropertiesPalette#@>25=LLevelPropertiesPaletteA25B;5=85LightenPropertiesPalette">&;I8=0 ;8=88:Line &Width:PropertiesPalette=B5@;8=LO6Line SpacingPropertiesPalette8=8O 2=87CLine at BottomPropertiesPalette8=8O 225@ECLine at TopPropertiesPalette8=8O A;520Line at the LeftPropertiesPalette8=8O A?@020Line at the Right PropertiesPalette8!B8;L ;8=88 B5:CI53> >1J5:B0Line style of current objectPropertiesPaletteN01;>:8@>20BL 8;8 @071;>:8@>20BL >1J5:BLock or unlock the objectPropertiesPalette^01;>:8@>20BL 8;8 @071;>:8@>20BL @07<5@ >1J5:B0%Lock or unlock the size of the objectPropertiesPalette8#<5AB8BL 87>1@065=85 2 1;>:5/Make the image fit within the size of the framePropertiesPalette CG=>9 B@5:8=3Manual TrackingPropertiesPalette0:A.:Max:PropertiesPaletteN0:A8<0;L=>5 A60B85 7=0:>2 4;O 2K:;NG:8-Maximal extension of glyphs for justificationPropertiesPaletteÿÿÿÿMaximum AscentPropertiesPalette
8=.:Min:PropertiesPaletteL8=8<0;L=>5 A60B85 7=0:>2 4;O 2K:;NG:8-Minimal shrinkage of glyphs for justificationPropertiesPalette@8=8<0;L=K9 ?@>15; <564C A;>20<8%Minimal width of spaces between wordsPropertiesPalette&$0F5B=>5 A>548=5=85
Miter JoinPropertiesPalette0 C@>25=L =865Move one level downPropertiesPalette0 C@>25=L 2KH5Move one level upPropertiesPalette.0 A0<K9 =87:89 C@>25=LMove to backPropertiesPalette00 A0<K9 2KA>:89 C@>25=L
Move to frontPropertiesPalette#<=>65=85MultiplyPropertiesPalette<ONamePropertiesPalette^<O "%1" C65 8A?>;L7>20=>.<br/>K15@8B5 4@C3>5.2Name "%1" isn't unique.<br/>Please choose another.PropertiesPalette,<O 2K1@0==>3> >1J5:B0Name of selected objectPropertiesPalette57 AB8;ONo StylePropertiesPalette5 =>;LNon ZeroPropertiesPalette1KG=.:Norm:PropertiesPalette1KG=K9NormalPropertiesPalette81KG=K9 ?@>15; <564C A;>20<8$Normal width of spaces between wordsPropertiesPaletteJ>;8G5AB2> AB>;1F>2 2 B5:AB>2>< 1;>:5Number of columns in text framePropertiesPalette@!<5I5=85 A8<2>;>2 A ;8=88 H@8DB0 Offset to baseline of charactersPropertiesPalette5?@>7@.:Opacity:PropertiesPalette ?B8G5A:85 ?>;O:Optical Margins:PropertiesPalette5@5:@KB85OverlayPropertiesPalette04?5G0B:0 OverprintPropertiesPalette04?5G0B:0OverprintingPropertiesPalette @>?>@F&8>=0;L=>
P&roportionalPropertiesPalette &170F=K9 AB8;L:Paragraph St&yle:PropertiesPaletteZ!B8;L 2K45;5==>3> 0170F0 8;8 B5:AB>2>3> 1;>:07Paragraph style of currently selected text or paragraphPropertiesPalette4!2>9AB20 B5:AB0 =0 :>=BC@5Path Text PropertiesPropertiesPalette(01;>= ;8=88Pattern of linePropertiesPalette>A?@8=8<05<0O
PerceptualPropertiesPalettej">G:0, >B=>A8B5;L=> :>B>@>9 2KG8A;ONBAO C3;K ?>2>@>B0?Point from which measurements or rotation angles are referencedPropertiesPalette!2>9AB20
Corners:PropertiesPalette>B=>A8B5;L=0O :>;>@8<5B@8G5A:0ORelative ColorimetricPropertiesPaletteP#40;8BL ?@O<>5 A8<2>;L=>5 D>@<0B8@>20=85"Remove Direct Character FormattingPropertiesPaletteL#40;8BL ?@O<>5 0170F=>5 D>@<0B8@>20=85"Remove Direct Paragraph FormattingPropertiesPalette$"8? F25B>?5@540G8:Rendering Intent:PropertiesPalette:"8? F25B>?5@540G8 87>1@065=8ORendering intent for the imagePropertiesPaletteT7<5=8BL @07<5@ 87>1@065=8O ?> 3>@87>=B0;8Resize the image horizontallyPropertiesPaletteP7<5=8BL @07<5@ 87>1@065=8O ?> 25@B8:0;8Resize the image verticallyPropertiesPalette.0?8A0=85 A?@020 =0;52>Right to Left WritingPropertiesPaletteV@0I5=85 >1J5:B0 >B=>A8B5;L=> >?>@=>9 B>G:8'Rotation of object at current basepointPropertiesPalette:@C3;0O H;O?:0  Round CapPropertiesPalette,!:@C3;Q==>5 A>548=5=85
Round JoinPropertiesPalette0AKI5==>ABL
SaturationPropertiesPaletteB0AKI5==>ABL F25B0 70;82:8 B5:AB0 Saturation of color of text fillPropertiesPaletteB0AKI5==>ABL F25B0 >12>4:8 B5:AB0"Saturation of color of text strokePropertiesPalette@&0AHB018@>20BL 4> @07<5@0 1;>:0Scale &To Frame SizePropertiesPalette47<5=O5<0O 2KA>B0 A8<2>;>2Scaling height of charactersPropertiesPalette47<5=O5<0O H8@8=0 A8<2>;>2Scaling width of charactersPropertiesPalette
-:@0=ScreenPropertiesPalette>#:070BL @048CA A:@C3;5=8O C3;>2Set radius of corner roundingPropertiesPalette$83C@0:Shape:PropertiesPalette>:070BL :@82CN
Show CurvePropertiesPalette!:>ASkewPropertiesPalette 0AA5O==K9 A25B
Soft LightPropertiesPalette@AE>4=K9 ?@>D8;L 4;O 87>1@065=8OSource profile of the imagePropertiesPalette"204@0B=0O H;O?:0
Square CapPropertiesPalette5A5=:0
Stair StepPropertiesPalette$0G0;L=0O AB@5;:0:Start Arrow:PropertiesPalette4!<5I5=85 >B =0G0;0 :@82>9:
Start Offset:PropertiesPalette0@0<5B@K AB8;OStyle SettingsPropertiesPaletteb5@5:;NG8BLAO <564C 8=B5@20;>< 8 H8@8=>9 AB>;1F>2$Switches between Gap or Column widthPropertiesPalette"&01C;OB>@K...T&abulators...PropertiesPalette&"8? ;8=88:T&ype of Line:PropertiesPalette>1B5:0=85 &B5:AB>< 2>:@C3 1;>:0Text &Flow Around FramePropertiesPalette">;I8=0 ;8=88Thickness of linePropertiesPalette!&25@EC:To&p:PropertiesPalette,0@0<5B@K ?@>7@0G=>AB8Transparency SettingsPropertiesPalette&"8? >:>=G0=8O ;8=89Type of line endPropertiesPalette("8? A>548=5=8O ;8=89Type of line joinsPropertiesPalette"8?:Type:PropertiesPaletteB 073@C??8@>20BL 2K45;5==CN 3@C??CUngroup the selected groupPropertiesPalette"> &?;>I04:5 (BB)Use &Bounding BoxPropertiesPalette(> >&G5@B0=8O< 1;>:0Use Frame &ShapePropertiesPalette.> >1B@02>G=><C :>=BC@CUse Image Clip PathPropertiesPaletterA?>;L7>20BL ?@>?>@F88 87>1@065=8O 2<5AB> ?@>?>@F89 1;>:04Use image proportions rather than those of the framePropertiesPalettehA?>;L7>20BL ?;>I04:C, :>B>@0O 2A5340 ?@O<>C3>;L=0. Use the bounding box, which is always rectangular, instead of the frame's shape for text flow of text frames below the object. PropertiesPalettepA?>;L7>20BL 2AB@>5==K9 2 87>1@065=85 >1B@02>G=K9 :>=BC@"Use the clipping path of the imagePropertiesPalette„A?>;L7>20BL >G5@B0=8O >1J5:B0 4;O >1B5:0=8O B5:AB>< ?>4 >1J5:B><.BUse the frame shape for text flow of text frames below the object.PropertiesPaletteªA?>;L7>20=85 28AOG59 ?C=:BC0F88 8 :5@=8=30 ?>;59 4;O ?>;CG5=8O 1>;55 @>2=KE AB>;1F>2LUses hanging punctuation and margin kerning to achieve nicer looking columnsPropertiesPaletteh5@B8:0;L=>5 A<5I5=85 87>1@065=8O >B=>A8B5;L=> 1;>:0%Vertical offset of image within framePropertiesPaletteH5@B8:0;L=>5 ?>;>65=85 >?>@=>9 B>G:8&Vertical position of current basepointPropertiesPaletteÿÿÿÿWhen chosen, the contour line can be edited with the Edit Shape Tool on the palette further above. When edited via the shape palette, this becomes a second separate line originally based on the frame's shape for text flow of text frames below the object. TPropertiesPalette(8@8=0WidthPropertiesPalette(8@8=0:Width:PropertiesPalette"@5:8=3
Word TrackingPropertiesPaletteX&2:X&2:PropertiesPaletteX, Y, &ZX, Y, &ZPropertiesPaletteX-&0AHB.:    X-Sc&ale:PropertiesPaletteY&1:Y&1:PropertiesPaletteY-0A&HB.:    Y-Scal&e:PropertiesPalette
PythonConsole&KE>4&Quit
PythonConsole&!>E@0=8BL &2K2>4...&Save Output...
PythonConsole2!B>;15F: %1 !B@>:0: %2/%3Col: %1 Row: %2/%3
PythonConsoleCtrl+OCtrl+O
PythonConsoleCtrl+SCtrl+S
PythonConsole>B:@KBL D09; AF5=0@8O =0 PythonOpen Python Script File
PythonConsole*K2>4 20H53> AF5=0@8OOutput of your script
PythonConsoleZ!F5=0@88 =0 Python (*.py *.PY);;A5 D09;K (*)Python Scripts (*.py *.PY)
PythonConsole,0?CAB8BL :0: :&>=A>;LRun As &Console
PythonConsole"!>E@0=8BL &:0:...Save &As...
PythonConsoleD!>E@0=8BL B5:CI89 :>=A>;L=K9 2K2>4Save Current Output
PythonConsoleH!>E@0=8BL D09; A :><0=40<8 =0 Python Save the Python Commands in File
PythonConsole,Python-:>=A>;L ScribusScribus Python Console
PythonConsole*>=A>;L 4;O AF5=0@852Script Console
PythonConsole."5:AB>2K5 D09;K (*.txt)Text Files (*.txt)
PythonConsoleÂ-B> DC=:F8>=0;L=> C@570==0O 25@A8O Python-:>=A>;8. >4@>1=>AB8 87;>65=K 2 4>:C<5=B0F88 : Scribus.‹This is a standard Python console with some 
known limitations. Please consult the Scribus 
Scripter documentation for futher information. 
PythonConsole†0?8H8B5 745AL A2>N :><0=4C. K45;5==>5 >1@010BK205BAO :0: AF5=0@89<Write your commands here. A selection is processed as script
PythonConsoleD>&1028BL 2 ?>;L7>20B5;LA:85 F25B0&Add to Custom ColorsQColorDialog&A=>2=K5 F25B0
&Basic colorsQColorDialog.&>;L7>20B5;LA:85 F25B0&Custom colorsQColorDialog$&>1028BL F25B0 >>&Define Custom Colors >>QColorDialog&5;Q=K9:&Green:QColorDialog&@0A=K9:&Red:QColorDialog&0AKI.:&Sat:QColorDialog&/@:.:&Val:QColorDialog&;LD0-:0=0;:A&lpha channel:QColorDialog&!8=89:Bl&ue:QColorDialogB<5=8BLCancelQColorDialog
&">=:Hu&e:QColorDialogOKQColorDialogK15@8B5 F25BSelect colorQColorDialog\%1
$09; =5 =0945=.
@>25@LB5 ?CBL 8 8<O D09;0.+%1
File not found.
Check path and filename.QFileDialog#&40;8BL&DeleteQFileDialog&B:@KBL&OpenQFileDialog&5@58<5=>20BL&RenameQFileDialog&!>E@0=8BL&SaveQFileDialog&57 A>@B8@>2:8   &UnsortedQFileDialogb<qt>K 459AB28B5;L=> E>B8B5 C40;8BL %1 "%2"?</qt>1<qt>Are you sure you wish to delete %1 "%2"?</qt>QFileDialogA5 D09;K (*)
All Files (*)QFileDialogA5 D09;K (*)All Files (*.*)QFileDialogBB@81CBK
AttributesQFileDialog5@=CBLAOBackQFileDialogB<5=8BLCancelQFileDialog@!:>?8@>20BL 8;8 ?5@5<5AB8BL D09;Copy or Move a FileQFileDialog*!>740BL =>2K9 :0B0;>3Create New FolderQFileDialog0B0DateQFileDialog#40;8BL %1     Delete %1QFileDialog"01;8F0Detail ViewQFileDialog0BDirQFileDialog0B0;>38DirectoriesQFileDialog0B0;>3:
Directory:QFileDialogH81:0ErrorQFileDialog$09;FileQFileDialog&<O D09;0:File &name:QFileDialog&"8? D09;0:File &type:QFileDialog09B8 :0B0;>3Find DirectoryQFileDialog54>ABC?5=InaccessibleQFileDialog!?8A>:    List ViewQFileDialog>A<>B@5BL &2:    Look &in:QFileDialog<ONameQFileDialog>2K9 :0B0;>3
New FolderQFileDialog >2K9 :0B0;>3 %1
New Folder %1QFileDialog>2K9 :0B0;>3 1New Folder 1QFileDialogOKQFileDialog*0 >48= :0B0;>3 225@EOne directory upQFileDialogB:@KBLOpenQFileDialogB!>45@68<>5 ?@>A<0B@8205<>3> D09;0Preview File ContentsQFileDialogD=D>@<0F8O > ?@>A<0B@8205<>< D09;5Preview File InfoQFileDialog5@5&703@C78BLR&eloadQFileDialog">;L:> GB5=85     Read-onlyQFileDialog'B5=85-70?8AL
Read-writeQFileDialog@>G8B0BL: %1Read: %1QFileDialog!>E@0=8BLSaveQFileDialog!>E@0=8BL :0:Save AsQFileDialog K15@8B5 :0B0;>3Select a DirectoryQFileDialog.>:070BL &A:@KBK5 D09;KShow &hidden filesQFileDialog 07<5@SizeQFileDialog!>@B8@>20BLSortQFileDialog(!>@B8@>20BL ?> &40B5
Sort by &DateQFileDialog*!>@B8@>20BL ?> &8<5=8
Sort by &NameQFileDialog.!>@B8@>20BL ?> &@07<5@C
Sort by &SizeQFileDialogÿÿÿÿSpecialQFileDialog8!8<2>;L=0O AAK;:0 =0 :0B0;>3Symlink to DirectoryQFileDialog2!8<2>;L=0O AAK;:0 =0 D09;Symlink to FileQFileDialogÿÿÿÿSymlink to SpecialQFileDialog"8?TypeQFileDialog">;L:> 70?8AL
Write-onlyQFileDialog@>G8B0BL: %1     Write: %1QFileDialog:0B0;>3
the directoryQFileDialogD09;the fileQFileDialog"A8<2>;L=0O AAK;:0the symlinkQFileDialog
&&25B&ColorQFontDialog&(@8DB&FontQFontDialog&53;L&SizeQFontDialog&>4GQ@:=CBK9
&UnderlineQFontDialog@8<5=8BLApplyQFontDialogB<5=8BLCancelQFontDialog0:@KBLCloseQFontDialog-DD5:BKEffectsQFontDialog!&B8;L H@8DB0Font st&yleQFontDialogOKQFontDialog@8<5@SampleQFontDialog!&F5=0@89Scr&iptQFontDialog(K15@8B5 =>2K9 H@8DBSelect FontQFontDialog&KG5@:=CBK9
Stri&keoutQFontDialog!&:>?8@>20BL&Copy     QLineEditAB&028BL&Paste   QLineEdit>2&B>@8BL&Redo  QLineEdit&B<5=8BL&Undo    QLineEditG8AB8BLClear      QLineEdit&K@570BLCu&t     QLineEditK45;8BL 2AQ
Select All  QLineEdit0AB@>8BL...Customize...QMainWindowKAB@>8BLLine upQMainWindow"<h3> Qt</h3><p>-B0 ?@>3@0<<0 8A?>;L7C5B Qt 25@A88 %1.</p><p>Qt O2;O5BAO 8=AB@C<5=B>< @07@01>B:8 <=>3>?;0BD>@<5==KE ?@8;>65=89 =0 C++ A 3@0D8G5A:8< 8=B5@D59A><.</p><p>Qt >15A?5G8205B A>18@05<>ABL ?@8;>65=89 157 =5A>2<5AB8<>3> 87<5=5=8O 8AE>4=>3> :>40 2 MS&nbsp;Windows, Mac&nbsp;OS&nbsp;X, Linux 8 >A=>2=KE 20@80=B0E :><<5@G5A:8E Unix-A8AB5<.<br>"0:65 ACI5AB2C5B 25@A8O Qt 4;O 2AB@08205<KE CAB@>9AB2.</p><p>Qt O2;O5BAO ?@>4C:B>< :><?0=88 Trolltech. >4@>1=>AB8 2K <>65B5 C7=0BL =0 A09B5 <tt></tt>.</p><h3>About Qt</h3><p>This program uses Qt version %1.</p><p>Qt is a C++ toolkit for multiplatform GUI &amp; application development.</p><p>Qt provides single-source portability across MS&nbsp;Windows, Mac&nbsp;OS&nbsp;X, Linux, and all major commercial Unix variants.<br>Qt is also available for embedded devices.</p><p>Qt is a Trolltech product. See <tt></tt> for more information.</p>QMessageBox 
=5H=85 AAK;:8

External Links
QObject%%QObject2%1 (AB@>:0 %2 AB>;15F %3)%1 (line %2 col %3)QObject€%1 <>65B 1KBL 8A?>@G5= : BM38 @07@5H5=8O >BACBAB2CNB 8;8 =525@=K6%1 may be corrupted : missing or wrong resolution tagsQObjecth%1 <>65B 1KBL 8A?>@G5= : >BACBAB2CNB BM38 @07@5H5=8O-%1 may be corrupted : missing resolution tagsQObject"%1;;A5 D09;K (*)%1;;All Files (*)QObject AF&5=0@88...&About Script...QObject,&K?>;=8BL AF5=0@89...&Execute Script...QObject&<?>@B8@>20BL&ImportQObject&&OKQObject$&5402=85 AF5=0@88&Recent ScriptsQObject"&!F5=0@88 Scribus&Scribus ScriptsQObject!&F5=0@88&ScriptQObjectÿÿÿÿ!'allTypes' attribute is READ-ONLYQObjectÿÿÿÿ
+baseline %1 QObjectÿÿÿÿ+color QObjectÿÿÿÿ +outline QObjectÿÿÿÿ+shadow QObjectÿÿÿÿ        +stretch QObjectÿÿÿÿ+strikeout QObjectÿÿÿÿ+style QObjectÿÿÿÿ
+tracking %1 QObjectÿÿÿÿ+underline QObjectÿÿÿÿ      -outline QObjectÿÿÿÿ-shadow QObjectÿÿÿÿ-strikeout QObjectÿÿÿÿ
-tracking QObjectÿÿÿÿ-underline QObject2A02A0QObject4A04A0QObject$<p>K ?KB05B5AL 8<?>@B8@>20BL 1>;LH5 AB@0=8F, G5< 5ABL 2 B5:CI5< 4>:C<5=B5, AG8B0O A B5:CI59 AB@0=8FK.</p>K15@8B5 >4=> 87 A;54CNI8E 459AB289:<br><ul><li><b>!>740BL</b> =54>AB0NI85 AB@0=8FK</li><li><b><?>@B8@>20BL</b> AB@0=8FK 4> ?>A;54=59</li><li><b>B<5=8BL</b></li></ul>
<p>You are trying to import more pages than there are available in the current document counting from the active page.</p>Choose one of the following:<br><ul><li><b>Create</b> missing pages</li><li><b>Import</b> pages until the last page</li><li><b>Cancel</b></li></ul>QObjectR5:>@@5:B=>5 7=0G5=85 2 BM35 <pdfVersion><pdfVersion> invalidQObjectAAQObjectº$09; A 8<5=5< '%1' C65 ACI5AB2C5B.<br/>K E>B8B5 70<5=8BL 53> B5<, :>B>@K9 A>E@0=O5B5 A59G0A?]A file named '%1' already exists.<br/>Do you want to replace it with the file you are saving?QObject AF5=0@88About ScriptQObject"Adobe IllustratorAdobe IllustratorQObject><?>@B D09;>2 Adobe IllustratorAdobe Illustrator ImporterQObjectAdobe PhotoshopAdobe PhotoshopQObject& 5:;0<=K5 ?@>A?5:BKAdvertisementsQObjectD@8:00=A     AfrikaansQObject;10=A:89AlbanianQObjectÿÿÿÿ@Alignment out of range. Use one of the scribus.ALIGN* constants.QObjectA5AllQObjectA5 D09;K (*)
All Files (*)QObject4A5 ?>445@68205<K5 D>@<0BKAll Supported FormatsQObjectj@>87>H;0 >H81:0 ?@8 8=8F80;870F88 ?@5>1@07>20=89 ICC3An error occurred while initializing icc transformsQObject1JO2;5=8O
AnnouncementsQObject@01A:89ArabicQObjectÿÿÿÿ6Argument must be page item name, or PyCObject instanceQObjectBBQObject$>=
BackgroundQObject(5=5@0B>@ HB@8E-:>40Barcode GeneratorQObject0A:A:89BasqueQObject
BlackBlackQObjectÿÿÿÿ6Blendmode out of bounds, must be 0 <= blendmode <= 15.QObject@5B>=A:89BretonQObjectC:;5BK  BrochuresQObject>;30@A:89        BulgarianQObject"878B=K5 :0@B>G:8Business CardsQObjectCCQObject&!>740BLC&reateQObjectCSV_dataCSV_dataQObjectCSV_header
CSV_headerQObject0;5=40@8 CalendarsQObjectÿÿÿÿCan only dehyphenate text frameQObjectÿÿÿÿCan only hyphenate text frameQObjectÿÿÿÿCan only link text frames.QObjectÿÿÿÿ$Can't get info from a non-text frameQObjectÿÿÿÿCan't group less than two itemsQObjectÿÿÿÿ&Can't set bookmark on a non-text frameQObjectR52>7<>6=> 87<5=8BL F25B A ?CABK< 8<5=5<.)Cannot change a color with an empty name.QObjectÿÿÿÿ,Cannot convert a non-text frame to outlines.QObjectP52>7<>6=> A>740BL F25B A ?CABK< 8<5=5<.)Cannot create a color with an empty name.QObjectÿÿÿÿ#Cannot create layer without a name.QObjectP52>7<>6=> C40;8BL F25B A ?CABK< 8<5=5<.)Cannot delete a color with an empty name.QObjectÿÿÿÿ"Cannot delete image type settings.QObjectÿÿÿÿ)Cannot delete text from a non-text frame.QObjectR52>7<>6=> ?>;CG8BL F25B A ?CABK< 8<5=5<.&Cannot get a color with an empty name.QObjectÿÿÿÿ*Cannot get column count of non-text frame.QObjectÿÿÿÿ(Cannot get column gap of non-text frame.QObjectN52>7<>6=> H@8DB 87 =5B5:AB>2>3> 1;>:0."Cannot get font of non-text frame.QObjectn52>7<>6=> ?>;CG8BL :53;L H@8DB0 87 =5B5:AB>2>3> 1;>:0.'Cannot get font size of non-text frame.QObjectÿÿÿÿ(Cannot get line space of non-text frame.QObjectÿÿÿÿ-Cannot get number of lines of non-text frame.QObjectÿÿÿÿ,Cannot get text distances of non-text frame.QObject`52>7<>6=> ?>;CG8BL B5:AB 87 =5B5:AB>2>3> 1;>:0."Cannot get text of non-text frame.QObjectt52>7<>6=> ?>;CG8BL B5:AB>2K9 :53;L 87 =5B5:AB>2>3> 1;>:0.'Cannot get text size of non-text frame.QObjectZ52>7<>6=> A3@C??8@>20BL <5=LH5 42CE >1J5:B>2 Cannot group less than two itemsQObjectÿÿÿÿ%Cannot have an empty char style name.QObjectÿÿÿÿ Cannot have an empty layer name.QObjectÿÿÿÿ*Cannot have an empty paragraph style name.QObjectZ52>7<>6=> 2AB028BL B5:AB 2 =5B5:AB>2K9 1;>:.'Cannot insert text into non-text frame.QObjectÿÿÿÿCannot remove the last layer.QObjectÿÿÿÿCannot render an empty sample.QObjectR52>7<>6=> 70<5=8BL F25B A ?CABK< 8<5=5<.*Cannot replace a color with an empty name.QObjectÿÿÿÿCannot scale by 0%.QObjectÿÿÿÿ&Cannot select text in a non-text frameQObjectÿÿÿÿ*Cannot set column gap on a non-text frame.QObjectÿÿÿÿ$Cannot set font on a non-text frame.QObjectÿÿÿÿ)Cannot set font size on a non-text frame.QObjectÿÿÿÿ,Cannot set line spacing on a non-text frame.QObjectÿÿÿÿ1Cannot set number of columns on a non-text frame.QObjectÿÿÿÿ%Cannot set style on a non-text frame.QObjectÿÿÿÿ.Cannot set text alignment on a non-text frame.QObjectÿÿÿÿ.Cannot set text distances on a non-text frame.QObjectÿÿÿÿ)Cannot set text fill on a non-text frame.QObjectÿÿÿÿ"Cannot set text of non-text frame.QObjectÿÿÿÿ*Cannot set text shade on a non-text frame.QObjectÿÿÿÿ+Cannot set text stroke on a non-text frame.QObjectÿÿÿÿCannot unlink a non-text frame.QObject0@B>G:8CardsQObject0B0;>=A:89CatalanQObject0B0;>38CatalogsQObject!0=B8<5B@K (cm)Centimeters (cm)QObject8B09A:89ChineseQObject&8B09A:89 ("@048F.)Chinese (Trad.)QObject&8F5@> (A)
