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11294 5048d 09h avox / first stab at OSX installer generation. just for those of you who want to poke at it over the holidays :-)  
11293 5048d 10h jghali / fix item naming problem introduced by commit 10879  
11292 5048d 16h subik / #6376: Undo dialog doesn't display all actions  
11291 5049d 20h fschmid / Added an entry for importing files at the mouse click position to the context menue.  
11290 5049d 20h fschmid / Removed unneeded QDebug include.  
11289 5049d 23h fschmid / Fixed Bug #6301 Paste with right click doesn't work  
11288 5049d 23h fschmid / Fixed incorrect cursor after dropping objects to the scrapbook.  
11287 5050d 10h fschmid / Lots of fixes for pattern handling, fixed issues on exporting patterns to pdf and ps.
Added the ability to uses .svg, .wmf, .odg and .sxd files as vector patterns.
11286 5050d 10h fschmid / Fixed Bug #6162 Grouped objects doesn't overhang onto the bleed
and Bug #6222 Always clip the pdf outputs to page margins when master pages used
11285 5050d 10h fschmid / Set correct cursor for drag operations.  
11284 5050d 18h subik / #6300: Message stating Document-1 has changed on exiting when no changes were made - brute force fix  
11283 5050d 18h subik / #6605: Barcode generator does not generate "ISBN" line correctly for 10- to 13-digit conversions  
11282 5050d 19h subik / #6605: Barcode generator does not generate "ISBN" line correctly for 10- to 13-digit conversions  
11281 5050d 19h subik / #6581: there's (was) no possibility to scroll/move the view on the current document with the scripter api  
11280 5051d 10h jghali / remove some duplicated code and replace the inconsistent PutPage/PutDoc calls by a single PutStream function  
11279 5051d 15h subik / #6588: Dragging a glyph in the Glyph dialog makes the dialog dysfunctional  
11278 5051d 16h subik / BCD backend version bump  
11277 5051d 16h subik / BCD backend version bump  
11276 5051d 18h subik / yet another fix for ubuntu  
11275 5051d 18h subik / #6543: trouble in extra/font preview  

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