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12985 4929d 22h mrdocs / resolves #5322 - issue with hypenation patterns licensing - resolved  
12984 4930d 18h herm / New highlighter for render frames. Now supports highlighting for different sources, configurable via regex in
the editorsettings-xml
12983 4930d 19h jghali / read correctly page number/page count character styles  
12982 4931d 04h jghali / #7682 : page number characters are not copied when copying page  
12981 4931d 06h herm / Render frames: Improved handling of filenames with spaces.
Render frames: Better error display.
12980 4931d 09h herm / Avoid some compiler warnings.  
12979 4931d 09h herm / Store relative path only for render frame configurations.  
12978 4931d 19h herm / Added more math accents. Fixes #7244.  
12977 4931d 20h herm / Made command for renderframes configurable. This should fix bug #7370.  
12976 4933d 20h jghali / #7681 : page numbers shadows are not exported correctly in ps/pdf  
12975 4934d 09h fschmid / Removed now unneeded cairo dependencies.  
12974 4934d 09h fschmid / Fixed Bug #7668: "style nesting blocks ALLKAPITALS"  
12973 4934d 09h fschmid / Fixed some compiler warnings.  
12972 4934d 22h cbradney / Change test distances header.. and resolve 3937 as this is now pretty clear  
12971 4934d 22h jghali / change the way imported vector objects are dropped to canvas :
dnd was used in a slightly non standard way which was triggering issues on Windows and OSX resulting in bugs such as #6414 (now fixed) where users could not control where objects were dropped or more recently impossibility to import ps objects as the drop event was intercepted by progress dialog
in order to fix these issue a new canvas mode has been introduced. This new canvas mode triggers object to be dropped in its mousePressEvent
12970 4935d 21h cbradney / Bump about date  
12969 4936d 00h cbradney / Update en translations to fix word wrap on HUD, and complete a few more strings  
12968 4936d 07h fschmid / Fixed Bug #6767: "Preferences/Plugins: Some strings not translatable"  
12967 4937d 08h fschmid / Fixed Bug #7675: "About Scribus: Translated strings are ignored" and bumped "About" date.  
12966 4937d 12h subik / #7674: Polish translation update for 1.3.5svn  

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