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12341 4857d 09h cbradney / Bump about date  
12340 4857d 09h pierre / a bit of code that will help to leave this branch in a state where it builds - completly uuid driven styles - Styles compile.  
12339 4857d 10h cbradney / #5635: Add option to Insert a Frame dialog so you can link to any existing frame that is a) not an autoframe b) has no next frame  
12338 4858d 09h cbradney / Comment this out.. its broken and avox is sleepy  
12337 4858d 11h pierre / Latest changes before ending the experience - R.I.P. uuids  
12336 4858d 11h avox / allow for twosided etc. docs when limiting canvas size  
12335 4858d 12h jghali / fix #7119 by using better workaround for littlecms 1.16/1.17 changes vs printer simulation  
12334 4858d 12h fschmid / Fixed Bug #5927: "Preset layouts in Preferences are ignored"  
12333 4858d 13h avox / limit the expansion of the canvas  
12332 4859d 09h jghali / #7117 : add set-/getTextDistances() to scripter API  
12331 4859d 09h jghali / #7117 : add set-/getTextDistances() to scripter API  
12330 4859d 10h jghali / remove unused variable  
12329 4859d 11h pierre / When cmake 2.6 is used, prefer its Freetype configuration module (ported from Trunk)  
12328 4859d 14h jghali / adjustment to copyFileAtomic() so that temporary file is effectively deleted on Windows  
12327 4859d 18h jghali / #7116 : compiler error while building scripter  
12326 4859d 22h cbradney / Make better use of MarginStruct to reduce code and complexity  
12325 4859d 22h pierre / remove executable bit from dict files  
12324 4860d 08h cbradney / #5956: Remember our margin values before switching to a special layout type and restore when selecting None again. Use the marginstruct properly in units conversion.  
12323 4860d 09h cbradney / Add some more functions to MarginStruct  
12322 4860d 21h pierre / StyleManager now works for its basic usage (not handled import yet)  

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