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13055 5071d 14h subik / wrong indent fix  
13054 5071d 14h pierre / #5871: Highlighting Text - Strange behaviour of text-cursor
(committing patch by avox)
13053 5072d 03h subik / fixed #7705: Styles created with a script are not shown in the style dialog  
13052 5072d 23h cbradney / #7730: Add default search paths for Ghotscript on OSX  
13051 5073d 00h cbradney / Bump about date  
13050 5073d 00h cbradney / Start up in centre of screen available space instead of top left and avoid being under the dock on OSX  
13049 5073d 01h jghali / fix potential crash when editing shortcuts  
13048 5073d 09h jghali / revert part of commit 13034 to pageitem : view should not be used in PageItem, adding a size parameter would be more appropriate in that case  
13047 5073d 11h fschmid / Fixed Bug #7699 : "Dropdown lists for colours don't show the type of colour (RGB, CMYK, Spot)"  
13046 5073d 21h jghali / #6562: using frame to select objects catches other objects even on another page
especially noticeable when using zoom values != 100%
13045 5074d 01h jghali / comment qDebug() call in PageItem_TextFrame::layout()  
13044 5074d 11h pierre / #7717: Prefs->Fonts has confusing checkbox setup that doesnt work reliably  
13043 5075d 01h jghali / #7727: updated russian translation  
13042 5075d 03h jghali / #5786 (crash when closing doc) : when calling FileWatcher::stop(), check if checkFiles() is not running in another thread, wait for it to exit if this is the case  
13041 5075d 06h pierre / #7725: Layers not preserved whem page copied. A fix to a previous fix
+found another place where layer was simply set to 0.
13040 5075d 22h pierre / Lower visual feedback for items under a multi selection rectangle. Handles special case of groups of items selected into the multi by not drawing their children.  
13039 5075d 23h pierre / Added some visual feedback for items under a multi selection rectangle to determine if they are part of the multi selection.  
13038 5076d 00h jghali / #7586 (part of) : stop filewatcher while closing doc  
13037 5076d 02h jghali / #7724 : Russian translation added to most editorconfig files  
13036 5076d 02h jghali / #7718 : galician translation update  

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