Cicero (c)QObject&25B>2>9 :@C3Color WheelQObject<&25B =5 =0945=   >H81:0 pythonColor not found - python errorQObjectX&25B =5 =0945= A@548 >1KG=>3> =01>@0 F25B>2."Color not found in default colors.QObject6&25B =5 =0945= 2 4>:C<5=B5.Color not found in document.QObject&25B =5 =0945=.Color not found.QObjectÿÿÿÿ(Column count out of bounds, must be > 1.QObjectÿÿÿÿ+Column gap out of bounds, must be positive.QObjectComm10EComm10EQObjectR$09;K A> 7=0G5=8O<8, @0745;Q==K<8 70?OB>9Comma Separated Value FilesQObject^>=D83C@0F8>==K9 D09; %1 =5 =0945= 8;8 =5G8B05<3Configfile %1 not found or the file is not readableQObject>?8O #%1 87 Copy #%1 of QObject>?8O %1 (%2)Copy of %1 (%2)QObjectÿÿÿÿ(Corner radius must be a positive number.QObject45 C40;>AL >B:@KBL D09; %1Could not open file %1QObject@5 C40;>AL >B:@KBL D09; 22>40 %1Could not open input file %1QObjectB5 C40;>AL >B:@KBL D09; 2K2>40 %1Could not open output file %1QObjectÿÿÿÿ+Couldn't convert '%1' to property type '%2'QObjectÿÿÿÿ"Couldn't convert result type '%1'.QObject.!>740QBAO H@8DB>2K9 :MHCreating Font CacheQObject%>@20BA:89CroatianQObject
CrownCrownQObject"@C385 ?0@0<5B@K:!Custom (optional) configuration: QObjectCyanCyanQObject'5HA:89CzechQObjectDDQObjectDLEDLEQObject0BA:89DanishQObjectDemyDemyQObject^K 459AB28B5;L=> E>B8B5 ?5@570?8A0BL D09;:
%1 ?.Do you really want to overwrite the file:
%1 ?QObject$(01;>= 4>:C<5=B0: Document Template: QObjectDouble DemyDouble DemyQObject>;;0=4A:89DutchQObject7>=3-:MDzongkhaQObjectEEQObjectElephantElephantQObject.Encapsulated PostScriptEncapsulated PostScriptQObject=3;89A:89EnglishQObject =3;89A:89 (!()English (American)QObject,=3;89A:89 (2AB@0;8O)English (Australian)QObject&=3;89A:89 (=3;8O)English (British)QObject>=25@BK      EnvelopesQObjectH81:0ErrorQObject-A?5@0=B>     EsperantoQObject-AB>=A:89EstonianQObjectExecutive    ExecutiveQObject<4QB M:A?>@B 2 D09; PostScriptExporting PostScript FileQObjectJ5 C40;>AL M:A?>@B8@>20BL 87>1@065=85Failed to export imageQObject€5 C40;>AL 703@C78BL H@8DB   freetype2 =5 A<>3 =09B8 D09; H@8DB0=Failed to load a font - freetype2 couldn't find the font fileQObjectx5 C40;>AL 703@C78BL D09; H@8DB0 %1   =58725AB=K9 B8? H@8DB0*Failed to load font %1 - font type unknownQObject85 C40;>AL >B:@KBL 4>:C<5=B.Failed to open document.QObject25 C40;>AL A>E@0=8BL EPS.Failed to save EPS.QObject<5 C40;>AL A>E@0=8BL 4>:C<5=B.Failed to save document.QObjectD$09; A B0:8< 8<5=5< C65 ACI5AB2C5BFile existsQObjectÿÿÿÿ4Fill shade out of bounds, must be 0 <= shade <= 100.QObject$8=A:89FinnishQObject$;095@KFlyersQObject C:;5BK-30@<>H:8FoldsQObjectv$09; H@8DB0 %1 =5 <>65B 1KBL ?@>G8B0=, >B:07 >B 2AB@0820=8O$Font %1 cannot be read, no embeddingQObject8# H@8DB0 %1 8A?>@G5= 7=0: %2Font %1 has broken glyph %2QObjectŠ$09; H@8DB0 %1 A>45@68B 8A?>@G5==K9 =01>@=K9 7=0: %2 (:>4 A8<2>;0 %3))Font %1 has broken glyph %2 (charcode %3)QObject|# H@8DB0 %1 8A?>@G5=K <5B@8:8 2 D09;5 %2; <5B@8:8 83=>@8@CNBAO7Font %1 has broken metrics in file %2, ignoring metricsQObjectl$09; H@8DB0 %1 8A?>@G5= (=5B 30@=8BC@K), >B:07 >B =53>*Font %1 is broken (no Face), discarding itQObject~$09; H@8DB0 %1 8A?>@G5= (GB5=85 ?>B>:0), 2AB@0820=85 =52>7<>6=>-Font %1 is broken (read stream), no embeddingQObjectR(@8DB %1 ?>2@564Q= 8 =5 1C45B 8A?>;L7>20= Font %1 is broken, discarding itQObjectB$09; H@8DB0 %1 703@C65= 87 %2(%3)Font %1 loaded from %2(%3)QObject*(@8DB %1(%2) 8A?>@G5=Font %1(%2) is brokenQObjectL$09; H@8DB0 %1 (%2) O2;O5BAO :>?859 %3Font %1(%2) is duplicate of %3QObject @>A<>B@ H@8DB>2Font PreviewQObject (@8DB =5 =0945=.Font not found.QObjectÿÿÿÿ3Font size out of bounds - must be 1 <= size <= 512.QObjectFoolscapFoolscapQObject>81;8>B5:0 Freetype2 =54>ABC?=0Freetype2 library not availableQObject$@0=FC7A:89FrenchQObjectGIFGIFQObject0;8F89A:89GalicianQObject5<5F:89GermanQObject(5<5F:89 ((259F0@8O)German (Swiss)QObject$5<5F:89 ("@048F.)German (Trad.)QObjectv#:070==>5 8<O <0AB5@-AB@0=8FK =5 A>2?0405B A ACI5AB2CNI8<8.3Given master page name does not match any existing.QObjectGovt. LetterGovt. LetterQObject@5G5A:89GreekQObject>:C<5=BK HTML
HTML FilesQObject
2@8BHebrewQObject5=35@A:89       HungarianQObjectA;0=4A:89        IcelandicQObject&<?>@B8@C5BAO B5:ABImporting textQObject!?CA: ?>;>A
ImpositionQObjectN9<K (in)Inches (in)QObject=4>=5789A:89
IndonesianQObject =8F80;870F8O...Initializing...QObjectÿÿÿÿInsert index out of bounds.QObjectB0;LO=A:89ItalianQObjectJPEGJPEGQObject/?>=A:89JapaneseQObjectE<5@A:89KhmerQObject>@59A:89KoreanQObject-B8:5B:8LabelsQObject0>AA:89LaoQObjectLarge Post
Large PostQObject0BK=LLatinQObject!;>9 =5 =0945=.Layer not found.QObjectLedgerLedgerQObject
LegalLegalQObject$?B8G5A:85 MDD5:BKLens EffectsQObjectLetterLetterQObject $8@<5==K5 1;0=:8LetterheadsQObjectÿÿÿÿ4Line shade out of bounds, must be 0 <= shade <= 100.QObjectÿÿÿÿ)Line space out of bounds, must be >= 0.1.QObject,!B8;L ;8=88 =5 =0945=.Line style not found.QObjectÿÿÿÿ8Line width out of bounds, must be 0 <= line_width <= 12.QObject8B>2A:89
LithuanianQObjectr03@C605BAO D09; H@8DB0 %1 (=0945= ?@8 ?><>I8 fontconfig)(Loading font %1 (found using fontconfig)QObjectN:A5<1C@3A:89
LuxembourgishQObjectC@=0;K  MagazinesQObjectMagentaMagentaQObject 0AB5@-AB@0=8F0 Master Page QObjectÿÿÿÿMedia CasesQObject!@54=55MediumQObject5=NMenusQObject&5D>@<0F8O ?> A5B:5MeshDistortionQObject8;;8<5B@K (mm)Millimeters (mm)QObjectR0945= 87<5=Q==K9 H@8DB, 84QB ?@>25@:0... Modified Font found, checking...QObject>9 <>4C;L   My PluginQObjectÿÿÿÿ1Need selection or argument list of items to groupQObjectH0945= =>2K9 H@8DB, 84QB ?@>25@:0...New Font found, checking...QObject2>2K9 4>:C<5=B 87 H01;>=0New From TemplateQObject>2K9 A;>9   New LayerQObjectN;;5B5=8NewslettersQObjectÿÿÿÿ+No metrics found for font %1, ignoring fontQObject>@256A:89    NorwegianQObject&>@256A:89 (1>:<>;)Norwegian (BokmÃ¥l)QObject6>@256A:89 (=>2>=>@256A:89)Norwegian (Nnyorsk)QObjectÿÿÿÿ0Object is not a linked text frame, can't unlink.QObject"1J5:B =5 =0945=.Object not found.QObject<>445@6:0 AB0@>3> D>@<0B0 .slaOld .sla format supportQObjectÿÿÿÿ/Only text frames can be checked for overflowingQObjectB:@KBLOpenQObject@"5:AB>2K5 4>:C<5=BK OpenDocumentOpenDocument Text DocumentsQObject` Draw (*.sxd *.odg);;A5 D09;K (*) Draw (*.sxd *.odg);;All Files (*)QObject4<?>@B Draw ImporterQObject>>:C<5=BK Writer DocumentsQObject@@>D8;L 2K2>40 =5 ?>445@68205BAOOutput profile is not supportedQObject@>B>: 2K2>40 =5 >B:@KB =0 70?8ALOutput stream not writeableQObject!2>8 H01;>=K
Own TemplatesQObject<?>@B PDB
PDB ImportQObjectPDB_dataPDB_dataQObject>:C<5=B PDFPDF DocumentQObjectPDF-D>@<K     PDF FormsQObjectPDF-?@575=B0F88PDF PresentationsQObjectPNGPNGQObject!B@0=8F0PageQObjectÿÿÿÿPage number out of range.QObject$>:C<5=BK Palm PDBPalm PDB DocumentsQObjectÿÿÿÿoParsing the configfile %1 failed! Depending on the type of the error render frames might not work correctly!
%2QObject">=BC@ ?> :>=BC@C
PathAlongPathQObject$ 07@570=85 :>=BC@0
PathCutterQObject>>38G5A:85 >?5@0F88 A :>=BC@0<8
PathFinderQObject$12>4:0 ?> :>=BC@CPathStrokerQObject$09;K B5:ABC@
Pattern FilesQObject8:8 (p)     Picas (p)QObjectÿÿÿÿ1Point list must contain an even number of values.QObjectÿÿÿÿ<Point list must contain at least four points (eight values).QObjectÿÿÿÿ;Point list must contain at least three points (six values).QObjectÿÿÿÿ:Point list must contain at least two points (four values).QObjectÿÿÿÿ.Point list must have a multiple of six values.QObjectC=:BK (pt)Points (pt)QObject>;LA:89PolishQObject>@BC30;LA:89
PortugueseQObject0>@BC30;LA:89 (@078;8O)Portuguese (BR)QObjectPostPostQObjectPostScript
PostScriptQObject"<?>@B PostScriptPostScript ImporterQObject;0:0BKPostersQObject$4QB ?5G0BL 2 D09;
Printing FileQObject@>3@0<<KProgramsQObject&!2>9AB2> =5 =0945=>Property not foundQObjectÿÿÿÿ Property type '%1' not supportedQObjectQuad Demy        Quad DemyQObjectQuartoQuartoQObject,'8B05BAO H@8DB>2K9 :MHReading Font CacheQObject C<K=A:89RomanianQObject
RoyalRoyalQObject CAA:89RussianQObjectSTMTSTMTQObject-:A?>@B 2 SVG
SVG ExportQObject<?>@B SVG
SVG ImportQObject(!>E@0=8BL :0: H01;>=Save As TemplateQObject!>E@0=8BL :0:Save asQObject0Scalable Vector GraphicsScalable Vector GraphicsQObject.>445@6:0 Scribus 1.2.xScribus 1.2.x SupportQObject@>445@6:0 Scribus 1.3.0->1.3.3.EScribus 1.3.0->1.3.3.x SupportQObject.>445@6:0 Scribus 1.3.4Scribus 1.3.4 SupportQObject*«1@CH820=85» Scribus
Scribus CrashQObject65AB018;L=0O 25@A8O ScribusScribus Development VersionQObjectÿÿÿÿöScribus Python interface module

This module is the Python interface for Scribus. It provides functions
to control scribus and to manipulate objects on the canvas. Each
function is documented individually below.

A few things are common across most of the interface.

Most functions operate on frames. Frames are identified by their name,
a string - they are not real Python objects. Many functions take an
optional (non-keyword) parameter, a frame name.
Many exceptions are also common across most functions. These are
not currently documented in the docstring for each function.
- Many functions will raise a NoDocOpenError if you try to use them
without a document to operate on.
- If you do not pass a frame name to a function that requires one,
the function will use the currently selected frame, if any, or
raise a NoValidObjectError if it can't find anything to operate
- Many functions will raise WrongFrameTypeError if you try to use them
on a frame type that they do not make sense with. For example, setting
the text color on a graphics frame doesn't make sense, and will result
in this exception being raised.
- Errors resulting from calls to the underlying Python API will be
passed through unaltered. As such, the list of exceptions thrown by
any function as provided here and in its docstring is incomplete.

Details of what exceptions each function may throw are provided on the
function's documentation, though as with most Python code this list
is not exhaustive due to exceptions from called functions.
QObject@Scribus >1@CH8;AO ?> ?@8G8=5 #%1!Scribus crashes due to Signal #%1QObjectBScribus C?0; 2 A2O78 A >H81:>9 %13Scribus crashes due to the following exception : %1QObject!F5=0@8ABScripterQObject2K?>;=O5BAO ?>8A: H@8DB>2Searching for FontsQObjectÿÿÿÿSelection index out of boundsQObject!5@1A:89SerbianQObject>@>B:85 A;>20Short WordsQObjectd1@01>B:0 B8?>3@0D8:8 4;O :>@>B:8E A;>2 7025@H5=0.Short Words processing. Done.QObjectŒ4QB >1@01>B:0 B8?>3@0D8:8 4;O :>@>B:8E A;>2.
>4>648B5, ?>60;C9AB0...&Short Words processing. Wait please...QObject">:070BL &:>=A>;L
Show &ConsoleQObject
=0:8SignsQObject!;>20F:89SlovakQObject!;>25=A:89    SlovenianQObjectÿÿÿÿ&Source and target are the same object.QObjectA?0=A:89SpanishQObject:A?0=A:89 (0B8=A:0O <5@8:0)Spanish (Latin)QObjectÿÿÿÿ"Specified item not an image frame.QObject8@>25@:0 >@D>3@0D88 (Aspell)Spell check (aspell)QObject&1KG=K5 ?0@0<5B@K: Standard configuration: QObject !B8;L =5 =0945=.Style not found.QObjectÿÿÿÿ        SubdivideQObject(254A:89SwedishQObjectTIFFTIFFQObjectÿÿÿÿ+Target frame is linked to by another frame.QObjectÿÿÿÿ$Target frame links to another frame.QObjectH&5;L =5 O2;O5BAO 1;>:>< 87>1@065=8O.Target is not an image frame.QObject&"5:AB>2K5 4>:C<5=BKText DocumentsQObject&"5:AB>2K5 4>:C<5=BK
Text FilesQObject""5:AB>2K5 D8;LB@KText FiltersQObjectÿÿÿÿ/Text distances out of bounds, must be positive.QObject"09A:89ThaiQObject¤(@8DB(K):
%1 =54>ABC?5=.
=8 70<5=5=K =0 "Courier"
7>1@065=85 =5 1C45B :>@@5:B=K<nThe Font(s):
%1 are not available.
They have been replaced by "Courier"
Therefore the image may be not correctQObject’K =5 A>E@0=8;8 2=5AQ==K5 87<5=5=8O 8 E>B8B5 >B<5=8BL 8E 2A5. @>4>;68BL?pThe changes to your document have not been saved and you have requested to revert them. Do you wish to continue?QObjectÿÿÿÿThe filename must be a string.QObjectP<O D09;0 =5 4>;6=> 1KBL ?CAB>9 AB@>:>9.(The filename should not be empty string.QObjectÿÿÿÿ The image type must be a string.QObjectÔ-B>B D09; =5 ?>E>6 =0 4>:C<5=B PDB. A;8 2K C25@5=K, GB> MB> >H81:0 Scribus, A>>1I8B5 > =59 @07@01>BG8:0<.fThis file is not recognized as a PDB document. Please, report this as a bug if you are sure it is one.QObjectÿÿÿÿTransform EffectQObjectÿÿÿÿ;Transparency out of bounds, must be 0 <= transparency <= 1.QObject"C@5F:89TurkishQObjectÿÿÿÿ+Types matched, but setting property failed.QObject#:@08=A:89UkranianQObjectX5 C40;>AL ?@>G8B0BL XML-D09; A ?0@0<5B@0<8:Unable to read settings XML:QObject^5 C40;>AL ?@>G8B0BL XML-D09; A ?0@0<5B@0<8: %1Unable to read settings XML: %1QObjectT52>7<>6=> A>E@0=8BL @0AB@>2>5 87>1@065=85Unable to save pixmapQObjectÿÿÿÿ;Unit out of range. Use one of the scribus.UNIT_* constants.QObjectÿÿÿÿ>Valid metrics were found for font %1, using metrics in file %2QObjectD@>25@:0 ?0@0<5B@>2 =5 C40;0AL: %1#Verification of settings failed: %1QObjectL5B=0<A:89
VietnameseQObject<?>@B WMF
WMF ImportQObject#M;LA:89WelshQObject"Windows Meta FileWindows Meta FileQObject">:C<5=BK MS WordWord DocumentsQObjectB8H5BAO >1=>2;Q==K9 H@8DB>2K9 :MHWriting updated Font CacheQObjectXPMXPMQObject$09; XFig        Xfig FileQObject(<?>@B @8AC=:>2 XFig
Xfig ImporterQObjectYellowYellowQObject²K @01>B05B5 A =5AB018;L=>9 25@A859 Scribus 1.3.x. B:@KBK9 20<8 4>:C<5=B 1K; A>740= 2 Scribus 1.2.x. A;8 2K A>E@0=8B5 53> 2 1.3.x, 53> 1C45B =52>7<>6=> >B:@KBL 2 Scribus 1.2.x. 'B>1K A>E@0=8BL 2>7<>6=>ABL >B:@KBL MB>B 4>:C<5=B 2 1.2.x, A>E@0=8B5 53> ?>4 4@C38< 8<5=5< 8 40;55 @540:B8@C9B5 B>;L:> =>2K9 D09;. K 459AB28B5;L=> E>B8B5 ?@>4>;68BL?¦You are running a development version of Scribus 1.3.x. The document you are working with was created in Scribus 1.2.x.  Saving the current file under 1.3.x renders it unable to be edited in Scribus 1.2.x versions. To preserve the ability to edit in 1.2.x, save this file under a different name and further edit the newly named file and the original will be untouched. Are you sure you wish to proceed with this operation?QObjectÿÿÿÿBargument contains no-numeric values: must be list of float values.QObjectÿÿÿÿCargument contains non-numeric values: must be list of float values.QObjectÿÿÿÿ3argument is not list: must be list of float values.QObjectccQObjectcmcmQObjectÿÿÿÿ$element <%1> lacks `value' attributeQObjectÿÿÿÿ,element <%1> value must be `true' or `false'QObjectÿÿÿÿ1element <lpiSettingsEntry> lacks `name' attributeQObjectÿÿÿÿ7extracting face %1 from font %2 (offset=%3, nTables=%4)QObjectDfirstPageOrder 1>;LH5 4>?CAB8<>3>.&firstPageOrder is bigger than allowed.QObjectH@8DB %1 font %1 QObjectV0945=> %1 <%2> C7;>2, 0 =C65= B>;L:> >48=.found %1 <%2> nodes, need 1.QObjectÿÿÿÿhasdropcap has to be 0 or 1.QObjecthtmlhtmlQObjectininQObjectÿÿÿÿmemcpy header: %1 %2 %3QObjectÿÿÿÿmemcpy offset: %1 %2 %3QObjectÿÿÿÿmemcpy table: %1 %2 %3QObject mmmmQObjectÿÿÿÿnode <%1> not an elementQObjectÿÿÿÿnull root nodeQObjectppQObjectAB@0=8F0pageQObjectÿÿÿÿ
parent= %1QObject ptptQObjectÿÿÿÿHsecond argument contains non-numeric values: must be list of int values.QObjectÿÿÿÿ:second argument is not tuple: must be tuple of int values.QObject:53;L %1 size %1 QObjectB01;8F0 '%1'
table '%1'QObjectÿÿÿÿunexpected null <%2> nodeQObject°°QObject!&:>?8@>20BL&Copy       QTextEditAB&028BL&Paste   QTextEdit>2&B>@8BL&Redo  QTextEdit&B<5=8BL&Undo    QTextEditG8AB8BLClear      QTextEdit&K@570BLCu&t     QTextEditK45;8BL 2AQ
Select All  QTextEdit0:@KBLClose        QTitleBar 0725@=CBLMaximize       QTitleBar!25@=CBLMinimize   QTitleBar1KG=K9 284  Normalize   QTitleBar0B5=8BLShade      QTitleBar!8AB5<=>5 <5=NSystem Menu    QTitleBar#1@0BL B5=LUnshade      QTitleBar%1 - [%2]      %1 - [%2]
QWorkspace 07&<5@&Size
QWorkspace#1@&0BL B5=L&Unshade
QWorkspace& 0725@=CBL Ma&ximize
QWorkspace&!25@=CBL     Mi&nimize
QWorkspace">AAB0=>28BL 2=87Restore Down
QWorkspace&AB020BLAO =0&25@ECStay on &Top
QWorkspace,4QB ?>4AB@>9:0 F25B>2Adjusting Colors      ReformDoc"#?@02;5=85 F25B><Color Management ReformDocB>1@065=85Display      ReformDoc>:C<5=BDocument   ReformDoc,=D>@<0F8O > 4>:C<5=B5Document Information   ReformDoc4B@81CBK >1J5:B0 4>:C<5=B0Document Item Attributes       ReformDoc&0@0<5B@K 4>:C<5=B0Document Setup       ReformDoc(@8DBKFonts  ReformDoc0?@02;ONI85Guides     ReformDoc5@5=>A A;>2
Hyphenator  ReformDoc-:A?>@B 2 PDF
PDF Export  ReformDoc0;840B>@Preflight Verifier       ReformDoc 0745;KSections     ReformDoc<#:070B5;L >3;02;5=8O 8 8=45:AKTable of Contents and Indexes  ReformDoc=AB@C<5=BKTools        ReformDoc"8?>3@0D8:0
Typography  ReformDoc80;>3DialogRunScriptDialogZ!F5=0@88 =0 Python (*.py *.PY);;A5 D09;K (*)*Python Scripts (*.py *.PY);; All Files (*)RunScriptDialogB0?CAB8BL :0: AF5=0@89 @0AH8@5=8ORun as Extension ScriptRunScriptDialog P
SMAlignSelectjA?>;L7>20BL @>48B5;LA:CN 2K:;NG:C 2<5AB> A>1AB25==>55Use parent style's alignment instead of overriding it
SMAlignSelect % %SMCStyleWidget4 0AH8@5==>5 D>@<0B8@>20=85Advanced FormattingSMCStyleWidgetA=>20= =0:      Based On:SMCStyleWidget.!<5I5=85 A ;8=88 H@8DB0Baseline OffsetSMCStyleWidget,1KG=>5 D>@<0B8@>20=85Basic FormattingSMCStyleWidget
&25B0ColorsSMCStyleWidget&25B 70;82:8
Fill ColorSMCStyleWidget"5=L 70;82:8
Fill ShadeSMCStyleWidget0@=8BC@0  Font FaceSMCStyleWidget
53;L     Font SizeSMCStyleWidget<0AHB018@>20=85 ?> 3>@87>=B0;8Horizontal ScalingSMCStyleWidget/7K:LanguageSMCStyleWidget
/7K::     Language:SMCStyleWidget$ >48B5;LA:89 AB8;LParent StyleSMCStyleWidget0B5=5=85ShadeSMCStyleWidget&25B >12>4:8Stroke ColorSMCStyleWidget"5=L >12>4:8Stroke ShadeSMCStyleWidgetTextLabel        TextLabelSMCStyleWidget"@5:8=3TrackingSMCStyleWidget80AHB018@>20=85 ?> 25@B8:0;8Vertical ScalingSMCStyleWidget%1 (%2)%1 (%2)SMCharacterStyle !8<2>;L=K9 AB8;LCharacter StyleSMCharacterStyle !8<2>;L=K5 AB8;8Character StylesSMCharacterStyle;>= %1Clone of %1SMCharacterStyle>2K9 AB8;L  New StyleSMCharacterStyle!2>9AB20
PropertiesSMCharacterStyleDA?>;L7>20BL @>48B5;LA:>5 7=0G5=85Use Parent ValueSMColorCombo>A?>;L7>20BL @>48B5;LA:89 H@8DBUse Parent FontSMFontComboH pt ptSMLineStyle pt  pt SMLineStyle%1 (%2)%1 (%2)SMLineStyle;>= %1Clone of %1SMLineStyle "8@5-B>G:0-B>G:0Dash Dot Dot LineSMLineStyle"8@5-B>G:0
Dash Dot LineSMLineStyle 8=59=K9 ?C=:B8@Dashed LineSMLineStyleC=:B8@Dotted LineSMLineStyle!B8;L ;8=88
Line StyleSMLineStyle!B8;8 ;8=89Line StylesSMLineStyle>2K9 AB8;L        New StyleSMLineStyle!2>9AB20
PropertiesSMLineStyle&5;0O ;8=8O
Solid LineSMLineStyle pt ptSMLineStyleWidget%%SMLineStyleWidget(>1028BL =>2CN ;8=8NAdd a new lineSMLineStyleWidget&$0A>G=>5 A>548=5=85
Bevel JoinSMLineStyleWidget$!B8;L :>=F>2 ;8=88     End styleSMLineStyleWidget;>A:0O H;O?:0Flat CapSMLineStyleWidget !B8;L A>548=5=8O
Join styleSMLineStyleWidget">;I8=0 ;8=88:Line Width:SMLineStyleWidget&25B ;8=88
Line colorSMLineStyleWidgetBB5=5=85 ;8=88
Line shadeSMLineStyleWidget!B8;L ;8=88
Line styleSMLineStyleWidget">;I8=0 ;8=88
Line widthSMLineStyleWidget&$0F5B=>5 A>548=5=85
Miter JoinSMLineStyleWidget#40;8BL ;8=8N
Remove a lineSMLineStyleWidget:@C3;0O H;O?:0      Round CapSMLineStyleWidget,!:@C3;Q==>5 A>548=5=85
Round JoinSMLineStyleWidget"204@0B=0O H;O?:0
