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13028 4634d 22h cbradney / Bump ts files  
13027 4634d 22h cbradney / Bump ts files  
13026 4636d 22h jghali / msvc projects update  
13025 4637d 00h cbradney / Add new SM widget checkboxes  
13024 4637d 00h cbradney / Split out Optical Margin options into 4 distinct selectable parts, resolves #7697 and #7698  
13023 4637d 12h fschmid / Fixed Bug #7710: "layer focus supression"  
13022 4637d 23h jghali / #7672 (eps objects appear filled with None color after import)
The issue was caused by the None color being wrongfully added in document if document default brush or default pen color were set to "None"
13021 4638d 00h cbradney / Bump about date  
13020 4638d 09h subik / - CatalanLocalitzation  
13019 4638d 09h subik / - CatalanLocalitzation  
13018 4638d 23h jghali / story editor : fix issue with new lines when pasting copied text to external applications  
13017 4638d 23h jghali / update msvc projects to podofo 0.7  
13016 4639d 00h cbradney / Enable building with PoDoFo <0.7.0  
13015 4639d 01h cbradney / Enable building with PoDoFo <0.7.0  
13014 4639d 04h jghali / #7701 supplementary fix (odt import segfaults when liststyle not present) : fix crash when "default-style" is not available  
13013 4639d 10h fschmid / Added support for "Hairlines". Note: Hairlines are exported to SVG as 1px wide lines.  
13012 4639d 12h fschmid / Silenced PoDoFo's debugging output.  
13011 4639d 12h fschmid / Fixed Bug #7700: "If a PDF is imported, the page size of the document is always the default page size, not the one of the PDF"  
13010 4639d 12h fschmid / Fixed Bug #7683: "pagewidth" and "pageheight" don't work if unit isn't pt  
13009 4639d 22h jghali / fix error when executing script from console caused by U+2029 character. From QTextCursor::selectedText() doc : if the selection obtained from an editor spans a line break, the text will contain a Unicode U+2029 paragraph separator character instead of a newline \n character.  

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