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11901 4994d 07h jghali / #6898: Hungarian Lorem Ipsum listed as "hu" in the sample text dialog  
11900 4994d 11h subik / #6861: Crash after executing Script in the console  
11899 4994d 11h subik / #6861: Crash after executing Script in the console  
11898 4994d 14h mrdocs / bump the date  
11897 4994d 14h mrdocs / part of #6130adding Hu lipsum  
11896 4994d 16h fschmid / Small fix in the Color replacement dialog, disable the "Remove" button correctly.  
11895 4994d 17h fschmid / Fixed Bug #6893, "Ability to replace color of all items of specified color"  
11894 4994d 21h subik / more fixes for Bleed (doc is not closed, tmp files are removed)  
11893 4995d 03h cbradney / Better fix for #4921, using actions  
11892 4995d 06h jghali / #6896: Python Console is indicated as "active" after Scribus launch  
11891 4995d 06h christoph / updated DE qm files  
11890 4995d 06h christoph / updated DE ts files  
11889 4995d 12h fschmid / Use the correct bounding box for groups in the importers.  
11888 4995d 12h fschmid / Fixed Bug #4291, "Select all selects across all pages" by changing the "Select All" behaviour
to select on the objects on the current page. Choosing "Select All" with the SHIFT key pressed
selects all objects in the file (old behaviour).
11887 4995d 12h fschmid / Fixed Bug #6892, "Magnetic snapping doesn't work while creating frame"  
11886 4995d 12h fschmid / Small fix for a rendering problem of the color combo box.  
11885 4995d 20h cbradney / Part of #5002: Call the .ui based retranslateUi  
11884 4995d 20h fschmid / Fixed a typo  
11883 4995d 20h cbradney / Fix typo  
11882 4996d 06h jghali / move temporarily cairo ex-painter to win32 specific files  

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