Square CapSMLineStyleWidget&8=88:&Lines:SMPStyleWidget2K@>2=OBL ?> ;8=88 H@8DB0Align to Baseline GridSMPStyleWidgetK:;NG:0      AlignmentSMPStyleWidget42B><0B8G5A:89 8=B5@;8=LO6Automatic LinespacingSMPStyleWidgetA=>20= =0:   Based On:SMPStyleWidget"!8&<2>;L=K9 AB8;LCh&aracter StyleSMPStyleWidget !8<2>;L=K9 AB8;LCharacter StyleSMPStyleWidget* 0AAB>O=85 4> B5:AB0:Distance from Text:SMPStyleWidget* 0AAB>O=8O 8 2K:;NG:0Distances and AlignmentSMPStyleWidget8=88 :0?8B5;8Drop Cap LinesSMPStyleWidget"!<5I5=85 :0?8B5;8Drop Cap OffsetSMPStyleWidget0?8B5;L Drop CapsSMPStyleWidget@0A=0O AB@>:0First Line IndentSMPStyleWidget2$8:A8@>20==K9 8=B5@;8=LO6Fixed LinespacingSMPStyleWidgetBABC? A;520Left IndentSMPStyleWidget=B5@;8=LO6Line SpacingSMPStyleWidget "8? 8=B5@;8=LO60Line Spacing ModeSMPStyleWidget$ >48B5;LA:89 AB8;LParent StyleSMPStyleWidget8!B0BCA @>48B5;LA:>9 :0?8B5;8Parent's Drop Cap StatusSMPStyleWidget!2>9AB20
PropertiesSMPStyleWidgetBABC? A?@020Right IndentSMPStyleWidget5@54 0170F5<Space AboveSMPStyleWidget>A;5 0170F0Space BelowSMPStyleWidget("01C;OB>@K 8 >BABC?KTabulators and IndentationSMPStyleWidgetTextLabel      TextLabelSMPStyleWidget%1 (%2)%1 (%2)SMParagraphStyle;>= %1Clone of %1SMParagraphStyle>2K9 AB8;L       New StyleSMParagraphStyle170F=K9 AB8;LParagraph StyleSMParagraphStyle170F=K9 AB8;LParagraph StylesSMParagraphStyle&&OKSMReplaceDia
Alt+NAlt+NSMReplaceDia&B<5=8BLCa&ncelSMReplaceDia#40;8BL AB8;8
Delete StylesSMReplaceDia#40;8BLRemoveSMReplaceDia0<5=8BL =0Replace withSMReplaceDia57 AB8;ONo StyleSMRowWidgetDA?>;L7>20BL @>48B5;LA:>5 7=0G5=85Use Parent ValueSMScComboBoxDA?>;L7>20BL @>48B5;LA:>5 7=0G5=85Use Parent Value
SMShadeButtonH&5@58<5=>20BL 8<?>@B8@>20==K9 AB8;L&Rename Imported Style
SMStyleImport>ABC?=K5 AB8;8Available Styles
SMStyleImport !8<2>;L=K5 AB8;8Character Styles
SMStyleImportK15@8B5 AB8;8
Choose Styles
SMStyleImportÿÿÿÿIn case of a name clash
SMStyleImport!B8;8 ;8=89Line Styles
SMStyleImport170F=K5 AB8;8Paragraph Styles
SMStyleImport80<5=8BL &ACI5AB2CNI89 AB8;LR&eplace Existing Style
SMStyleImportÿÿÿÿSelect or Unselect All
SMStyleImport P
SMStyleSelectvA?>;L7>20BL MDD5:BK @>48B5;LA:>3> AB8;O 2<5AB> A>1AB25==KE5Use parent style's effects instead of overriding them
SMStyleSelect0  >48B5;LA:0O B01C;OF8O 
 Parent Tabs 
SMTabruler0@0<5B@K AB8;OStyle SettingsSToolBAlign*!B8;L B5:CI53> 0170F0Style of current paragraphSToolBAlign&&25B 70;82:8 B5:AB0Color of text fillSToolBColorF00@0<5B@K 70;82:8 F25B><Fill Color SettingsSToolBColorF@&25B>=0AKI5==>ABL 70;82:8 B5:AB0 Saturation of color of text fillSToolBColorF&&25B >12>4:8 B5:AB0Color of text strokeSToolBColorSB0AKI5==>ABL F25B0 >12>4:8 B5:AB0"Saturation of color of text strokeSToolBColorS.0@0<5B@K F25B0 :>=BC@0Stroke Color SettingsSToolBColorS 0@0<5B@K H@8DB0
Font Settings
SToolBFont53;L H@8DB0       Font Size
SToolBFont0(@8DB 2K45;5==>3> B5:AB0Font of selected text
SToolBFontB7<5=O5<0O H8@8=0 2KA>B0 A8<2>;>2Scaling height of characters
SToolBFont47<5=O5<0O H8@8=0 A8<2>;>2Scaling width of characters
SToolBFont"0@0<5B@K A8<2>;0Character SettingsSToolBStyle CG=>9 B@5:8=3Manual TrackingSToolBStyleB-:A?>@B8@C5B AB@0=8FK 2 D09;K SVGExports SVG FilesSVGExportPluginR-:A?>@B8@C5B B5:CICN AB@0=8FC 2 D09; SVG.*Exports the current page into an SVG file.SVGExportPlugin*!>E@0=&8BL :0: SVG...Save as &SVG...SVGExportPlugin*<?>@B8@>20BL &SVG...Import &SVG...SVGImportPlugin*<?>@B8@C5B D09;K SVGImports SVG FilesSVGImportPluginØ<?>@B8@C5B 1>;LH8=AB2> D09;>2 SVG 2 B5:CI89 4>:C<5=B,
?@5>1@07>2K20O 8E 25:B>@=K5 40==K5 2 >1J5:BK Scribus.dImports most SVG files into the current document,
converting their vector data into Scribus objects.SVGImportPlugin|$09; 2 D>@<0B5 SVG A>45@68B =5?>445@68205<K5 M;5<5=BK @07<5B:8+SVG file contains some unsupported featuresSVGImportPlugin:5 C40;>AL 8<?>@B8@>20BL D09;The file could not be importedSVGImportPlugin@C??0%1Group%1SVGPlug&> 2A5<C &4>:C<5=BC
&All itemsSWDialog$ &2K1@0==K5 1;>:8&Selected framesSWDialog"> 2A59 &AB@0=8F5Active &pageSWDialog.1@01>B0= 25AL 4>:C<5=B All items in document processed.SWDialog:AB028BL =5@07@K2=K5 ?@>15;K:Apply unbreakable space on:SWDialogD1@01>B0=0 B>;L:> B5:CI0O AB@0=8F0Only actual page processed.SWDialogD1@01>B0=K B>;L:> 2K1@0==K5 1;>:8.Only selected frames processed.SWDialog>@>B:85 A;>20Short WordsSWDialog!&1@>A8BL&Reset
SWPrefsGui452>7<>6=> >B:@KBL D09; %1Cannot open file %1
SWPrefsGui:52>7<>6=> 70?8A0BL 2 D09; %1Cannot write file %1.
SWPrefsGuiÊ7<5=8BL ?>;L7>20B5;LA:85 ?0@0<5B@K. A;8 8E A>E@0=8BL, >=8 1C4CB 8A?>;L7>20BLAO 2<5AB> >1I5A8AB5<=KEYEdit custom configuration. If you save it, it will be used over system wide configuration
SWPrefsGui„!=>20 703@C78BL >1I5A8AB5<=K5 ?0@0<5B@K 8 C40;8BL ?>;L7>20B5;LA:85<Reload system wide configuration and remove user defined one
SWPrefsGuiH!>E@0=8BL ?>;L7>20B5;LA:85 ?0@0<5B@KSave user configuration
SWPrefsGui>@>B:85 A;>20Short Words
SWPrefsGui.1I5A8AB5<=K5 ?0@0<5B@KSystem wide configuration
SWPrefsGuiJ1I5A8AB5<=K5 ?0@0<5B@K ?5@5703@C65=K"System wide configuration reloaded
SWPrefsGui’>;L7>20B5;LA:85 ?0@0<5B@K C65 ACI5AB2CNB. 59AB28B5;L=> ?5@570?8A0BL 8E?FUser configuration exists already. Do you really want to overwrite it?
SWPrefsGui4>;L7>20B5;LA:85 ?0@0<5B@K
User settings
SWPrefsGuiH>;L7>20B5;LA:85 ?0@0<5B@K A>E@0=5=KUser settings saved
SWPrefsGui,!>E@0=5=85 :0: H01;>=0Save a document as a templateSaveAsTemplatePluginÈ!>E@0=O5B 4>:C<5=B :0: H01;>=. -B> C4>1=K9 A?>A>1 ?@84020BL ?>A;54CNI8< 4>:C<5=B0< 548=>>1@07=K9 284cSave a document as a template. Good way to ease the initial work for documents with a constant lookSaveAsTemplatePlugin0!>E@0=8BL :0: &H01;>=...Save as &Template...SaveAsTemplatePlugin >1028BL 2 :>=5FAppendScGTFileDialog6K15@8B5 8<?>@B8@C5<K9 D09;Select a file to importScGTFileDialog$>:070BL ?0@0<5B@KShow optionsScGTFileDialog&B<5=8BL&Cancel
ScInputDialog80;>3 22>40Input Dialog
PersistentScPlugin58725AB=>UnknownScPlugin$K2>4 =0 ?5G0BL...Printing...ScPrintEngine_GDI%1 87 %2%1 of %2
ScProgressBar>?8O #%1 87 Copy #%1 of Scribus12Format,>:C<5=B Scribus 1.2.xScribus 1.2.x DocumentScribus12Format>?8O #%1 87 Copy #%1 of Scribus134Format,>:C<5=B Scribus 1.3.4Scribus 1.3.4 DocumentScribus134Format>?8O #%1 87 Copy #%1 of Scribus13Format>>:C<5=B Scribus 1.3.0-> 1.3.0-> DocumentScribus13Format<025@H05BAO @01>B0 ?@8;>65=8O.Exiting now.ScribusCore$@8B8G5A:0O >H81:0Fatal ErrorScribusCoreJ(@8DB>20O ?>4A8AB5<0 8=8F80;878@>20=0Font System InitializedScribusCoreP=8F80;878@CNBAO :;0280BC@=K5 :><18=0F88Initializing Keyboard ShortcutsScribusCore6=8F80;878@CNBAO @0AH8@5=8OInitializing PluginsScribusCore('8B0NBAO ?@>D8;8 ICCReading Color ProfilesScribusCore8'8B0NBAO ?0@0<5B@K ?@>3@0<<KReading PreferencesScribusCore$4QB ?>8A: H@8DB>2Searching for FontsScribusCore8 20H59 A8AB5<5 =5B H@8DB>2.(There are no fonts found on your system.ScribusCore8&@>?CAB8BL 70?5@BK5 >1J5:BK&Skip locked objects
ScribusDoc&& 071;>:8@>20BL 2A5&Unlock All
ScribusDoc4K?>;=O5BAO F25B>:>@@5:F8OAdjusting Colors
ScribusDoc”@>87>H;0 >H81:0 ?@8 >B:@KB88 ?@>D8;59 ICC, C?@02;5=85 F25B>< =5 2:;NG5=>.NAn error occurred while opening ICC profiles, color management is not enabled.
ScribusDoc$>=>2K9 A;>9
ScribusDocL52>7<>6=> C40;8BL 8A?>;L7C5<K9 >1J5:BCannot Delete In-Use Item
ScribusDoc>?8O_Copy_of_
ScribusDocVK 459AB28B5;L=> E>B8B5 C40;8BL 25AL B5:AB?*Do you really want to clear all your text?
ScribusDoc”>;8G5AB2> :>?89: %1
=B5@20; ?> 3>@87>=B0;8: %2
=B5@20; ?> 25@B8:0;8: %38Number of copies: %1
Horizontal gap: %2
Vertical gap: %3
ScribusDoc®>;8G5AB2> :>?89: %1
!<5I5=85 ?> 3>@87>=B0;8: %2
!<5I5=85 ?> 25@B8:0;8: %3
@0I5=85: %4INumber of copies: %1
Horizontal shift: %2
Vertical shift: %3
Rotation: %4
ScribusDoc45:>B>@K5 >1J5:BK 70?5@BK.Some objects are locked.
ScribusDocŒ1J5:B %1 A59G0A 87<5=O5BAO 2 @540:B>@5 B5:AB0. 3> =52>7<>6=> C40;8BL]The item %1 is currently being edited by Story Editor. The delete operation will be cancelled
ScribusDocPC40;8BL ?@O<>5 A8<2>;L=>5 D>@<0B8@>20=85remove direct char formatting
ScribusDocLC40;8BL ?@O<>5 0170F=>5 D>@<0B8@>20=85"remove direct paragraph formatting
ScribusDoc" 1K; 70<5=Q= =0:  was replaced by: ScribusMainWindow"%1;;A5 D09;K (*)%1;;All Files (*)ScribusMainWindow&K:;NG:0
&$09;&FileScribusMainWindow&!?@02:0&HelpScribusMainWindow&<?>@B8@>20BL&ImportScribusMainWindow&1J5:B&ItemScribusMainWindow&#@>25=L&LevelScribusMainWindow$0&1;>:8@>20BL 2A5     &Lock AllScribusMainWindow
&<O:&Name:ScribusMainWindow0@0&<5B@K PDF&PDF OptionsScribusMainWindow!B@0&=8F0&PageScribusMainWindow&02KG:8&QuoteScribusMainWindow&"5=L:&Shade:ScribusMainWindow 07&<5@:&Size:ScribusMainWindow!&5@28A&ToolsScribusMainWindow&& 071;>:8@>20BL 2A5&Unlock AllScribusMainWindow&84&ViewScribusMainWindow
&:=0&WindowsScribusMainWindow(?@5>1@07>20=>)(converted)ScribusMainWindow-!B@0=8F0%1-Page%1ScribusMainWindow QtAbout QtScribusMainWindowA5AllScribusMainWindow4A5 ?>445@68205<K5 D>@<0BKAll Supported FormatsScribusMainWindowD>;L7>20B5;LA:85 :><18=0F88 :;028HApplying User ShortcutsScribusMainWindow &@5>1@07>20BL 2C&onvert ToScribusMainWindowN52>7<>6=> 2K@570BL 8A?>;L7C5<K9 >1J5:BCannot Cut In-Use ItemScribusMainWindow>52>7<>6=> 70?8A0BL 2 D09;: 
%1Cannot write the file: 
%1ScribusMainWindow!8<2>;     CharacterScribusMainWindow&25B =5 =0945=Color Not FoundScribusMainWindow!>45@68<>5ContentsScribusMainWindowr1=0@C65=K >H81:8.
0?CAB8B5 20;840B>@  4;O 8E CAB@0=5=8OKDetected some errors.
Consider using the Preflight Verifier to correct themScribusMainWindowVK 459AB28B5;L=> E>B8B5 C40;8BL 25AL B5:AB?*Do you really want to clear all your text?ScribusMainWindow€K 459AB28B5;L=> E>B8B5 70<5=8BL C65 ?@8ACBAB2CNI55 87>1@065=85?2Do you really want to replace your existing image?ScribusMainWindow>:C<5=BDocumentScribusMainWindowR>:C<5=BK (*.sla *.sla.gz);;A5 D09;K (*))Documents (*.sla *.sla.gz);;All Files (*)ScribusMainWindow& 0AH8@5=8OE&xtrasScribusMainWindow$@8B8G5A:0O >H81:0Fatal ErrorScribusMainWindowD$09; %1 2 =5?>445@68205<>< D>@<0B5&File %1 is not in an acceptable formatScribusMainWindow:0==K5 4;O 8<?>@B0 =5 =0945=KFound nothing to importScribusMainWindowÊGhostscript : K =5 <>65B5 8A?>;L7>20BL 87>1@065=8O 2 D>@<0B5 EPS 8;8 ?@>A<0B@820BL ?5G0BL PostScriptCGhostscript : You cannot use EPS images or PostScript Print PreviewScribusMainWindow¾Ghostscript : =52>7<>6=> 8A?>;L7>20BL 87>1@065=8O D>@<0B0 EPS 8;8 ?@>A<0B@820BL ?5G0B=CN 25@A8N8Ghostscript : You cannot use EPS images or Print PreviewScribusMainWindow~Ghostscript >BACBAB2C5B : ?@>A<>B@ ?5G0B8 Postscript =54>ABC?5=BGhostscript is missing : Postscript Print Preview is not availableScribusMainWindowAB&02:0I&nsertScribusMainWindow"<?>@B AB@0=8F(K)Import Page(s)ScribusMainWindow<?>@B 7025@HQ=Import doneScribusMainWindow,4QB 8<?>@B AB@0=8F...Importing Pages...ScribusMainWindow=D>@<0F8OInformationScribusMainWindowB=8F80;878@C5BAO <>4C;L ?5@5=>A>2Initializing HyphenatorScribusMainWindow:=8F80;878@C5BAO Story EditorInitializing Story EditorScribusMainWindow#@>25=LLevelScribusMainWindow&830BC@0     Liga&tureScribusMainWindow&$09; 703@C605BAO...
Loading...ScribusMainWindow>20O 70?8AL New EntryScribusMainWindow57 AB8;ONo StyleScribusMainWindow&#@>:8 2 !5B8Online &TutorialsScribusMainWindowB:@KBLOpenScribusMainWindow&&5402=85 4>:C<5=BKOpen &RecentScribusMainWindow"AB028BL =5402=55Paste RecentScribusMainWindow00@0<5B@K ?@54?@>A&<>B@0Previe&w SettingsScribusMainWindow.0@0<5B@K ?@54?@>A<>B@0Preview SettingsScribusMainWindowV5 C40;>AL 8=8F80;87>20BL ?>4A8AB5<C ?5G0B8"Print engine initialization failedScribusMainWindow,0?5G0B0BL =5 C40;0AL!Printing failed!ScribusMainWindow.4QB 2K2>4 =0 ?5G0BL...Printing...ScribusMainWindow02KG:8QuoteScribusMainWindow'8B05BAO 0;L1><Reading ScrapbookScribusMainWindow>B>2>ReadyScribusMainWindow$@>&15;K 8 @07@K2KS&paces && BreaksScribusMainWindow!>E@0=8BL :0:Save AsScribusMainWindow!>E@0=8BL :0:Save asScribusMainWindow&$09; A>E@0=O5BAO...      Saving...ScribusMainWindowScribus Scribus ScribusMainWindow, C:>2>4AB2> ?> ScribusScribus ManualScribusMainWindowt1=0@C65=K >H81:8.
0?CAB8B5 20;840B>@  4;O 8E CAB@0=5=8O.UScribus detected some errors.
Consider using the Preflight Verifier  to correct them.ScribusMainWindow–Scribus >1=0@C68; >H81:8. 0< AB>8B 70?CAB8BL 20;840B>@, GB>1K 8A?@028BL 8EWScribus has detected some errors. Consider using the Preflight Verifier to correct themScribusMainWindow"5@5=5AB8 2 A;>&9Send to La&yerScribusMainWindow 5@5=5AB8 2 A;>9
Send to LayerScribusMainWindow"5=LShadeScribusMainWindow 07<5@SizeScribusMainWindowt5:>B>@K5 8A?>;L7C5<K5 2 4>:C<5=B5 ?@>D8;8 =5 CAB0=>2;5=K:<Some color profiles used by this document are not installed:ScribusMainWindow@5:>B>@K5 >1J5:BK 701;>:8@>20=K.Some objects are locked.ScribusMainWindow@>15;SpaceScribusMainWindowL"5:AB>2K5 D09;K (*.txt);;A5 D09;K (*) Text Files (*.txt);;All Files(*)ScribusMainWindow@!;54CNI85 ?@>3@0<<K >BACBAB2CNB:#The following programs are missing:ScribusMainWindowx1J5:B %1 A59G0A >B:@KB 2 Story Editor. K@570=85 >B<5=O5BAOZThe item %1 is currently being edited by Story Editor. The cut operation will be cancelledScribusMainWindowŒK1@0==>5 20<8 8<O C65 ACI5AB2C5B. 2548B5 4@C3>5 8<O 4;O MB>3> F25B0.\The name you have selected already exists. Please enter a different name for this new color.ScribusMainWindow4@>3@0<<0 %1 C65 70?CI5=0!"The program %1 is already running!ScribusMainWindow2@>3@0<<0 %1 >BACBAB2C5B!The program %1 is missing!ScribusMainWindow¸K1@0==K9 F25B >BACBAB2C5B 2 F25B>2>9 ?0;8B@5 4>:C<5=B0. 2548B5 8<O 4;O MB>3> =>2>3> F25B0.fThe selected color does not exist in the document's color set. Please enter a name for this new color.ScribusMainWindow.1=>2;ONBAO 87>1@065=8OUpdating ImagesScribusMainWindowX->7:X-Pos:ScribusMainWindowY->7:Y-Pos:ScribusMainWindowˆ>:C<5=B 1K; A>E@0=Q= 2> 2@5<5==K9 D09; 8 =5 <>3 1KBL ?5@5<5IQ=: 
%1GYour document was saved to a temporary file and could not be moved: 
%1ScribusMainWindow*>:070BL >:=> :>=A>;8Display a console windowScribusQAppB5 ?>:07K20BL 70AB02:C ?@8 AB0@B5'Do not show the splashscreen on startupScribusQApp>:C<5=B0F8O
DocumentationScribusQApp°!:0G0BL D09; A A09B0 Scribus 8 ?>:070BL =><5@ =081>;55 =>2>9 4>ABC?=>9 25@A88 ?@>3@0<<K.ODownload a file from the Scribus website and show the latest available version.ScribusQAppV$09; %1 =5 ACI5AB2C5B, ?@5@K20=85 >?5@0F88.!File %1 does not exist, aborting.ScribusQApp51-A09BHomepageScribusQAppv#AB0=>2;5=K ?5@52>4K 8=B5@D59A0 Scribus =0 A;54CNI85 O7K:8:9Installed interface languages for Scribus are as follows:ScribusQApp.5:>@@5:B=K9 0@3C<5=B: Invalid argument: ScribusQApp25:>@@5:B=K9 0@3C<5=B: %1Invalid argument: %1ScribusQApp@>1;5<KIssuesScribusQAppbK25AB8 A?8A>: CAB0=>2;5==KE ?5@52>4>2 8=B5@D59A00List the currently installed interface languagesScribusQApp0@0<5B@K:Options:ScribusQAppH>:070BL 8=D>@<0F8N > 25@A88 8 2K9B8#Output version information and exitScribusQAppT0?5G0B0BL A?@02:C (MB> A>>1I5=85) 8 2K9B8"Print help (this message) and exitScribusQApp5@A8O ScribusScribus VersionScribusQApplScribus, @54?5G0B=0O ?>43>B>2:0 A2>1>4=K<8 A@54AB20<8'Scribus, Open Source Desktop PublishingScribusQAppd>:070BL 8=D>@<0F8N 2 :>=A>;8 ?@8 703@C7:5 H@8DB>2;Show information on the console when fonts are being loadedScribusQAppn>:070BL 2 :>=A>;8 8=D>@<0F8N > ?@>D8;OE ICC ?@8 AB0@B5?Show location ICC profile information on console while startingScribusQAppÀ@5:@0B8BL >B>1@065=85 70AB02:8 ?@8 AB0@B5 ?@>3@0<<K; 70?8AK205B D09; .neversplash 2 ~/.scribus.hStop the showing of the splashscreen on startup. Writes an empty file called .neversplash in ~/.scribus.ScribusQApp€;O 0==C;OF88 A8AB5<=KE ?0@0<5B@>2 O7K:>2>3> >:@C65=8O 2K15@8B5:(To override the default language choice:ScribusQAppRA?>;L7>20=85: scribus [:;NG ... ] [D09;]#Usage: scribus [option ... ] [file]ScribusQAppˆA?>;L7>20BL 8<O D09;0 :0: ?CBL : C:070==K< ?>;L7>20B5;5< ?0@0<5B@0</Use filename as path for user given preferencesScribusQAppÂA?>;L7>20BL >1@0B=K9 ?>@O4>: :=>?>: 2 480;>35 (=0?@8<5@, B<5=8BL/5B/0 2<5AB> 0/5B/B<5=8BL)UUse right to left dialog button ordering (eg. Cancel/No/Yes instead of Yes/No/Cancel)ScribusQApp˜A?>;L7C5B A>:@0I5=85 2840 xx 4;O >1>7=0G5=8O O7K:0, =0?@8<5@, "en" 8;8 "de"3Uses xx as shortcut for a language, eg `en' or `de'ScribusQApp8:8WikiScribusQApp8<O_D09;0filenameScribusQAppzscribus -l xx 8;8 scribus --lang xx, 345 xx   871@0==K9 O7K:.Gscribus -l xx or scribus --lang xx, where xx is the language of choice.ScribusQApp% %ScribusView0@0&<5B@K PDF&PDF OptionsScribusViewAB&028BL&PasteScribusView"5:CI89 PPI: Actual PPI: ScribusView®#?@02;5=85 F25B>< 0:B82=>., ?>MB><C 2>A?@8OB85 F25B>2 40;LB>=8:0<8 <>65B 1KBL =525@=K<.\CMS is active. Therefore the color display may not match the perception by visually impairedScribusViewB<5=8BLCancelScribusViewX52>7<>6=> ?@5>1@07>20BL 8A?>;L7C5<K9 >1J5:BCannot Convert In-Use ItemScribusView.&25B>2>5 ?@>AB@0=AB2>: Colorspace: ScribusView<0AB@>8BL C?@02;5=85 F25B><...Configure CMS...ScribusView!>45@68<>5ContentsScribusView &@5>1@07>20BL 2Conve&rt toScribusView !:>?8@>20BL AN40    Copy HereScribusViewK:;NG5=>DisabledScribusViewP:;NG8BL 8;8 >B:;NG8BL C?@02;5=85 F25B><Enable/disable Color ManagementScribusViewT:;NG8BL 8;8 >B:;NG8BL @568< ?@54?@>A<>B@0Enable/disable the Preview ModeScribusView:;NG5=>EnabledScribusView,2548B5 @07<5@ >1J5:B0Enter Object SizeScribusView
$09;:File: ScribusView@C??0%1Group%1ScribusView&=D>@<0F8OIn&foScribusView#@>&25=LLe&velScribusView2!2O70==K5 B5:AB>2K5 1;>:8Linking Text FramesScribusView 5@5<5AB8BL AN40  Move HereScribusView07>1@065=85 =5 703@C65=>No Image LoadedScribusViewAE>4=K9 PPI: Original PPI: ScribusView"!B@0=8F0 %1 4> %2
Page %1 to %2ScribusView!B@0=8F0:Page: ScribusView!B@0=8FK:Pages: ScribusView"AB028BL =5402=55Paste RecentScribusView& 568< ?@54?@>A<>B@0Preview ModeScribusView5G0BL: Print: ScribusViewÿÿÿÿlSelect the visual appearance of the display. You can choose between normal and several color blindness formsScribusView"5@5=5AB8 2 A;>&9Send to La&yerScribusView¬1J5:B %1 A59G0A 87<5=O5BAO 2 @540:B>@5 B5:AB0. 3> =52>7<>6=> ?@5>1@07>20BL 2 :>=BC@KvThe item %1 is currently being edited by Story Editor. The convert to outlines operation for this item will be skippedScribusView58725AB=>UnknownScribusViewFK ?KB05B5AL A2O70BL 1;>: A =8< 65.)You are trying to link a frame to itself.ScribusView€K ?KB05B5AL A2O70BL 1;>: A 1;>:><, :>B>@K9 C65 A2O70= A 4@C38<.7You are trying to link a frame which is already linked.ScribusView>:C<5=B:     Document:
ScribusWinT87<5=8;AO A <><5=B0 ?>A;54=53> A>E@0=5=8O.%has been changed since the last save.
