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1307 6356d 05h fschmid / Reenabled the "Short-Words" plugin and added Preferences Settings for the PDF-Export  
1306 6356d 06h subik / #1597 makefile fixed  
1305 6356d 06h subik / #1597 makefile fixed  
1304 6356d 21h cbradney / Remove short words from build as it breaks make dist  
1303 6356d 21h cbradney / Allow Scribus to use 5 letter language names and allow Qt to go through its filename guessing for less than 5.  
1302 6356d 22h cbradney / Add in Brazilian Portugese translator, language to manager and install the es_LA and pt_BR files  
1301 6356d 22h mrdocs / adding to 1.3  
1300 6356d 22h cbradney / Add in Brazilian Portugese translation files.  
1299 6356d 22h cbradney / Remove short words plugin from build temporarily  
1298 6356d 23h fschmid / Fixed Bugs #1596 and #1599 and made some adjustments for possibel KDE migration  
1297 6356d 23h fschmid / Fixed Bug #1596  
1296 6357d 00h cbradney / Fix #include lines  
1295 6357d 00h cbradney / Fix #include lines to be local  
1294 6357d 06h cbradney / Emit close action on undo palette close, not hide. Stops palette hiding when minimising Scribus.  
1293 6357d 15h tsoots / Made groupping and ungroupping undoable.  
1292 6357d 18h tsoots / PageItem now uses Deselect() and SelectItem() to select itself to avoid crashes due the dirty selection (done with clear() and append()) that was used earlier.  
1291 6357d 23h fschmid / Applied the Patch from bug #1590  
1290 6358d 00h tsoots / Make locking/ulocking an object(size) undoable  
1289 6358d 00h tsoots / Added icons for lock/unlock actions  
1288 6358d 00h cbradney / Convert Undo/Redo to actions, add Cut/Copy/Paste to undo toolbar, simplify ScrActions and add better data storage options.  

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