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12076 4819d 07h malex / physically move the po and qm directories from scribus to translations  
12075 4819d 07h cbradney / Add new translations dir to move po/qm files to  
12074 4819d 12h mrdocs / patch from DeeJay for detecting sparc and sparc64  
12073 4819d 12h mrdocs / updated for #5845  
12072 4820d 06h jghali / #7022 : incorrect handling of transparency in tiff file  
12071 4820d 13h subik / the most ugliest doxygen bugs in devel-doc fixed  
12070 4820d 17h fschmid / Another fix for Qt-4.4.0  
12069 4820d 18h fschmid / Compile the new lib2geom based tools.  
12068 4820d 18h fschmid / CMakeLists file for compiling the lib2geom adaption and the tools using it.  
12067 4820d 18h fschmid / "Mesh distortion", second tool using the lib2geom adaption.  
12066 4820d 18h fschmid / "Path along Path", first tool using the lib2geom adaption.  
12065 4820d 18h fschmid / Adapted the lib2geom library to the needs of Scribus and added some glue code for path conversions.  
12064 4821d 11h jghali / update about dialog date  
12063 4822d 19h cbradney / 4494: Fix undo/redo for multiple item conversion  
12062 4823d 04h jghali / #5213 : default style parent incorrectly restored on document loading (more a fix for legacy documents)  
12061 4823d 06h fschmid / Fixed Bug #7007: "Cannot insert barcode onto objects"  
12060 4823d 06h fschmid / Corrected fix for Qt-4.4.0  
12059 4823d 06h fschmid / Parsing Colors should be now a bit faster.  
12058 4823d 13h jghali / save/read default style leftMargin/rightMargin/leftIndent attributes  
12057 4823d 15h jghali / restore original code in commented line  

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