ScribusWinNAB@>5=0 ?>445@6:0 AF5=0@852 =0 Python."Embedded Python scripting support.ScriptPlugin!F5=0@8ABScripterScriptPluginX =5 A>45@68B =8 548=>9 AB@>G:8 4>:C<5=B0F88! doesn't contain any docstring!ScripterCore">:C<5=B0F8O 4;O:Documentation for:ScripterCore(AA;54>20BL AF5=0@89Examine ScriptScripterCore>A;8 2K ?KB0;8AL 2K?>;=8BL AF5=0@89 87 AB0=40@B=>9 ?>AB02:8 Scribus, 
A>>1I8B5 >1 >H81:5 =0 <a href=""></a>, ?>60;C9AB0.qIf you are running an official script report it at <a href=""></a> please.ScripterCoreZ!F5=0@88 =0 Python (*.py *.PY);;A5 D09;K (*))Python Scripts (*.py *.PY);;All Files (*)ScripterCore!F5=0@89ScriptScripterCoreH81:0 AF5=0@8OScript errorScripterCorež#AB0=>2:0 <>4C;O Python ?@>20;8;0AL. >4@>1=>AB8 >1 >H81:5 ?5@540=K =0 stderr. KSetting up the Python plugin failed. Error details were printed to stderr. ScripterCoreº@>87>H;0 2=CB@5==OO >H81:0 ?@8 2K?>;=5=88 7040==>9 :><0=4K. >4@>1=>AB8 ?5@540=K =0 stderr. bThere was an internal error while trying the command you entered. Details were printed to stderr. ScripterCore¼-B> A>>1I5=85 A:>?8@>20=> 2 1CD5@ >1<5=0.
06<8B5 Ctrl+V, GB>1K 2AB028BL 53> 2 60;>1=CN :=83C.OThis message is in your clipboard too. Use Ctrl+V to paste it into bug tracker.ScripterCore@>AB>9 B5:AB:Base Texts:ScripterPrefsGui7<5=8BL...     Change...ScripterPrefsGui><<5=B0@88:   Comments:ScripterPrefsGui>=A>;LConsoleScripterPrefsGui8:;NG8BL AF5=0@88 @0AH8@5=8OEnable Extension ScriptsScripterPrefsGuiH81:8:Errors:ScripterPrefsGui 0AH8@5=8O
ExtensionsScripterPrefsGuiFormFormScripterPrefsGui;NG52K5 A;>20:   Keywords:ScripterPrefsGui0#:070BL AF5=0@89 70?CA:0Locate Startup ScriptScripterPrefsGui'8A;0:Numbers:ScripterPrefsGui(0@0<5B@K AF5=0@8AB0Scripter PreferencesScripterPrefsGui=0:8:Signs:ScripterPrefsGui"!F5=0@89 70?CA:0:Startup Script:ScripterPrefsGui!B@>:8:Strings:ScripterPrefsGuijK C25@5=K 2 B><, GB> E>B8B5 C40;8BL <0AB5@-AB@0=8FC?1Are you sure you want to delete this master page?SeList0#40;8BL <0AB5@-AB@0=8FC?Delete Master Page?SeList"@>A<>B@  AB@0=8FShow Page PreviewsSeListdK C25@5=K 2 B><, GB> E>B8B5 C40;8BL MBC AB@0=8FC?*Are you sure you want to delete this page?SeView"#40;8BL AB@0=8FC?Delete Page?SeView&0:@KBL&Close
SearchReplace*5 C&G8BK20BL @538AB@&Ignore Case
SearchReplace!;>2> F5&;8:><&Whole Word
SearchReplaceK:;NG:0       Alignment
SearchReplace> H8@8=5Block
SearchReplace> F5=B@CCenter
SearchReplaceLG8AB8BL 2A5 ?0@0<5B@K ?>8A:0 8 70<5=K$Clear all search and replace options
SearchReplace<0:@KBL 480;>3 ?>8A:0 8 70<5=KClose search and replace
SearchReplace&25B 70;82:8
Fill Color
SearchReplace"5=L 70;82:8
Fill Shade
SearchReplace-DD5:BK H@8DB0Font Effects
SearchReplace53;L H@8DB0     Font Size
SearchReplace0<5=8BL &2A5Replace &All
SearchReplaceB0<5=8BL 2A5 =0945==K5 A>2?045=8OReplace all found instances
SearchReplaceÿÿÿÿ?Replace the searched for formatting with the replacement values
SearchReplace0<5=8BL =0:
Replace with:
SearchReplace?@02>Right
SearchReplace>8A: >:>=G5=Search finished
SearchReplaceP>8A: 7025@HQ=, =0945==KE A>2?045=89: %1!Search finished, found %1 matches
SearchReplaceÿÿÿÿ1Search for text or formatting in the current text
SearchReplace09B8:Search for:
SearchReplace>8A: 8 70<5=0Search/Replace
SearchReplace&25B :>=BC@0Stroke Color
SearchReplace"5=L :>=BC@0Stroke Shade
SearchReplace&<<&<<SelectFields&>>&>>SelectFields>ABC?=K5 ?>;OAvailable FieldsSelectFieldsK1>@ ?>;59
Select FieldsSelectFieldsK1@0==K5 ?>;OSelected FieldsSelectFields&"5=L:&Shade:ShadeButton@C3>5...Other...ShadeButton"5=LShadeShadeButton % %ShadowValuesX-A<5I5=85X-OffsetShadowValuesY-A<5I5=85Y-OffsetShadowValues$&>@>B:85 A;>20...Short &Words...ShortWordsPlugin>@>B:85 A;>20Short WordsShortWordsPluginì!?5F80;L=>5 @0AH8@5=85 4;O 4>102;5=8O =5@07@K2=KE ?@>15;>2 4> 8;8 ?>A;5 :>@>B:8E A;>2.  01>B05B 4;O A;54CNI8E O7K:>2: |Special plug-in for adding non-breaking spaces before or after so called short words. Available in the following languages: ShortWordsPlugin&&57 3>@OG8E :;028H&No KeyShortcutWidget.&!>1AB25==0O :><18=0F8O&User Defined KeyShortcutWidgetAltAltShortcutWidgetAlt+Alt+ShortcutWidgetN07=0G8BL AB8;N :;0280BC@=CN :><18=0F8NAssign a shortcut for the styleShortcutWidgetCtrlCtrlShortcutWidget
Meta+Meta+ShortcutWidgetF# AB8;O =5B :;0280BC@=>9 :><18=0F88No shortcut for the styleShortcutWidget&#AB0=>28BLSet &KeyShortcutWidget
ShiftShiftShortcutWidgetShift+Shift+ShortcutWidget`><18=0F8O :;028H AB8;O >?@545;5=0 ?>;L7>20B5;5<Style has user defined shortcutShortcutWidget"7<5=8BL AB8;8...Edit Styles...SideBar57 AB8;ONo StyleSideBar&$>=...&Background...StoryEditor!&:>?8@>20BL&CopyStoryEditor &(@8DB B5:AB0...&Display Font...StoryEditor&@02:0&EditStoryEditor$&7<5=8BL AB8;8...&Edit Styles...StoryEditorHK9B8 &157 >1=>2;5=8O B5:AB0 2 1;>:5!&Exit Without Updating Text FrameStoryEditor
&$09;&FileStoryEditor,&@>A<>B@5BL H@8DBK...&Fonts Preview...StoryEditor&AB02:0&InsertStoryEditor&&AB028BL A8<2>;...&Insert Glyph...StoryEditor,0&3@C78BL 87 D09;0...&Load from File...StoryEditorAB&028BL&PasteStoryEditor8&>AAB0=>28BL B5:AB 87 1;>:0&Reload Text from FrameStoryEditor(&!>E@0=8BL 2 D09;...&Save to File...StoryEditor$&09B8/0<5=8BL...&Search/Replace...StoryEditor&0@0<5B@K       &SettingsStoryEditor.&#<=>5 2K45;5=85 B5:AB0&Smart text selectionStoryEditor0&1=>28BL B5:AB>2K9 1;>:&Update Text FrameStoryEditor>&1=>28BL B5:AB 2 1;>:5 8 2K9B8&Update Text Frame and ExitStoryEditor&G8AB8BLC&learStoryEditor!8<2>;   CharacterStoryEditor!8<2>;>2:Chars: StoryEditor$#40;8BL 25AL B5:ABClear All TextStoryEditor&K@570BLCu&tStoryEditor"5:CI89 0170F:Current Paragraph:StoryEditorVK 459AB28B5;L=> E>B8B5 C40;8BL 25AL B5:AB?*Do you really want to clear all your text?StoryEditor^K 459AB28B5;L=> E>B8B5 ?>B5@OBL 2A5 87<5=5=8O?,Do you really want to lose all your changes?StoryEditor<K E>B8B5 A>E@0=8BL 87<5=5=8O?!Do you want to save your changes?StoryEditor$09;FileStoryEditor830BC@0LigatureStoryEditorB:@KBLOpenStoryEditor170F52:Paragraphs: StoryEditor02KG:8QuoteStoryEditor&!>E@0=8BL 4>&:C<5=BSave &DocumentStoryEditor!>E@0=8BL :0:Save asStoryEditorK45;8BL 2&AQSelect &AllStoryEditor@>15;SpaceStoryEditor"@>15;K 8 @07@K2KSpaces && BreaksStoryEditorStory EditorStory EditorStoryEditor"Story Editor   %1Story Editor - %1StoryEditorL"5:AB>2K5 D09;K (*.txt);;A5 D09;K (*) Text Files (*.txt);;All Files(*)StoryEditorB>3>:Totals:StoryEditor
!;>2:Words: StoryEditor% %StrikeValues2B>AutoStrikeValues!<5I5=85DisplacementStrikeValues">;I8=0 ;8=88     LinewidthStrikeValues&@8<5=8BL&ApplyStyleManager!&:;>=8@>20BL&CloneStyleManager&#40;8BL&DeleteStyleManager&>B>2>&DoneStyleManager&7<5=8BL&EditStyleManager&<?>@B8@>20BL&ImportStyleManager&!>740BL&NewStyleManager!&1@>A8BL&ResetStyleManager<< &>B>2><< &DoneStyleManager
Alt+?Alt+AStyleManager
Alt+:Alt+CStyleManager
Alt+CAlt+DStyleManager
Alt+8Alt+IStyleManager
Alt+AAlt+NStyleManager
Alt+1Alt+RStyleManager.@8<5=8BL 2A5 87<5=5=8OApply all changesStyleManager`@8<5=8BL 2A5 87<5=5=8O 8 2K9B8 87 @568<0 ?@02:8$Apply all changes and exit edit modeStyleManager!:;>=8@>20BLCloneStyleManagerx;>= :>?8@C5B AB8;L, GB>1K C?@>AB8BL A>740=85 AE>68E AB8;59.5Clone copies the style to make similar styles easily.StyleManager8!:;>=8@>20BL 2K1@0==K9 AB8;LClone selected styleStyleManager&!>740BL =>2K9 AB8;LCreate a new styleStyleManager#40;8BLDeleteStyleManager.#40;8BL 2K1@0==K5 AB8;8Delete selected stylesStyleManager7<5=8BLEditStyleManager7<5=8BL AB8;8Edit stylesStyleManager<?>@B8@>20BLImportStyleManagerP<?>@B8@>20BL AB8;8 87 4@C3>3> 4>:C<5=B0#Import styles from another documentStyleManager6K1@0=> 1>;LH5 >4=>3> AB8;OMore than one style selectedStyleManager0720=85NameStyleManager20720=85 2K1@0==>3> AB8;OName of the selected styleStyleManager<O:Name:StyleManager
>2K9NewStyleManager>2K9 %1New %1StyleManagerB:@KBLOpenStyleManagerNK15@8B5 4;O AB8;O C=8:0;L=>5 =0720=85 )Please select a unique name for the styleStyleManager,!1@>A8BL 2A5 87<5=5=8OReset all changesStyleManager"5@540BL 2 0;L1><Send to ScrapbookStyleManager"><18=0F8O :;028HShortcutStyleManager
Style ManagerStyleManager>-B0 :><18=0F8O C65 8A?>;L7>20=0#This key sequence is already in useStyleManagerp>:C<5=BK (*.sla *.sla.gz *.scd *.scd.gz);;A5 D09;K (*)8documents (*.sla *.sla.gz *.scd *.scd.gz);;All Files (*)StyleManagerA5 :0?8B5;LNAll CapsStyleSelectŒ>=BC@. >45@68B5 :=>?:C =060B>9 4;O C:070=8O B>;I8=K >12>4:8 :>=BC@0.MOutline. Hold down the button momentarily to change the outline stroke width.StyleSelect‚BB5=Q==K9 B5:AB. >45@68B5 :=>?:C =060B>9 4;O C:070=8O A<5I5=8O.MShadowed Text. Hold down the button momentarily to enable the offset spacing.StyleSelect0?8B5;L
Small CapsStyleSelect¤KG5@:=CBK9 B5:AB. >45@68B5 :=>?:C =060B>9 4;O C:070=8O B>;I8=K ;8=88 8 A<5I5=8O.XStrike Out. Hold down the button momentarily to set line width and displacement options.StyleSelect86=89 8=45:A        SubscriptStyleSelect5@E=89 8=45:ASuperscriptStyleSelect¦>4GQ@:=CBK9 B5:AB. >45@68B5 :=>?:C =060B>9 4;O C:070=8O B>;I8=K ;8=88 8 A<5I5=8O.\Underline Text. Hold down the button momentarily to set line width and displacement options.StyleSelect²>4GQ@:=CBK B>;L:> A;>20. >45@68B5 :=>?:C =060B>9 4;O C:070=8O B>;I8=K ;8=88 8 A<5I5=8O.bUnderline Words Only. Hold down the button momentarily to set line width and displacement options.StyleSelect$7<5=5=85 :>=BC@>2
Path ToolsSubdividePluginÿÿÿÿ       SubdivideSubdividePluginÿÿÿÿSubdivide PathSubdividePluginÿÿÿÿSubdivide selected PathSubdividePluginB<5=8BLCancel    SxwDialog(>;LH5 =5 A?@0H820BLDo not ask again   SxwDialog”A;8 2:;NG8BL MB>, ACI5AB2CNI85 AB8;8 4>:C<5=B0 Scribus 1C4CB ?5@570?8A0=KLEnabling this will overwrite existing styles in the current Scribus document  SxwDialogÒ!45;0BL MB8 ?0@0<5B@K 8AE>4=K<8 8;8 1>;LH5 =5 704020BL 2>?@>A>2 ?@8 8<?>@B5 4>:C<5=B0 1.x.fMake these settings the default and do not prompt again when importing an 1.x document.  SxwDialog21J548=8BL 0170F=K5 AB8;8Merge Paragraph Styles   SxwDialog61J548=8BL 0170F=K5 AB8;8 ?> 0B@81CB0<.  @57C;LB0B5 ?>;CG05BAO <5=LH5 AB8;59, => A B5<8 65 0B@81CB0<8, 4065 5A;8 8AE>4=K5 AB8;8 4>:C<5=B0 8<5=CNBAO 8=0G5.µMerge paragraph styles by attributes. This will result in fewer similar paragraph styles, will retain style attributes, even if the original document's styles are named differently.   SxwDialogOK     SxwDialogT0@0<5B@K 8<?>@B0 87 Writer& Writer Importer Options SxwDialog65@570?8A0BL 0170F=K5 AB8;8Overwrite Paragraph Styles   SxwDialogl>1028BL 8<O 4>:C<5=B0 2 =0G0;> 8<5=8 AB8;O 2 Scribus.APrepend the document name to the paragraph style name in Scribus.      SxwDialogh>1028BL =0720=85 4>:C<5=B0 2 =0G0;> 0170F=>3> AB8;O2Use document name as a prefix for paragraph styles      SxwDialog&>1028BL&Add
TOCIndexPrefs =0G0;5      Beginning
TOCIndexPrefs ;>: =07=0G5=8O:Destination Frame:
TOCIndexPrefs :>=F5End
TOCIndexPrefsB"0:65 2:;NG8BL =5?5G0B05<K5 1;>:80Include frames that are set to not print as well
TOCIndexPrefs*<O 0B@81CB0 >1J5:B0:Item Attribute Name:
TOCIndexPrefs>5@5G8A;8BL =5?5G0B05<K5 70?8A8List Non-Printing Entries
TOCIndexPrefs5 ?>:07K20BL    Not Shown
TOCIndexPrefs6 07<5I5=85 =><5@0 AB@0=8FK:Page Number Placement:
TOCIndexPrefs170F=K9 AB8;L:Paragraph Style:
TOCIndexPrefs¨><5AB8BL =><5@0 AB@0=8F 70?8A59 2 2 =0G0;> 8;8 :>=5F AB@>:8, ;81> =5 ?><5I0BL 2>2A5XPlace page numbers of the entries at the beginning or the end of the line, or not at all
TOCIndexPrefs(#:070B5;L >3;02;5=8OTable Of Contents
TOCIndexPrefs.#:070B5;L >3;02;5=8O %1Table of Contents %1
TOCIndexPrefs<#:070B5;L >3;02;5=8O 8 8=45:AKTable of Contents and Indexes
TOCIndexPrefs¶B@81CB >1J5:B0, :>B>@K9 1C45B CAB0=>2;5= 4;O 1;>:>2 2 :0G5AB25 >A=>2K 4;O A>740=8O 70?8A59YThe Item Attribute that will be set on frames used as a basis for creation of the entries
TOCIndexPrefsR;>:, 2 :>B>@K9 1C45B ?><5I5=> >3;02;5=853The frame the table of contents will be placed into
TOCIndexPrefsZ170F=K9 AB8;L 4;O AB@>: M;5<5=B>2 >3;02;5=8O,The paragraph style used for the entry lines
TOCIndexPrefs dpi dpiTabCheckDoc >1028BL ?@>D8;LAdd ProfileTabCheckDocf2B><0B8G5A:8 ?@>25@OBL ?5@54 ?5G0BLN 8;8 M:A?>@B><,Automatic check before printing or exportingTabCheckDoch@>25@OBL =0 8A?>;L7>20=85 87>1@065=89 2 D>@<0B5 GIFCheck for GIF imagesTabCheckDoc6A:0BL PDF-0==>B0F88 8 ?>;O$Check for PDF Annotations and FieldsTabCheckDocL@>25@OBL =0;8G85 >1J5:B>2 2=5 AB@0=8FCheck for items not on a pageTabCheckDoc8A:0BL >BACBAB2CNI85 A8<2>;KCheck for missing glyphsTabCheckDoc@A:0BL >BACBAB2CNI85 87>1@065=8OCheck for missing imagesTabCheckDocHA:0BL ?5@5?>;=5=8O B5:AB>2KE 1;>:>2!Check for overflow in text framesTabCheckDocN@>25@OBL =0;8G85 2AB@>5==KE D09;>2 PDFCheck for placed PDF FilesTabCheckDocV@>25@OBL =0 8A?>;L7>20=85 ?>;C?@>7@0G=>AB8Check for used transparenciesTabCheckDoc@@>25@OBL @07@5H5=85 87>1@065=89Check image resolutionTabCheckDoc80:A. 4>?CA:05<>5 @07@5H5=85Highest allowed resolutionTabCheckDoc.3=>@8@>20BL 2A5 >H81:8Ignore all errorsTabCheckDoc<3=>@8@>20BL =5?5G0B05<K5 A;>8Ignore non-printable LayersTabCheckDoc68=. 4>?CA:05<>5 @07@5H5=85Lowest allowed resolutionTabCheckDoc#40;8BL ?@>D8;LRemove ProfileTabCheckDoc dpi dpi
TabDisplay^>@@5:F8O B>G=>AB8 >B>1@065=8O <0AHB010 AB@0=8FAdjust Display Size
TabDisplay&25B 1C<038Color for paper
TabDisplay*5?5G0B05<K5 A8<2>;K:Control Characters:
TabDisplay!:>;L:> ?@>AB@0=AB20 =04 ;8AB>< 8A?>;L7>20BL 2 :0G5AB25 <>=B06=>3> AB>;0–Defines amount of space above the document canvas available as a pasteboard for creating and modifying elements and dragging them onto the active page
TabDisplay!:>;L:> ?@>AB@0=AB20 ?>4 ;8AB>< 8A?>;L7>20BL 2 :0G5AB25 <>=B06=>3> AB>;0–Defines amount of space below the document canvas available as a pasteboard for creating and modifying elements and dragging them onto the active page
TabDisplay˜!:>;L:> ?@>AB@0=AB20 A;520 >B ;8AB0 8A?>;L7>20BL 2 :0G5AB25 <>=B06=>3> AB>;0˜Defines amount of space left of the document canvas available as a pasteboard for creating and modifying elements and dragging them onto the active page
TabDisplayš!:>;L:> ?@>AB@0=AB20 A?@020 >B ;8AB0 8A?>;L7>20BL 2 :0G5AB25 <>=B06=>3> AB>;0™Defines amount of space right of the document canvas available as a pasteboard for creating and modifying elements and dragging them onto the active page
TabDisplayZ>:07K20BL &=5?5G0B05<CN >1;0ABL F25B>< ?>;59)Display &Unprintable Area in Margin Color
TabDisplayž>:07K20BL 2 B5:AB>2KE 1;>:0E =5?5G0B05<K5 A8<2>;K 2@>45 <5B>: >:>=G0=8O 0170F0HDisplay non-printing characters such as paragraph markers in text frames
TabDisplayJ>:07K20BL ;8 A2O7L B5:AB>2KE 1;>:>2.0Enable or disable  the display of linked frames.
