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12709 4964d 06h malex / v0.4 - update for mantis 1.1.3 and fix empty severity bug  
12708 4965d 00h jghali / oops! fix compiler error  
12707 4965d 00h jghali / arghh!! fix a type  
12706 4965d 00h jghali / forgot some mode where shift modifier should not be taken into account when creating objects  
12705 4965d 01h jghali / #7499 : Shift Click has stopped working for creating items between the margins  
12704 4965d 01h jghali / #7494 : the constraint in rotation with Ctrl doesn't work anymore with existing objects  
12703 4965d 01h jghali / #7494 : the constraint in rotation with Ctrl doesn't work anymore when creating lines  
12702 4965d 03h fschmid / Fixed the Bug: "Mesh distortion doesn't work for rotated objects, as the mesh doesn't cover the object anymore after the rotation"  
12701 4965d 03h cbradney / Some updated de docs
Add Pierre to Authors file
Fix doc info image size and menu entry
Adjust select all objects/items ui file a little
12700 4965d 04h fschmid / When embedding pdf files directly in the pdf output setup the graphic stack parameters to their default values, pdftex relies on that.  
12699 4965d 04h jghali / #7491 : cant remove style from paragraph in SE  
12698 4965d 04h fschmid / Fixed Bug #7290: "Scribus reduces equation scale on export when setting up manually dpi"  
12697 4965d 06h fschmid / Render frames had no frame border around them.  
12696 4965d 06h fschmid / Correct initialisation of render frames in itemAddDetails()  
12695 4966d 02h jghali / textfilter import : fix text encoding error on import  
12694 4966d 02h jghali / textfilter plugin : fix text encoding error  
12693 4966d 03h jghali / text import filter dialog : initialize window geometry with more sensible values  
12692 4966d 03h cbradney / Bump about date and remove unneeded include in pathfinder plugin  
12691 4966d 04h fschmid / Put the correct item conversion actions into the Object menue and the context menue.  
12690 4966d 06h jghali / revert erroneous commit  

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