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12492 4773d 00h malex / remove the post url  
12491 4773d 01h malex / mantisctl command line Mantis BTS script initial import  
12490 4773d 01h malex / mrscribe's Svnwatch and Mantis modules - initial import  
12489 4773d 01h cbradney / #7298: Add tooltips to Manage Images dialog  
12488 4773d 01h malex / New top-level directory to contain non-scribus code  
12487 4773d 01h cbradney / #7291: Ensure page location is correct when open dialog to convert page to master page  
12486 4773d 02h cbradney / #7295: Fix HSV map description  
12485 4773d 03h cbradney / #7307: Add tooltips to Advanced Select All  
12484 4773d 04h jghali / #7323: crash when creating gradients caused by incorrect behavior of stroke/fill buttons in PP  
12483 4774d 02h cbradney / #7317: Allow the user to toggle all checkboxes in one go on style import  
12482 4774d 04h cbradney / #7314: Add .ucp extension to character palette files if it doesnt exist.  
12481 4774d 04h cbradney / #7311: Rename image tab to preview tab  
12480 4775d 00h cbradney / Bump the date  
12479 4775d 00h cbradney / #7303: Add tooltips to spell checker dialog, and rename buttons to be more like for consistency. Rearrange layouts for more consistent look.  
12478 4775d 01h cbradney / #7302: Add tooltips to the Insert Frame dialog  
12477 4776d 00h jghali / #7154 (multiple spaces at end of sentence can line break between two spaces) : more complete fix for non legacy mode than the one made as a side effect of patching #6760  
12476 4776d 01h cbradney / #7243: Allow removal of the drop shadow around the page  
12475 4779d 03h jghali / add project configurations for building with qt arthur as renderer  
12474 4780d 00h mrdocs / bump the date  
12473 4780d 01h mrdocs / resolves # 7210 - please test on non-linux platforms  

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