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12896 4685d 10h subik / #0007361: Spellchecker should pick up UI language settings for new docs.
"Check and if it has the one the locale suggests, then go with that one, otherwise revert to English. If aspell says it has no available dictionaries, then disable aspell."
12895 4686d 01h jghali / (very) first steps of gettext update to 1.3.5vn style system:
- set as few styles attributes as possible (or try)
- do not apply any formatting when importing "text only" or when not necessary (doc, pdb and txt importer)
12894 4686d 02h fschmid / More correct use of Qt::WindowFlags, should fix Bug #7627: "No close button on the Window Gabarit"  
12893 4686d 16h cbradney / Bump about date  
12892 4687d 03h fschmid / Fixed Bug #7352: "All layers are on"  
12891 4687d 03h fschmid / Ensure correct size of the frame around objects after creation.  
12890 4687d 05h jghali / use proper enum values in place of ints (2)  
12889 4687d 05h jghali / use proper enum values in place of ints  
12888 4687d 07h jghali / #7015/#7560 : guide position discarded when user exit edit box without pressing ENTER key  
12887 4687d 11h jghali / svg import : add support for text-decoration  
12886 4687d 11h jghali / fix incorrect parsing of svg font size caused by old code being still present and used  
12885 4687d 14h fschmid / Fixed Bug #7467: "add a feature of curveing of polygon to Insert Polygon" and added an .ui file for the polygonwidget.  
12884 4687d 22h jghali / use proper enum values in place of ints  
12883 4687d 22h jghali / fix small code indentation error  
12882 4688d 00h cbradney / #7622: Updated Polish translation  
12881 4689d 01h jghali / use FrameHandle enum values where appropriate  
12880 4689d 14h subik / #7621: Wrong column width in Unicode Symbol Search dialog  
12879 4691d 02h jghali / fix #7619 : redo an object creation crashes the program, the crash was introduced by r12795  
12878 4691d 04h jghali / #7616 : Galician translation update  
12877 4691d 04h fschmid / Report availibility and name of embedded profiles on loading even with cms disabled.  

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