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1230 6457d 04h cbradney / Add in support for changing of File and Edit menu shortcuts in Preferences. Might reimplement method later but for now it functions as it used to.  
1229 6457d 05h fschmid / Fixed Bug #1538 and did some preparations for the Flight Checker  
1228 6457d 07h tsoots / Fixed the issue with corrupted undo stack  
1227 6457d 10h cbradney / Convert Edit Menu to Actions, 3 items of scribusview context menu, fix up docs here and there.  
1226 6457d 18h tsoots / Fixed the deletion of TransactionObject  
1225 6457d 18h tsoots / static MenuSAT* satm; --> // static MenuSAT* satm;  
1224 6458d 05h fschmid / Minor fix in scribusview.cpp RemovePict shouldn't remove the path to the picture  
1223 6458d 06h cbradney / Fix typo for icons  
1222 6458d 06h cbradney / Replace with old version  
1221 6458d 07h tsoots / Removed the old undo system.  
1220 6458d 07h cbradney / Add missing XPM, where o where did it go.
Fix Kwrite'd
1219 6458d 07h cbradney / Readd all icons as binary, added 16x16 undo/redo main icons  
1218 6458d 07h cbradney / Remove icons from icons dir as they arent all binary.  
1217 6458d 11h subik / #1560 fixed. tr() fixed too.  
1216 6458d 11h subik / #1521 fixed in docs.  
1215 6458d 11h subik / #1521 fixed in docs.  
1214 6458d 12h subik / #1560 fixed. tr() fixed too.  
1213 6458d 12h tsoots / Added transactions to the UndoManager and renamed Undo History to Action History.  
1212 6459d 04h fschmid / Added the inclusion of the .moc files for the scraction and scmenu files  
1211 6459d 05h tsoots / Make rotation undoable  

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