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13037 4759d 09h jghali / #7724 : Russian translation added to most editorconfig files  
13036 4759d 09h jghali / #7718 : galician translation update  
13035 4760d 06h jghali / #7501 : object drag is broken by snap to guides/grid  
13034 4760d 15h pierre / Introduced a compile time flag: GESTURE_FRAME_PREVIEW. If not set, and it is the default, there wont be any preview of a content frame when moving a frame.  
13033 4763d 06h cbradney / Comment out the createContextMenu functions from the pageitems as they were only used for item info description and all that were still used only returned empty strings.  
13032 4763d 07h cbradney / Lots of small GUI tweaks, mainly string adjustments.  
13031 4763d 12h cbradney / Add missing ;; to format type for file open dialog, stops entries being joined  
13030 4763d 12h cbradney / Fix typo  
13029 4763d 21h cbradney / Bump qm files  
13028 4764d 05h cbradney / Bump ts files  
13027 4764d 05h cbradney / Bump ts files  
13026 4766d 05h jghali / msvc projects update  
13025 4766d 07h cbradney / Add new SM widget checkboxes  
13024 4766d 07h cbradney / Split out Optical Margin options into 4 distinct selectable parts, resolves #7697 and #7698  
13023 4766d 19h fschmid / Fixed Bug #7710: "layer focus supression"  
13022 4767d 06h jghali / #7672 (eps objects appear filled with None color after import)
The issue was caused by the None color being wrongfully added in document if document default brush or default pen color were set to "None"
13021 4767d 07h cbradney / Bump about date  
13020 4767d 16h subik / - CatalanLocalitzation  
13019 4767d 16h subik / - CatalanLocalitzation  
13018 4768d 06h jghali / story editor : fix issue with new lines when pasting copied text to external applications  

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