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13264 4578d 10h jghali / update fr translation  
13263 4578d 12h jghali / fix potential erroneous assignment of paragraph style  
13262 4579d 09h jghali / fix incorrect unit change in pdf and printer options tabs  
13261 4579d 11h mrdocs / bump the about date
add gregp credit
freshen the change log
13260 4579d 11h cbradney / #7852: Updated ru translaiton for 13313svn  
13259 4579d 11h cbradney / #7851: Updated ru translation  
13258 4579d 12h cbradney / Updated qm files  
13257 4579d 13h jghali / incorrect unit conversion in node edit palette  
13256 4579d 14h jghali / #7850 : incorrect unit conversion in distribute frames dialog  
13255 4579d 18h jghali / #7848: scratch space values incorrect for new documents  
13254 4579d 20h cbradney / Updated pro files, and German translation files from 7846, and fix occur(r)ence/ed misspelling  
13253 4579d 20h cbradney / Updated ts files  
13252 4579d 20h cbradney / Updated po files  
13251 4579d 22h jghali / #7847 : text attached to path do not print correctly  
13250 4580d 01h tsoots / Updated Finnish translation.  
13249 4580d 13h jghali / #7843 : tabs entered with keys are modified because of wrong unit conversion  
13248 4581d 11h cbradney / Bump about date  
13247 4581d 11h cbradney / 7844: Actually bother to fill, rather than just draw outlines for the filled unprintable area  
13246 4581d 11h cbradney / add set margin colored to tabdisplay for unprintable area issue  
13245 4581d 12h cbradney / Inherit SplashScreen from QSplashScreen and nuke some custom code in the process. Fixes missing splash on qt4.5 on OSX  

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