TabDisplay&25B 70;82:8:Fill Color:
TabDisplay"1@0<;5=85 1;>:>2Frames
TabDisplay*>;5 <564C AB@0=8F0<8Gaps Between Pages
TabDisplay !3@C??8@>20==K5:Grouped:
TabDisplay> 3>@87>=B0;8:Horizontal:
TabDisplayX><5B8BL ?@>AB@0=AB2> 70 ?>;O<8 F25B>< ?>;595Mask the area outside the margins in the margin color
TabDisplay84 AB@0=8FKPage Display
TabDisplay†@8;>68B5 : M:@0=C ;8=59:C 8 ?5@5B0I8B5 ?>;7C=>: 4> ?>78F88, ?@8 :>B>@>9 45;5=8O =0 M:@0=5 8 ;8=59:5 ?>;=>ABLN A>2?040NB. >A;5 MB>3> 100% <0AHB01 4>:C<5=B0 1C45B A>>B25BAB2>20BL 459AB28B5;L=>AB8–Place a ruler against your screen and drag the slider to set the zoom level so Scribus will display your pages and objects on them at the correct size
TabDisplayÿÿÿÿ3Resets the scale to the default dpi of your display
TabDisplay:8=59:8 >B=>A8B5;L=> AB@0=8FKRulers Relative to Page
TabDisplay>=B06=K9 AB>;
Scratch Space
TabDisplay:&25B @0<:8 0:B82=>9 AB@0=8FK:Selected Page Border:
TabDisplayK1@0==K5:   Selected:
TabDisplayR#:070BL AB0=40@B=K9 <0AHB01 2840 AB@0=8FKSet the default zoom level
TabDisplay6>:07K20BL 2K?CA: ?>4 >1@57Show Bleed Area
TabDisplay8>:07K20BL >1@0<;5=85 1;>:>2Show Frames
TabDisplay,>:07K20BL 87>1@065=8OShow Images
TabDisplay6>:07K20BL 8=48:0B>@K A;>Q2Show Layer Indicators
TabDisplayÿÿÿÿShow Page Shadow
TabDisplayR>:07K20BL A2O7L <564C B5:AB>2K<8 1;>:0<8Show Text Chains
TabDisplay>>:07K20BL =5?5G0B05<K5 A8<2>;KShow Text Control Characters
TabDisplay"5:AB:Text:
TabDisplay²;O :>@@5:F88 <0AHB010 >B>1@065=8O AB@0=8FK ?5@5B0I8B5 ?>;7C=>: ;8=59:8 2 =C6=CN ?>78F8N.;To adjust the display drag the ruler below with the slider.
TabDisplayT:;NG8BL 8;8 >B:;NG8BL ?>:07 3@0=8F 1;>:>2%Turns the display of frames on or off
TabDisplayP:;NG8BL 8;8 >B:;NG8BL ?>:07 87>1@065=89%Turns the display of images on or off
TabDisplayN:;NG8BL 8;8 >B:;NG8BL 8=48:0B>@K A;>Q2/Turns the display of layer indicators on or off
TabDisplayÿÿÿÿTurns the page shadow on or off
TabDisplay> 25@B8:0;8:     Vertical:
&Interval:TabDocument&$>@<0B:&Size:TabDocument&(8@8=0:&Width:TabDocument ><=8BL 459AB289Action history lengthTabDocument,A5 AB@0=8FK 4>:C<5=B0All Document PagesTabDocument&A5 <0AB5@-AB@0=8FKAll Master PagesTabDocument,@8<5=8BL ?0@0<5B@K ::Apply settings to:TabDocumentŽA?>;L7>20BL =>2K5 ?0@0<5B@K 4;O 2A5E <0AB5@-AB@0=8F B5:CI53> 4>:C<5=B0HApply the page size changes to all existing master pages in the documentTabDocument€A?>;L7>20BL =>2K5 ?0@0<5B@K 4;O 2A5E AB@0=8F B5:CI53> 4>:C<5=B0AApply the page size changes to all existing pages in the documentTabDocument2B>A>E@0=5=85AutosaveTabDocumentP!B0=40@B=0O >@85=B0F8O AB@0=8F 4>:C<5=B0%Default orientation of document pagesTabDocumentX!B0=40@B=K9, ;81> 87<5=O5<K9 D>@<0B AB@0=8FK:Default page size, either a standard size or a custom sizeTabDocument:!B0=40@B=0O 548=8F0 87<5@5=890Default unit of measurement for document editingTabDocumentÞKA>B0 AB@0=8F 4>:C<5=B0, =0AB@08205<0O 2 B>< A;CG05, 5A;8 
2K1@0=K ?>;L7>20B5;LA:85 ?0@0<5B@K @07<5@0 AB@0=8FKHHeight of document pages, editable if you have chosen a custom page sizeTabDocument;L1><     LandscapeTabDocument$0?@02;ONI85 ?>;59
Margin GuidesTabDocument@&85=B0F8O:
Orie&ntation:TabDocument$>@<0B AB@0=8FK    Page SizeTabDocument>@B@5BPortraitTabDocumentô45AL C:07K205BAO :>;8G5AB2> 87<5=5=89, :>B>@K5 ?><=8B Scribus. A;8 C:070BL 0, 1C4CB 70?><8=0BLAO 01A>;NB=> 2A5 459AB28O.eSet the length of the action history in steps. If set to 0 infinite amount of actions will be stored.TabDocument^5@8>4 2@5<5=8 <564C 02B><0B8G5A:8< A>E@0=5=85<(Time period between saving automaticallyTabDocument0B<5=0 8 ?>2B>@ 459AB289 Undo/RedoTabDocument$48=8F0 87<5@5=8O:Units:TabDocumentæA;8 2:;NG8BL, G5@57 C:070==K9 ?@><56CB>: 2@5<5=8 Scribus 1C45B A>E@0=OBL :>?8N 4>:C<5=B0 2 D09; A @0AH8@5=85< .bakpWhen enabled, Scribus saves a backup copy of your file with the .bak extension each time the time period elapsesTabDocumentÞ(8@8=0 AB@0=8F 4>:C<5=B0, =0AB@08205<0O 2 B>< A;CG05, 5A;8 
2K1@0=K ?>;L7>20B5;LA:85 ?0@0<5B@K @07<5@0 AB@0=8FKGWidth of document pages, editable if you have chosen a custom page sizeTabDocument<8=minTabDocument dpi dpiTabExternalToolsWidget&7<5=8BL...
&Change...TabExternalToolsWidget0<O 8&A?>;=O5<>3> D09;0:&Name of Executable:TabExternalToolsWidget0&@>A:0=8@>20BL ?>2B>@=>&RescanTabExternalToolsWidgetN<qt>CBL : 8=B5@?@5B0B>@C Ghostscript.  Windows 20< =C65= 8A?>;=O5<K9 D09; gswin32c.exe, 0  gswin32.exe.  ?@>B82=>< A;CG05 Scribus <>65B 7028A=CBL ?@8 AB0@B5.</qt>â<qt>Add the path for the Ghostscript interpreter. On Windows, please note it is important to note you need to use the program named gswin32c.exe - NOT gswin32.exe. Otherwise, this maybe cause a hang when starting Scribus.</qt>TabExternalToolsWidget„<qt> 0A?>;>65=85 2 A8AB5<5 8A?>;L7C5<>3> 20<8 3@0D8G5A:>3> @540:B>@0. A;8 2K 8A?>;L7C5B5 GIMP 2.2.E, C:068B5 'gimp-remote', GB>1K 87>1@065=8O >B:@K20;8AL 2 C65 70?CI5==>9 :>?88 ?@>3@0<<<K.</qt>Ì<qt>File system location for graphics editor. If you use gimp and your distribution includes it, we recommend 'gimp-remote', as it allows you to edit the image in an already running instance of gimp.</qt>TabExternalToolsWidget<qt> 0A?>;>65=85 2 A8AB5<5 8A?>;L7C5<>3> 20<8 251-1@0C75@0. = =5>1E>48< 4;O >B:@KB8O 2=5H=8E AAK;>: 87 2AB@>5==>9 A?@02>G=>9 A8AB5<K.</qt>i<qt>File system location for your web browser. This is used for external links from the Help system.</qt>TabExternalToolsWidgetZ<qt>CBL : 8A?>;=O5<><C D09;C @540:B>@0.</qt>'<qt>Path to the editor executable.</qt>TabExternalToolsWidget>1028BLAddTabExternalToolsWidget
Alt+BAlt+TTabExternalToolsWidgetÿÿÿÿsAlways use the configured DPI setting for calculating the size, even if the image file reports something different.TabExternalToolsWidget&!3;06820BL &3@0D8:CAntialias &GraphicsTabExternalToolsWidget"!3;06820BL &B5:ABAntialias &TextTabExternalToolsWidgett!3;06820BL 3@0D8:C 4;O EPS 8 PDF ?@8 >B>1@065=88 =0 M:@0=55Antialias graphics for EPS and PDF onscreen renderingTabExternalToolsWidgetp!3;06820BL B5:AB 4;O EPS 8 PDF ?@8 >B>1@065=88 =0 M:@0=51Antialias text for EPS and PDF onscreen renderingTabExternalToolsWidget$$09;K :>=D83C@0F88Configuration filesTabExternalToolsWidget>=D83C@0F88:Configurations:TabExternalToolsWidget#40;8BLDeleteTabExternalToolsWidget?CAB8BLDownTabExternalToolsWidgetÿÿÿÿExternal Editor:TabExternalToolsWidget&=5H=85 8=AB@C<5=BKExternal ToolsTabExternalToolsWidget6@8=C48B5;L=>5 7=0G5=85 dpi      Force DPITabExternalToolsWidget8=AB@C<5=B >1@01>B:8 3@0D8:8Image Processing ToolTabExternalToolsWidget"09B8 GhostscriptLocate GhostscriptTabExternalToolsWidgetN#:068B5 @0A?>;>65=85 D09;0 :>=D83C@0F88Locate a Configuration fileTabExternalToolsWidgetÿÿÿÿLocate your editorTabExternalToolsWidget409B8 3@0D8G5A:89 @540:B>@Locate your image editorTabExternalToolsWidget09B8 1@0C75@Locate your web browserTabExternalToolsWidget0&<O 8A?>;=O5<>3> D09;0:Name of &Executable:TabExternalToolsWidget0=B5@?@5B0B>@ PostScriptPostScript InterpreterTabExternalToolsWidgetÿÿÿÿ
Render FramesTabExternalToolsWidget°>2B>@=> ?@>A:0=8@>20BL A8AB5<C =0 =0;8G85 2=5H=8E 8=AB@C<5=B>2 2 C:070==>< @0A?>;>65=88TRescan for the external tools if they do not exist in the already specified locationTabExternalToolsWidget 07@5H5=85:Resolution:TabExternalToolsWidget,0G0BL A ?CAB>3> 1;>:0Start with empty frameTabExternalToolsWidget>4=OBLUpTabExternalToolsWidget@A?>;L7>20BL 2AB@>5==K9 @540:B>@Use Embedded EditorTabExternalToolsWidget51-1@0C75@Web BrowserTabExternalToolsWidgetj51-1@0C75@ 4;O >B:@KB8O AAK;>: 87 A?@02>G=>9 A8AB5<K5Web Browser to launch with links from the Help systemTabExternalToolsWidget <A ms
TabGeneral pt pt
TabGeneral*53;L H@8DB0 2 &<5=N:&Font Size (Menus):
TabGeneral&@>D8;8 ICC:&ICC Profiles:
TabGeneral/&7K::
TabGeneral:><=8BL &=5402=8E 4>:C<5=B>2:&Recent Documents:
TabGeneral!&F5=0@88:   &Scripts:
TabGeneral$&!B8;L >D>@<;5=8O:&Theme:
TabGeneral2&!<5I5=85 ?> :>;5AC <KH8:&Wheel Jump:
TabGeneralD>?>;=8B5;L=K9 :0B0;>3 A H01;>=0<8+Additional directory for document templates
TabGeneral K15@8B5 :0B0;>3Choose a Directory
TabGeneralþK15@8B5 AB8;L >D>@<;5=8O 3@0D8G5A:8E M;5<5=B>2 8=B5@D59A0 ?@>3@0<<K. Scribus 8A?>;L7C5B AB8;8 KDE 8 Qt, 5A;8 B0:>2K5 4>ABC?=K.‹Choose the default window decoration and looks. Scribus inherits any available KDE or Qt themes, if Qt is configured to search KDE plugins.
TabGeneraln!B0=40@B=K9 :0B0;>3 4;O ?>8A:0 ?@>D8;59 ICC. >:0 >B:@KB E>BO 1K 4>:C<5=B, 87<5=8BL MB>B ?0@0<5B@ =52>7<>6=>. > C<>;G0=8N Scribus 8I5B ?@>D8;8 2 A>>B25BAB2CNI8E A8AB5<=KE :0B0;>30E Mac OS X 8 Windows.  Linux 8 Unix B0:8<8 :0B0;>30<8 O2;ONBAO $home/.color/icc,/usr/share/color/icc 8 /usr/local/share/color/icc Default ICC profiles directory. This cannot be changed with a document open. By default, Scribus will look in the System Directories under Mac OSX and Windows. On Linux and Unix, Scribus will search $home/.color/icc,/usr/share/color/icc and /usr/local/share/color/icc 
TabGeneralB!B0=40@B=K9 :0B0;>3 4;O AF5=0@852"Default Scripter scripts directory
TabGeneralD!B0=40@B=K9 :0B0;>3 4;O 4>:C<5=B>2Default documents directory
TabGeneralP!B0=40@B=K9 :53;L H@8DB0 4;O <5=N 8 >:>=+Default font size for the menus and windows
TabGeneralF53;L H@8DB0 4;O 480;>3>2 ?@>3@0<<K&Default font size for the tool windows
TabGeneral(&(01;>=K 4>:C<5=B>2:Document &Templates:
TabGeneral253;L H@8DB0 2 &?0;8B@0E:Font Size (&Palettes):
TabGeneral†>;8G5AB2> AB@>:, ?@>:@CG8205<KE 70 >48= @07 ?@8 ?><>I8 :>;5A0 <KH8DNumber of lines Scribus will scroll for each move of the mouse wheel
TabGeneral„>;8G5AB2> =5402=> >B:@KBKE 4>:C<5=B>2, >B>1@0605<KE 2 <5=N «$09;»<Number of recently edited documents to show in the File menu
TabGeneralª:=0 ?0;8B@ 8A?>;L7CNB M:>=><=K5 M;5<5=BK 8=B5@D59A0. 5>1E>48< ?5@570?CA: ?@8;>65=8OSPalette windows will use smaller (space savy) widgets. Requires application restart
TabGeneral 0A?>;>65=85Paths
TabGeneral45AL >?@545;O5BAO O7K:, 8A?>;L7C5<K9 Scribus ?> C<>;G0=8N. AB02LB5 ?>;5 ?CABK<, GB>1K ?0@0<5B@K 1@0;8AL 87 A8AB5<=>3> O7K:>2>3> >:@C65=8O. !8AB5<=K5 ?0@0<5B@K <>6=> B0:65 «>1>9B8» A?5F80;L=K< 0@3C<5=B>< :><0=4=>9 AB@>:8 (A<. 2K2>4 :><0=4K scribus --help)ÃSelect your default language for Scribus to run with. Leave this blank to choose based on environment variables. You can still override this by passing a command line option when starting Scribus
TabGeneral<>:07K20BL 70AB02:C ?@8 AB0@B5Show Splashscreen on Startup
TabGeneral8>:07K20BL 480;>3 ?@8 AB0@B5Show Startup Dialog
TabGeneral\40BL 4> =0G0;0 ?5@5<5I5=8O 8;8 A<5=K @07<5@0:$Time before a Move or Resize starts:
TabGeneral&-:>=><=K9 8=B5@D59AUse Small Widgets in Palettes
TabGeneral4>;L7>20B5;LA:89 8=B5@D59AUser Interface
TabGeneral px px TabGuides8=88 &H@8DB0:Baseline &Grid:        TabGuides0!&<5I5=85 107>2KE ;8=89:Baseline &Offset:  TabGuides.0@0<5B@K 107>2KE ;8=89Baseline Settings    TabGuides$&25B 107>2KE ;8=89Color for the baseline grid    TabGuides &25B ;8=89 ?>;59Color for the margin lines TabGuides.&25B =0?@02;ONI8E ;8=89#Color of the guide lines you insert  TabGuides0&25B 1>;LH8E OG55: A5B:8Color of the major grid lines      TabGuides,&25B <0;KE OG55: A5B:8Color of the minor grid lines  TabGuides
&25B:Color:  TabGuides$A=>2=K5 ?0@0<5B@KCommon Settings        TabGuidesZ 0AAB>O=85 <564C ;8=8O<8 A5B:8 >A=>2=>9 ;8=88/Distance between the lines of the baseline grid  TabGuidesP 0AAB>O=85 <564C 1>;LH8<8 OG59:0<8 A5B:8%Distance between the major grid lines      TabGuidesL 0AAB>O=85 <564C <0;K<8 OG59:0<8 A5B:8%Distance between the minor grid lines  TabGuidesh 0AAB>O=85 >B 25@E0 AB@0=8FK 4> ?5@2>9 107>2>9 ;8=888Distance from the top of the page for the first baseline   TabGuidesÿÿÿÿ‰Distance within which an object will snap to your placed guides. After setting this you will need to restart Scribus to set this setting.     TabGuides2'C2AB28B5;L=>ABL 70E20B0:Grab Radius:     TabGuides\0?@02;ONI85 =5 284=K 70 >1J5:B0<8 =0 AB@0=8FK2Guides are not visible through objects on the page  TabGuidesT0?@02;ONI85 2A5340 2KH5 >1J5:B>2 AB@0=8FK0Guides are visible above all objects on the page       TabGuides0 704=5< ?;0=5In the Background    TabGuides"0 ?5@54=5< ?;0=5In the Foreground        TabGuidesA=>2=0O A5B:0
Major Grid  TabGuides*A?><>30B5;L=0O A5B:0
Minor Grid  TabGuides2 0A?>;>65=85 2 4>:C<5=B0EPlacing in Documents     TabGuidesÿÿÿÿ“Radius of the area where Scribus will allow you to grab an objects handles.After setting this you will need to restart Scribus to set this setting.   TabGuides.>:07K20BL ;8=88 H@8DB0Show Baseline Grid   TabGuides.>:07K20BL =0?@02;ONI85Show Guides  TabGuides>:07K20BL ?>;OShow Margins TabGuides >:07K20BL A5B:CShow Page Grid     TabGuides >=0 ?@8;8?0=8O:Snap Distance:     TabGuides@8;8?0=85Snapping       TabGuides=B5@20;:Spacing: TabGuidesV:;NG8BL 8;8 >B:;NG8BL ?>:07 >A=>2=>9 A5B:8Turns the basegrid on or off TabGuidesP:;NG8BL 8;8 >B:;NG8BL ?>:07 ;8=89 A5B:8Turns the gridlines on or off  TabGuidesR:;NG8BL 8;8 >B:;NG8BL ?>:07 =0?@02;ONI8ETurns the guides on or off       TabGuidesD:;NG8BL 8;8 >B:;NG8BL ?>:07 ?>;59Turns the margins on or off    TabGuides pxpx   TabGuides$&-:A?>@B8@>20BL...
&Import...TabKeyboardShortcutsWidget&03@C78BL&LoadTabKeyboardShortcutsWidget&57 :><18=0F88&No KeyTabKeyboardShortcutsWidget!&1@>A8BL&ResetTabKeyboardShortcutsWidget.&!>1AB25==0O :><18=0F8O&User Defined KeyTabKeyboardShortcutsWidget59AB285ActionTabKeyboardShortcutsWidgetAltAltTabKeyboardShortcutsWidgetAlt+Alt+TabKeyboardShortcutsWidget
Alt+AAlt+UTabKeyboardShortcutsWidget CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+WCTRL+ALT+SHIFT+WTabKeyboardShortcutsWidgetCtrlCtrlTabKeyboardShortcutsWidget
Ctrl+Ctrl+TabKeyboardShortcutsWidget^2548B5 =0720=85 AE5<K :;0280BC@=KE :><18=0F89:#Enter the name of the shortcut set:TabKeyboardShortcutsWidgetv-:A?>@B8@>20BL B5:CICN AE5<C :;0280BC@=KE :><18=0F89 2 D09;!Export Keyboard Shortcuts to FileTabKeyboardShortcutsWidgetv-:A?>@B8@>20BL B5:CICN AE5<C :;0280BC@=KE :><18=0F89 2 D09;4Export the current shortcuts into an importable fileTabKeyboardShortcutsWidget„<?>@B8@>20BL AE5<C :;0280BC@=KE :><18=0F89 2 B5:CICN :>=D83C@0F8N4Import a shortcut set into the current configurationTabKeyboardShortcutsWidgetN$09;K :;0280BC@=KE :><18=0F89 (*.ksxml)Key Set XML Files (*.xml)TabKeyboardShortcutsWidget.;0280BC@=K5 :><18=0F88Keyboard ShortcutsTabKeyboardShortcutsWidgetN>ABC?=K5 AE5<K :;0280BC@=KE :><18=0F89(Keyboard shortcut sets available to loadTabKeyboardShortcutsWidgetb03@C78BL 2K1@0==CN AE5<C :;0280BC@=KE :><18=0F89Load the selected shortcut setTabKeyboardShortcutsWidgetR03@C605<K5 AE5<K :;0280BC@=KE :><18=0F89Loadable Shortcut SetsTabKeyboardShortcutsWidgetMetaMetaTabKeyboardShortcutsWidget
Meta+Meta+TabKeyboardShortcutsWidget@03@C78BL 8AE>4=CN AE5<C Scribus$Reload the default Scribus shortcutsTabKeyboardShortcutsWidgetA:0BL:Search:TabKeyboardShortcutsWidgetJK15@8B5 8<?>@B8@C5<K9 D09; A> AE5<>9Select a Key set file to readTabKeyboardShortcutsWidgetÿÿÿÿ Select a Key set file to save toTabKeyboardShortcutsWidget&#AB0=>28BLSet &KeyTabKeyboardShortcutsWidget
ShiftShiftTabKeyboardShortcutsWidgetShift+Shift+TabKeyboardShortcutsWidget.;0280BC@=0O :><18=0F8OShortcutTabKeyboardShortcutsWidget^;0280BC@=0O :><18=0F8O 4;O 2K1@0==>3> 459AB28OShortcut for Selected ActionTabKeyboardShortcutsWidget>-B0 :><18=0F8O C65 8A?>;L7>20=0#This key sequence is already in useTabKeyboardShortcutsWidget*0@0<5B@K B01C;OB>@>2Manage Tabulators
TabManagerÿÿÿÿZAllow Scribus to automatically replace fonts when they are missing when opening a documentTabMiscellaneous|A5340 A?@0H820BL ?5@54 70<5=>9 H@8DB>2 ?@8 703@C7:5 4>:C<5=B0<Always ask before fonts are replaced when loading a documentTabMiscellaneousZA5340 8A?>;L7>20BL ;0B8=A:89 H01;>==K9 B5:ABAlways use standard Lorem IpsumTabMiscellaneousÿÿÿÿCAlways use the typical Latin-based Lorem Ipsum text for sample textTabMiscellaneous&>;8G5AB2> 0170F52:Count of the Paragraphs:TabMiscellaneousÿÿÿÿ6Default number of paragraphs for sample text insertionTabMiscellaneous(01;>==K9 B5:ABLorem IpsumTabMiscellaneousX@>A<>B@ 87<5=5=89 0170F=KE AB8;59 «=0 ;5BC»>Preview of current Paragraph Style visible when editing StylesTabMiscellaneousÿÿÿÿ-Show a preview by default when editing stylesTabMiscellaneousdpi dpi
TabPDFOptionsA5: sec
TabPDFOptions&A5 AB@0=8FK
&All Pages
TabPDFOptions&#3>;:&Angle:
TabPDFOptionsF&@8<5=8BL MDD5:B :> 2A5< AB@0=8F0<&Apply Effect to all Pages
TabPDFOptions&5@5?;QB:  &Binding:
&>B>1@065=8O:&Display Duration:
TabPDFOptionsAB@>8BL 2A&5
&Embed all
TabPDFOptions&1I85&General
TabPDFOptions$>1028BL &70:;04:8&Include Bookmarks
&Info String:
TabPDFOptions$28&6CI85AO ;8=88:&Moving Lines:
TabPDFOptions:>&=BC@8BL 2A5&Outline all
TabPDFOptions8& 07@5H5=85 4;O EPS-3@0D8:8:&Resolution for EPS Graphics:
TabPDFOptions>&@C385 ?0@0<5B@K F25B>?5@540G8&Use Custom Rendering Settings
TabPDFOptions0A?>;L7>20BL &H8D@>20=85&Use Encryption
TabPDFOptions81A>;NB=0O :>;>@8<5B@8G5A:0OAbsolute Colorimetric
TabPDFOptionsH>1028BL :>=B@>;L=K5 F25B>2K5 ?>;>AKAdd color calibration bars
TabPDFOptionsž>1028BL 8=D>@<0F8N > 4>:C<5=B5, 2:;NG0NICN =0720=85 4>:C<5=B0 8 =><5@0 AB@0=8FKAdd document information which includes the document title and page numbers
TabPDFOptionsx>1028BL <5B:8 A>2<5I5=8O, 4>102;O5<K5 2 :064>5 F25B>45;5=85)Add registration marks to each separation
TabPDFOptions@ 07@5H8BL &87<5=5=8O 2 4>:C<5=B5Allow &Changing the Document
TabPDFOptions6 07@5H8BL &?5G0BL 4>:C<5=B0Allow &Printing the Document
TabPDFOptionsN 07@5H8BL 4>102;5=85 &0==>B0F89 8 ?>;59$Allow Adding &Annotations and Fields
TabPDFOptionsN 07@5H8BL &:>?8@>20=85 B5:AB0 8 3@0D8:8 Allow Cop&ying Text and Graphics
TabPDFOptionsÈ 07@5H8BL 4>102;5=85 0==>B0F8O 8 ?>;59 2 D09; PDF. A;8 >B:;NG5=>, 87<5=OBL 0==>B0F88 8 ?>;O =5;L7O.jAllow adding annotations and fields to the PDF. If unchecked, editing annotations and fields is prevented.
