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1255 6119d 16h cbradney / Converted Tools menu to actions, fixed a few minor things with dialog showing.  
1254 6119d 20h tsoots / Make group/selection actions work better  
1253 6119d 20h tsoots / Added an icon for selection, will probably need slicker replacement at some point  
1252 6119d 22h tsoots / Renamed a few methods to make the meaning more obvious.  
1251 6119d 22h tsoots / Added tmp solution to prevent crashing when undo/redo actions are performed on deleted objects.  
1250 6119d 23h tsoots / Change the icon handling in Action History. Each UndoObject can now have an icon (should be 20x20 or 22x22). Actions can have icons too. When performing an actions on an UndoObject with an icon the UndoObject's icon will be drawn first and then action's icon on top of it. This means that UndoState's icon must be mostly transparent, preferred size is 24x24 where the action is presented on the bottom right corner of the icon and rest of it is transparent. See icons u_move.png/u_resize.png/u_rotate.png how they've been done.  
1249 6119d 23h tsoots / Removed needless icons  
1248 6120d 01h tsoots / Add an icon for align/distribute action  
1247 6120d 01h tsoots / Make align/distribute a single action in action history  
1246 6120d 06h cbradney / Converted View menu to actions  
1245 6120d 06h fschmid / New name for the "Check Document" Dialog  
1244 6120d 06h fschmid / More Improvements to the "Flight Checker"  
1243 6120d 09h subik / short words docs  
1242 6120d 09h subik / short words docs  
1241 6120d 09h subik / short words changes. Fixed bad *.moc.cpp file.  
1240 6120d 09h subik / short words changes  
1239 6120d 09h subik / initial import of the Short Words  
1238 6120d 09h tsoots / Added nested transactions to the UndoManager and prepared Page and ScribusView for item creation undo/redo action  
1237 6120d 11h cbradney / Convert Item and Page menus to actions  
1236 6120d 11h cbradney / Convert Item and Page menu to actions.  

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