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/*! This is the Scribus Short Words configuratin specification.
There will be interface for the future Scribus central plugin
config center. maybe :)

This code is based on the Scribus-Vlna plug in rewritten for
international use.

2004 Petr Vanek <>
with contributions by good people listed in AUTHORS file

This program is free software - see LICENSE file in the distribution
or documentation


#include <qstring.h>
#include <qstringlist.h>
#include <scribus.h>

class QString;
class QStringList;

class Config : public QObject

        /** reads config from the ui cfg file */
        /** writes config into the ui cfg file */

        /** id of the UI radiobutton  */
        uint action;
        /** UI checkbox */
        uint userConfig;

        /** returns all options for specified language */
        QStringList getShortWords(QString lang);
        /** available configs for UI about */
        QString getAvailableLanguages();
        /** get lang code (en, cs, pl) from Scribus hyphenator configuration
        structure */

        QString getLangCodeFromHyph(QString hyphenCode);

        /** Configuration structure */
        PrefsContext* prefs;
        /** getShortWords use this one. for each case from GUI select
        the right config file (or both) */

        QStringList getShortWordsFromFile(QString lang, QString filename);
        /** getAvailableLanguages use this one. available config in
        the specified file for UI about */

        QString getAvailableLanguagesFromFile(QString filename);
        /** returns full lang name by lang code (en -> English) */
        QString getLangFromCode(QString code);