TabPDFOptions¼ 07@5H8BL :>?8@>20=85 B5:AB0 8/8;8 3@0D8:8. A;8 >B:;NG5=>, B5:AB 8 3@0D8:C :>?8@>20BL =5;L7O.aAllow copying of text or graphics from the PDF. If unchecked, text and graphics cannot be copied.
TabPDFOptionsÀ 07@5H8BL 87<5=5=8O 2 4>:C<5=B5. 
@8 =52KAB02;5==>< D;06:5 87<5=OBL 
D09; PDF 1C45B =52>7<>6=>.JAllow modifying of the PDF. If un-checked, modifying the PDF is prevented.
TabPDFOptions´ 07@5H8BL ?5G0BL 4>:C<5=B0.
@8 =52KAB02;5==>< D;06:5 ?5G0B0BL 
D09; PDF 1C45B =52>7<>6=>.AAllow printing of the PDF. If un-checked, printing is prevented. 
TabPDFOptionsZ@8<5=8BL 2K1@0==K9 MDD5:B :> 2A5< AB@0=8F0<.'Apply the selected effect to all pages.
TabPDFOptions2B><0B8G5A:8   Automatic
TabPDFOptionsÿÿÿÿ'Automatically rotate the exported pages
TabPDFOptions">ABC?=K5 H@8DBK:Available Fonts:
TabPDFOptions65B:8 4;O 2K?CA:0 ?>4 >1@57Bleed Marks
TabPDFOptions60@0<5B@K 2K?CA:0 ?>4 >1@57Bleed Settings
TabPDFOptionsBlindsBlinds
TabPDFOptions!=87C 225@E
Bottom to Top
TabPDFOptions!=87C:Bottom:
TabPDFOptions"K&1@0BL AB@0=8FK
C&hoose Pages
TabPDFOptionsÀK15@8B5 >1I89 ?0@>;L 4;O 2:;NG5=8O 8 >B:;NG5=8O DC=:F89 157>?0A=>AB8 2 M:A?>@B8@C5<>< D09;5 PDFaChoose a master password which enables or disables all the security features in your exported PDF
TabPDFOptionshK15@8B5 ?0@>;L 4;O 4>ABC?0 =0 GB5=85 PDF-4>:C<5=B0.8Choose a password for users to be able to read your PDF.
TabPDFOptions41@570BL 4> ?>;59 AB@0=8FKClip to Page Margins
TabPDFOptions6>=B@>;L=K5 F25B>2K5 ?>;>AK
Color Bars
TabPDFOptionsî&25B>20O <>45;L 4;O M:A?>@B8@C5<>3> PDF. K15@8B5 «@>A<>B@ A <>=8B>@0/51» 4;O PDF, :>B>@K5 ?@54?>;0305BAO G8B0BL A M:@0=0 8;8 ?5G0B0BL =0 >1KG=>< AB@C9=>< ?@8=B5@5. K15@8B5 «K2>4 =0 ?5G0BL», 5A;8 A>18@05B5AL ?5G0B0BL =0 4-F25B=K9 CMYK-?@8=B5@.÷Color model for the output of your PDF. Choose Screen/Web for PDFs which are used for screen display and for printing on typical inkjets. Choose Printer when printing to a true 4 color CMYK printer. Choose Grayscale when you want a grey scale PDF.
TabPDFOptions@&25B>2>9 ?@>D8;L 4;O 87>1@065=89Color profile for images
TabPDFOptionsF&25B>2>9 ?@>D8;L 4;O A?;>H=KE B>=>2Color profile for solid colors
TabPDFOptions@!&60BL B5:AB 8 25:B>@=CN 3@0D8:C"Com&press Text and Vector Graphics
TabPDFOptions.0G5AB2> ?>A;5 A60B&8O:Compression &Quality:
TabPDFOptions!?>A>1 A&60B8O:Compression Metho&d:
TabPDFOptions 0G5AB2> ?>A;5 A60B8O: «08EC4H55» (25%), «87:>5» (50%), «!@54=55» (75%), «KA>:>5» (85%), «0:A8<0;L=>5» (95%). ><=8B5, GB> AB5?5=L A60B8O =5 =0?@O<CN >?@545;O5B @07<5@ :>=5G=>3> D09;0   @07<5@ 8 :0G5AB2> 2A5340 2 ?5@2CN >G5@54L 7028AOB >B E0@0:B5@8AB8: 8AE>4=KE 87>1@065=89. 065 5A;8 2K1@0=> «0:A8<0;L=>5», ?>B5@8 2AQ @02=> 1C4CB.mCompression quality levels for lossy compression methods: Minimum (25%), Low (50%), Medium (75%), High (85%), Maximum (95%). Note that a quality level does not directly determine the size of the resulting image - both size and quality loss vary from image to image at any given quality level. Even with Maximum selected, there is always some quality loss with jpeg.
TabPDFOptions$5A:>=5G=>9 ;5=B>9
TabPDFOptionsL@5>1@07>20BL A?;>H=K5 B>=0 2 ?5G0B=K5%Convert Spot Colors to Process Colors
TabPDFOptionsZ@5>1@07>20BL 2A5 A8<2>;K 4>:C<5=B0 2 :@82K5./Convert all glyphs in the document to outlines.
TabPDFOptions°!>740BL 2 PDF >1@57=K5 <5B:8, ?>:07K20NI85, 345 1C<030 4>;6=0 1KBL ?>@570=0 ?>A;5 ?5G0B8`Creates crop marks in the PDF indicating where the paper should be cut or trimmed after printing
TabPDFOptions1@57=K5 <5B:8
Crop Marks
TabPDFOptionshDPI (:>;-2> B>G5: =0 4N9<) ?@8 M:A?>@B5 87>1@065=89.%DPI (Dots Per Inch) for image export.
TabPDFOptionsø45AL >?@545;O5BAO A>2<5AB8<>ABL PDF.<br/>> C<>;G0=8N 8A?>;L7C5BAO <b>PDF 1.3</b>, >15A?5G820NI89 <0:A8<0;L=> 2>7<>6=CN A>2<5AB8<>ABL.<br/>K18@09B5 <b>PDF 1.4</b>, 5A;8 2 4>:C<5=B5 8A?>;L7C5BAO ?>;C?@>7@0G=>ABL 8;8 =5>1E>48<> 128-18B=>5 H8D@>20=85.<br/><b>PDF 1.5</b> =5>1E>48<, 5A;8 >1J5:BK 4>;6=K >AB0BLAO 2 A2>8E A;>OE.<br/><b>PDF/X-3</b> ?@54=07=0G5= 4;O M:A?>@B0 2 PDF, :>340 =5>1E>48< D09; A C?@02;5=85< F25B>< 2 RGB 4;O :><<5@G5A:>9 ?5G0B8, 8 :>340 C?@02;5=85 F25B>< 2:;NG5=>.  A?>;L7C9B5 PDF/X-3 B>;L:> 5A;8 B>G=> 7=05B5, GB> >= ?>445@68205BAO, ;81>, 2 =5:>B>@KE A;CG0OE, :>340 >68405BAO ?5G0BL =0 4-F25B=K9 ;075@=K9 ?@8=B5@.EDetermines the PDF compatibility.<br/>The default is <b>PDF 1.3</b> which gives the widest compatibility.<br/>Choose <b>PDF 1.4</b> if your file uses features such as transparency or you require 128 bit encryption.<br/><b>PDF 1.5</b> is necessary when you wish to preserve objects in separate layers within the PDF.<br/><b>PDF/X-3</b> is for exporting the PDF when you want color managed RGB for commercial printing and is selectable when you have activated color management. Use only when advised by your printer or in some cases printing to a 4 color digital color laser printer.
TabPDFOptions?@545;O5B ?5@5?;QB AB@0=8F 4>:C<5=B0 2 PDF. A;8 B>G=> =5 7=05B5, GB> =C6=> 87<5=8BL, >AB02LB5 7=0G5=85 ?> C<>;G0=8N   ?> ;52><C ?>;N.rDetermines the binding of pages in the PDF. Unless you know you need to change it leave the default choice - Left.
TabPDFOptionsh0?@02;5=85 42865=8O ;8=89 2 MDD5:B0E split 8 blind.HDirection of the effect of moving lines for the split and blind effects.
TabPDFOptionsH0?@02;5=85 MDD5:B>2 glitter 8 wipe.)Direction of the glitter or wipe effects.
TabPDFOptions8>:07K20BL 2:;04:C BookmarksDisplay Bookmarks Tab
TabPDFOptions2>:07K20BL 2:;04:C LayersDisplay Layers Tab
TabPDFOptions>0@0<5B@K >B>1@065=8O 4>:C<5=B0Display Settings
TabPDFOptions:>:07K20BL 2:;04:C ThumbnailsDisplay Thumbnails
TabPDFOptionsÿÿÿÿ"Display the bookmarks upon opening
TabPDFOptionsÿÿÿÿ(Display the page thumbnails upon opening
TabPDFOptions 0AB2>@5=85Dissolve
TabPDFOptionsl 0AAB>O=85 >B ;8=88 >1@570 4> =870 D878G5A:>9 AB@0=8FK7Distance for bleed from the bottom of the physical page
TabPDFOptionsz 0AAB>O=85 >B ;8=88 >1@570 4> ;52>3> :@0O D878G5A:>9 AB@0=8FK5Distance for bleed from the left of the physical page
TabPDFOptions| 0AAB>O=85 >B ;8=88 >1@570 4> ?@02>3> :@0O D878G5A:>9 AB@0=8FK6Distance for bleed from the right of the physical page
TabPDFOptionsn 0AAB>O=85 >B ;8=88 >1@570 4> 25@E0 D878G5A:>9 AB@0=8FK4Distance for bleed from the top of the physical page
TabPDFOptionsl5 ?>:07K20BL >1J5:BK 70 ?>;O<8 2 M:A?>@B8@C5<>< D09;5<Do not show objects outside the margins in the exported file
TabPDFOptionsˆ5 8A?>;L7>20BL F25B>2K5 ?@>D8;8, 
2AB@>5==K5 2 8AE>4=K5 87>1@065=8O<Do not use color profiles that are embedded in source images
TabPDFOptionsL5 8A?>;L7>20BL 2AB@>5==K5 ?@>D8;8 ICC"Do not use embedded color profiles
TabPDFOptions0:5B 4>:C<5=B0Document Layout
TabPDFOptions> 425 A;520Double Page Left
TabPDFOptions> 425 A?@020Double Page Right
&MDD5:B0:Effec&t Duration:
TabPDFOptions&"8? MDD5:B0:
Effect T&ype:
TabPDFOptions-;;8?AEllipse
TabPDFOptionsÿÿÿÿ%Embed PDF && EPS files (EXPERIMENTAL)
TabPDFOptionsRAB@>8BL F25B>2>9 ?@>D8;L 4;O 87>1@065=89 Embed a color profile for images
TabPDFOptionsXAB@>8BL F25B>2>9 ?@>D8;L 4;O A?;>H=KE B>=>2&Embed a color profile for solid colors
TabPDFOptionsÆAB@>8BL H@8DBK 2 D09; PDF, GB>1K 4>:C<5=B 25745 2K3;O45; B0:, :0: >= 2K3;O48B =0 20H5< :><?LNB5@5.gEmbed fonts into the PDF. Embedding the fonts will preserve the layout and appearance of your document.
TabPDFOptions°AB@>8BL 2 4>:C<5=B A>740==K5 20<8 70:;04:8, C?@>I0NI85 =02830F8N ?> 1>;LH8< 4>:C<5=B0<.eEmbed the bookmarks you created in your document. These are useful for navigating long PDF documents.
TabPDFOptions=54@5=85 Embedding
TabPDFOptionsB&:;NG8BL ?@575=B0F8>==K5 MDD5:BKEnable &Presentation Effects
TabPDFOptions:;NG8BL DC=:F88 157>?0A=>AB8 2 M:A?>@B8@C5<>< D09;5 PDF. A;8 2K1@0= PDF 1.3, D09; 1C45B 70H8D@>20= 40-18B=K< :;NG><. A;8 2K1@0= PDF 1.4, D09; 1C45B 70H8D@>20= 128-18B=K< :;NG><. ><=8B5, GB> H8D@>20=85 2 PDF <5=55 <>I=>5 8 1>;55 >3@0=8G5==>5 2 A@02=5=88 A GPG 8 PGP.,Enable the security features in your exported PDF. If you selected PDF 1.3, the PDF will be protected by 40 bit encryption. If you selected PDF 1.4, the PDF will be protected by 128 bit encryption. Disclaimer: PDF encryption is not as reliable as GPG or PGP encryption and does have some limitations.
TabPDFOptions4 07@5H8BL ?@5>1@07>20=85 ?;0H5G=KE F25B>2 2 :><?>78B=K5. A;8 2K =5 A>18@05B5AL ?5G0B0BL ?;0H5G=K5 F25B0 2 B8?>3@0D88, B> ;CGH5 >AB02LB5 >?F8N 2:;NGQ==>9.¢Enables Spot Colors to be converted to composite colors. Unless you are planning to print spot colors at a commercial printer, this is probably best left enabled.
TabPDFOptions¶:;NG8BL 3;>10;L=K9 @568< =04?5G0B:8, 83=>@8@CO A>>B25BAB2CNI89 ?0@0<5B@ >B45;L=KE >1J5:B>2JEnables global Overprint Mode for this document, overrides object settings
TabPDFOptions:;NG8BL A60B85 B5:AB0 8 3@0D8:8 157 ?>B5@L 2 :0G5AB25, GB>1K A=878BL @07<5@ D09;0 PDF. AB02LB5 2:;NGQ==K<, 5A;8 =5B >A>1KE ?@8G8= >B:;NG8BL.|Enables lossless compression of text and graphics. Unless you have a reason, leave this checked. This reduces PDF file size.
TabPDFOptionsH:;NG05B ?@575=B0F8>==K5 MDD5:BK, @01>B0NI85 2 Adobe&#174; Reader&#174; 8 4@C38E ?@>A<>B@I8:0E PDF-4>:C<5=B>2, 8<5NI8E ?>;=>M:@0==K9 @568< 8 ?>445@6:C MB>9 DC=:F88.~Enables presentation effects when using Adobe&#174; Reader&#174; and other PDF viewers which support this in full screen mode.
TabPDFOptionsÿÿÿÿ+Enables viewing the document in full screen
TabPDFOptionsÿÿÿÿ Export PDFs in image frames as embedded PDFs. This does *not* yet take care of colorspaces, so you should know what you are doing before setting this to 'true'.
TabPDFOptions"80?07>= M:A?>@B0Export Range
TabPDFOptionsD-:A?>@B8@>20BL G0ABL AB@0=8F 2 PDFExport a range of pages to PDF
TabPDFOptionsB-:A?>@B8@>20BL 2A5 AB@0=8FK 2 PDFExport all pages to PDF
TabPDFOptionsÎ7<5=8BL @07@5H5=85 4;O B5:AB0 8 25:B>@=>9 3@0D8:8. -B> 87<5=5=85 =5 70B@038205B @0AB@>2K5 87>1@065=8O.pExport resolution of text and vector graphics. This does not affect the resolution of bitmap images like photos.
F&rom the:
TabPDFOptions0@0<5B@KFile Options
TabPDFOptionsÿÿÿÿKFit the document page or pages to the available space in the viewer window.
TabPDFOptions$=54@O5<K5 H@8DBK:Fonts to embed:
TabPDFOptions,:>=BC@8205<K5 H@8DBK:Fonts to outline:
TabPDFOptions>@8=C48B5;L=K9 @568< =04?5G0B:8Force Overprint Mode
TabPDFOptionsÿÿÿÿ:Forces the displaying of layers. Useful only for PDF 1.5+.
TabPDFOptions$!>740BL &<8=80BN@KGenerate &Thumbnails
TabPDFOptionsÖA;8 ?0@0<5B@ 2:;NGQ=, Scribus A>740AB PDF-Articles, 
GB> ?>;57=> 4;O =02830F88 ?> A2O70==K< AB0BLO< 2 PDF.OGenerate PDF Articles, which is useful for navigating linked articles in a PDF.
TabPDFOptionsø!>740BL <8=80BN@=K5 87>1@065=8O :064>9 AB@0=8FK 2 D09;5 PDF.  =5:>B>@KE ?@>A<>B@I8:0E MB> >1;53G05B =02830F8N ?> 4>:C<5=BC.aGenerates thumbnails of each page in the PDF. Some viewers can use the thumbnails for navigation.
TabPDFOptions@040F88 A5@>3> Grayscale
TabPDFOptions,@OB0B0BL <5=N ViewersHide Viewers Menubar
TabPDFOptions0@OB0B0BL ?0=5;L ViewersHide Viewers Toolbar
TabPDFOptionsÿÿÿÿKHides the Menu Bar for the viewer, the PDF will display in a plain window. 
TabPDFOptionsÿÿÿÿEHides the Tool Bar which has selection and other editing capabilities
TabPDFOptions> 3>@87>=B0;8
TabPDFOptions2!?>A>1 A60B8O 87>1@065=89Image Compression Method
TabPDFOptions:;NG8BL A&;>8Include La&yers
TabPDFOptionsX>:070BL @0AAB>O=85 A42830 <5B>:  A>2<5I5=8O7Indicate the distance offset for the registration marks
TabPDFOptions<AB028BL AN40 @0745;Q==K9 70?OBK<8 A?8A>: <0@:Q@>2, 345 :064K9 <0@:Q@ <>65B 1KBL * 4;O 2A5E AB@0=8F, 1-5 4;O 480?07>=0 AB@0=8F 8;8 =><5@>< >48=>G=>9 AB@0=8FK.ƒInsert a comma separated list of tokens where a token can be * for all the pages, 1-5 for a range of pages or a single page number.
TabPDFOptionsjJavascript 4;O 8A?>;=5=8O ?@8 >B:@KB88 PDF-4>:C<5=B0:6Javascript to be executed
when PDF document is opened:
TabPDFOptionsœ!;>8 2 20H5< 4>:C<5=B5 M:A?>@B8@CNBAO 2 PDF B>;L:> 5A;8 2K1@0= D>@<0B PDF 1.5.TLayers in your document are exported to the PDF Only available if PDF 1.5 is chosen.
TabPDFOptions> ;52><C ?>;NLeft Margin
TabPDFOptions!;520 =0?@02>
Left to Right
TabPDFOptions!;520:Left:
TabPDFOptionsÆ;8B5;L=>ABL 459AB28O MDD5:B0. '5< <5=LH5 7=0G5=85, B5< 1KAB@55 2>A?@>872>48BAO MDD5:B, 8 =0>1>@>B.hLength of time the effect runs. A shorter time will speed up the effect, a longer one will slow it down.
TabPDFOptionsÎ0: 4>;3> >B>1@0605BAO AB@0=8F0. =0G5=85 0 ?@8@02=8205BAO : >B:;NG5=8N 02B><0B8G5A:>3> ?5@5;8ABK20=8O.‡Length of time the page is shown before the presentation starts on the selected page. Setting 0 will disable automatic page transition.
TabPDFOptionsÿÿÿÿúLimits the resolution of your bitmap images to the selected DPI. Images with a lower resolution will be left untouched. Leaving this unchecked will render them at their native resolution. Enabling this will increase memory usage and slow down export.
TabPDFOptions657 ?>B5@L 2 :0G5AB25   ZIPLossless - Zip
TabPDFOptions8! ?>B5@O<8 2 :0G5AB25   JPEGLossy - JPEG
TabPDFOptions87:>5Low
TabPDFOptionsê1O70B5;L=0O AB@>:0 4;O PDF/X-3 8;8 PDF =0@CH8B A>>B25BAB285 PDF/X-3.  5:><5=4C5BAO 8A?>;L7>20BL 703>;>2>: 4>:C<5=B0.vMandatory string for PDF/X-3 or the PDF will fail PDF/X-3 conformance. We recommend you use the title of the document.
TabPDFOptions>0:A8<0;L=>5 @07@5H5=85 @0AB@0:Maximum Image Resolution:
TabPDFOptions¶!?>A>1 A60B8O @0AB@>2KE 87>1@065=89. > C<>;G0=8N Scribus A0< 2K18@05B ?>4E>4OI89. ZIP A68<05B 157 ?>B5@L 2 :0G5AB25 87>1@065=8O. JPEG 1>;LH5 ?>4E>48B 4;O A>740=8O =51>;LH8E D09;>2 PDF A 1>;LH8< :>;8G5AB2>< D>B>3@0D89 2=CB@8, => C40;O5B 87 =8E ?>;57=CN 8=D>@<0F8N.  B8?>2KE A8BC0F8OE ?@54>AB02LB5 Scribus A0<>AB>OB5;L=> 2K1@0BL ?>4E>4OI89 A?>A>1.TMethod of compression to use for images. Automatic allows Scribus to choose the best method. ZIP is lossless and good for images with solid colors. JPEG is better at creating smaller PDF files which have many photos (with slight image quality loss possible). Leave it set to Automatic unless you have a need for special compression options.
TabPDFOptionsB5@:0;L=> >B@078BL ?> 3>@87>=B0;8Mirror Page(s) horizontally
TabPDFOptions>5@:0;L=> >B@078BL ?> 25@B8:0;8Mirror Page(s) vertically
TabPDFOptions57 MDD5:B0 No Effect
TabPDFOptions57 AF5=0@8O      No Script
TabPDFOptions&07=0G5=85 2&K2>40:Output &Intended For:
TabPDFOptions @>D8&;L 2K2>40:Output &Profile:
TabPDFOptionsÒ@>D8;L 2K2>40 =0 ?5G0BL. @8 2>7<>6=>AB8 
?>;CG8B5 8=D>@<0F8N 2 20H59 B8?>3@0D88 
> =5>1E>48<>< ?@>D8;5.cOutput profile for printing. If possible, get some guidance from your printer on profile selection.
TabPDFOptions("8? 2K2>40 2 PDF/X-3PDF/X-3 Output Intent
TabPDFOptions*=D>@<0F8O > AB@0=8F5Page Information
TabPDFOptions0@>;8        Passwords
TabPDFOptions>;83@0D8O Pre-Press
TabPDFOptions,K2>4 =0 ?5G0BL (CMYK)Printer
TabPDFOptions5B:8 ?5G0B8
Printer Marks
TabPDFOptions060B>Push
TabPDFOptions 5B:8 A>2<5I5=8ORegistration Marks
TabPDFOptions>B=>A8B5;L=0O :>;>@8<5B@8G5A:0ORelative Colorimetric
TabPDFOptions$"8? F25B>?5@540G8:Rendering Intent:
TabPDFOptions.0@0<5B@K F25B>?5@540G8Rendering Settings
TabPDFOptions:"8? F25B>?5@540G8 87>1@065=89Rendering intent for images
TabPDFOptions@"8? F25B>?5@540G8 A?;>H=KE B>=>2!Rendering intent for solid colors
TabPDFOptions> ?@02><C ?>;NRight Margin
TabPDFOptions!?@020 =0;52>
Right to Left
TabPDFOptions&57>?0A=>ABL S&ecurity
TabPDFOptions!?&>B-DC=:F8O:S&pot Function:
TabPDFOptionsd!>E@0=8BL A2&O70==K5 B5:AB. 1;>:8 :0: PDF-Articles(Save &Linked Text Frames as PDF Articles
TabPDFOptions>@>A<>B@ A <>=8B>@0 / 51 (RGB)Screen / Web
TabPDFOptions(>:07K20BL &AB@0=8FKShow Page Pre&views
TabPDFOptionsj>:07K20BL <8=80BN@K :064>9 
C:070==>9 2KH5 AB@0=8FK.-Show page previews of each page listed above.
TabPDFOptionsR>:070BL 4>:C<5=B 2 >4=>AB@0=8G=>< @568<5%Show the document in single page mode
TabPDFOptionsÿÿÿÿdShow the document in single page mode with the pages displayed continuously end to end like a scroll
TabPDFOptionsÿÿÿÿWShow the document with facing pages, starting with the first page displayed on the left
TabPDFOptionsÿÿÿÿXShow the document with facing pages, starting with the first page displayed on the right
TabPDFOptions@>AB0O B>G:0
Simple Dot
TabPDFOptions> >4=>9 70 @07Single Page
TabPDFOptions!?;>H=K5 B>=0:
Solid Colors:
TabPDFOptions(!?5F80;L=K5 459AB28OSpecial Actions
TabPDFOptions 0745;5=85Split
TabPDFOptionsN!B0@B>20O ?>78F8O MDD5:B>2 box 8 split.0Starting position for the box and split effects.
