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10379 5267d 17h subik / SM: layouts and sizes fixes in progress;
#6100: Drop down lists for fontface and font style are too smal
10378 5267d 23h subik / compiler warning  
10377 5268d 08h cbradney / #1485: set pt as only displayed unit for para spacing above and below, and baseline grid and baseline grid offset.
Fix some broken scrspinbox constructor calls, clean some unit switching code.
10376 5268d 09h cbradney / Some SVN build instruction updates  
10375 5268d 09h cbradney / Fix 133x SVN url and remove 1.3.4svn SVN url  
10374 5268d 09h cbradney / #130: Show right side of p as positive  
10373 5268d 10h cbradney / #130: Allow base 12 type display of pica. Uses points to store the value and displays as XpY.Z  
10372 5268d 10h cbradney / Clean some more includes  
10371 5268d 10h jghali / wmf importer : fix rectangle record parsing, fix potential stack overflow in WmfCmd dtor  
10370 5268d 14h jghali / fix #6098 : crash when creating a new style  
10369 5268d 15h cbradney / Include cleaning, use running apps language in helpbrowser.
Fix the broken rulers for P and C modes (wrong scale)
10368 5268d 16h jghali / fix #5586 : line style applies only to first item of selection while it is expected to apply to all  
10367 5268d 16h jghali / - fix #5586 : line style applies only to first item of selection while it is expected to apply to all
- some adjustments related to screen refresh in itemSelection_* functions
10366 5268d 18h jghali / port sctext_shared and storytext to qt4, sctext_shared inherits QList for now, the opportunity to use QVector instead should be investigated tho, may allow better performances  
10365 5268d 20h jghali / remove some old code  
10364 5268d 20h jghali / fix msvc compiler error  
10363 5268d 20h jghali / 1) abort_on_error message handlder does not help debugging on win32, it will prevent debugger to stop at the place where error has really occured
2) don't overwrite message handler installed by main_win32.cpp
10362 5268d 20h jghali / - Qt::WStyle_Customize and Qt::WStyle_NormalBorder are not useful in qt4, their value being 0
- do not use geometry(), but frameGeometry() on WIN32
10361 5268d 20h jghali / fix msvc warning  
10360 5268d 20h jghali / remove some unuseful qt3 headers  

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