TabPDFOptionsÂ!>740BL <5B:8 2K?CA:0 ?>4 >1@57, 87>1@0605<K 2 2845 _ . _ 8 ?>:07K20NI85 ?@545; 2K?CA:0 ?>4 >1@57OThis creates bleed marks which are indicated by  _ . _ and show the bleed limit
TabPDFOptionsR-B> >B:;NG5==K5 ?> C<>;G0=8N @0AH8@5==K5 ?0@0<5B@K. :;NG8BL 8E =C6=> ;8HL 2 B>< A;CG05, 5A;8 MB>3> B@51C5B ?@8=B5@ 8;8 5A;8 >=8 B>G=> >15A?5G820NB 65;05<K9 C@>25=L 45B0;870F88.  ?@>B82=>< A;CG05 ?>;CG5==K9 D09; PDF <>65B =5:>@@5:B=> =0?5G0B0BLAO 8 =5 1C45B ?>;=>ABLN ?5@5=>A8<K< <564C A8AB5<0<8.This is an advanced setting which is not enabled by default. This should only be enabled when specifically requested by your printer and they have given you the exact details needed. Otherwise, your exported PDF may not print properly and is truly not portable across systems.
TabPDFOptions!25@EC 2=87
Top to Bottom
TabPDFOptionsD7 25@E=53> ;52>3> 2 ?@02K9 =86=89Top-left to Bottom-Right
TabPDFOptions4"8? >B>1@0605<>3> MDD5:B0.Type of the display effect.
TabPDFOptions0A?>;L7>20BL ?@>D8;L ICCUse Color Profile
TabPDFOptionsPK?CA: ?>4 >1@57 87 ?0@0<5B@>2 4>:C<5=B0Use Document Bleeds
TabPDFOptions8:;NG8BL ?>;=>M:@0==K9 @568<Use Full Screen Mode
TabPDFOptionsFA?>;L7>20BL ?0@0<5B@K ?@>A<>B@I8:0Use Viewers Defaults
TabPDFOptions€A?>;L7>20BL 8<5NI85AO ?0@0<5B@K 4>:C<5=B0 4;O 2K?CA:0 ?>4 >1@57=Use the existing bleed settings from the document preferences
TabPDFOptionsÿÿÿÿ_Use the viewer's defaults or the user's preferences if set differently from the viewer defaults
TabPDFOptions> 25@B8:0;8Vertical
TabPDFOptions @>G85 ?0@0<5B@KVisual Appearance
TabPDFOptions 0AG8AB:0Wipe
TabPDFOptionsRB<0AHB018@>20BL AB@0=8FK 4> @07<5@0 >:=0Zoom Pages to fit Viewer Window
TabPDFOptions !?>A>1 C40;5=8O =5:>B>@KE A5@KE (0E@><0B8G5A:8E) B>=>2, A>AB02;5==KE 87 3>;C1>9, 65;B>9 8 ?C@?C@=>9 :@0A>:, 8 70<5=K 8E =0 GQ@=K9. UCR 3;02=K< >1@07>< 2>7459AB2C5B =0 =59B@0;L=K5 ?> F25BC G0AB8 87>1@065=8O. A?>;L7>20=85 MB>3> <5B>40 A?>A>1=> C;CGH8BL ?5G0BL =5:>B>@KE 87>1@065=89, => :064K9 >B45;L=K9 A;CG09 B@51C5B >A>1>3> @0AA<>B@5=8O. @8 8A?>;L7>20=88 MB>3> A?>A>10 B0:65 A=8605BAO 25@>OB=>ABL 871KB>G=>9 =0AKI5==>AB8 87>1@065=8O ?@8 8A?>;L7>20=88 :@0A>: CMY.ˆA way of switching off some of the gray shades which are composed of cyan, yellow and magenta and using black instead. UCR most affects parts of images which are neutral and/or dark tones which are close to the gray. Use of this may improve printing some images and some experimentation and testing is need on a case by case basis.UCR reduces the possibility of over saturation with CMY inks.
TabPrinterH>1028BL :>=B@>;L=K5 F25B>2K5 ?>;>AKAdd color calibration bars
TabPrinterx>1028BL <5B:8 A>2<5I5=8O, 4>102;O5<K5 2 :064>5 F25B>45;5=859Add registration marks which are added to each separation
TabPrinter–AB@0820BL ;8 ?@>D8;8 ICC 2 ?5G0B=K9 ?>B>: ?@8 2:;NGQ==>< C?@02;5=88 F25B><WAllows you to embed color profiles in the print stream when color management is enabled
TabPrinterF;LB5@=0B82=0O :><0=40 4;O ?@8=B5@0Alternative Printer Command
TabPrinter*@8<5=8BL ?@>D8;8 ICCApply ICC Profiles
TabPrinterD@8<5=8BL 2KG8B0=85 87-?>4 GQ@=>3>Apply Under Color Removal
TabPrinter.5B:8 2K?CA:0 ?>4 >1@57Bleed Marks
TabPrinter60@0<5B@K 2K?CA:0 ?>4 >1@57Bleed Settings
TabPrinter!=87C:Bottom:
TabPrinter"1@570BL 4> ?>;59Clip to Page Margins
TabPrinter6>=B@>;L=K5 F25B>2K5 ?>;>AK
Color Bars
TabPrinterL@5>1@07>20BL A?;>H=K5 B>=0 2 ?5G0B=K5%Convert Spot Colors to Process Colors
TabPrinter1@57=K5 <5B:8
Crop Marks
TabPrinterl 0AAB>O=85 >B ;8=88 >1@570 4> =870 D878G5A:>9 AB@0=8FK7Distance for bleed from the bottom of the physical page
TabPrinterz 0AAB>O=85 >B ;8=88 >1@570 4> ;52>3> :@0O D878G5A:>9 AB@0=8FK5Distance for bleed from the left of the physical page
TabPrinter| 0AAB>O=85 >B ;8=88 >1@570 4> ?@02>3> :@0O D878G5A:>9 AB@0=8FK6Distance for bleed from the right of the physical page
TabPrintern 0AAB>O=85 >B ;8=88 >1@570 4> 25@E0 D878G5A:>9 AB@0=8FK4Distance for bleed from the top of the physical page
TabPrinterr5 ?>:07K20BL >1J5:BK 2=5 ?>;59 =0 @0A?5G0B0==>9 AB@0=8F5;Do not show objects outside the margins on the printed page
TabPrinter: 07@5H8BL ?@5>1@07>20=85 ?;0H5G=KE F25B>2 2 :><?>78B=K5. A;8 2K =5 A>18@05B5AL ?5G0B0BL ?;0H5G=K5 F25B0 2 B8?>3@0D88, B> ;CGH5 >AB02LB5 ?0@0<5B@ 2:;NGQ==K<.¢Enables Spot Colors to be converted to composite colors. Unless you are planning to print spot colors at a commercial printer, this is probably best left enabled.
TabPrinter¶:;NG8BL 3;>10;L=K9 @568< =04?5G0B:8, 83=>@8@CO A>>B25BAB2CNI89 ?0@0<5B@ >B45;L=KE >1J5:B>2JEnables global Overprint Mode for this document, overrides object settings
TabPrinter>@8=C48B5;L=K9 @568< =04?5G0B:8Force Overprint Mode
TabPrinter!;520:Left:
TabPrinterLevel 1Level 1
TabPrinterLevel 2Level 2
TabPrinterLevel 3Level 3
TabPrinter>5B:8 ?5G0B8 8 2K?CA: ?>4 >1@57Marks && Bleeds
TabPrinterB5@:0;L=> >B@078BL ?> 3>@87>=B0;8Mirror Page(s) Horizontal
TabPrinter>5@:0;L=> >B@078BL ?> 25@B8:0;8Mirror Page(s) Vertical
TabPrinter(0@0<5B@K PostScriptPostScript Options
TabPrinterCBL : ?@8=B5@CPrint Destination
TabPrinter1KG=0O ?5G0BLPrint Normal
TabPrinter&5G0BL F25B>45;5=89Print Separations
TabPrinter:5G0BL 2 F25B5, 5A;8 2>7<>6=>Print in Color if Available
TabPrinter25G0BL 2 3@040F8OE A5@>3>Print in Grayscale
TabPrinter5B:8 ?5G0B8
Printer Marks
TabPrinter 5B:8 A>2<5I5=8ORegistration Marks
TabPrinter.#:070BL @07<5@ =>A8B5;OSet Media Size
TabPrinter¸#:07K205B C@>25=L PostScript.
K1>@ Level 1 8;8 2 <>65B ?@825AB8 : 
A>740=8N >3@><=KE D09;>2ISets the PostScript Level.
 Setting to Level 1 or 2 can create huge files
TabPrinterÂ!>740BL <5B:8 2K?CA:0 ?>4 >1@57, 87>1@0605<K 2 2845 _ . _ 8 ?>:07K20NI85 ?@545; 2K?CA:0 ?>4 >1@57OThis creates bleed marks which are indicated by  _ . _ and show the bleed limit
TabPrinter¬!>740BL 2 PDF >1@57=K5 <5B:8, ?>:07K20NI85, 345 1C<030 4>;6=0 1KBL ?>@570=0 ?@8 ?5G0B8eThis creates crop marks in the PDF indicating where the paper should be cut or trimmed after printing
TabPrinter0?@O<CN C:070BL @07<5@ =>A8B5;O 2 PostScript-D09;5. 5 @5:><5=4C5BAO 8A?>;L7>20BL MBC DC=:F8N, ?>:0 MB>3> =5 ?>B@51C5B ?@8=B5@.|This enables you to explicitely set the media size of the PostScript file. Not recommended unless requested by your printer.
TabPrinterÔA?>;L7>20BL 0;LB5@=0B82=K9 <5=5465@ ?5G0B8, =0?@8<5@ kprinter 8;8 gtklp, 4;O @0AH8@5==>9 =0AB@>9:8 ?5G0B8cUse an alternative print manager, such as kprinter or gtklp, to utilize additional printing options
TabPrinter\!>E@0=OBL A:>?8@>20==K5 >1J5:BK <564C A5AA8O<8-Keep Copied Items Permanently Across SessionsTabScrapbookr>;8G5AB2> A:>?8@>20==KE >1J5:B>2, A>E@0=O5<KE 2 0;L1><5:,Number of Copied Items to Keep in Scrapbook:TabScrapbookn2B><0B8G5A:8 >B?@02;OBL 2 0;L1>< A:>?8@>20==K5 >1J5:BK,Send Copied Items Automatically to ScrapbookTabScrapbookf8=8<0;L=>5 :>;8G5AB2> @02=> 1, <0:A8<0;L=>5   100.,The minimum number is 1; the maximum us 100.TabScrapbookŽ!:>?8@>20==K5 2 1CD5@ >1<5=0 >1J5:BK 1C4CB 2A5340 A>E@0=OBLAO 2 0;L1><.BThis enables copied items to be kept permanently in the scrapbook.TabScrapbook.;L1>< ?@52@0B8BAO 2 4>?>;=5=85 : 1CD5@C >1<5=0: ?@>AB>5 :>?8@>20=85 >1J5:B0 8;8 3@C??K >1J5:B>2 02B><0B8G5A:8 ?><5AB8B 8E =0 0:B82=CN AB@0=8FC 0;L1><0¦This enables the scrapbook to be used an extension to the copy/paste buffers. Simply copying an object or grouped object will send this to the Scrapbook automaticallyTabScrapbook% %TabToolspt ptTabTools&25B 70&;82:8:&Fill Color:TabTools4&!2>1>4=>5 <0AHB018@>20=85
&Free ScalingTabTools&56:>;>==8::&Gap:TabTools@0AHB018@>20=85 ?> &3>@87>=B0;8:&Horizontal Scaling:TabTools&&25B ;8=88:&Line Color:TabToolsH0AHB018@>20BL &87>1@065=85 4> 1;>:0&Scale Image to Frame SizeTabTools&0B5=5=85:     &Shading:TabTools
&Stepping:TabTools<0AHB018@>20=85 ?> &25@B8:0;8:&Vertical Scaling:TabTools!B@5;:8:Arrows:TabToolsœ2B><0B8G5A:8 <0AHB018@C5<K5 87>1@065=8O A>E@0=ONB 8AE>4=>5 A>>B=>H5=85 AB>@>=;Automatically scaled images keep their original proportionsTabToolsl7<5=8BL «?@8;8?0=85» 4;O :064>3> H030 <0AHB018@>20=8O/Change in magnification for each zoom operationTabTools&25B H@8DB0
Color of fontTabTools&25B ;8=89Color of linesTabTools!&B>;1F>2: Colu&mns:TabTools3@0=8G8BL 4>:
Constrain to:TabToolsr(03 2@0I5=8O >1J5:B>2 2 3@04CA0E ?@8 =060B88 <>48D8:0B>@0EConstrain value for the rotation tool when the Control key is pressedTabTools@C3>9CustomTabTools3@04CA>2DegreesTabTools
">G:0DotTabTools>=5F:End:TabTools&25B &70;82:8:F&ill Color:TabTools&25B 70;82:8:Fill Color:TabTools>&25B 70;82:8 1;>:>2 87>1@065=89Fill color of image framesTabTools$&25B 70;82:8 D83C@Fill color of shapesTabTools>(@8DB 4;O =>2KE B5:AB>2KE @0<>:Font for new text framesTabTools(@8DB:Font:TabTools(! ?>;=K< @07@5H5=85<Full Resolution PreviewTabToolsX 0AAB>O=85 <564C AB>;1F0<8 2 B5:AB>2>< 1;>:5Gap between text frame columnsTabTools@!<5I5=85 >1J5:B>2 ?> 3>@87>=B0;8%Horizontal displacement of page itemsTabToolsT0AHB018@>20=85 87>1@065=89 ?> 3>@87>=B0;8Horizontal scaling of imagesTabTools5@5=>AHyphenTabTools:!2>9AB20 1;>:0 A 87>1@065=85<Image Frame PropertiesTabToolsl;>:8 ?>72>;ONB ?@>872>;L=> <0AHB018@>20BL 87>1@065=8O.Image frames allow images to scale to any sizeTabTools7>1@065=8OImagesTabToolsb7>1@065=85 2 1;>:5 <0AHB018@C5BAO ?>4 53> @07<5@:Images in image frames are scaled to the size of the frameTabTools&C1;8:0F8O >1J5:B>2Item DuplicateTabTools:!>E@0=OBL &A>>B=>H5=85 AB>@>=Keep Aspect &RatioTabTools`!>E@0=OBL A>>B=>H5=85 AB>@>= ?@8 <0AHB018@>20=88-Keep horizontal and vertical scaling the sameTabTools">&;I8=0 ;8=88:Line &Width:TabTools!2>9AB20 ;8=88Line Drawing PropertiesTabTools!B8;L &;8=88:Line S&tyle:TabTools!B8;L ;8=88:Line Style:TabTools &25B ;8=89 D83C@Line color of shapesTabTools"!B8;L ;8=89 D83C@Line style of shapesTabTools&">;I8=0 ;8=89 D83C@Line width of shapesTabTools
8=88LinesTabTools(! =87:8< @07@5H5=85<Low Resolution PreviewTabTools0&:A8<C<:    Ma&ximum:TabToolsC?0Magnification Level DefaultsTabToolsV:;NG5=> <0:A8<0;L=> 2>7<>6=>5 «?@8;8?0=85»Maximum magnification allowedTabTools&8=8<C<:      Mi&nimum:TabToolsT:;NG5=> <8=8<0;L=> 2>7<>6=>5 «?@8;8?0=85»Minimum magnification allowedTabTools& 07;8G=K5 ?0@0<5B@KMiscellaneous SettingsTabTools5BNoneTabTools5Btab fillNoneTabTools*! >1KG=K< @07@5H5=85<Normal Resolution PreviewTabToolsJ>;8G5AB2> AB>;1F>2 2 B5:AB>2>< 1;>:5!Number of columns in a text frameTabTools$@>A<>B@ =0 M:@0=5On Screen PreviewTabTools@>G85 A2>9AB20Other PropertiesTabTools.!2>9AB20 <=>3>C3>;L=8:0Polygon Drawing PropertiesTabTools,1KG=K5 <=>3>C3>;L=8:8Regular PolygonsTabTools@0I5=85
Rotation ToolTabTools0&B5=5=85:    S&hading:TabTools8"0: 2K3;O48B C:070==K9 H@8DBSample of your fontTabTools$0AKI5==>ABL F25B0Saturation of colorTabTools.0AKI5=85 F25B0 70;82:8Saturation of color of fillTabTools*0AKI5=85 F25B0 ;8=89Saturation of color of linesTabToolsBB5=5=85:Shading:TabTools$!2>9AB20 >G5@B0=89Shape Drawing PropertiesTabTools$83C@KShapesTabToolsL53;L H@8DB0 4;O =>2KE B5:AB>2KE @0<>: Size of font for new text framesTabTools 07<5@:Size:TabTools0G0;>:Start:TabTools&25B :>=BC@0:
Stroke Color:TabTools!B8;L ;8=89Style of linesTabTools:0?>;=ONI89 A8<2>; B01C;OF88:Tab Fill Character:TabTools"(8@8=0 B01C;OF88:
Tab Width:TabTools
"5:ABTextTabTools&25B B5:AB0:Text Color:TabTools2!2>9AB20 B5:AB>2>3> 1;>:0Text Frame PropertiesTabTools12>4:0 B5:AB0:Text Stroke:TabTools>4GQ@:820=85
UnderscoreTabToolsTA?>;L7>20BL 2AB@>5==K9 >1B@02>G=K9 :>=BC@Use embedded Clipping PathTabToolsA?>;L7>20BL 2AB@>5==K5 >1B@02>G=K5 :>=BC@K ?@8 8<?>@B5 87>1@065=89. !@548 ?>445@6820NI8E B0:85 :>=BC@K D>@<0B>2   JPEG, PSD 8 TIFF.ŠUse the embedded clipping paths in images when importing them. JPEG, PSD and TIFF are the image formats which can embedded clipping paths.TabTools<!<5I5=85 >1J5:B>2 ?> 25@B8:0;8#Vertical displacement of page itemsTabToolsP0AHB018@>20=85 87>1@065=89 ?> 25@B8:0;8Vertical scaling of imagesTabTools">;I8=0 ;8=89Width of linesTabTools€ 5IQ =5?;>E> 1K =0 7028ABL 4@C38< C<5BL :@0A82> G8B0BL 8 ?8A0BL,Woven silk pyjamas exchanged for blue quartzTabTools!<5I5=85 ?> XX DisplacementTabTools!<5I5=85 ?> YY DisplacementTabToolsC?0ZoomTabTools% %TabTypograpy&!<5I5=85:&Displacement:TabTypograpy"&0AHB018@>20=85: &Scaling:TabTypograpy2B>AutoTabTypograpy62B><0B8G5A:89 &8=B5@;8=LO6Automatic &Line SpacingTabTypograpy!<5I5&=85:D&isplacement:TabTypograpy4!<5I5=85 2KH5 ;8=88 H@8DB05Displacement above the baseline of the font on a lineTabTypograpy¨!<5I5=85 2KH5 107>2>9 ;8=88, 2K@065==>5 2 ?@>F5=B=>< A>>B=>H5=88 2>AE>645=8O H@8DB>2bDisplacement above the baseline of the normal font expressed as a percentage of the fonts ascenderTabTypograpy¨!<5I5=85 =865 107>2>9 ;8=88, 2K@065==>5 2 ?@>F5=B=>< A>>B=>H5=88 =8AE>645=8O H@8DB>2cDisplacement below the baseline of the normal font expressed as a percentage of the fonts descenderTabTypograpy4!<5I5=85 =865 ;8=88 H@8DB0<Displacement below the baseline of the normal font on a lineTabTypograpy!<5I5=85:
Displacement:TabTypograpy=B5@;8=LO6:
Line Spacing:TabTypograpy">;I8=0 ;8=88:Line Width:TabTypograpy‚">;I8=0 ;8=88, 2K@065==0O ?@>F5=B=K< A>>B=>H5=85< >B :53;O H@8DB05Line width expressed as a percentage of the font sizeTabTypograpyx#25;8G5=85 <56AB@>G=>3> 8=B5@20;0 2 ?@>F5=B0E @07<5@0 H@8DB0;Percentage increase over the font size for the line spacingTabTypograpyxB=>A8B5;L=K9 @07<5@ :0?8B5;8 ?> >B=>H5=8N : >1KG=><C H@8DBC@Relative size of the small caps font compared to the normal fontTabTypograpy†B=>A8B5;L=K9 @07<5@ =86=53> 8=45:A0 ?> >B=>H5=8N : >1KG=><C H@8DBC:Relative size of the subscript compared to the normal fontTabTypograpyˆB=>A8B5;L=K9 @07<5@ 25@E=53> 8=45:A0 ?> >B=>H5=8N : >1KG=><C H@8DBC<Relative size of the superscript compared to the normal fontTabTypograpy"&0AHB018@>20=85:        S&caling:TabTypograpy"0&AHB018@>20=85:     Sc&aling:TabTypograpy0?8B5;L
Small CapsTabTypograpy0GQ@:=CBK9
StrikethruTabTypograpy86=89 8=45:A    SubscriptTabTypograpy5@E=89 8=45:ASuperscriptTabTypograpy>4GQ@:820=85     UnderlineTabTypograpy&>;>65=85:
&Position:Tabruler> F5=B@CCenterTabruler> 70?OB>9CommaTabruler@C3>9CustomTabruler#40;8BL 2AQ
Delete AllTabruler,#40;8BL 2A5 B01C;OB>@KDelete all TabulatorsTabruler
">G:0DotTabruler&0?>;=ONI89 A8<2>;:
Fill Char:Tabruler8!8<2>; 70?>;=5=8O B01C;OB>@0Fill Character of TabTabruler5@5=>AHyphenTabruler6BABC? ?5@2>9 AB@>:8 0170F0+Indentation for first line of the paragraphTabruler:BABC? A;520 4;O 2A53> 0170F01Indentation from the left for the whole paragraphTabruler<BABC? A?@020 4;O 2A53> 0170F02Indentation from the right for the whole paragraphTabruler
;52>LeftTabruler5BNoneTabruler"">G:0 ?@54;>65=8OPeriodTabruler(>;>65=85 B01C;OB>@0Position of TabTabruler?@02>RightTabruler2"8?/>@85=B0F8O B01C;OB>@0Type/Orientation of TabTabruler>4GQ@:820=85
UnderscoreTabruler@0I5=85RotateTransformDialog(#3>; 2@0I5=8O = %1%2Rotate Angle = %1%2TransformDialog@0I5=85RotationTransformDialog0AHB01ScaleTransformDialog20AHB01  = %1 %  = %2 %Scale H = %1 % V = %2 %TransformDialog0AHB018@>20=85ScalingTransformDialog!:>ASkewTransformDialog,!:>A  = %1%2  = %3%4Skew H = %1%2 V = %3%4TransformDialog!:>ASkewingTransformDialog5@5<5I5=85 TranslateTransformDialog:5@5<5I5=85  = %1%2  = %3%4Translate H = %1%2 V = %3%4TransformDialog5@5<5I5=85TranslationTransformDialog % %TransformDialogBase>1028BLAddTransformDialogBase#3>;AngleTransformDialogBase
>?89CopiesTransformDialogBase> 3>@87>=B0;8
HorizontalTransformDialogBase?>@=0O B>G:0OriginTransformDialogBase#40;8BLRemoveTransformDialogBase@0I5=85RotateTransformDialogBase0AHB018@>20=85ScalingTransformDialogBase!:>ASkewTransformDialogBase"@0=AD>@<0F88  TransformTransformDialogBase5@5<5I5=85TranslationTransformDialogBase> 25@B8:0;8VerticalTransformDialogBaseÿÿÿÿdTransformDialogBaseÿÿÿÿuTransformDialogBasen4=>2@5<5==>5 ?@8<5=5=85 =5A:>;L:8E 284>2 B@0=AD>@<0F88&Apply multiple transformations at onceTransformEffectPlugin(-DD5:B B@0=AD>@<0F88Transform EffectTransformEffectPlugin&"@0=AD>@<8@>20BL...Transform...TransformEffectPlugin % %UnderlineValues2B>AutoUnderlineValues!<5I5=85DisplacementUnderlineValues">;I8=0 ;8=88     LinewidthUnderlineValues>2&B>@8BL&RedoUndoManager>2&B>@8BL: %1       &Redo: %1UndoManager&B<5=8BL&UndoUndoManager&B<5=8BL: %1       &Undo: %1UndoManager<>102:0 3>@87>=B. =0?@02;ONI59Add horizontal guideUndoManager>102:0 A;>O        Add layerUndoManager >102:0 AB@0=8FKAdd pageUndoManager>102:0 AB@0=8F  Add pagesUndoManager4>102:0 25@B. =0?@02;ONI59Add vertical guideUndoManager8;>: 4> @07<5@>2 87>1@065=8OAdjust frame to the image sizeUndoManager!<5=0 2K:;NG:8
Align textUndoManager4K@02=820=85/ 0A?@545;5=85Align/DistributeUndoManager4@8<5=5=85 <0AB5@-AB@0=8FKApply Master PageUndoManager:@8<5=5=85 @0AB@>2KE MDD5:B>2Apply image effectsUndoManager6@8<5=5=85 B5:AB>2>3> AB8;OApply text styleUndoManager@820O 57L5Bezier curveUndoManager,5 A>E@0=OBL ?@>?>@F88Break aspect ratioUndoManagerB<5=8BLCancelUndoManager<7<5=5=85 A<5I5=8O 87>1@065=8OChange Image OffsetUndoManager4!<5=0 <0AHB010 87>1@065=8OChange Image ScaleUndoManager!<5=0 D>@<C;KChange formulaUndoManager&5@58<5=>20=85 A;>OChange name of the layerUndoManager&&25B1: %1, &25B: %2Color1: %1, Color2: %2UndoManager @5>1@07>20=85 2
Convert toUndoManager:>=BC@820=85Convert to outlinesUndoManager>?8@>20=85CopyUndoManager(>?8@>20=85 AB@0=8FK        Copy pageUndoManager!>740=85CreateUndoManager !>740=85 B01;8FKCreate tableUndoManagerK@570=85CutUndoManager#40;5=85DeleteUndoManager#40;5=85 A;>ODelete layerUndoManager"#40;5=85 AB@0=8FKDelete pageUndoManager #40;5=85 AB@0=8FDelete pagesUndoManager2B:;NG5=85 ?5G0B8 >1J5:B0Disable Item PrintingUndoManager,B:;NG5=85 ?5G0B8 A;>ODisable printing of layerUndoManagerD5 8A?>;L7>20BL 4@C3>9 AB8;L ;8=88Do not use custom line styleUndoManager$C1;8:0F8O A;>O %1Duplicate layer %1UndoManager07<5=8BL :>=BC@=CN ;8=8NEdit contour lineUndoManager @02:0 >G5@B0=89
Edit shapeUndoManager0:;NG5=85 ?5G0B8 >1J5:B0Enable Item PrintingUndoManager*:;NG5=85 ?5G0B8 A;>OEnable printing of layerUndoManager05@52>@>B ?> 3>@87>=B0;8Flip horizontallyUndoManager,5@52>@>B ?> 25@B8:0;8Flip verticallyUndoManager 07<5@ 1;>:0
Frame sizeUndoManager2!2>1>4=>5 <0AHB018@>20=85Free scalingUndoManagerB %1
4> %2
From %1
to %2UndoManager&AB02:0 87>1@065=8O      Get imageUndoManager@C??8@>2:0GroupUndoManager ;>: 87>1@065=8OImage frameUndoManager"<?>@B @8AC=:0 AIImport AI drawingUndoManager$AB02:0 HB@8E-:>40Import BarcodeUndoManager,<?>@B EPS-87>1@065=8OImport EPS imageUndoManagerL<?>@B 87>1@065=8O Draw Import Draw imageUndoManager,<?>@B SVG-87>1@065=8OImport SVG imageUndoManager&<?>@B @8AC=:0 XFigImport XFig drawingUndoManagerAB02:0 1;>:0Insert frameUndoManager&>2;5GQ==K5 >1J5:BKItems involvedUndoManager&!>E@0=OBL ?@>?>@F88Keep aspect ratioUndoManager0?8@0=85LockUndoManager,0?8@0=85 =0?@02;ONI8ELock guidesUndoManager"0?8@0=85 @07<5@0    Lock sizeUndoManager?CA:0=85 A;>OLower layerUndoManager5@5<5I5=85MoveUndoManager>!<5I5=85 3>@87>=B. =0?@02;ONI59Move horizontal guideUndoManager6!<5I5=85 25@B. =0?@02;ONI59Move vertical guideUndoManager2=>3>:@0B=>5 4C1;8@>20=85Multiple duplicateUndoManager57 ?;>I04:8No bounding boxUndoManager&57 :>=BC@=>9 ;8=88No contour lineUndoManagerÿÿÿÿNo object frameUndoManager!=OB85 AB8;ONo styleUndoManager0!=OB85 >1B5:0=8O B5:AB><No text flowUndoManager!B@0=8F0 %1Page %1UndoManagerAB02:0PasteUndoManager=>3>C3>;L=8:PolygonUndoManager><0=0O ;8=8OPolylineUndoManager>4=OB85 A;>9Raise layerUndoManager4#40;5=85 2A5E =0?@02;ONI8ERemove all guidesUndoManagerF#40;5=85 3>@. 02B><0B. =0?@02;ONI59Remove horizontal auto guideUndoManager>#40;5=85 3>@87>=B. =0?@02;ONI59Remove horizontal guideUndoManager<#40;5=85 =0?@02;ONI8E AB@0=8FKRemove page guidesUndoManagerH#40;5=85 25@B. 02B><0B. =0?@02;ONI59Remove vertical auto guideUndoManager6#40;5=85 25@B. =0?@02;ONI59Remove vertical guideUndoManager5@58<5=>20=85RenameUndoManager&5@58<5=>20=85 A;>ORename layerUndoManagerB@8A>2:0 1;>:0Render frameUndoManager8>AAB0=>28BL :>=BC@=CN ;8=8NReset contour lineUndoManager.!1@>A :>=B@>;L=>9 B>G:8Reset control pointUndoManager.!1@>A :>=B@>;L=KE B>G5:Reset control pointsUndoManager!<5=0 @07<5@0ResizeUndoManager@0I5=85RotateUndoManager.!B@>:: %1, AB>;1F>2: %2Rows: %1, Cols: %2UndoManager 01>G89 AB>;
Scratch spaceUndoManagerK45;5=85  SelectionUndoManager*K45;5=85/3@C??8@>2:0Selection/GroupUndoManager*5@5:;04K20=85 2 A;>9
Send to layerUndoManager6@8<5=Q= 4@C3>9 AB8;L ;8=88Set custom line styleUndoManager.!<5=0 >:>=G0=8O AB@5;:8
Set end arrowUndoManager!<5=0 70;82:8Set fill colorUndoManager0!<5=0 F25B0 70;82:8 B5=8Set fill color shadeUndoManager4!<5=0 ?@>7@0G=>AB8 70;82:8Set fill color transparencyUndoManager!<5=0 H@8DB0Set fontUndoManager,@8<5=Q= MDD5:B H@8DB0Set font effectUndoManager4!<5=0 F25B0 70;82:8 H@8DB0Set font fill colorUndoManager>!<5=0 B5=8 F25B0 70;82:8 H@8DB0Set font fill color shadeUndoManager&!<5=0 2KA>BK H@8DB0Set font heightUndoManager$!<5=0 :53;O H@8DB0
Set font sizeUndoManager4!<5=0 F25B0 >12>4:8 H@8DB0Set font stroke colorUndoManager>!<5=0 B5=8 F25B0 >12>4:8 H@8DB0Set font stroke color shadeUndoManager&!<5=0 H8@8=K H@8DB0Set font widthUndoManager87<5=8BL <0AHB01 87>1@065=8OSet image scalingUndoManager!<5=0 :5@=8=30Set kerningUndoManager!<5=0 O7K:0Set languageUndoManager"!<5=0 F25B0 ;8=88Set line colorUndoManager,!<5=0 F25B0 B5=8 ;8=88Set line color shadeUndoManager<!<5=0 ?@>7@0G=>AB8 F25B0 ;8=88Set line color transparencyUndoManager$!<5=0 8=B5@;8=LO60Set line spacingUndoManager"!<5=0 AB8;O ;8=88Set line styleUndoManager&!<5=0 B>;I8=K ;8=88Set line widthUndoManager*!<5=0 0170F=>3> AB8;OSet paragraph styleUndoManagerH!<5=0 :>=5G=>3> 8 =0G0;L=>3> <0@:5@0Set start and end arrowsUndoManager(!<5=0 =0G0;0 AB@5;:8Set start arrowUndoManager0!<5=0 AB8;O =0G0;0 ;8=88Set the style of line endUndoManager4!<5=0 AB8;O ABK:>2:8 ;8=89Set the style of line joinUndoManagerB1B5:0=85 B5:AB>< 2>:@C3 ?;>I04:8Text flows around bounding boxUndoManagerP1B5:0=85 B5:AB>< 2>:@C3 :>=BC@=>9 ;8=88Text flows around contour lineUndoManagerZ1B5:0=85 B5:AB>< 2>:@C3 >1B@02>G=>3> :>=BC@0%Text flows around image clipping pathUndoManager<1B5:0=85 B5:AB>< 2>:@C3 1;>:0Text flows around the frameUndoManager"5:AB>2K9 1;>:
Text frameUndoManager "5:AB ?> :>=BC@CText on a PathUndoManager 073@C??8@>2:0UngroupUndoManagerB?8@0=85UnlockUndoManager,B?8@0=85 =0?@02;ONI8E
Unlock guidesUndoManager"B?8@0=85 @07<5@0Unlock sizeUndoManager:W1: %1, H1: %2
W2: %3, H2: %4W1: %1, H1: %2
W2: %3, H2: %4UndoManager:X1: %1, Y1: %2
X2: %4, Y2: %5X1: %1, Y1: %2
X2: %4, Y2: %5UndoManagerJX1: %1, Y1: %2, %3
X2: %4, Y2: %5, %6%X1: %1, Y1: %2, %3
X2: %4, Y2: %5, %6UndoManager2X: %1, Y: %2
W: %3, H: %4X: %1, Y: %2
W: %3, H: %4UndoManager2X: %1, Y: %2
X: %4, Y: %5X: %1, Y: %2
X: %4, Y: %5UndoManager&>2B>@8BL&RedoUndoPalette&B<5=8BL&UndoUndoPalette AB>@8O 459AB289Action HistoryUndoPalette$AE>4=>5 A>AB>O=85
Initial StateUndoPaletteÿÿÿÿBRedo the last action for either the current object or the documentUndoPalette0">;L:> 2K45;5==K9 >1J5:BShow selected object onlyUndoPaletteÿÿÿÿ†Show the action history for the selected item only. This changes the effect of the undo/redo buttons to act on the object or document.UndoPaletteÿÿÿÿBUndo the last action for either the current object or the documentUndoPalette%1: %2%1: %2
UnicodeSearch0>8A: N=8:>4=>3> A8<2>;0Unicode Search
UnicodeSearch‚(8:0:85 40==K5 A 20H53> :><?LNB5@0 =5 1C4CB ?5@54020BLAO =0@C6C)?(No data on your computer will be sent to an external location)UpgradeChecker¶@>87>H;0 >H81:0 ?@8 ?>;CG5=88 D09;0 >1=>2;5=8O Scribus. @>25@LB5 A>548=5=85 A =B5@=5B><._An error occurred while looking for updates for Scribus, please check your internet connection.UpgradeChecker~@54?@8=8<05BAO ?>?KB:0 ?>;CG8BL D09; >1=>2;5=8O 25@A88 Scribus1Attempting to get the Scribus version update fileUpgradeCheckerŒ5 C40;>AL ?>;CG8BL D09; 25@A88: %1
H81:0r:%2 AB@>:0: %3, AB>;15F: %4=Could not open version file: %1
Error:%2 at line: %3, row: %4UpgradeCheckerH81:0:  %1   Error: %1UpgradeChecker2$09; =5 =0945= =0 A5@25@5File not found on serverUpgradeChecker$@>25@:0 7025@H5=0FinishedUpgradeChecker:;O Scribus %1 >1=>2;5=89 =5B7No updates are available for your version of Scribus %1UpgradeChecker‚>ABC?=> >4=> 8;8 1>;55 >1=>2;5=89 4;O 20H59 25@A88 Scribus (%1):COne or more updates for your version of Scribus (%1) are available:UpgradeChecker"?5@0F8O >B<5=5=0Operation canceledUpgradeCheckerf>A5B8B5, GB>1K C7=0BL ?>4@>1=>AB8.)Please visit for details.UpgradeCheckerh A?8A:5 <>3CB 1KBL ?5@5G8A;5=K =5AB018;L=K5 25@A88.4This list may contain development/unstable versions.UpgradeChecker€>=G8;>AL 2@5<O, >B254Q==>5 =0 ?>?KB:C ?>;CG8BL D09; >1=>2;5=8O.-Timed out when attempting to get update file.UpgradeCheckerP5 C40;>AL 70?CAB8BL 2=5H=89 251-1@0C75@$External Web Browser Failed to StartUrlLauncher:#:068B5 @0A?>;>65=85 1@0C75@0Locate your web browserUrlLauncherÿÿÿÿ­Scribus was not able to start the external web browser application %1. Please check the setting in Preferences.
Would you like to start the system's default browser instead?UrlLauncher!=&87C:&Bottom:UsePrinterMarginsDialog&B<5=8BL&CancelUsePrinterMarginsDialog!&;520:&Left:UsePrinterMarginsDialog&&OKUsePrinterMarginsDialog!2&5@EC:&Top:UsePrinterMarginsDialog
Alt+>Alt+OUsePrinterMarginsDialog>;OMarginsUsePrinterMarginsDialogR8=8<0;L=K5 ?>;O 4;O AB@0=8FK @07<5@>< %1 Minimum Margins for Page Size %1UsePrinterMarginsDialog!?@020:Right:UsePrinterMarginsDialog$&K15@8B5 ?@8=B5@:Select &Printer:UsePrinterMarginsDialog4A?>;L7>20BL ?>;O ?@8=B5@0Use Printer MarginsUsePrinterMarginsDialog@C??0%1Group%1    WMFImport*<?>@B8@>20BL &WMF...Import &WMF...WMFImportPlugin"<?>@B D09;>2 WMFImports WMF FilesWMFImportPluginÖ<?>@B8@C5B 1>;LH8=AB2> D09;>2 WMF 2 B5:CI89 4>:C<5=B,?@5>1@07>2K20O 8E 25:B>@=K5 40==K5 2 >1J5:BK Scribus.dImports most WMF files into the current document,
converting their vector data into Scribus objects.WMFImportPlugin:5 C40;>AL 8<?>@B8@>20BL D09;The file could not be importedWMFImportPlugin|$09; 2 D>@<0B5 WMF A>45@68B =5?>445@68205<K5 M;5<5=BK @07<5B:8+WMF file contains some unsupported featuresWMFImportPlugin&=0;878@C5BAO D09;:Analyzing File:XfigPlug"!>740=85 >1J5:B>2Generating ItemsXfigPlug@C??0%1Group%1XfigPlug<?>@B: %1
Importing: %1XfigPlug&>48@>2:0:
&Encoding:gtFileDialog &$8;LB@ 8<?>@B0:
&Importer:gtFileDialog2B><0B8G5A:8    AutomaticgtFileDialog.K15@8B5 D8;LB@ 8<?>@B0Choose the importer to usegtFileDialog6&<?>@B8@>20BL B>;L:> B5:ABImport &Text OnlygtFileDialogL<?>@B8@>20BL B5:AB 157 D>@<0B8@>20=8O"Import text without any formattinggtFileDialogB:@KBLOpengtFileDialog.K15@8B5 D8;LB@ 8<?>@B0Choose the importer to usegtImporterDialog(0?><=8BL 0AA>F80F8NRemember associationgtImporterDialogò0?><=8BL @0AH8@5=85 D09;0 - 0AA>F80F8N 8<?>@B8@>2I8:0, 8 1>;LH5 =5 A?@0H820BL > 2K1>@5 A@54AB20 8<?>@B0 4;O MB>3> D09;0.uRemember the file extension - importer association and do not ask again to select an importer for files of this type.gtImporterDialog:@54;030BL &20@80=BK ?5@5=>A0&Hyphenation SuggestionshysettingsBase/&7K::
&Language:hysettingsBase$0&8<5=LH55 A;>2>:&Smallest Word:hysettingsBaseÎ80;>3>2>5 >:=> A 20@80=B0<8 :064>3> ?5@5=>A0 1C45B 
?>O2;OBLAO ?>A;5 2K7>20 DC=:F88 2AB02:8 ?5@5=>A>2.tA dialog box showing all possible hyphens for each word will show up when you use the Extras, Hyphenate Text option.hysettingsBase>2545=85  BehaviourhysettingsBase!8<2>;>2CharshysettingsBase65@5=>A>2 &?>4@O4 =5 1>;55:"Consecutive Hyphenations &Allowed:hysettingsBase7<5=8BLEdithysettingsBaseRAB02;OBL ?5@5=>AK ?> <5@5 =01>@0 B5:AB0.8Enables automatic hyphenation of your text while typing.hysettingsBaseA:;NG5=8O
ExceptionshysettingsBaseFormFormhysettingsBase1I85 ?0@0<5B@KGeneral OptionshysettingsBase\2B><0B8G5A:8 2AB02;OBL ?> <5@5 &=01>@0 B5:AB0+Hyphenate Text Automatically &During TypinghysettingsBase0!?8A>: 83=>@8@C5<KE A;>2Ignore ListhysettingsBaseL 07<5@ =08<5=LH53> ?5@5=>A8<>3> A;>20.-Length of the smallest word to be hyphenated.hysettingsBaseÜ0:A8<0;L=> 4>?CAB8<>5 :>;8G5AB2> ?5@5=>A>2 ?>4@O4.
=0G5=85 "0" 0=0;>38G=> 15A:>=5G=><C :>;8G5AB2C ?5@5=>A>2._Maximum number of Hyphenations following each other.
A value of 0 means unlimited hyphenations.hysettingsBase &H01;>=5&About     nftdialog&!?@02:0&Help      nftdialog&B:@KBL&Open      nftdialog&@54?@>A<>B@&Preview nftdialog&#40;8BL&Remove    nftdialogA5All  nftdialog
2B>@Author  nftdialog
&25B0Colors  nftdialogŒ!:>?8@C9B5 ACI5AB2CNI89 template.xml 2 D09; A 8<5=5< 2840 template.lang_COUNTRY.xml (8A?>;L7C9B5 B>B 65 :>4 AB@0=K, GB> 8 2 qm-D09;5 4;O 20H53> O7K:0), =0?@8<5@ 4;O template.xml =0 D8=A:>< O7K:5. >?8O 4>;6=0 =0E>48BLAO 2 B>< 65 :0B0;>35, GB> 8 8AE>4=K9 template.xml, B0: GB>1K Scribus <>3 703@C78BL MB>B D09;.6Copy an existing template.xml to a file called template.lang_COUNTRY.xml (use the same lang code that is present in the qm file for your language), for example for Finnish language template.xml. The copy must be located in the same directory as the original template.xml so Scribus can load it.        nftdialog&!>740=> ?@8 ?><>I8:Created with nftdialog0B0Date       nftdialog?8A0=85Description        nftdialog¨(01;>=K 4>:C<5=B>2 <>6=> =09B8 =0 A09B5 2 @0745;5 Downloads.TDocument templates can be found at in the Downloads section.      nftdialog&!:0G820=85 H01;>=>2Downloading Templates        nftdialog2 0A?0:C9B5 0@E82 2 :0B0;>3 H01;>=>2 ~/.scribus/templates 
4;O B5:CI53> ?>;L7>20B5;O 8;8 2 PREFIX/share/scribus/templates 
4;O 2A5E ?>;L7>20B5;59 A8AB5<K.–Extract the package to the template directory ~/.scribus/templates for the current user or PREFIX/share/scribus/templates for all users in the system.     nftdialog$#AB0=>2:0 H01;>=>2Installing Templates   nftdialog:#1548B5AL 2 B><, GB> 8A?>;L7C5<K5 87>1@065=8O 4>ABC?=K A ;N1>3> 4@C3>3> :><?LNB5@0. A;8 H@8DBK =5 4>ABC?=K >B>2AN4C, =5 A>18@09B5 8E ?@8 A>E@0=5=88 H01;>=0.Make sure images and fonts you use can be used freely. If fonts cannot be shared do not collect them when saving as a template.  nftdialog<OName nftdialog2>2K9 4>:C<5=B 87 H01;>=0New From Template        nftdialog$>@<0B AB@0=8FK  Page Size   nftdialog$>43>B>2:0 H01;>=0Preparing a template    nftdialog #40;5=85 H01;>=0Removing a template        nftdialogî#40;5=85 H01;>=0 87 40==>3> 480;>30 >7=0G05B ;8HL C40;5=85 70?8A8 87 template.xml, 0 A0<8 D09;K A 4>:C<5=B0<8 C40;5=K =5 1C4CB. A?;K20NI55 <5=N A ?C=:B>< «#40;8BL» ?>O28BAO B>;L:> 2 B>< A;CG05, 5A;8 C 20A 5ABL ?@020 =0 70?8AL 2 D09; template.xml.èRemoving a template from the New From Template dialog will only remove the entry from the template.xml, it will not delete the document files. A popup menu with remove is only shown if you have write access to the template.xml file. nftdialog!>740B5;L H01;>=0 4>;65= C1548BLAO 2 B><, GB> @0745; «#AB0=>2:0 H01;>=>2» 459AB28B5;5= 8 4;O 53> H01;>=>2. -B> >7=0G05B, GB> C ?>;L7>20B5;O =5 4>;6=> 2>7=8:=CBL ?@>1;5< ?@8 A:0G820=88 ?0:5B0, 872;5G5=88 D09;>2 H01;>=>2 87 =53> 8 8A?>;L7>20=88 MB8E H01;>=>2.The template creator should also make sure that the Installing Templates section above applies to their templates as well. This means a user should be able to download a template package and be able to extract them to the template directory and start using them.       nftdialog(5@52>4 template.xmlTranslating template.xml   nftdialogA?>;L7>20=85Usage    nftdialog0<5=0 F25B>2
Replace ColorreplaceColorDialog0<5=8BL:Replace:replaceColorDialog=0:with:replaceColorDialog>1028BLAdd ...replaceColorsDialog7<5=8BLEdit...replaceColorsDialog@838=0;OriginalreplaceColorsDialog#40;8BLRemovereplaceColorsDialog0<5=0 F25B>2Replace ColorsreplaceColorsDialog0<5=0ReplacementreplaceColorsDialog&>4@>1=55
&More Details   satdialog
2B>@Author  satdialog0B53>@8OCategory satdialog
&25B0Colors  satdialog?8A0=85Description        satdialog-;. 04@5AEmail    satdialog
LegalLegal   satdialogLetterLetter satdialog<OName satdialog$>@<0B AB@0=8FK  Page Size   satdialog(!>E@0=8BL :0: H01;>=Save as Template   satdialog"01;>84Tabloid      satdialogA?>;L7>20=85Usage    satdialog4@C3>9custom satdialog0;L1><    landscape   satdialog?>@B@5Bportrait     satdialog&25B 70;82:8:
Fill ColorselectDialog ;>: 87>1@065=8OImage FrameselectDialog"8? >1J5:B0:  Item TypeselectDialog
8=8OLineselectDialog&25B ;8=88:
Line ColorselectDialog">;I8=0 ;8=88:
Line WidthselectDialog0?5@B>ABL:LockedselectDialogj!C78BL :@C3 2K45;O5<KE >1J5:B>2 ?> 7040==K< :@8B5@8O<>Narrow the selection of items based on various item propertiesselectDialog5BNoselectDialog0 B5:CI5< A;>5On Current LayerselectDialog&0 B5:CI59 AB@0=8F5On Current PageselectDialog 0 @01>G5< AB>;5On the Scratch SpaceselectDialog><0=0O ;8=8OPolylineselectDialog5G0B05<>ABL:        PrintableselectDialog";>: 287C0;870F88Render FrameselectDialog*7<5=O5<>ABL @07<5@0:
ResizeableselectDialog,K45;5=85 ?> :@8B5@8O<Select All ObjectsselectDialogFK45;8BL 2A5 >1J5:BK =5 =0 AB@0=8F5Select all items not on a pageselectDialoghK45;8BL 2A5 >1J5:BK B5:CI53> A;>O =0 2A5E AB@0=8F0E2Select all items on the current layer on all pagesselectDialogPK45;8BL 2A5 >1J5:BK =0 B5:CI59 AB@0=8F5$Select all items on the current pageselectDialogTK45;8BL B>;L:> >1J5:BK >?@545;5==>3> B8?0Select based on item typeselectDialog~K45;8BL B>;L:> >1J5:BK A >?@545;5==K< F25B>< ;8=88 8;8 >12>4:80Select based on the color of the line or outlineselectDialogjK45;8BL B>;L:> >1J5:BK A >?@545;5==K< F25B>< 70;82:86Select based on the color that the item is filled withselectDialogjK45;8BL B>;L:> >1J5:BK A >?@545;5==>9 B>;I8=>9 ;8=881Select based on the width of the line of the itemselectDialog^K45;8BL B>;L:> 70?5@BK5 8;8 =570?5@BK5 >1J5:BK)Select items based on their locked statusselectDialogtK45;8BL B>;L:> >1J5:BK A 70?5@BK< 8;8 =570?5@BK< @07<5@><@Select items based on whether they have their size locked or notselectDialogdK45;8BL B>;L:> ?5G0B5<K5 8;8 =5?5G0B05<K5 >1J5:BK9Select items based on whether they will be printed or notselectDialog$83C@0ShapeselectDialog"5:AB>2K9 1;>:
Text FrameselectDialog0!> A;54CNI8<8 0B@81CB0<8With the Following AttributesselectDialog0YesselectDialog#&40;8BL&DeletetfDia&G8AB8BLC&leartfDiaJK1@0BL ?@54K4CI89 A>E@0=Q==K9 D8;LB@ Choose a previously saved filtertfDia!>740BL D8;LB@
Create filtertfDia00BL 8<O 4;O 70?><8=0=8OGive a name for savingtfDiaL0BL 8<O MB><C D8;LB@C 4;O 70?><8=0=8O%Give a name to this filter for savingtfDia:>1028BL =>2CN AB@>:C D8;LB@0Add a new filter rowtfFilter@8<5=8BLApplytfFilterRB:;NG8BL 8;8 2:;NG8BL MBC AB@>:C D8;LB@0!Disable or enable this filter rowtfFilter#40;8BLRemovetfFilter4#40;8BL MBC AB@>:C D8;LB@0Remove this filter rowtfFilter0<5=8BLReplacetfFilterZ=0G5=85 A;520 O2;O5BAO @53C;O@=K< 2K@065=85<)Value at the left is a regular expressiontfFilter2A5 2E>645=8Oall instances oftfFilter2A5E 0170F52all paragraphstfFilter8andtfFilter*=5 C40;OBL A>2?045=85do not remove matchtfFilter0170F=K9 AB8;Lparagraph styletfFilter.0170F52, =0G8=0NI8EAO Aparagraphs starting withtfFilter20170F52 A @07<5@>< <5=LH5paragraphs with less thantfFilter20170F52 A @07<5@>< 1>;LH5paragraphs with more thantfFilter$C40;8BL A>2?045=85remove matchtfFilter4;OtotfFilter=0withtfFilterA;>2wordstfFilterˆ